The House Of Gabriel (Black Lace Series)

The House Of Gabriel
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While he does seem to genuinely care for Adrien, this is often in a possessive way, with Gabriel not wanting anything bad to happen to him and making executive decisions about how to keep his son safe without considering how he may feel, such as in " The Bubbler ", when he unjustly deems Nino Lahiffe a bad influence for Adrien and forbids him from coming to his home ever again. He also strongly dislikes taking orders from anyone, even if they are from people who are trying to help and protect him, such as Ladybug and Cat Noir.

As Hawk Moth, he is cold, cunning, and determined. His goal is to claim the Ladybug and Cat Miraculouses to gain their absolute power necessary to achieve his dearest secret wish, not caring if he causes people harm in the process. He is also aware of the equivalent exchange drawback of making a wish with the Miraculouses, every wish having a reaction to maintain balance in the universe, but it doesn't appear to bother him.

If things aren't going his way, he easily loses his patience, threatening harm to Ladybug, Cat Noir, and even to the villains he creates. After a villain's defeat, Hawk Moth determinedly vows revenge and, while stopping for a while afterward, doesn't wait too long to try again with his akumas. Gabriel declares that he will find where the kwamis are and take their Miraculouses.

Gabriel's Rapture

Gabriel is obsessed with finding a way to save his wife, but is willing to give up his evil ways to protect Adrien from being caught in the crossfire or being targeted by the villains he creates. Gabriel has good hindsight and suspicions about things seen in "Syren", he was aware that the jewels had hidden powers and when he saw Ladybug and Cat Noir in their new forms he wasn't too surprised.

Not being deceived by Ladybug like his villains Hawk Moth has proven himself to be cautious and careful like Ladybug. In "Heroes' Day", he showed that he is willing to use dirty or unfair tactics such as using sheer numbers to wear the superheroes down and resorting to surprise attacks.

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Despite that, he proved to be a brilliant strategist and tactician. His cane allows him to create more than one Akuma giving him an advantage to intimidate the heroes.

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As The Collector, being a voluntary akumatization, his personality does not change much. He is obsessed with collecting everything he likes to replace the Miraculous spellbook as he finds the things his weapon absorbs part of his inspiration but is still determined to take Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses. He also knows that he must protect his secret identity, telling the heroes that he would give their Miraculouses to Hawk Moth shown in The Collector.

Gabriel is an expert at designing fashions for clothes, accessories, and jewelry. Additionally, owning the Gabriel brand, he is well-versed at running a business, including solving problems by phone concerning design issues and presenting himself professionally when around others. In " Captain Hardrock ", it is shown that he knows how to play the piano.

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Despite the fact that he doesn't often fight directly, Hawk Moth is a capable sword fighter, being able to defend himself and destroy miniature missiles from his own lair's defense protocol with his swordstick. This is shown in " Robostus " when his akumatized villain turns on him telling Hawk Moth he will use the Miraculouses himself. Even without being transformed, Hawk Moth's Miraculous allows him to feel negative emotions like an empath, so he can precisely pinpoint the person's name and the reason why they have negative emotions.

This is first shown in " Sandboy ".

Furthermore, Hawk Moth can control many akumas to form a swarm that makes a large version of his head, which he can speak through which is shown in " Stoneheart ". Hawk Moth uses his swarm of akumas to form a large version of his head which he can speak through them. Gabriel's Miraculous alerts him of a negative emotion by shining and making a high pitched sound. Hawk Moth's main superpower is Akumatization, corrupting butterflies with dark energy which transforms them into akumas and then sending them out to possess an object of a vulnerable person.

He can also keep his butterflies in his cane if he needs to use an akuma in another location other than his lair. If they agree to serve him, he transforms them into supervillains by corrupting their personalities and granting them a wide variety of superpowers or special abilities.

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He can also telepathically communicate with his so-called "winners". A pink butterfly-shaped outline appears in front of his and the villains' faces when he does so. However, Hawk Moth is only able to create one villain at a time over the course of an indeterminate amount of time, Hawk Moth needs to convince his victims to accept the powers that he grants, and the akumatized supervillains that he creates do still have a will of their own and can either disobey him or carry out his orders incompetently. When an akuma isn't purified by Ladybug, it will multiply and turn other people into frozen copies of the original akumatized villain.

Hawk Moth can recall and trap the original akuma in the top of his cane in order to release it again when the victim gets sad or angry once more. This turns the victim into the same akumatized villain, but it also unfreezes the copies of them, which the original villain can command and control.

However, once the original akuma is de-evilized, its copies vanish, reverting the duplicates of the villain back to normal. He is also capable of purifying an akuma himself as shown in " Catalyst ". When Gabriel akumatizes himself he becomes The Collector. The Collector is able to trap objects and people in the form of drawings inside his notebook. But we all know that some women's obsession with rose gold can go beyond their office so in this post I'm I've been seeing themed girlboss ladyboss home office these days and I can't help but drool over those offices with rose gold desk and office accessories.

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