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Later, one lockmaster compared manoeuvring a houseboat to driving a sailboat. The instructor gave "only two captains", dads John P and John B. The young man also informed us that no one under 25 years old was allowed to drive.

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No problem: Michelle wanted to tan, Brandon to fish, and Haley to read. The reluctant travellers, Mario and Trevor, wanted to sleep until they could return to their city friends.

Houseboat Boys the by St George Rathborne

Towels alone took most of the storage. There was one small room with a door, the penthouse, a crawl space above the room, and the benches that opened into two double beds while the table dropped to create a third. These were meant to hold two people each. It didn't matter. Not yet.

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It was sunny and warm and we were on holiday. Anchors up. We headed to Smith Falls and to our first lock. A lock in a canal is like a water elevator, letting some boats up and others down.

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When a boat enters a lock, the gate closes behind it so the boat is enclosed in a chamber. Valves are contained within the walls and gates. If a boat is travelling upriver, the valves upriver are opened until the water level within the chamber rises and equals the elevation of the water upriver. The upriver lock gates are opened and the boat departs. It works the opposite way going downriver. The lockmasters at each lock manage the traffic. It was obvious to them at our first lock, Smiths Falls Combined Locks that we were novices. People rushed from above to throw us lines. We held onto ropes slung through cables on the chamber walls and released them once the gate reopened.

We found the Lock Masters hugely helpful and the crews on happy holiday mode. We felt sorry for those people with beautiful expensive cruisers who shuddered with excellent reason when they saw us approach. Not surprisingly, houseboats were told to be first in line.

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We did not take the snickering and comments personally. Day 2 The adults toured the Hershey's Factory, a chocoholic's version of heaven. While the others jogged, my workout was carrying the bags of chocolate back. The chocolate filled up the entire fridge but no one doubted it was the best use of space.

Next stop: Poonamalie Lock. We pulled in at a swampy dock as a favour to the lonely mosquitoes. We discovered that most of the screens had holes. Day 3 We trolled the river before anchoring in a secluded spot enroute to the town of Westport.


This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the original. Due to its age, it may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed. The House Boat Boys [St. George Rathborne] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This scarce antiquarian book is a facsimile reprint of the.

Everyone, except for our non-swimmer Grace, dove into the deep, clean water. The kids jumped off the side of the boat and it could not have been more idyllic. Feeling optimistic, we dried off and started toward Westport.

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The motor turned, but then immediately died. The wind picked up and the Refreshed, John P. The wind rose and we started drifting. A young man was sent to our rescue. He couldn't get the engine going either. He towed us to isolated Narrow Lock but not through it as he didn't have enough gas to get back, and his girlfriend was waiting. Much later the head mechanic found the problem.

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Write your review. Payable To Bearer. The trip starts off with an amazing hr houseboat ride, to a beach of your choice. Connie B. Length 46'- 4" plus 21" swim platform.

No gas. No one had mentioned that 13 inches of gas meant empty. We had assumed the tank had been filled. Silly us. Once stranded without food five teenagers, remember the boys perked up. Brandon was determined to catch dinner. His hook was too big for the tiny sunfish, so he lured, Mario scooped and Trevor gutted. They barbecued twenty sunfish.

Not meaty, not tasty, but wonderful. That night John B. Shame about the midnight thunderstorm. Day 4 Perfect entry through the locks. John P. We taped the screens, sprayed Raid and explored Westport. Ate out, enjoyed live jazz. Prevented the boys from going to the pool hall. First good night sleep. Day 5 Insisted everyone arise early to hike to a reportedly beautiful beach. What would I do if I met someone who hated the water? Or got seasick? There are more serious issues, too. But unlike bricks and mortar, she will not appreciate in value beyond that. So this is about an affordably high quality of life now rather than an investment that will grow.

And that feeling of space outside? It was liberating. I have a beautiful little aft cabin, with a double bed, plenty of drawers and hanging closet. Up some steps is a wheelhouse, kept empty, just for the luxury of space. Down more steps into a relatively roomy living space, about 12ft wide at its beamiest. Not hugely practical, but the hatch above means I get to bathe under the stars and shower under the sun.

Often, liveaboards will be converted barges, relatively flat bottomed for navigating canals and rivers. Many particularly in London have more square footage than a flat. Some have swimming pools on deck. But, the bigger the boat, the more it costs to buy, berth, and of course, maintain. You can, of course, pay other people to do the work for you — many people do. But there are maintenance costs with character properties, too — those old Victorian windows can cost a fortune to fix up, I hear.

I cross the Thames daily, cycle up the towpath to work, and have seen it transform. All the signs are there — ironic graffiti, pop-up supper clubs, skateboarding adults. The air is heavy with the whiff of moustache wax. But the waterway network is congested. Every other day near the lock gates, there are baffled boys in flat caps with ropes hanging from their hands. The canal network was designed for free-flowing traffic, not as a pretty spot for a cheap home.

Coggins is keen to emphasise the importance of research to anyone considering the lifestyle: where to get your gas, wood or coal for heating; how to charge batteries and generators; the technical knowledge required to maintain engines and bilge pumps. But the romance of boat life has always attracted a disparate crowd, the original hipster artists — musicians, actors, writers.

Malcolm Hardee, the infamous comedy promoter , ran a club on the Wibbly Wobbly, his floating pub next to the boat he lived on in my marina until he drowned after his nightly row from one to the other. He was responsible for a long line of famous characters stumbling around the dock I was bemused by the sight of a topless and dishevelled Keith Allen emerging from the barge next to me one morning. I look east to Greenwich, to the three masts of the Cutty Sark rising gracefully, feet into the London sky. The tea clipper — the sole surviving example and one of the most famous ships in the world — was built in Dumbarton.

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