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What to Wear to a Funeral
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Sometimes learning how to eat sushi is just knowing your manners!

Funeral Etiquette 101

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Respect the itamae, he is often quite busy. But feel free to engage him in conversation if he is able. This is also a good way to build a rapport with him and you may reap the rewards later as a regular I really have with one particular itamae at one of my favorite places. Keep your palate in mind and order accordingly. I hope that his provides some insight into the sophisticated evolution of the sushi dining experience and that you now feel as though you know how to eat sushi. This is not an exhaustive list, but certainly large enough for a general guide.

Again, please treat this exposition as a list of guidelines and not as hard and fast rules. That is really the purpose of going out to eat. Miscellaneous Pages: The Tokyo Food Page is a large repository of general information about sushi, restaurants, recipes, and Tokyo!

To Call or Not to Call? The Guidelines for Condolence Calls

How to Eat Sushi. In any case, find a quiet location to talk. Establish the rules at the beginning of the interview. If you agree that an interview is all on the record, do not let the subject declare afterwards that something is off the record.

Attending Funeral Services: Be respectful.

I thank you for the gift of your time and for your question; and I hope that my answer has helped you during this very difficult time. Thank you so much for this hub. I agree with you, as in my family, we were taught that death is a part of life, and although never forced into going to viewings or funerals, I was always offered the option. Honorary escorts who walk along side the pallbearers and are not actively involved in carrying the casket. I just hope and pray she dies before I do.

At the same time, understand that you may be in a negotiation, and keep in mind what best serves the public interest. First get the basic information name, title and so on , then begin your list of questions. All people are different, of course, and some will talk without end while others barely speak.

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Allowing your subject to talk a length early can help put them at ease and open up mutual communication. If an important question is sidestepped, ask again.

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If the interviewee seems to become angry or upset, stay calm and ask the question in another way. If responses go off track or go on too long, gently steer the subject back in the right direction. Be polite and respectful, but also firm. If your source mentions the name of a person, organization or place, ask for confirmation of the spelling.

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Also ask for access to photos and any other documents or objects that have come up. It will be much harder to do this hours or days later. If you only need a few quotes, you can jump to those points in the recording based on the times you jotted down. In editing the interview, remember that people rarely speak in perfect, well-formed sentences. While you can trim the beginning or end of responses without having to indicate with ellipses, if you cut out a sentence or phrase in the middle, they should be used. Similarly, if you insert text for clarity, use brackets. Extensive information on the use of punctuation in quotes is available in The Chicago Manual of Style.

If you have interviewed a public official, do not, under any circumstances, allow him or her to modify answers that are already on the record. When dealing with private citizens, take particular care in cases where identities, locations and other identifying elements may be sensitive and could expose persons to danger or unneeded distress.

Use your judgment about how a sensitive quotation from a private citizen — particularly those who have no media sophistication — needs to be used, and what information and context best serves the public interest. Special cases: The need for more homework. If the interviewee is someone whom you are seeking out because of his or her particular position or authoritative knowledge of a situation the deputy transportation commissioner, the CFO of a company, etc.

Come informed — in many ways, a journalist is the one person in the community who represents only the public interest and whose job it is to give voice to collective concerns. It may be the only time an official has to be accountable for certain things, and it is in this way that journalists play a special role — with special responsibilities and burdens — in a democracy. Another special case are experts whose views you seek to deepen a story.

The same rule applies there: Prepare, prepare, prepare. The following are key things to keep in mind for these two special classes of sources:. Though it is not good professional practice to give questions in advance to sources such as public officials, with experts you may want to email some general questions before speaking on the phone or in person.

Help them educate you. Try to read any primary articles and research he or she has authored at least be familiar with the subjects and extent that directly relate to your subject of interest.

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For academic papers, try to at least read the introduction and conclusion, even if the methods section is heavily statistical. Know that most papers, at their root, are simply trying to figure out the logical relationship between several variables and test a hypothesis — try not to be intimidated.

Greg Ip, the U. Show them you know the subject matter and care enough to read in depth. By doing so, you may earn a trusted source who can help you in the future. You will almost certainly get better answers and fresh angles for further stories.

How do I handle awkward questions about the death?

When interviewing public officials and people in the news, know the job that he or she does — what their powers, limits and constraints are. Also come to the interview with a sense of his or her agenda. Is the person simply a good public servant?