Digging big – the world’s biggest draglines
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Machine named by Paul nations kids come to life. Redundant buckets from the massive dragline excavators which once chewed up the local countryside to help meet Britain''s energy needs are being given a new lease of life as pieces of industrial artwork.

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Dragline deposition patterns among male and female Hogna helluo Araneae, Lycosidae in the presence of chemical cues from prey. Dragline silk, the stiff, non-sticky strands used to frame the web, is the strongest of all.

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Friends with fangs. For example, spiders use the filament spun from the Major ampullate glands, referred to as dragline , as a lifeline to escape predators as well as to build the frame and radii of the web. Unravelling the secrets of spider silk. Taken for a spin: scientists look to spiders for the goods on silk.

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Caterpillar's largest dragline is the with a yard bucket, foot boom, and 8, ton weight. A major Caterpillar dealer for mining equipment in Canada has entered… Read more. Despite their limitations, and their extremely high capital cost, draglines remain popular with many mines, due to their reliability, and extremely low waste removal cost. Atlas Obscura and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our website to personalise ads, support social media features, and analyse our traffic. Business Phone. In , they built Type-7 1-yard and Type 1.

Cat dragline has been deployed at TransAlta's Highvale coal mine in Alberta, Canada, since Image courtesy of Jeff Wallace. The digital AC drive control dragline comes in different configurations with the boom length ranging from m to m ft to ft and the working weight varying between 7,t and 8,t. The operating radius of the dragline is m, while the dumping height and digging depth are up to The Cat has an operating radius of It is equipped with six to eight 1,hp drag motors, six to eight 1,hp hoist motors, eight to ten 1,hp swing motors, and four 1,hp walking motors.

ESH Boom lengths of these walking draglines are m and m respectively and the working weights are respectively 10,t and 10,t for ESH Each model is equipped with four 2,kW drag motors, four 2,kW hoist motors and eight kw swing motors, whereas the suspended load capacity of both the draglines is ,kg.

Boom lengths of this series of AC powered draglines vary between 90m and m ft to ft with the operating radius ranging from The walking dragline weighing 5,t has The dumping height and digging depth of the dragline are The ESH The maximum suspended load capacity of the dragline is ,kg. The AC-powered walking dragline weighing up to 4,t has The Cat is powered by three or four 1,hp drag motors; three or four 1,hp hoist motors; three or four 1,hp swing motors; and two 1,hp walk motors.

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Dragline shutdown services. Dragline relocation services. Parts Manual Portal.

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Toggle navigation. Weights for other bucket capacities are shown on the XPC specification sheet. Rail width mm Height of boom foot 5. Quantity and diameter of rollers mm x 14 in.

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