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A format might be dead in an over-used situation marketers selling to other marketers on how to market , but there is a world outside the bubble. Take a look at sites like Scribd, Docstoc, Yudu etc and you will understand what I am talking about. As your article arrives at the conclusion that e-books are still powerful, I think it will continue to evolve — just consider PLR. I think e-books are a great tool for adding value to existing products.

I plan to create a number of small e-books as a complentary product to help out my customers that buy stuff from my boat parts site e. I already have a four part course on boat building as a complementary product to boat plans. I have been wondering about the question of selling the ebook or just giving it away. Thank you very much. Reason being, as you said yourself, it all comes down to how you market and position your book. One of my most successful eBooks has thousands of competitors, but my sales page still converts at an amazing clip.

Sometimes I get depressed that the entire world comes down to marketing, but it is pretty true. I used to write a lot of eBooks on random internet marketing subjects, but I learned that for the most part there is a pretty short life to each eBook you write.

Unless you go all out and write a thorough book that has a long lasting power, you will have to constantly write new books to keep a consistent income. In my opinion, creating the eBook is the easy part. If you have the traffic generating website and mailing list, you can swap the product you are selling out, at will. Focus on building traffic, and your site will always be worth something, regardless of the topic of your eBook has gone stale. You just made up my mind for me. Desperate my readers probably are not. Okay … I bit. I will be reviewing it on one of my blogs.

If I feel, after having read it, that it truly IS a good investment in e-book writing and marketing, I might even dip my toe in the affiliate pool as well. We have a booked based publisher in services and we would like to authors e-book and audiobook services, what is the best way to go about doing this, and what protection does the e-book offer in order to sell the novel over the internet. So you are right: Serve them an e-book that helps solving problems and they will buy it. Without spending a single penny on publishing you can make a bunch of money — that is because you can write about very specific questions that drive people mad.

I am writing an ebook right now i want to sell on digital point to make some extra money. I am going to use this guide to help me on my ebook, right now its half way dont but in about 1 month i should have it finished. I have been told that one-page websites very rarely get ranked high enough to appear on the first page of search results.

Is this true about one-page websites? And if so, how do ebook sellers get enough traffic to their sites if they are not highly ranked? Do I need to use an affiliate program like Clickbank? I know that not to be true! One of my competitors who has an ebook has a one page website and it is on the first page of google! I have a page blog and he still ranks higher than me! I think it is a matter of content that drives your whole project! Hi Glendon, thanks.

So do you recommend that I do this direct and not through something like Clickbank? Do you know anyone who would be willing to give me a bit of advice? I have read so many different opinions on selling ebooks that I am confused!!! Before you launch you website, run a trial through a blog first to gauge the demand of your ebook. If you researched it properly you should sell well. I just have a blog and my ebooks do very well, sold 4 last night at Clickbank can be good and bad, there is a lot of crap on clickbank. If you ebook is not about making money,dating, weight lost then clickbank would be a waste of time and money.

I agree to there is almost too much information online to digest. However you can not get away from normal business practices. How many times have you bought an eBook from a single page website with no other content? Content brings in the traffic and it creates credibility, too. Thank you very much….. I just finished my ebook and the website is ready to go and will be up and running in a few days. If you target the right audiance you can definately make money writing ebooks. Here are 50 Reasons the Ebook is Better.

Are E-Books a good way to market a website? Nice post though, very informative! In Internet Marketing circles, they teach and practice the use of giving a gift in exchange for getting your email address. Since we are dealing with digital things on the Internet, an ebook is quite often what is offered as the gift. I could write an ebook or even a series of ebooks about sub-topics within my website and offer the ebook gift to prospective clients. I would much rather buy en eBook than a paper back. There usually cheaper, and so easy to store. I have hundreds on a little flashdrive.

E-books are a great way to deliver information to many readers, fast. However, I would imagine there is much satisfaction when holding in your hands, the real deal. But I personally love ebooks for selling and for myself. Do you think the combination of an e-book and a self-published book with the e-book at a discounted price is a good strategy? Plus people are getting more and more used to buying electronic books. More e-books sold than paperbacks recently though that includes kindle etc. Nobody has ever complained to me about printing out one of my ebooks.

I as experiment I have been offering my ebooks without immediate download capability and I have not had any problems or complaints. I have been doing this about 4 or 5 months now and it saves me money. I do offer immediate download but at a higher price. The people that have bought my 3 ebooks have probably never purchased an ebook before so they are not familiar with immediate download. This first book will be short but informational and useful. Reason I ask is that I have wrote 2 fairly long ebooks but am having some trouble getting people to find them online.

Those that have love the books and say they offer some of the best information which they have ever read. Any help would be great since some of you may be experts in this area. Such a useful advice. Your own ideas could be associated with excellent help. Many thanks with regard to sharing this kind of ideas. Looking forward to seeing the updated article. I have read most of the comments here and everybody seems to be well-informed in this topic. So, any advice is more then welcomed. Thanks guys! I find the light gray text on a white background very difficult to read.

You only have 5 to 15 seconds to make a good first impression on your website visitors. I also think that your first Buy Now button is too high up on the web page. I would recommend moving the first buy now button further down on the web page. Navish, take a look at our series on landing pages for lots of ideas about how to make your page more effective. I am definently going to adopt your suggestions this weekend.

Really appreciate the time and effort you have given towards my problem. Any more advise is MORE then welcome. Thanks for the homework. I will come back after I made the changes, wish me luck. Great share! Ebook writing is a daunting task but after reading this i hope to write the ebook which can grab attention of readers. I have gone through all the advice and options both of you gave me and made lots of changes to my website.

Most of the changes were related to both of your suggestions. Once again, thank you for the assistance and advice. At the moment, I am busy building on more copy to add to the website.

As you already know, the more relevant information you add to a website around your keywords, the better your website ranking. I hope I can get this website to take off…. I think that I would make your main heading different. Maybe use- What makes this Budgeting Made Easy ebook different than the rest of them? That way you are using the title in your main heading and also the word ebook. For example- …value packed eBook that will save you hundreds and thousands of your hard earned money….

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It would probably be a good idea to make this an unordered list- So what are we all about? What are we trying to achieve? Who stands to gain the most from this website?

How to Write Ebooks That Sell

What types of budgeting processes do we follow here? I would recommend changing this- Start their retirement and enjoy their end days to this- Start their retirement and enjoy their golden days. I would revise this sentence- All we are trying to achieve here is place our knowledge gathered thus far into an eBook that a person can use to reference and help them achieve their short and long term financial goals. This sentence needs to be revised- …before you can become wealthy, you need to debt free. I recommend changing it to this- before you can become wealthy, you need to be debt free.

We also made sure that the eBook only has important information that applies to you. This is why the eBook is so small yet at the same time, so powerful with a wealth of information. I would recommend this- Everything you need to know about budgeting and the budgeting process is right here in this eBook. We left out all the unnecessary garbage. There should be a space between the Budgeting Made Easy link and the word to, in the sentence below, near the bottom of the page- Click Budgeting Made Easyto view free snippets….

Are you a CPA? Do you have a MBA? What kind of insurance and securities licenses do you have? You could be a twenty year old living with your parents. I hate to say this, but, from what I have read it seems like you just copied text from other websites to create this ebook. Look at the real books that Sue Orman writes and look at her qualifications. She is extremely knowledgeable and has many years of experience working in the financial industry.

She is your main competition. Sorry, I am not trying to slam you or your ebook. In my own opinion, unless you are well qualified to write an ebook like this you probably should not try selling this type of an ebook. If you do you may open yourself up to lawsuits for giving financial advice.

You should not be giving financial advice without being qualified and carrying errors and omission insurance. Without question, it is very important to have excellent presentation e. Professional book-writers spend an inordinate amount of time reading and correcting in addition to getting others to proof-read it is so easy to be blind to the mistake the second time around. Without proper and excellent prose, it makes it a hard sell. On the notion of authority for matters that require expertise, it is difficult to take any writing seriously without good credentials and reputation.

I suppose one test is to see if the material would be read, let alone be purchased. I recently read an analysis which I will sum up as follows. Of the millions of published books available for sale on Amazon which sells , books per day. David — Yes, but take rank 13 for example. I guess the point of the analysis that I cited is that one needs to make it to rank on Amazon to yield the 13 sales per day.

And that is the challenge that I observed and concluded. I wonder how many books are sold for the rank 10, position. Amazon does not make such information public except it does show the ranking of books for top, updated hourly. The difference from ejunkie is that with instabuck you can also have your landing page there and the price is the same. Chalk it up as a rare instance where having a date stamp would have otherwise provided immediate context. This is from the pre-iPad era!

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Amazing how so much has changed so fast in the publishing industry. I look forward to your follow-up post on this. Ok I love this article it is straight to the point and it really break down a bunch of myths when it comes to selling ebooks. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar.

Is Writing Ebooks Dead? Ebooks That Sell Solve Problems The good news for people interested in making money from ebooks is that the ones that sell best are nowhere near pages. This no-fluff guide quickly dispenses with the biggest myths about ebooks, and then takes you step-by-step through: identifying a potential profitable topic researching the viability of developing the document discovering buyer hot button issues, and understanding how the problem is framed in the mind of the prospect Alexis then walks you through her five-step variation of the problem-agitation-solution copywriting technique for creating empathy, demonstrating credibility and closing the sale.

Thanks again, Lawton. Ok, I know how the deadlines loom up on you. I just wanted to say thanks and hope my questions are appropriate. Thanks Brian! Creating and selling eBook is one of the best way to make money online as an IM. Brian, I like screencasts. In some areas they can replace or complement an e-book. Great advice. Good points here. Blogs have superseded eBooks for information. I cover all of this in the coming report. I think ebooks are just getting started. That is, if eletronic ink E Ink breaks through.

Was this the post you were referring to from SEOBook? Brian, Sure, I agree with you about multiple media. Good point. Think of every information product you produce as a lead generator. Kindest regards, Andrew Cavanagh. Hey, you have a great blog here! Selling ebooks does happen if done properly. I wonder what the ramifications of digital paper DP will have on e-book production and sales?

Unfortunately, my term, Digital Paper, should really be e-paper, upon further investigation.

Thanks a lot! I am a businessman and cannot learn to be an expert at everything… Kind regards Anthony. I have been very successful with eBooks. The reason, I believe, is that ebooks can never compare to books. It would be very similar to comparing apples and oranges. Statistical figures for sales in eBooks increase every month and year. Robert — Thanks for the insightful and inspirational comment. I would say that this article is an eye opener. Hi Brian: Very in-depth article. Kindly, Michael. This ebook is purchased mostly by women. I know at least some of my ebook readers print out my ebook.

The key is in the value these reports supply the business owner. Best regards, Chris. Certain points in this post really worry me!! Unfortunately the report is unavailable for download now! Best regards, ChrisS. Brian, I think that a novel should be a paperback book, not a PDF file. How do I get the report? Is it still available? Thanks, Erik. Thanks for the very informative article on ebooks. Thanks, Eric. Twitter InfoQ It is a source of the latest technology news and information about Internet-based application programming interfaces APIs.

ProgrammableWeb is a resource that will help you as a developer to hone your expertise, discover best practices, keep up on the latest news, and develop your own thoughts.

TL;DR – What Really Matters if you do SEO in 12222?

It has courses, workshops and resources that are designed to inspire, encourage, and teach innovation while promoting inclusivity in the tech community. Today I Found Out is based on the idea that it is always good to learn something new every day. It features daily articles from various credentialed authors and everything on it has been highly researched. For new facts and findings, this is the site to visit. Take It Personel-ly is a platform that discusses project management tools , digital marketing, ecommerce among others.

It gives you step-by-step guide on how to carry out certain activities in the different areas. It is informative and very helpful. Geoawesomeness is a blog about geospatial technologies and everything awesome around it. They are passionate about gis, maps, location-based apps, geomarketing, drones and remote sensing. All this is laid out on their blogs as it shows technology being integrated into maps and how that has made some work easier. It is a collection of the latest posts about tech and software engineering trends , startup advice and business insights. The blog also has in-depth guides and interviews with industry leaders and domain experts.

It gives you all information there is to know about developing and software engineering. Twitter CodementorIO User Experience Magazine publishes a wide range of articles dealing with the broad field of usability and the user experience. They publish 5 issues a year, each on a broad theme in user experience.

Among the best blogs that help individuals run successful crowdfunding campaigns. The blog provides you with all the tools, step-by-step guides and knowledge to run a successful crowdfunding campaign in order to get your business off the ground. It also brings you some awesome marketing tips, promotional resources, proven campaign strategies, and more. Twitter CrowdCrux The website is by Jeff Patton is the glue that connects good product management and strategy, lean user experience and agile delivery practices together.

Twitter jeffpatton The purpose of the RST is to reveal problems that threaten the value of software products and projects. In his blog, he goes on to expound on the RST and how it can help you as a developer. Twitter michaelbolton His blogs talks alot about data training and how to improve it, new interfaces coming up as well as speech commands.

Twitter petewarden InDesign Secrets is part of the Creative Publishing Network family of sites and services for creative professionals. The site features thousands of tips, techniques, and tutorials by top experts, the widest-circulation podcast and a leading industry forum. It addresses and covers issues in relation to Microsoft and Windows operating system.

If you have a question or a problem with your windows, visit the site to get a few ideas on how to solve them. Twitter TheWindowsClub MacDailyNews posts articles that provide high tech news about Apple Inc. For the latest Apple news, this is the platform to visit. Twitter MacDailyNews He shares excel tips, charting tutorials, visualization ideas, downloadable excel tutorials and new ways of presenting data.

The blog has over tutorials, examples and downloadable workbooks for you. Twitter r1c1 Idea Girl Media was created by Keri Jaehnig, a social media management and online marketing pro. She writes mostly on social media and how you can use the various tools to grow your brand and make it successful. Twitter ideagirlmedia Cyberwire is a platform where they focus on cyber security and tech news from across the world.

They deliver concise, relevant and accessible information on the topics. They mostly do this through briefings and podcasts which have a vast reach. Product Plan is a roadmap software which makes roadmapping easy, transparent and collaborative. It helps users to plan, communicate and visualize their product decisions and strategy day in day out with other people.

Deskmag talks about the new type of workspaces , how they look, how they function, how they could be improved and how we work in them. A trend of coworking spaces that has emerged which is being used by small companies and independent workers. Deskmag brings out the new ideas in workspaces and how they are evolving. Twitter deskmag They create fun, memorable games that delight and engage gamers all across the world. On top of that they share their experiences in the gaming world as well as crowdfunding and entrepreneurial successes with other creators. They have put together different platforms from softwares, apps and smartsheets that can ease ones interaction with project management tools.

Step-to-step guidance and ways to increase productivity are laid out as well in the site. Twitter PMArticles Corona is a framework ideal for easily and quickly creating apps and games for mobile devices and desktop systems. They provide a platform where once you create your project you can publish it to multiple types of devices like Apple and Android. Ourcrowd is a leading crowdfunding platform for investing in global startups. It offers startup investing and through individual investors who sponsor innovations that change the way people conduct business.

Through this platform, new startups get a chance to pitch their ideas and get funding to do them. Twitter OurCrowd followers. Addgene make the process of research and discovery faster and easier by improving access to useful research materials and information from past research. This works in such a way that when a research is done, plasmids from the research are added to addgene and other researcher can access them for future experiments.

Twitter Addgene followers. Their mission to provide a developer focused content platform as well as give a better understanding of technology around. This is a platform for Technology, Social Culture, and Business awesome content with relevant up-to-date stories that matter. Their articles are up to date with the latest technology trends and also guides on different topics. They also develop and manage social media campaigns for brands and individuals.

Twitter jbklutseblogs followers. This is a place where innovators, entrepreneurs, developers are making great strides in modern technology. The site was developed to market their products and services from New Orleans and it has grown to cover bigger events. They make sure their customers are properly equipped in order to ensure their success. He shares his experiences at Sewickley Academy to help you through the same process.

CollectiveRay is run by David Attard who is a web designer. The website is for web designers, webmasters and WordPress users. They provide good articles on technology of making web design and administration of your website easier. The site is about softwares, and especially open source software. Digitalvtech is a digital marketing and technology resource blog. It provides all the latest information about the above topics which is very useful for digital marketers, bloggers and the web developers. The blog on their site goes on to talk of the goal to provide internet access to everyone and also improve its connectivity.

Hellbound bloggers is a web magazine covering the latest tech news from social media, blogging, WordPress to internet and technology. Empire Flippers help people sell and buy online businesses. The website also does have articles that help readers know more about good branding, online businesses as well as SEOs. Often this involves AI, but also several other types of technology. It has a very high readership all across the world in over 20 countries. Twitter ArtificialLawya followers.

Smart Shoot helps people to take good quality pictures for their brands, websites and companies. They also have different articles on how to do achieve perfect photos, how to start your own photography business. On top of that, they show you different ways you can incorporate new technology such as drones into your work.

Twitter stevepyoung followers. The blog is run by two ladies, Karen and Sam who are agile coaches and work with individuals as well as teams to achieve their goals. Going the internal route, the media is stored inside of WordPress and associated with the individual custom post. We then access it as an attachment within the template.

Going the third party route, we get the embed code or the media ID and store it inside of WordPress within a custom field. Before we do that, though, we need to have some media to work with within our new custom post type. Note 2: Depending on your hosting provider, you may run into trouble with a default upload limit, often 2MB or 8MB.

Check out how to increase the WordPress upload limit. Refresh and you should be good to go. Displaying Our Media — Working With Custom Post Templates If you previewed your custom post, you probably saw something similar to what I showed in my example — not much. Where are the custom taxonomy terms, custom fields, and videos? Missing — but not for long! This is what you probably saw if you did an early preview. Each example will replace and build on the previous example. To get started with our example, create a file called single-resource. The code above will give you a rather unexciting, but working template that will display the title and content drawn directly from the main editor.

What about our custom fields? Replace the code in single-resource. Now, using the examples above, you should see the date your resource was published and the duration of the media file. In WordPress, data stored in custom fields can be accessed several ways. Be sure you get that right. In this example, we will be working with the JW Media Player, a highly customizable open-source solution. JW Player is now installed and ready to be referenced. Now, replace the code in single-resource.

Learn more about the loop on the WordPress Codex. If everything went as expected, you should see a direct, plain text URL to your video. If you are trying to vary widely from this example, simplify your variations and start as close to this example as you can — get that to work first then branch back out. With the URL to our video available, we are ready to add in the player. If you load the page and the player is not working and you did have the video URL displaying in the previous step , view the source code on your page, copy the URLs that WordPress is generating to your respective JW player files jwplayer.

If there is a problem, update your references accordingly. Otherwise, there you have it! Your video details and the video itself is now displaying on the page and you should see something like this:. A view of the player, complete with title, description, custom field values and custom taxonomies terms. Note: There is a lot that you can do to customize the appearance and behavior of the JW Player. Customize the player to your liking, then implement the code changes in your template accordingly.

First, you need to add a custom field to store the ID of your Vimeo video. Conclusion And that concludes part one! In part two,. With the introduction of custom taxonomies and their growing ease of use, though, we need no longer be bound to categories and tags. With the ability to create both hierarchical and non-hierarchical taxonomies and with the introduction of several new features in WordPress 3.

In part one of this two part series, we learned how to setup custom post types and custom taxonomies. We also learned how to build a template to check for and display media attached to custom posts. You probably saw something like this:. If it exists, it will use that template to display the content. Note: The WordPress template hierarchy structure also allows templates for specific terms. As with the custom post type examples previously, I will be using minimal examples for each of the templates.

Previewing a term should now show you a rather empty page with the name of the term and the description if you entered one when creating or editing. Our goal is to have that variable store everything that WordPress knows about our term. That function requires three things: 1. Field — You can access a term by name, ID, or slug. Now, it needs a slug to retrieve data.

Since we. When you access a term in WordPress e. Taxonomy — In addition to the term slug, WordPress also needs the taxonomy name this is critical in cases where the same name is used across multiple taxonomies. In our example, we are adding code into our template telling WordPress to give us the data for the term a visitor is currently viewing. That block of code lets you see what WordPress knows about your particular object and what information you have available to use within your template. Note: In part one, I referenced a technique for adding custom fields to your custom taxonomies and giving you access to more data within your templates.

We are continuing our example with taxonomy-presenters. Previewing one of your terms should now display the name and description of the term along with a list of custom posts associated with that term. In our case, the results look like this:. With a customizable list of related custom posts, the term results template is looking much more useful. The first two are straight forward. We used that in our media example to retrieve attachments. It is a powerful parameter that lets you return results associated with multiple taxonomies and custom fields.

First, we choose our custom taxonomy. If we wanted to make it more dynamic and build, for instance, a general taxonomy template taxonomy. To query multiple taxonomies, simply duplicate the code above be sure to add the appropriate comma at the end and change the parameters accordingly. This lets WordPress know what field we will be returning our terms by. To prevent that, we can preface it with a conditional statement like this:. Create a file called taxonomy-topics. What we want to do is check for a parent topic and, if it exists, display a link to it. We also want to check for sub-topics and if they exist, display links to them.

In my example, I have created topics 3 levels deep and associated all of them with the post. Alright, what do we have going on here? So, the first thing we do is a conditional to check and make sure that the parent has a value greater than zero. Each block of code first checks to make sure that a parent topic or sub-topic s exists, respectively. And there you have it! The result using the Twenty Ten theme will look something like this:. How would we do that? The rationale is simple. If we had 10 posts associated with a particular term in a given custom taxonomy, those 10 posts will likely have other terms from other custom taxonomies associated with them as well.

So, we use the posts themselves to retrieve and compile the term data that would otherwise not be related to our particular term. With part one and part two under your belt you have taken some solid steps above and beyond the basics of WordPress theme development.

Ge"ing Started With bbPress! One project, however, has a special place in the WordPress community, and that is bbPress. In true open-source fashion, the bbPress project was born at bbpress. The problem is that the project never really kept up the pace; and while the WordPress community wanted to use it, and bbPress saw some promising spurts of development, it never really caught up to the alternatives. Most of us who needed a forum went either with a plugin alternative that integrated perfectly or with forum software such as Vanilla. The Facebook-inspired community plugin BuddyPress changed all that.

BuddyPress, which adds groups and other membership functionality to a blog, started to ship with bbPress integrated in it. Perhaps unknowingly, some WordPress bloggers who had community features powered by BuddyPress were actually running a version of bbPress, which is enabled in the BuddyPress interface. It worked — and continues to work — great actually; because although bbPress, as standalone forum software, is way behind the competition in terms of features, sometimes all you need is a lightweight alternative, which was the idea behind bbPress all along.

This is where we stand today, with a fresh release of the first version of the bbPress plugin. Well, not quite. Here you have an assortment of settings for your forums, such as whether to allow anonymous posts, how long posters should be able to edit their posts, and how many topics to show per page. These define the URLs of your forums, the posts, and the tags for posts.

If you ever have problems viewing the forums, give this a shot because it might be an issue with the permalinks, and rebuilding them might help. Where are your forums, then? That Google will thank you is just a bonus note: an actual thank-you from Google is not guaranteed. This is pretty self-explanatory.

The Smashing Library (60 eBooks)

These are the settings that enable you to control whether a forum is open or closed, whether it is a forum or a category, and who should see it. To make a long story short, with a few forums created, users will soon be able to post in your forums. These show up under their respective sections in the WordPress admin area, and they behave much like posts and comments. Finally, one thing to know when running bbPress on a non-English website: localization projects are on GlotPress, and you can get a translation by using the options at the bottom of the entry for your selected language.

Quite a few actually: for displaying the latest posts in widgets, adding signatures and whatnot. Your starting point for bbPress-related plugins is the plugins section of the bbPress website and, of course, the WordPress plugin directory begin with a search. One thing, though: make sure any plugin you choose is made for bbPress 2.

Older plugins made for the 1. That should come as no surprise because the plugin still ships with the forum component bbPress built in. But this forum component is for enabling forums for your BuddyPress groups. Groups are exactly what they sound like: members can join them, even create their own depending on your settings , and discuss various topics in them. With forums enabled for groups, every group will get a forum. This is still true with BuddyPress 1. If you want forums for your BuddyPress-powered groups, then either choose an existing bbPress installation or install one in the BuddyPress settings.

And yes, this is a bit confusing. With bbPress 2. The option for installing forums site-wide is on the settings page for the BuddyPress forum, and it actually installs the bbPress plugin, rather than rely on the built-in forum component in the BuddyPress plugin. BuddyPress and the bbPress plugin integrate nicely out of the box, but not for group forums. All in all, there is no reason not to combine bbPress with BuddyPress if you need more community features than just a forum on your website.

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Making bbPress Look Good While your forums will work well out of the box, as you no doubt have gathered from the screenshots earlier in this article, you might want to make bbPress better suit the look of your website. If you want more control, perhaps to break from the default layout of the forums, you can add additional template files to your WordPress theme.

The bbPress plugin is already compatible with Twenty Ten, the previous default theme. How you style the forums will depend on how much you want to deviate from the default look and feel. While using bbPress on WordPress. The syncing service Dropbox has been using bbPress forums for quite some time, with a pretty simple, standard look. This is just the standalone version, and it shows that bbPress is ready for prime time. The forums section of WPCandy is a great example of how bbPress can be easily integrated in an existing WordPress theme.

We can anticipate a boom of bbPress-compatible plugins in the near future that will make our forums even better and more interesting. It allows website managers to host multiple independent websites with a single installation of WordPress. This guide will introduce you to a few Multisite-specific functions, along with real-world programming examples that you can begin using today.

Hopefully, it will open your eyes to a few of the new possibilities available in Multisite. Why Use Multisite? Multisite is a great option for freelancers, businesses and organizations that manage multiple WordPress websites. Managing multiple websites with a single installation of WordPress enables you to easily upgrade the core, plugins and themes for every website in a network.

You can share functionality across multiple websites with network plugins, as well as standardize design elements across multiple websites using a parent theme. If you need help, plenty of great articles are available in the WordPress Codex. Working With Multisite Functions Multisite-enabled WordPress installations contain additional functions and features that theme developers can use to improve the experience of a website.

If you find yourself developing themes and plugins for WordPress Multisite, consider the following tips to customize and improve the connectivity of the network. I highly suggest browsing the Trac project yourself. Transients provide a simple and standardized way to store cached data in the database for a set period of time, after which the data expires and is deleted.

Due to the nature of the expiration process, never assume that a transient is in the database when writing code. These two Multisite functions enable us to temporarily switch to another website by ID , gather information or content, and then switch back to the original website. Because the query can be. In future, WordPress developers will probably release a better alternative. I suggest checking for a replacement before implementing this example on an actual network. When the loop is complete, we return the complete unordered list to be outputted in our theme.

Because the function first checks for a Multisite-enabled installation, you should verify that the returned value is not false before displaying the corresponding HTML. This SQL query also has the potential to become very large. Using this function in your theme is simple.

Be certain to check the return value before outputting HTML to avoid conflicts with non-Multisite installations. I use it to display development-related messages, notifications and information to improve my workflow. Conclusion There is tremendous value in the simplicity of managing multiple websites in a single installation of WordPress. These techniques should provide a solid foundation for you to build on, so that you can be the next WordPress Multisite theme rock star!

Unfortunately, some plugin developers view writing a readme. So, we end up with things like the following:. But it does give the impression of an overall lack of attention to detail and a lack of care for end users. A readme benefits you. But first, the mechanics. Take a look at the directory page for Simple Twitter Connect:. It is readable no matter what medium it is viewed in. Markdown makes your readme clear, readable and semantic.

Writing Your Readme. When writing the readme, remember that if people are able to use your plugin properly, then they will be less likely to come knocking on your door asking for help. A contributor tag done wrong. Keep the tags relevant, and think of what people who need your plugin might be searching for.

Some developers tag their plugins with words that are only tangentially related. As WordPress community members and contributors, we have a responsibility to keep the directory of plugins as intuitive as possible. Including them is definitely a good thing because they direct people to your respective home pages. Tell them whether WordPress will work with their version.

This tells people which version of WordPress your plugin has been tested up to.

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This should be in numeric format, which is much easier for WordPress to deal with. Aim for numbers like 1. Unfortunately, some people miss the mark:. None of these short descriptions tell you anything about what the plugin does. Another problem is when developers do not add a short description at all. In that case, the characters are excerpted from the long description. We know that the plugin performs a test on trackbacks, but why? What for? Requires a WordPress. Templating allows customization of the display. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community.

You can provide them in the long description. Long Description The long description is where you really go to town. First, you activate and set up the base plugin, which makes your site have basic Twitter functionality. Then, each of the add-on plugins will let you add small pieces of specific Twitter-related functionality, one by one. Bonus: Unlike other Twitter plugins for WordPress, this one helps you create your own Twitter application and identity, so your tweets from here show up as being from Your Blog, not from some plugin system.