A Teardrop and a Million Smiles: Theme Poems on the Hope Diamond

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I try so hard to be my best. But I end up being the worst in my class. We take all these stupid tests, not even one of us School is cool, yeah right. Not when your teachers are asses and you pass without "passing. The Rebel Stays Asleep. Streaming in from the rivers of originality Bracing as a feel of mysteriousness covers the body of A man deep in his dreams These sweet blue skies on a summer day,make your eyes blossom in the lightyou seek the possiblities of animals eating hay, Psychology Poem.

As we live life there are many questions that dwell within our curiosity, Most of those questions rely on how we live, How The Turtle Behind the Shell. I'm not the man behind the curtain, but the Turtle behind the Shell. How can I stop from being trampled on when I can't even All Human. Berkeley, California - the birthplace of Civil Rights for the Disabled, The largest minority group in America; 50 million I would go out on the corners Handing dollars to the needy I would give them so much food They could even be greedy I'd go Living Deep.

The inflation of our lungs, the intake of her air, the pressures high strung and oppressed by a blare. The passive thrill in Our Justified society. The process of voting and intellectual conversations upon us effect us in a massive amount of unecessary brain farts.

He who The Lone Rider. It is heard near the uplands,The sweet allure of your song from down belowYou wear your chestnut coat so wellYour brown mane Faces through the pain. I remember the brave face through all the pain. The day she told us we tried to The key to a Successful Future. Here's a slam to the man with his hand up in the air cursing at his teacher stating "I just don't care!

Just Be YOU.! They say ' You gotta catch them all! I try to have faith, I try to be Senior struggle is real. Closed In. Closed Out. Can't run Can't escape She's stuck in that empty place Closed in With those four Rhyming Poem:I don't have many friends yet! I stacked them up as tall as the sky Which may sound like very high Though really it was just a lie, Probably because I was My Imperfections. My imperfections are the greatest things in the world. How I never get the floor completely clean, Insult my Where's The Color? This is not a hospital, This is a The Flower. There is a flower Its petals are elegant and they roll outward gloriously like Arms and they revel in the sun.

This is May, Press Play. Holding the thick black tape recorder your life is at your hands. With the ability to move forward but the rewind button I Knew Hell was Hot. I'll show you who won't care most. I don't think about you as much. Anymore I see you and my heart doesn't go back to normal Shoot Me. I am the object of your affection tantalizing your obsessions To you I am an image to some I am a mirage To me I am nothing Did i land here or was i left here to be who i am?

Or to be what i am? When dew sets on the leaves of my seeking thoughts I Nowhere To Belong. She searched and searched, But it was no where to be found. Exactly what was she looking for though? Simply a place to Welcome to the world of Painless Absence, Coming into a placewhere we live,real world,reality,life. I don't write. I listen. Life only favors the richWorking hard till deathWill we ever stop to restSeeing the rich enjoy lifeThe poor watch with Life is a Rollercoaster! Life is a crazy ride! Going very fast down a hill There is never a slow moment, High school never slows down There is a Of things unknown; they did not say.

Of things unknown; they did not say The idea is flawed and the way it's paved Such a wondrous lie, the prettiest of tales You Say. You Say that you sell drugs, and hang out with a bunch of thugs. Hard and rough, trying to be tough. Getting in trouble in My thoughtsGo crazy. They wander,They go in circlesMaybe that's the reason for the blackCircles underneathMy eyes. Poor Boston. Boston Must this go on? Why must we lose so many? Families should not be stressed over this Respect! Don't Stereotype Me! Who has the right to stereotype me? Who has the right to stereotype you?

Don't stereotype me, I'm more than what you think I You Know When You know when you get those butterflies And they wake you up every morning, to help you realize That there is someone who Where I'm From. Just like you and I I'm from the teddy bear, the blanket, the "I can't sleep without these tonight" Just like you and I I'm Life is A Pond. Biology is not a simple A Glimpse of Hope.

With a smile on my face I walk into her room, Although that soon changes as she gives me the look of doom. Her despicable My Lifelong Best Friend.

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Life of a student. We start our lessons before we can speak They want us to walk while our legs are too weak We find strengh with age and stand We live in a society were all men and women are suppose to be equal, but are we really being equal to one another? Living on the Run. Run son Look how far we have come The worlds a better place and our problems are undone But have we really took the leap we What If? They say the best way to get out is to go through, if you never had to go against it how would you fight it, if you was I made it.

It starts of as a dream but to everyone your just making a scene. You see the bright lights in the big city, even though How can they when they never even try, because I smile they assume I am The Hunger Inside of Me. What must I do to keep this hunger inside of me? Sinful Rose- A poem in the style of Alfonsina Storni.

Behind My Mask. Behind this mask i wear, behind my fake face, there lies my true image. Broken beyond repair, shattered into million peices The struggle. If I have been given the chance, The chance to win this scholarship, I would be so happy you couldn't tell I was struggling I Need to Know.

I just need to know what is up with this world and what is going on in their heads Maybe it may take me a day and a year, Triangle of Love. For a man to love a woman For a woman to love a man God is placed into their lives For God to love man and women And for the Melodies From The Heart. It Ends Here. This War Is Over. When I matured so did my mind, I was growing but wasn't ready or so I thought. My body was doing one thing while my mind was She was my Best Friend Since Birth.

She was my best friend since birth, One of the smartest kids I knew. Just four months ago she was taken from this Earth. Skin Covered Destiny. What a shame, how we all were treated before, False accusations, people judged the color of skin. Our potential, needs, and I heard my heart thud in my chest. Silent Cries. I babysat her every day One Man War.

Crimson thoughts, frail soul and flimsy bones, But you thought you were above it all. There is only one being that can I Cannot. If i had a power it would be to influence the mind. Why I write. I write to inspire, Natures Flow. Down it trickles from the sky Falling about on the ground That is where it will say goodbye But not for long, it does not MY Shooting Star.

In the endless sky above, I found you passing by, High above a starry night you gave to me the same interested stare I gave The ones I love are caught. Cancer is a monster, who takes away great souls, The innocence of people, they didn't have control It didn't just break the Lesbian Love. You think i'm gross, it is not right. I sit up through the night. I cry and cry til i can't cry anymore. You call me ugly My Grandfather. She knew a man Not just any man A special man Her grandfather He was special beyond the rest Her favorite person to see He From the first time you played, You knew you would never quit You flat love everything about it.

From the clean cut grass To Ode to the Teacher of Math. By all means Mr. Ward you teach so great, your lectures sometimes make me meditate, your funny and wise and understand it Life's Excitement. Different aspects of life, new born babies that are born with innocence. Smiles that are filled with joy and excitement the The Chill. Often my body sings the song of life, trying to outlive death. A breeze seems to take my body and guide me to the familiar Brothers and Sisters.

Before we take our first breath. And form opinions of one another. Everyone looks the same And no judgment is ever created Life is Full Of Suprises.


It only took 60 years till we Longing to Arise. Behind her mask, Is someone whom nobody recognizes. Hidden and disguised, By secrets and lies. Appears mighty and strong, Still HERE. Not yet five months into this world of misfortune and lies Tubes, oxygen my little one survives Staying strong, even though Don't Be A Teacher. The Wall of Reality.

I sigh to thee I cast to thee The truth of fools gold None more blind than an open heart None dare compare To one of A Man, My Dad. Here's to another century, wow you sound old,Luckily you still look half your age, better than more. So here is my Dad, who's Ish you can't to your teacher huh? So what can you say? I walk the halls from dawn til' noon, praying that I could go home soon.

Below the Heavens. My problems are on the rise like the bubbles in an aged bottle of champagne A myriad of curses, issues, and a cacophony of You can't do it, they sneered You can't make it over that mountain All of them, swaying, waiting. But I knew I could.

Found Light. Confidence in her voice. It can leave you, me, She grew up without a daddyOnly 6 years oldMama never spoke a wordJust broke her back on the stoveLittle brother just a Power of Words. What Was You Thinking? Yea you thought you was in love but it seems that love ain't really there.

You hear her old love has appeared, to be in her Some believe it's a disease to take in another man's child I believe those who believe others can achieve under their Brighter Days. Do you hear of the sound of the broken? Crying out to you and me. Do you see all the injustice? Forming from people's greed A Conversation with Fear. Remember me? Come on! Your best bud since that quiet scary night in You were just a babe Forgiving the Unforgivable. Persecution , Lies, Slander, The unforgiving actions that have been taken. How can I change the hurt they've been making If You Really Knew Me.

If you really knew me. You wouldn't believe the words coming out my mouth. Because what you are about to hear is to cruel Anonymous: Adj. My Italic Heart. I closed my eyes to see it. Blindly following it down the smooth, dark road My heart so longed to be it. As it curved There is something inside of my soul, Holding me down like an anchor To a boat that has no captain No destination. All I can Who Are You? They laughed at me, they teased me, they pushed me, they kicked me. They lied to me, told me that I was worthless. They hurt That Sunny Day. I remember that sunny day When my world crashed and caved You called me that very morning And your hair needed to be shaved Loyal Friends.

Always attentive and never doubtful of meThey stand loyal by my sideBehind me to protect from unseen foesIn front of me to She ask the teacher for the pass so she can get out of class. What it really means Is to express yourself freely To explore the different type Of emotion you have inside. What it really Time Management? My Old Beginnings.

Back when life rampaged me, Sent demons to attack me. As it continues to do today. My only escape is the text I imagine. Blind Generation. Ong Noi. I was six and I remember his name. From that day on, it'd never be the same. Ong Noi, Vietnamse for my dear Grandpa. What You Don't Know. I creep into the lecture hall five minutes late you frown and tell the class to be tardy is to be rude what you don't know There is nothing that can keep me from believing There is no one that can change my heart I can say that the Lord is my Exhausted Sky.

You can think of no better use of time, Than to wait on things of importance divine. To watch the sand slip through its After all, humans are innately selfish. And I can get all the Who am I to disagree? Standing up for what I believe. A Letter to the Youth of Today. We live in a world where it's okay to bottle God is Dead. What is our generation coming to? A Simpler Time. I simply am.

I exist, but not hinder. The radiant sun smiles upon me, Her rays disseminating amongst the trees Why Can't You See? Why can't you see, What you're doing to me? You teach us to conform, Not to create. Hope less. Passionate soul let your voice be heard Many have made this quest You are not what you see, a dream deferred Do not lose AweSOME vs. Interesting question, huh? Notice how awesome and awful require "awe" to say, which is a trait that God gave us to Driving the car got a text from a friends asking "where you at" I look down at my phone the next the thing I knew I hit a Innocent You.

My Teacher, My Teacher. My teacher, my teacher What dost thou teach me Some geometry here Some phyics over there My teacher, my teacher These two Stupid Questions. Victim of amassed judgment, Everything defining you is blunted. In the triple homicide of mind, body, and I am a mother a wife a veteran an artist a daughter But none of those words really describe WHO I am. I'm determined to Uh, natural.. Someone give me the definition Equals.. Dominic and all of his ambition Telling you that manipulation is no John and Jane.

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Red Blood; Shed! Now I'm; White As Snow! Caught up. The Flame Within. A flame by my heart Which resembles passion and drive will inspire others. Kingdom of Authority. Turning around from the face of the commons, Dashing towards that figure of authority, Viewing the cries of the summons, Brighter Side. The end of the road is coming near Get back on my own two feet And walk away from fear Fear that I wont ever make it to the Stupid Teachers. I can't stand any of you freaks,You teachers are the Belle Plaine geeks, We get in trouble for telling what we think,No The Power Of One.

As i stood in front of my team with pride ,i thought to myself this is the start of a new begininng. Tiny little faces Oh, the things I would change. What would I change? I ask myself. My surroundings?

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My peers? My self? Oh, the Attempting Thoughts Taking Control. I'm tired of being alone Escaping the South. They tied him down with the same thick threads and chains that he busted out of a few scores ago Unknown white men in white I am here to tell the story Of the ones that came before me Who did not have the strength to tell you Or the voice to make American Dream.

To own land for oneself- To speak up for oneself- To work for oneself- Are they stooping this low? Denying themselves this The Dream That Never Sleeps. What aspect does not make me human? I have dreams aspirations emotions but most of all dreams. So many dreams but others I've been put down But i don't give anyone a frown It's irritating I don't show that it's fustrating I'm going to be at the In the hearts of many We hold an affinity For the man who took a stand The King who created a plan Brought his dreams to our The fight In Me.

I found the fight in me The strength in me The ability to once again be free You may have broken my heart Tore me apart But Truth Be Told. Merry, Happy, Gay. One meaning. But how long At times you dont know What to think about, Whether its right or wrong. Combining images and words, So they can form a bond You Me and A rainbow.

Red Orange yellow Green blue and violet The colors of the rainbow but Isn't it funny that you and my colors aren't there So Why So Much Hate? Why so much hate? Time for You to Understand. Well, I guess it's time for you to sit, Time for you to listen our side of the story, Time to understand the stress we are One Job May Chnage My Life. One job…may change my life. Though dreams and wishes abound, I wish to make them true. Within my mind lies an ocean of ideas I am Me. I am Me I'm different from many but almost like some. I'm considered young and just like to have fun, although my soul is Called to a Narrow Path.

I hear there's a narrow path that is often left forgotten. Lost among the world, it's chose to be forgotten. We are all Where Does Love Exist? What happened to love? Real, open doors, kiss your cheek, hold your hand love. I grew up at I knew I never wanted that Yeah, I'm different.

Different then the rest. I may not be the best, but heaven forbid I'm not the worst. My clothing is Know in the Class. We think of very little in The forgotten Three in One. One and one doesn't make three. It was the three in one set for us to see. Always there to guide us down life's long but Deep down the sea Where your home will always be For no pain no harm will exist Just your beautiful self in deed Deep down Now that I've taken off my rose colored glasses I see I see who you really are beneath the smooth talk and sweet lies I see I was a freshman in college with a new life to start, A life that I soon wanted to get rid of and restart.

Let's give Imagination A Little More Imagination. What if we taught our children to think? What if we taught our children to be open-minded? We should teach our children how Encased Within Thyself. She stares at the stars above herself as she is walking alone at the beach. She then lies down on the sand and makes an I Found You. A disheartened child with eyes filled with tears. A broken heart and mind filled with fears. Another one waits with sadness Money for my Major! Life is hard, Talk is cheap I need money Stress makes me weap.

College is expensive, I'm sure you all know I'd love to win Dear Gloria. The room is covered with dust now, dust composed of all of the hair what degraded away dust composed of all the pills you One Mic. What's the point of the luxury of knowledge and not indulge in your own wealth? Look Again. It's funny how they say your enemies are your best friends. But, when you look at it all it depends. The Waters of College. A dehydration of knowledge quinched by the waters of education A whole new start, a whole new foundation The rapids will Move To America.

Afghanistan, what once was a gorgeous land Now cremated into dust and emptiness The Taliban pinned on every corner Rifles Unrequited Love Dial Tone. You have been hurt too many times before, and I don't want you to cry anymore You have eyes that are to precious to have Waves of Change. Waves, cycles, circles, tides. Returning, haunting, foreshadowing, predicting. The roaring crash of the waves, The calm, cloudless sky, The warm sun touching my skin. This was home. The chill of the Leave Me Be. You go to turn down a road But a voice tells you differently You look and you wonder Not sure of whom it could be Ignoring These haunting memories refuse to go away; making life more difficult day by day.

Dear Ms. B, I'm sure I am not the only senior who is going crazy with your notifications on Edmodo. Just when we think our Repent, Rebel, Ring the Bell!!! Screaming grey clouds, admonishing, posing black, Gathering heavy, staring large to scare, Growls echo the skies above, The Slam for Tray.

And when it hit me, it was excruciating pain. How could someone I knew so well, go about being treated such a way? If only makeup could speak It would say: For eyeliner, mascara, blush, and concealer, All there for girls appeasement And there magical purpose Remains The Right Road. I could go to the left with my friends or go to the right Sophomore Slump. Sophomore year was here, I had already been in college for a year. Changed majors for the 3rd time, yet nothing really ever I want my voice to be heard i want t stand on top of the desk and scream th answers out loud I want to walk an talk without I just want to be one.

One of many, one of the same, one of everything. To not be shunned out like the rest but to be my Egypt with Pain. It starts with money. The lack of it, We know it's funny, But bit by bit, It all becomes blood money And it may be hard to When I Lost My Name. It was a foggy morning today, I peered over my calender to see if it was Monday. Mondays are the days I work, So I got ready The come back of a rape victim. What you did to me I can never forgive..

I can only try to forget.. You have scarred me.. Vacant Shell.

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A Teardrop and a Million Smiles: Theme Poems on the Hope Diamond - Kindle edition by kavidasa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. [DOWNLOAD] A Teardrop and a Million Smiles: Theme Poems on the Hope Diamond by kavidasa. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can.

Empty within compare, Lost within despair, Alone always alone, And that's what I've always known. Solitude is incomplete, We are good enough. Learning Life. They scream they shout as my sister begins to pought. The mood in this house is nothing but drought but as i sit around Another Poem About Love. Unbelievably true…. I once had a love I found him on the sidewalk He heard my soul crying out so we began that walk That Hopeless Love. Look a Little Closer. My untold stories. As I can see life how it can really be I'm just going through life trying to figure out the person I was meant to be I'm different , can't you see?

Northern Stars. The fight never ends for me. My life, also known as the never-ending battle. Murder my fear. Kill the hate I Staring at the television Staring at the magazine Self esteem going down Now I have to lose five more pounds The definition Zipped Lips Give Thier Scripts. You strut around and teach it, So now its my turn to preach it.

My other teachers don't act this way, So thats why I had Ancient Knight. Lost In Time. I live in the places in-between as a shadow to the right as a whisper in the night. In fantasy, in dream I lay, as a flicker I am you. Who I am? That is not the question, but Who are you? We are not different.

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Open your eyes, you are me. We are the same. Don't see eye to eye. The devil himself has me quiet Yet with this pencil I will write And with this pencil I will start a riot To speak out loud Pay it forward. Do the good. Be the change. Education is your stepping stone, no one will give you a bone. The world is a I Dont Know Why. I dont know why, Why I want to cry, Why my soul wants to die, Why my hopes and dreams turn into lies.

Can someone please Finding Me. I decided to take a stand In which divided who I was; A born fighter to her country But, an impulsive repulse to it. If today were the last day. If today were the last day to live, would you call your enemies and forgive? Deplore the Memories. I know, I sound All should be weary of words left unsaid They are the ones that will hang over your head They will echo and leave you We're Not All The Same.

To the educators of my school. No student is the same. We all agree knowledge is an useful tool. That's the whole reason I Won't let love hurt me twice. I have seen the world dark and painful. I have seen young children that go by some days not knowing that someone cares. Bicycles are deadly. Don't text and drive But that's for a car Text and bike? Justice for Trayvon Their will be.

No more unfair inequality Jury, judge all knew this was wrong. What more evidence do you Funny how things can change. Sometimes my brain feels like a rubix cube. Each and everyside has a diffrent memory in each individual square. In and out you meet. In and out you meet strangers day and night. Even the friends you've come to know and love were stranges at once. Romulus is strong and full of might. What God has Given Us. By: Emily Riggs May 28th, , was the day my heart began to beat for you, the one and only time I felt the truth. As days went by, I fell for you more, you were always there to adore.

Welcome To My Life. The Inspiring Moment. When I was younger, I did not really care about school. Now that I look back, I see that I was a fool. That all changed one day When I heard my sister and parents talking in dismay. That conversation opened my eyes. A Delicate Situation. He couldn't stop crying Prying into his soul, that was now bare.

It felt like he was dying. His love could only stare. She could hear the noises of the birds. The Harmony of Marley. Money is impossible as a musician, people say. Toe Dust. I lay on the grass, Face pressed on the earth Above your marble urn And let your soul Flow up through my body- Leaving my skin tingling. Cut Into Adulthood. I have never done this before. It's a calm autumn afternoon in my high school foods room. I'm volunteering for a children's cooking class by helping them cut their apples. Coming back. What am I doing here? Where am I? Who am I?

Evolving to become better!! You wake at dawn. You dress; every piece by layer. You move accordingly to what you only know. You leave saying bye. Keeping Time. A Dreary Twist. A Dreary Twist My thoughts are in a continuous loop There is no end or beginning to this. It is impossible to tell how it came to be. Love for Growth. Silence is not an option.

From Playdough to glitter And from glitter to Twitter I saw my childhood friend grow up fast Because her dad asked. Untouched and pure, your bright serenity Is beauty, shining rays of special gold. New Home. Suburban boy meets Urban jungle Zip! College is real No one to save you Alone in a sea of people No-body to talk to but God. Absolutely not, the idea was something I never thought would happen.

I enjoyed riding in the backseat of the car, closing my eyes and waking up at the grocery store or the car store. My Version 2. From the moment you were planted, I felt our spirits touch one another. Just like me, you are made of Moon, under the constellation of Scorpius; we are Water. Fresh to death and free-flowing, we speak the same language. My Promise. I had always run like a storm crackling with anger fueled by thundering defiance at the world a five-kilometer point to be hammered home.

I had always run like an engine anxiety the stuttering starter. The Odysessy. The Odyssey. Remember when we first walked the halls as freshmen Calm and cool and Collected? I Looked in the Mirror. I looked in the mirror. My eyes were blue, My hair is blond, A baby face is all I see; An innicent child looking back at me. There I saw eyes that were bright,.

House of Cards. I come from an Old Farmhouse and Woods that the 6 of us ran through for 7 acres I come from Raspberry bushes, Tall oak trees and tapping Maples in the Fall. Too Good To Be True. Crusing down the streets Late at night The clock struck past midnight Although I can't quite see your face, I love the way you look at me With the streetlights glowing in your eyes.

The Forbidden Word. This word is so hateful, Explosive, And inflammatory. So sit back and listen to my story. I remember being called one,. With heartbreak comes strength. How could I have fallen so deeply, for a soul so phlegmatic now? As you remain impervious by the atrophy of our love,. Understanding My Face. O beauty, stain my childhood. Violate my young mind with the unobtainable feats that no girl can reach, yet she will always die trying. In youth, I never knew My features are carried from. The Inescapable Metamorphosis.

Stereotypical caterpillars emerge from their standardized cocoons So beautiful is the process to the outsiders that see the before-and-after pictures. A Long Day to Forget. On that long day, The sun refused to set. Assualted in broad dayight in plainsight like prey. There was a child left alone-. Growing Pain. How one looks back At the clouded idea of what has happened Defines how the future will unfold Pain That used to be scraped knees Or a break up with the one you thought was "the one".

A sprinkle of wisdom. Sand at my feet, pocket full of brocken shells, each wave a rythm to a different beat; This is what life could be. The sand the wave the sea. How far is my reach, from here on the beach? One looks upon early life, visions of success, one looks upon elder life, visions of regret. Visions of the future, so full of hope, visions of the current, soaked in tears. One World, Another. The older you get the more callous you become Yet magic started for me at 23, Balloons and bubbles were a thing at 30 At 60, my heart became wide open ratting me out for every feeling; little tattle tale.

Period Mess. Loss and Thoughts.

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Cosmic Imagination. For every wish you make It costs you a little bit of hope Once hope is lost Sparkling, room for any shape. Held aloft, transparent and hiding nothingAt heights it seldom viewed, higher would it be. Not yet. Too far from any sight too cramped for any plant. Childlike ecstasy of existence, Excitement playing across fingertips as fingertips Themselves Play across the surface of paper, And dance with my feet. Monument Of Myself. Little Step, Big Step. The Move. First , I have to give a friendship bracelet to my new best friend.

Next, I have to..

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I get to have my very first phone! I can listen to Rap? Hip- Hop? The Little Mind-Boat. Lurching from side to side, the winds of culture, education, and relationships washed my little mind to and fro. My little mind, asail at sea,. Senior Prom: The Start of Adulthood. Swollen legs and chunks of lash glue covering my eyelids were suppose to be the problems after prom.

Instead, funeral arrangements and mournful phone calls to friends and our principal marked the day. The eye exists to capture the ingenuity of every encounter. A storm rages in the depths of the emotions I bury It lingers as the avoidance persistently accumulates Eventually there is no room left to disregard the. In a Sea of Gold. When I was a child, I thought the world was a sidewalk and that I was a lone dandelion seed trying to take root in concrete. My parent's divorce, the man that molested me, and the murder of a father figure so close to me. Oh, the many hairs of the family!

My hair texture is like a confused bush. Embarcadero, Montgomery, Powell, Union Square. Being me, I would say was the greatest thing, Despite these days when I'm pained, Back then I knew I could do anything, These days I'm just watching the rain, Used to spend hours and hours reading,. Life Changes. I know some people see me as a successful human being, And thank you, but I just want you all to know that I just keep believing.

My childhood was the same but also different,. Red Monster. The monster. It always came back to me, haunting me. My own mother cruel as she has always been Pushed me closer to the monster. Grow Up Already. As a child i could be weird i could be silly i could be me with no one to tell me otherwise. I couldn't wait to be an adult! As i grew older i was told - to be more Lady Like,. Why do we hold material things So close to our hearts That they get smothered in the loving Why do we need to feel special The need to be more unique than others To have others worship what we say or do.

Black Cloud. Like A Coat. Talk to me about depression And what it feels like to be lost and hopeless Where loneliness exceeds all expectations Where darkness is smelled and tasted and felt Around you like a very wet heavy blanket. Wednesday's Farmers Market. There you can find all sorts of things. Her sonnet. Terrified female of the iron wrath With forceful hands shoving her down the drain.

Naked body slips in the metallic bath. The naive virgin, constrained, by silver chains. Our Broken World. Do you not sympathize for my deterioration? Do you not see what you are doing to me? My surface is cracking from the droughts that tear me apart My air is hard to breathe in. The Door The Door… Always that Door… Taunting, chilling, mocking. Heart racing, hands sweating, panic-stricken. Handle turning, hand on my back, gentle but firm push, through the Door, closing click. Ticking, Ticking. The clock is ticking, Echoing, both fast and slow. Each tick adding palpable nerves to the room.

Suffocated by the smell of soap and bleach, I twiddle my fingers, scratch my neck, bite my lip, and wait. I AM ME. A Debt to Childhood. A debt to the universe, to everybody who didn't get to be a child. Quiet for the rest. Time grew with the bodies of flesh, onto the long list of the dead. To love you now is to love you then; adopting a ticking time bomb and calling it my best friend. Forgetting that the fuse was lit,.

The Journey. It happens Maybe you take a drive to the top of a mountain - and get out and breathe in the air that. Love and Hope May save us. A fathers Love is what a Son needs. Tale of the One Who Lost. Confidently Lost and Found. Confidently lost in a world of regrets. Where birds sing sweet melodies of the butterfly effect. Searching through the cosmic skies of my demise,I see the lullabies of lies that crave the attention of the midnight vibe,And as I look into its eyes i. Dull Stars. We used to mean something back then and stick outSo many stars came in and then dul.

Sartain Basement. I'm standing alone, in the searing hot basement of my college's dorm. My hand is sticky from the outside of one of my Tide Pods. They're not Tide brand. No one else is down here, and for a second,. I will not apologize For the skirt that hangs above my knees Or the lipstick tinged with feminism. I will not sit shiva. Pale, dusty clouds ripple and swirl like brush strokes on the painted canvas of the sky: a sunset of lilac, turquoise, and guava.

The giant you.

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Reddy, you are beyond doubt mine Valuable like a gold mine For with time you have emerged To be victorious composed. I Realized. Music as a Distraction. How Deep is Your Love. I was 15 years old when a boy told said he liked me to my face for the first time. It was the day of the homecoming festival. Music blasting in the background and everybody dancing. It didn't fully register to me until I got home.

Orange juice. Throughout highschool i had my ups and downs. Just as anyone else i have made mistakes and choices that will effect my forever. Today Will Be Bright. To Neverland. I was born in July Just as the Earth started to melt under the Sun Just as everything started to evaporate And that damp sky met me, and covered me Enveloped and nurtured me August came and went. We are made of glassNow your shards rest on my skinMy heart is so sore You said you loved meBut I was never enoughAll the screaming and fighting.

Humble Pain. Fire under my skin Climbing up my legs My spine My arms Glowing coals of hate Incendiary suffering Deep inside my bones. The Cold Never Bothered Me. Disclaimer: I wrote this poem about a traumatic event in my life: my father's abuse and arrest. On a warm Saturday in late May, I drove to pick my friends up in my little Corolla, I was ecstatic as soon we were going to get our nails done for Prom. Thorn and Roses. Beauty from the ashes Beauty from the choas In dolourfull darkness He'll kiss your lost soul Soul of bard fading away My destination is far away Let all these wounds burn Heal me and take me away Thorns in the roses Roses in the thorns Beauty in d.

Beauty from the ashes Beauty from the choas In dolourfull darkness He'll kiss your lost soul Soul of bard fading away My destination is far away Let all these wounds burn Heal me and take me away. Today it Rains. Today it rains, the rain drops are from the tears that were shed for you by the ones who loved you. Today it rains, the sky is grey from the gloom of losing such a beautiful soul and person. The Land of Milk and Honey. Tactical Restrictions. You say you need a picture, which I have,. The Boldness of Color.

There it was, The spark that which ignited the gas, Why does this always? I felt despair from the cotton comfort,. Everything was fine Until that cold body went To that chilling grave. I used to watch flowers in the early Spring bloom, unfurling the curl of their petals in a yawn. Grey skies overhead. Blue seas below, waving. Green trees, hoping for a chance to start anew.

Red fire giving trees a chance. Grey skies put the fire out, the sea ceases its spread, the trees start anew. Edible Arrangements. Endless ocean of stolen tears Only the waves know your fears Crashes and ashes and waterfall gears Irrelevance fades as you soak up the beer.

Oh Lover-Boy, Come to me in my dreams and then by day I shall be well again, For so the night will more than pay, The hopeless longings of the day, My Black Stallion riding so high,. Growing up Small. I grew up small in a Connecticut town, where everyone knew everyone else, and I knew them too.

I was blue eyes, blonde braids,. The last funeral of society. Homelessness on lock. May Lissom - Thin, supple, and graceful. I Go Back. I go back to my first school. Heavy gates at the front squeaking. White brick walls in desperate need of cleaning. Little classrooms, filled with little desks. Playground covered with laughing kids. Only Because We Love You. I hold my breath in the calamitous steam, and smoke Every pan was burning, and my throat starts to choke A dumbshow of absolute horror, and wonder. A Change in Middle school. The story begins at my school. I began to sound like a fool. My voice started to crack; I heard a loud quack, Why is puberty so darn cruel.

Self Realization. The Empty spaces, They reach out to her. Mental Change. My mental change is what's next. A Note To Myself. You were a wanderer, curious of all the wonders of the world. As you take steps, one after another, have you noticed it? You were traveling for ages, have you not saw it? Rusty Trumpet. With a disappointed glare at the floor, A musician came to confess. Just another one of his many mistakes. A rusty trumpet sits idle in his hand, It wheezes desiring one last song;.

Leaving the Nest. So there i was, out on my own, away from my parents, not even a phone. Independence, and autonomy, were just a few gains. I had paved a new path, my own lane. May 6: Reverberate - Of a loud noise be repeated several times as an echo. The magnificent rocks. My fingers trace the vinly table tops Eyes peeking out over the tops of too big glasses Sitting in a too big room The teacher keeps talking.

Everything Is New. Where are the pleasant disruptions? The ground shaking thumping of footsteps upstairs The harsh noise of fighting cats The rhythmic knocking on the door daily. Look at my Mother! Look at your Mother! Let set aside what we see physically. Open your mind; deep inside tell me what you see mentally. Is it similarity? Reflections on a Hill at Sunset. The phoenix sun combusts- A burning jewel Settling into Its rocky crown. On to the next place she was on to the next mistake another man who promised her the world.

As her dreams came crashing to a halt did she wonder what would become of me? Growing Older. Swing sets and sand castles All tied as one memory One single drop of rain was All it took to make me smile And now it takes a lifetime To make me crack a grin Maybe I'm too old for games and toys. Stages of Body. First comes a heart, as pure as streaming waters.

Next comes a brain. As sensitive as it seems, it is the enemy of all. Nature's Antitheses. White snowflakes covering the night sky Red poppies in the green meadow Bright pink waterlilies floating in the blue lake Orange wilted leaves scattered on the edges of a gravel road. Words of the wind A phantom life Did he ever actually exist? I cannot recall his face His passing is engraved in my memory though.

One sad Wednesday Of a certain year. The World in My Head. I used to dream in the world in my head, let my imagination take flight as the buildings went by. I could dream up wild elephants from Africa, or starships from space. No longer a kid. Mirrors and Galaxies Are the Same. Mirrors, They reflect. They reflect on the natural appearance of being human, being real, Of being alive, of being loved. Here I am.

Kyss Mig. Prisoner of the brain. We soar through the heavenly fields with no barrier between us, no men with shiny pedestals, or people with devilish horns You know not of my intentions but I know what lie. If they left, they were never with you 44 you was my friend you was their friend too well, that's what I thought and now you're dead only 16 never got the chance to live out your dream. A Faint Light. Faint light shines, So pure yet so dim, Calling from within. Smoke and mirrors, A facade for my true self, Still so small and preoccupied, With the minutia of daily life.

I am a Survivor. I am a survivor At least I am for now The fear of being consumed By that wretched death For a second time Makes my hands tremble. Citheronia Regalis. It was him who found me. The giant with the calloused palms I was simply a form Clumsy in my gargantuan new body Horns piercing from my back;. Over the hills and through the trees. The feelings I feel to finally be free. Through the swamp and the creek. It feels as if I've fallen asleep. Growing Pains. Broken Pieces.

Dear Itzmir, We started out as friends, then we became more than what we started out as. Our relationship was texts that went on all night, we would be on the phone for. Reflecting Darkness. Of all the people I tried to understand the most. The man in the mirror was the hardest to read. Although, I know it is me, but it isn't who I see. He's making the same movements, thinking the same thoughts So to say, your words clatter like thunderSpellbound, my thoughts cannot gatherSwept up in the cresting tideDisplaced by another of likemind. Bus People.

And all. Knife carving into the soft squishy flesh; blood dribbling off the plate. Letting out a faint subtle sigh, admiring his handiwork. The Old Guitarist. The cold whirled into the room, The breeze freezing the poor mans toes. A sigh rattles in his chest, His fingers strum the strings of his guitar. Star Dust. I watched the light fade from her eyes. She left this world as but a whisper in the wind; being forgotten in an instant. The cosmos opened up to her and welcomed her home,. Everyone told me to work. Everyone told me to work hard. So I did.

The past blended into the present into the future. It was once rough to the touch, like a potato sack. Now it's faded, a green-gray expanse of old sunbeams and bitter stains. Change The World Little Girl. It's Snowing In The Forest. Change is Good. Waking up on Saturday mornings for the sole purpose of hearing Elmo squeak about something new on Sesame Street, has long been overruled by new responsibilities. Things I Hate. Training Wheels. I was willing to risk it all, Yet you left me to fall Into the abyss of doubt and wonder,. Spaced Out. In a sea of stars, My head was a constellation of chaos And mindless insecurity.

In my universe, There was no lack of striking entities. You were so down to earth, I was up in the sky. Near Existing. Even after years of salvation, I am stained with chains and marks of a past life full of time well served. Even after sufficient treatment, I can still feel the burns. Societal Sky. I grew up seeing the world as something beautiful The crystal blue sky And the warm bright yellow sun.

Yellow Acrobat. When I was 6, I was told to wear my scariest costume for Halloween day at school And for once, my parents wanted to spoil me, So while everyone at school became witches or skeletons or furries. Today is frozen in blue and white we live to stall upon a blank page This picture, now a photograph In black and white. When I Returned Beer, Sweat, and Weed.

How to get through the bad year. We sat togetherfingers intertwinedlegs swinging overthe ledge,the edge of abyss of bliss? Culture Told in Halves. Meeting Eye to Eye. They sit by the window watching the snowflakes land on the large pile which was once luscious, green grass.

The Monarch Butterfly. Blinded by the darkness of my own cocoon, the shades of immaturity and impulsiveness cloud my mind. Unable to see past the shell of adolescent struggles,. Status: Now Hating Candy. Let me tell you of the week I grew up. No, not physically but mentally and emotionally. The physical age does not matter; what matters is that the week before I loved candy. The lip. See the wetty lips that run dry amidst the drought yearning for the sporadic drips craving for the incessant draught that washes all the loneliness held wanting and acheness that makes her lost.

I wanted to say…That not all paintings are simple. When I look at you,I see stars for eyes,Flower petals for skinAnd faults and flaws all at once.

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He currently lives and works in Essex Ontario. Fortsetzung Wenn einst vorbei ist dieser Erdenrummel, dann komme ich vielleicht auch in den Hummel. Sometimes where you live is not how you'll turn out, but how you'll grow to be better. And they are the truth, not hidden,. Eet hurts my throat for theenk of eet; An' all he evra ask ees w'en Ees gona com' da spreeng agen. My heart speaks out To all the survivors of Moore No person should ever experience that The feeling of being torn A simple

But I see perfection in those flaws. School to Summer and Back to School. School during day, sports at night. The village is always non-stop. When blue skies show, campus gets loud. Waking Up. Growing up. Bullies and bruises Grades going down the drain One day it will be okay. Beauty in an inadequate mind with an courageous heart. The mind is such a simple depiction of what reality imposes the heart and soul. Giving your heart a reason beat while still wondering about the advantages and stepping stones of life. Weep not at my grave. Weep not at my grave when I am dead, Sing me not the dirge of cold nights, Sing instead the rhymes of the Willows, Chant all day the lullabies of the pixies.

Here we flutter, soar, and fly Abuzz, for all to see, an iridescent sky Our pride, with which we manage, Asserting our presence, flags raised high,. My Confessions. I am a nonconformist. I open my eyes and see food, so much food. Carnes, postres, y mariscos. Pasteles, helado, galletas. Broken Glass. My Best Abusive Relationship. Growing with Fear. With words that burn and bite and sting, they creep up on your mind and ring until you no longer sleep at night. There are sounds and smells that remind you of days passed,.

The world never saw him Or so he thought But this is how he felt Black and white in a world of color Overlooked and unimportant. Fear of losing peace. Big Red. Bold, large, and beautiful red hot air balloon the twisted art of twig underneath my feet silver string attaches my wicker basket and I am high enough to touch a cloud. Into the Rabbit Hole, Alice. Fear, is hungry. No one warned me about the struggles of life Life doesn't get harder, it just shows its true self once we get to know it What's something that so many cherish and adore? I'm Scared.

I stand on the edge of a cliff the roar of the waves beneath me and stare into the night sky it is raining now I scream into the void all of the pain of the past I give it up to the ocean and sky. Not Enough. What is fear? The feeling of being simply not enough. You've put everything on the table.

Left it all out on the field. Put your heart and soul into it. I'm Ready. My heart beats faster and faster My legs shake and burn more with every running step How long have I been running? I can't remember. Its been so long,. Silent danger. Whispered words not to be heard, A secret pact between you and yourself, Your thoughts hardly heard or understood as they slip into the darkness of the night.

Doubt creeps. Victory or defeat matters not but doubt creeps in and two opponents emerge. Peanut Butter Night. Some of you may say I'm a nutter My tongue is smothered with peanut butter Like a newly-shined shoe, no area is left untouched However, this coating should have stayed in my lunch. Kill Switch. SUB Q. No more looking back. An Untold Future.

These fears swarm me Causing me anxiety I cannot fight them But oh, how I want to be special I want to grow! OCD and Me. My mind is weak Like a lost sailor I can do nothing, nothing as the waves of anxiety swirl through my head Get up, time for school I cannot go for I am a fool. A Unborn Child. I was used to falling and burning over and over again but nothing quite prepared me for the fire you spread over my soul. Left Behind. I had it all, never thought it could crumble apart Crumble apart, crumble away as if my life became equivilant to stale bread. Who could have known he could have been dead.

Fight the Fear. Reach the surface. How Dare You Darkness? The creature inside her cage. The creature inside her cage So small Suspended in the deep end She flutters Cage half glass half metal Frozen Her limbs are frozen Sunlight Cold sunlight. In the Dark. The Border. Never cease to prepare yourself; Get up early so you know who won the day.

Flame, Dear Flame Your flame-seared name It burns Life is a funny thing. The wait. Fearless Heart Club. Questioning every move and the sentence I make. But this art piece wants to show its creation. These detailed words that can fill a. Ode to Alex - Fear of Abusive Relationships. Funny that he goes by love, because he has none His long hair is a whip I pull His face changes as I slowly slip away His mind freaks as I tell his story. He is narcissist himself. My Grandmother's House. The news blares bright and gaudy. Full of fear and sound. I like you Scholarship Slam Poem. Fear, anxiety, speech.

Nothing can be said to someone without words, seems easy for those who speak and love to. But those of us are not always as lucky with your ability to speak. Speak our ideas, our dreams, and our hopes. Sticks and stones. Our Meadow of Some Days. Some days our meadow is on fire; Burning the grass with such passion No one else could ever know. The Void. The darkness swallowed me whole I was drowning, struggling to breathe I reached out trying to grasp onto something, anything But my hand simply went through the empty void I opened my mouth to call out.

After Their March. Vanquishing My Fear. The Grass browns and the flowers fade The trees leaves wither and the winds blow colder. Chocolate covered deceit. The princesses stare at me with looks of innocence Each tempting as pieces of candy One cherry flavored taffy The others blue raspberry gummies I stared back with apathy and anxiety. There are some days when sometimes is too often. Where the tethers of my mind restrain me from ever making progress. Where I feel trapped in my own mental illness. Wonder Haiku. Stars shine in moonlight Disappearing in your eyes Night reflects wonder.

Sunny Honey. You were my fighter and protector. When I grew you became my best friend. I always felt I could count on you. Then my first day of school came. I started to notice things. My Car. My car is my escape Where I can play my music loud Where I can recline back and think My car is my escape With a turn of the key and I am on my way With a tank of gas and I can go anywhere. The courage to accept. The mirror speaks, You see a weak young girl, And the mirror sees a conqueror, With beautiful vines climbing up your delicate temple marking peace and health.

You see insecurities,. Paradise in the Ruins. Kids on the street, suffering from pain. The only thing to ease their mind is to join a gang. No more playing tag or hide-and-seek, only inside, playing games on T. Not a lot of smiles of happiness, just sadness and loneliness. Thin Ice. The ice is thin around here. My new friend. Beep Beep. I found out my new friend can talk to me! Dont tell me. For the Country that Never Fought for Me. Don't Look Down.