Universal You–and The Big Bang: How God Designed The Universe and Fine-tuned It For Us and Evolution

Is the Universe Fine-Tuned for Life?
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I have summarised some of the science and probability estimates in Science and the design of the universe. Cosmologists generally agree that the probability of all this occurring by chance are so small that another explanation is needed. The only scientific option at present seems to be again the multiverse.

But this is, at best, a highly speculative idea that may possibly be inferred from a few of our current cosmological theories, and has no empirical support. Some say it cannot ever have that support. But again we have an obvious non-scientific answer — that the universe is fine-tuned for life because God created it that way.

3 Theories That Might Blow Up the Big Bang

You can read about the formal logical argument that leads to this conclusion in The teleological argument. But there is another type of explanation. If I put the kettle on the stove to boil water, we can explain the boiling in terms of the physics, but we can also explain it by my intention to make a cup of tea. So whatever scientific explanations there may be, it still may be true that God purposed and created a universe for human beings to inhabit.

Was this page helpful to you? Yes A little No. This page in brief …. Further reading on this website: How did the universe start? But not all of the time. It is only secular law that keeps you civil, and only in a few countries for limited periods of time. The AP, insofar as we have been able to determine, only holds for carbon-based life. It would make this concept a bit less murky if this point was emphasized.

And even at that, it is still a very narrow definition of life based entirely upon our empirical knowledge of it via our extremely localized experience and observation. RSK and tadpoles and recognizing philo tricks come closest. Most fortunate then, that the process is random!

Allows outcomes besides carbon-based or human life. Most fortunate! Given a choice, no one wants to be human. Life is is just an interimediate event in a global warming-enabling universe. To Comfort's credit, he has since admitted that the statement was idiotic. He didn't understand that the banana has been systematically bred by human agriculturists to have its current desirable characteristics such as size, texture, and peelability, as opposed to the woody, finger-sized disappointment that nature or gods, as the case may be provided.

He could have saved himself a good bit of embarrassment with a little basic fact checking, but where's the fun in that? Jan 18, Matter seems important but a pure quantum energy being could possibly employ musical harmony and discord to emulate something like causality and feedback by harboring eigenfunctions in solotons or other stationary waves It's always nice that an article can bring out the poet in everyone - even if not all that good Please show scientific data confirming your claim. In fact even data supporting it would work for me.

God and the bible don't count. That is funny. Where did the miracle creator come from? Explain how life originated from him or by him using the scientific method and current known physics. Would that mean the current grocery item we call a banana has been - gasp! How you connect fascism with christianity remains a mystery to me.

The concept of a single, unquestioned authority. No mystery. A concept co-opted by many "Christian" cultures in their zeal to convert everybody else on the planet. Would you share your exotic thoughts on this matter? Fascists were interested in the occult doctrines, worship of the sun and you can be interested in what the swastika symbolizes. You do realize, of course that the "swastika" was originally a symbol of harmony, flow, and good fortune by following the harmony and good flow from the Eastern Indian culture? And that the cross, enfranchised by christian faiths, is a derivative of the "swastika", used by cultures for many centuries, if not millennia before them?

You do know all that, right?

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I've not implied that anywhere. In this presentation, you'll see stunning photographs of the wonders in our Cosmos. Since infinite states can't possibly exist talk to a Mathemetician about this claim, preferably a Set Theorist , then God cannot possibly exist. Lewis and Luke A. To be or not to be, is that the question?

Mooster prompted me to re-read and - oops. Must have been a "pre coffee" comment The Universe was here first and we all just got lucky enough to grow into it. The universe is not "fine tune" designed for life to exist. Most planets do not have live, and the amount of energy and time required for even simple live to appear is enormous. Either it was not intelligent designed or it was designed by a retarded God.

The existence of such a broad array of heavy elements on earth indicates that the materials that formed our solar system are the result on many supernova over a vast time span. The christian community, which is an expression of God's laws and principles is incompatible with dictatorship Ahaahaaa thats funny. Saying something does not make it so unless you are speaking for some god or other.

All theocracies in history have been essentially dictatorships of the worst sort, including the catholic reign of Europe during the middle ages, the Ottoman Empire, and the Japanese empire at the beginning of the 20th century. But as these gods do not exist they are ruled in fact by priests and holy men who get to decide what their god thinks is best for the people. They are also by definition undemocratic because they regard unbelievers as either second class citizens to one degree or another, or not as citizens at all.

Fascists were interested in the occult doctrines, worship of the sun -More ignorant xian propaganda. Fascist newspapers implied even that Mussolini had performed miracles The Vatican implied that heavenly powers were aware that Mussolini had saved Italy from bolshevism and thus protected him. I wonder if the process giving rise to the formation of the universe results in only this set of fundamental parameters?

I doubt it If the formation process is a closed cycle, then it stands to reason that the fundamental parameters are inherently constrained. I asking again what is common between fascists and Christianity? Religion is from the word ligament, which in Rome meant "to rebind". The object of rebinding are the sticks, or facies, which strengthen the axe handle of fascism.

You mention lunatic, but you are a case yourself screaming in denial of plain facts. You wouldn't know the truth if it was tattooed on your forehead. Presupposing there is one truth is arrogant and fascistic. Causality is dependent upon the inertial frame of reference. Ren stop spamming a science site with your agenda-ridden voodoo cult propaganda.

You have nothing useful to state here. Cloaked in your own personal agenda So far as we have been able to ascertain - it isn't We just WANT it to be Re: "Variations in the light quark masses of up to percent are unlikely to be catastrophic to the formation of life-essential carbon and oxygen," he concludes.

What if the variations arose in undetectable increments of much less than percent and that percent recognizes only the result of more rapid changes, which could have prevented the formation of life-essential carbon and oxygen? What if the claim that percent variation is not catastrophic is a way to introduce the "wiggle room" into the Anthopic Principle? What if the "wiggle room" must be introduced now that we know more about the fine-tuning that appears to link the biological energy of the sun to the biophysically constrained chemistry of protein folding and RNA-mediated cell type differentiation that links the conserved molecular mechanisms of biodiversity from microbes to man?

Jan 19, Not your usual room for your absurd dissertations, James However, if you must If we didn't have it, the Universes criterion for existence would be too stringent And - it reading it again, your statement sounds more or less like word salad mumbo-gumbo WHY stuff works Thanks for explaining the magic of evolution in the context of the Universe's criterion for existence. Have you considered this fact? Uncle Ira.

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  2. Fine-tuning refers to “just right” properties.
  3. Was ist eine gute Frage?: Die systematische Evaluation der Fragenqualität (German Edition).

Oh boy, now the stinky love potions are part of the BIG bang theoryizing? P'tit boug, you are the weird man you. I'm here because the biologically uniformed still cannot understand the levels of biological organization required to link the epigenetic landscape to the physical landscape of DNA in the organized genomes of species from microbes to man.

Rather than attribute science idiocy to their failure to understand the RNA-mediated chemistry of protein folding, I decided to attack the problem at its source: biophysical constraints. It makes no sense to try and tell anyone that all biological energy comes from the sun when they still think that " The evidence indicates a knifes edge of fundamental parameters is in play in our universe. Either you believe the anything is possible theory- or you accept what the evidence is telling us. Not sure what you mean by "so far as we have been able to ascertain". The universe has numbers that allow for life.

Conditions are favorable for life to be here on Earth. So why is anyone surprised that life is here? Want a miracle? Show me life where conditions don't support it being there. Then you might have magic on your hands. Want a universe that was purposely designed for life? Then you'll need a stronger example than one where The foundation of christianity is responsibility to the people and individual freedom of choice and conscience Where in the bible does it say this? Where does it say that xians will respect the beliefs of other faiths?

It doesnt. It says just the opposite. Xian values begin with the edict 'No other gods before me. It is against biblical teachings to tolerate the existence of other religions, and certainly of the completely godless. Joshua didnt get the job done so god sent gideon. What makes you think that if xians got hold of govt they wouldnt start restricting the rights of heathens? They always have. Jesus was no egalitarian. Your belief that a xian govt would be a superior govt stems from your belief that it is a superior religion. But it is the same as all the rest.

We do not talk about religion. We talk about faith. You can try to make difference This is because you believe there is only one true religion.

All the others are a dangerous waste of time. They all in turn believe the same thing about yours. And since it is the salvation of your everlasting soul which is at stake, the commitment is not arbitrary. It is something that you would kill and die for to preserve. The bible agrees with you, and provides ample instruction on murder and martyrdom. So sell your cloak and buy a sword. Sooner or later you will need it, to defend your faith against others whose books tell them to do the very same thing.

What makes you think that sane people would want people who think like this, in charge of their government? Millions have died to wrest power away from people who think like this. This country was founded on the principle that people who think like this, would never be in control of govt again. Any lunatic can claim that God is with him and fulfill his will Including the jew-hating, catholic-hating, reason-hating, Luther.

However, if these biologically uninformed science idiots can convince you to believe the amino acids first formed in deep space, they can probably convince you to believe in any other nonsense they want to keep touting. They seem to be claiming there is no explanation for the precise amount of "wiggle room" that was just reintroduced into a "theory of everything. If it was, it wouldn't be wiggle room. Stop semantically abusing However, if these biologically uninformed science idiots can convince you to believe the amino acids first formed in deep space, So where did the ones they found in space come from Skippy?

They had to come from somewhere.

Fine Tuning Parameters for the Universe

You mean like the stinky love potions that fell out of the BIG bang? For someone spending so much time telling everybody how what they think is idiot stuffs, you sure haven't been able to say much about what is right. Where we come from Skippy? Start at the beginning, don't just jump into the stinky love potions stuff, like nutritious aromaphones controlling the whatever is you love to repeat.

What came first before them and how did the ball get start rolling? Organisms arise and adapt or die.

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Jan 20, Ira Where we come from Skippy? Didn't you know? JVK's god made us all the same. That sounds dangerously like "natural selection" Changin' yer mind, JVK? Lets see Jamie K spin this study on beneficial mutations. Differences in atmospheric water molecules and conversion rates lead to information gain and presumably to amino acid substitutions that stabilize protein folding. I take him that you are not going to answer my question, eh Cher? It was the easy question so when you answer with gobbledygook it means you are such the science idiot you could not answer ol Ira-Skippy's easy question.

Because Ira-Skippy is the real science idiot and if you can't answer my question, you are in BIG trouble when it comes to the science idiot scale of things. I meant to add "yerself" after the abusing Given the fact that all biological energy comes from the sun, what do the science idiots here claim led to the biodiversity manifested in the morphological and behavioral phenotypes of species from microbes to man? That's what we have been trying to get you to tell us Skippy. Where is all comes from. If you don't know, just say so and we'll quit asking you.

There is no experimental evidence of mutation-driven evolution Except for that evidence I gave you yesterday and all the other evidence I've ever given you. I've linked to the article many times. Complexity, they say, is not purely the result of millions of years of fine-tuning through natural selection—the process that Richard Dawkins famously dubbed "the blind watchmaker. Is Jamie K goning to address the study on beneficial mutations?

Editorial Reviews

There is no experimental evidence of mutation-driven evolution in species from crustaceans to insects Doesn't sound like what you said in another article Ecological variation that leads to mutations either allows them to be maintained when they are not too detrimental to cell function or they are eliminated Your lack of reading comprehension comes back to bite you again. That has nothing to do with refuting beneficial mutations. From the abstract: We characterized the activity of polymerase complexes with these PB2 mutations and found that they enhance the polymerase activity in human T cells.

The rescued mutants enhanced growth in mammalian cells in vitro. This study actually supports me. It's the same as the two I posted. They did experiments to see what those mutations did and it turns out they were beneficial and enhanced pathogenecity. You're doing my work for me. It actually surprises me how often this happens to the stinky love-potion seller. Like linking to an article about mutations, then saying that there is no evidence of mutations.

It's almost like he doesn't wish to understand Mag, He understands. He's just search-mining. Enhanced pathogenicity via amino acid substitutions benefits the virus via increased thermodynamic stability of protein folding. Same thing with E. What's left? The pseudoscientific nonsense of evolutionary theory. Jan 21, There is no experimental evidence of mutation-driven evolution in species from crustaceans to insects Now I know you're crazy.

Did you ever see the movie A Beautiful Mind? Poor you. Beyond bonkers crazy! Do tell us at which hospital you're kept. Perhaps we could help convince your doctors to reconsider your meds. Clearly they're ineffective. Pathogenicity of E. It's pathogenic because it produces Stx-2, which shuts down protein synthesis of infected cells.

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It's okay; it was implied. I'm not sure how the sequencing in atomic nuclei's orbitals and orbital partials can be derived from Anthropic principles, but there are things one might want to consider. In spherical nuclei, under a simple harmonic oscillator-only model, ALL the magic numbers where shells are full, akin to electronic nobility, so resisting adding or subtracting nucleons are exactly doubled tetrahedral numbers as in the value doubled Pascal Triangle.

The doubling seems to derive from particle pairing for spin, which is immediate for the nucleons when partners are available in the electronic system all orbital lobes fill singly with electrons before they start to double up in the second half of the orbital. This Pascal motif continues, in the harmonic oscillator model, for deformed nuclei.

When deformation is expressed in terms of the oscillator ratio, then the sphere as default ellipsoid has doubled tetrahedral magic numbers, which of necessity have double triangular number intervals as demanded by Pascal math. This is oscillator ratio of When the ratio is , then we get TWO copies of each doubled triangular number interval in succession, so 2,2,6,6,12,12,20,20,30,30,42, For denominator 1 and natural number numerators all prolate nuclei the numerator determines the number of copies of each doubled triangular numbers leading in succession to magics.

No exceptions. For oblate nuclei with numerator 1 and denominators as natural numbers, the denominator tells you how many magic numbers are needed to give double triangular intervals between them.

The Fine-Tuning Argument for God | Philosophy Talk

The only exceptions occur at the very beginnings of magic sequences when we haven't yet accumulated as many magics as the denominator- here the magics are all exactly double triangular. This implies that at infinite oblate deformation all magics are double triangular. For more complex oscillator ratios BOTH numerator and denominator effects come into play. For the harmonic oscillator-only model of the nucleus there are no exceptions.

More realistic models of the nucleus including spin-orbit and deformed potential well corrections to the Hamiltonian also show significant Pascal Triangle related behaviors, but these are organized differently. Spin-orbit coupling reduces the larger part in energy because the particle spins align with the orbit, and increases the smaller part because they don't align. After a certain point in shell structure building the energy reduction is sufficient to cause the larger part of the broken orbital to be inserted into the shell prior to the one it is naturally home to in the harmonic oscillator model.

It turns out that these 'intruder' levels always terminate, in terms of particle count, a spin-orbit magic number minus a double triangular number. Interestingly when the sizes of the intruder orbital partials are taken as the value doubled Pascal natural numbers, they are in the same row, and right beside the sizes of the period analogues they dip into. Prior to the effects of spin-orbit splitting, the sizes of all the period analogues in the harmonic oscillator model are, because of parity sorting, exactly double triangular numbers in size.

So the math is perfect relative to the Pascal system. The question we have to ask is WHY? Okayeei, I'll snap at him Cher. Yah including his wife. In , Raphael Patai was the first historian to mention that the ancient Israelites worshiped both Yahweh and Asherah. President Barack Obama Stay focused, Kohl. That is quite possibly the least relevant response you've given anyone. We're talking about pathogenicity and then you bust out some unrelated bit about Obama. Arguably, the claims that antibiotic resistance arises via mutations are the most irrelevant claims to ever be made by pseudoscientists who do not understand anything about nutrient-dependent cell type differentiation.

It should not take an Act of Congress to force evolutionary theorists to start making sense of biologically-based cause and effect. Probably, all it will take is for the NIH to quit funding research that does not include what is currently known about physics and chemistry, but proceeds to attempt to address questions that require knowledge of how metabolic networks and genetic networks must be linked to patient outcomes.

This will push the envelope of macroscopicity further and reveal yet more about the nature of the relationship between the quantum and the macroworld. This news was reported on the same day as the State of the Union address. See the comment by Andrew Jones above: We're talking about pathogenicity and then you bust out some unrelated bit about Obama. His mutagenesis experiments reveal nothing that's known about physics, chemistry, or life.

But he claims my comment is irrelevant because he is biologically uninformed. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thought, the rest are details. Stephen W. For example, if electrical forces were much stronger than they are, then no element heavier than hydrogen could form But electrical repulsion cannot be too weak.

Hydrogen would be the only element in the universe.