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La Casati - Tome 1 - La muse égoïste (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Vanna Vinci. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser Start reading La Casati - Tome 1 - La muse égoïste (French Edition) on your Kindle.

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She devised her own themes and followed a specific style, staging her own settings. Patrick rieger oaks mafia de cervantes polska Picks are all remarkable and contains good information for someone like me. Through his contributions to the surrealist magazine Minotaure during the thirties, Brassai' became acquainted with many writers, poets and artists of Surrealism. Her perfumes are truly in a class by themselves. The heavyweight knot cap is an homage to the iconic bag and purse closure. Packed with over works of art in full color, along with some full-spread enlargements to show iconographic detail, this book is a perfect gift for anyone interested in the life and imagery of the.

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Gentrifiering costuras bringt emily mali h. Pija gerhard hans-rainer bannlyst. Draw closes December 30, I love enough of these scents to wonder how one would choose them. Get samples and wear enough of them to figure out who of your coterie of friends loves it and which ones got compliments from members of the opposite sex. Of course some scents were surprises, others not so much, and still others I felt were meh. What a great read!! My faves are Josh and Shelley along with Tanja, such talented perfumers. I live in the U.

Thanks for the draw. Some great choices. The perfume directors was particularly intriguing for me. The behind the scene people of some great brands. I am particularly interested in the Myrrrh Casati and the Russian Tea. I love the review very insightful and I love that you actually called out the not so fabulous scents also I would love to win the Myrrh Casati.

Which sparks an interest for those that I am not familiar with. Loved the Chanel AD… always done in such great taste. Glad to see Jerone named as one of this years creative directors! I would love Myrrh Casati.

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I am in the US.. This page is now one of my favorites, so that I can revisit as I try the winners. I was bowled over by Maai, and by the way, Antonio Gardoni is a most gracious fellow. They are stars in my book for being such wonderful people! I loved reading this — it was so interesting to see where opinions overlapped and differed!

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I also really want to sniff My Burberry and Liquor Charnelle now! Interesting article. I would love to win Russian tea. Thanks for the draw! It is great to see so many women on this list, Vero Kern seems to crop up in different categories. Cecile Zarokian is a great choice also. I live in Australia and it seems we are not ever selected down here.

Some entire lines are completely unavailable too… why oh why, Neela Vermeire? I would love to win Myrrh Casati. I loved reading through this list-mostly to get ideas for what to look out for! Also it was interesting to get lots of different points of view. I am in the US, thank you! I would love to win Russian Tea. I looove this kind of reviews : lots of ideas for sampling the best.

If you say that it is a nice perfume designer not hard to find! Loved this — a great read. The scents sound incredible. Thank you for the great round up. Fabulous rundown of the year. Good to see the majestic FoXglove get a mention. I would love to win Tango. I am in the EU. Exceptional and well written critique for best and worst perfumes.

In case I win I would love to have Myrrrh Casati. I live in EU. Agree with many, namely Liz, Vero and Cecile. Good to see so many talented and inspiring women on the scene. It is crystal clear that you worked so hard and put so much thought into these awards!

I am also terribly impressed by Charna Ethier. And of all of your awards, my heart started beating fastest when I read your award for Best Niche House. This week, I received several samples from Imaginary Authors, and I am looking forward to trying them and reviewing them, but it is your description of Russian Tea by Masque Milano that really piques my interest. I must try some! Oh, and if I were to win the draw, my choice would be Russian Tea, no question! I am in the US — Chicago, to be exact!

I could not agree more with the huge loss of Joe Garces. Really miss him and have not heard buzz about Piguet fragrances since he left. I also agree Cecile Zarokian has a great future and at such a young age she has already left her mark. Talking about overpriced fragrances, I wrote on FB few days ago that many brands are going to disappear because they just have entered market with mediocre fragrances.. Guerlain came up with dozens of fragrances whose names are even unknown now..

This article did make me realize has been a relatively good year. My choice for this draw will be Russian Tea. Thanks so much for the wonderful draw. I am in the US. Lots of great choices in here! I guess, in review, it was, in many ways, a great year in perfume. I would be thrilled to win either scent, but would slightly prefer the Myrrh Casati because I love myrrh and Mona di Orio whereas I sometimes have trouble with tea scents and love Masque.

And yes, Guerlain released way too many this year. The review is great! I like it very much. Amusing to read it. I had never try yet anyone of these unfortunately. But I sure of it, that your choice was good. My choice to win is Masque Milano Tango. Great choices.

VANNA VINCI - Comic Art Member Gallery Results - Page 1

Agree with many of them. I live in US and would love to win any of them as they all are great. BUT my fav win wouldbe Tango. Fun to read, and make a want to try list. I would love to win the Russian Tea. What a fabulous analysis, detailed and emotional! Thank you for the chance! I am in Bulgaria EU.

Happy Holidays! A wonder! Like another commentor I read every word and it was so exciting to recognize some favorites of mine! I have smelled a few of your best ofs including Rozy, Fiore di Bellagio, knot, and almond cucumber, the architects club from shay and blue. I also agree that Guerlain did not have a good year and was disappointing. Kudos for your honesty and I hate that moschino bottle too Patricia de nicolai deserves the award as does Jean Claude EllenA.

You are right cannot imagine fRagrance. Without him as he is the best! I think my choices would be Russian tea and myrrh Casati. I am from Hungary and would love a bottle of Myrrh Casati. What a fabulous post — both your choices were fantastic and thought provoking. So much more to it than a regular end-of-year-bests list!! In the US still. This article was an entire education in itself: thank you for contributing to my admittedly meager sum of knowledge.

Thank you for the draw! Thanks for compiling the best and worst for I had fun reading through all of them. It certainly helps me figure out which ones are worth exploring next. I am truly honored and thrilled that I am able to enjoy a career that allows me creative license. I work hard doing what I love and I so appreciate your recognition. I look forward to seeing what holds in store for us all. Thank you both for the wonderful run down of an interesting year!

Eau de Hongrie smells delicious! I am in the US an would love to try Russian Tea. I am in the US and would love Myrrh Casati. Thank you so much for the draw and for a year of fabulous articles and giveaways. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! I appreciate all your support, it means so much to me that you really understand my writing! I am so deeply grateful — my heart is in the that book! All I can say is WOW! Some things stand out — love the comment on Angel Sucree! I really like that one too. So, thanks for your input and your efforts to keeping all of this going.

Love reading your words. If lucky enough to be selected, I would pick the Myrrh Casati. Appreciate the draw. Thank you for your incredible honor and wonderful words. Congrats to each and every one of the winners. Shay and Blue does seem to be getting a lot of press.

On verra! My choice would be Masque Milano Tango. Always expecting greatness from Guerlain and it turned the other way around. Thanks and happy ! What a fabulous rundown of the highs and lows of the year. Thank you for reminding me that I should sample My Burberry and Angel Eau Sucree next time I have the chance to shop the perfume counters. There are gems hidden everywhere. I would love to try Tango by Masque Milano Fragranze. I totally agree with your list.

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