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Sucrose density gradient experiments revealed that the expression of K. Typhimurium Der proteins rescued the structural instability of 50S ribosomal subunits, which was caused by E. To determine what allows their complementation, we constructed Der chimeras. We found that only Der chimeras harboring both the linker and long C-terminal regions could reverse the growth defects of the der -null strain.

Our findings suggest that ubiquitously conserved essential GTPase Der is involved in 50S ribosomal subunit biosynthesis in various bacteria and that the linker and C-terminal regions may participate in species-specific recognition or interaction with the 50S ribosomal subunit. However, to date, its precise role in ribosome biogenesis has not been. Kussmaul, Quincke and von Recklinghausen. For most of the 19th century, Germany was the centre of the medical world.

From there the most innovating research came and many of the physicians of that era are known to nearly every medical student and physician of today. The story of their lives, their research and their influence on each other has been little examined. The molecular genetics of von Willebrand disease. Incomplete penetrance and variable expression due to genetic and environmental factors contribute to its complexity. Some vWF gene mutations are associated with the affected vWF biosynthesis and multimerization, whereas others are associated with increased clearance and functional impairment.

Moreover, in addition to a particular mutation, type O blood may result in the more severe phenotype. The present review aimed to provide a summary of the current literature on the molecular genetics of vWD. Inattentional blindness and the von Restorff effect.

Sometimes we fail to notice distinctive or unusual items inattentional blindness , while other times we remember distinctive items more than expected items the von Restorff effect. A three-factor framework is presented and tested in two experiments in an attempt to reconcile these seemingly contradictory phenomena. Memory for different types of unexpected stimuli was tested after an easy or difficult Stroop color-naming task. Highly arousing taboo words were well remembered even when the difficult Stroop task limited attentional resources.

As proposed in the three-factor framework, the arousing qualities of the stimuli, the attentional demands of the primary task, and the relevance of isolated features at encoding and retrieval combine to produce inattentional blindness and the von Restorff effect. Prospektive kontrollierte klinische Studien sind notwendig, um den Stellenwert von osteopathischen Behandlungen bei GERD mit Hiatushernie zu untersuchen. Wearing a pressurized suit and weighted to a neutrally buoyant condition, Dr. Wernher von Braun and the Space Race. Set during the Cold War and space race, this historical role-play focuses on Wernher von Braun's involvement in and culpability for the use of slave laborers to produce V-2 rockets for Nazi Germany.

Students will grapple with two central questions. Should von Braun have been allowed to emigrate to the United States given his affiliation with the…. Von Recklinghausen's disease belongs to a group of neurocutaneous syndromes and is characterised by skin, nerve and bone abnormalities. We present a case of von Recklinghausen's disease and precocious puberty in 7-year-old boy. At the age of 7 first signs of precocious puberty appeared pubic hair P3 and enlargement of the testes 15 ml and penis.

The MRI of the brain showed a tumour of the suprasellar region with compression of pituitary stalk. True precocious puberty was diagnosed. Treatment with Diphereline was introduced. At present the boy is 9 years old and has been treated with Diphereline for 16 months. The volume of the testicles has decreased to 7 ml and loss of pubic hair was noted. The MRI does not show any progression in tumour growth. The authors would like to underline the need of close observation of children with von Reclinghausen disease with regard to possibility of uncovering true precocious puberty which is critical for rapid diagnosis and introduction of correct treatment.

Remembrances of Ulf Svante von Euler. I first met Ulf Svante von Euler when he came to Belgrade, in , to attend an international symposium on the occasion of the 50 th anniversary of the Medical Faculty. I was at that time a graduate student at the Medical Faculty in Sarajevo, and a new researcher. I had finished medical school in Belgrade and had worked for two years as a physician in the northern part of Serbia. This article is protected by copyright. Eine zweite Bohrung soll nun eine langfristige Wasserzirkulation im Untergrund erforschen.

Funktioniert sie stabil, dann soll eine Demonstrationsanlage Strom erzeugen. Ebooks and Manuals

We study the influence of von Karman nonlinearity, van der Waals force, and a athermal stresses on pull-in instability and small vibrations of electrostatically actuated mi-croplates. We use the Galerkin method to develop a tractable reduced-order model for elec-trostatically actuated clamped rectangular microplates in the presence of van der Waals forcesand thermal stresses. More specifically, we reduce the governing two-dimensional nonlineartransient boundary-value problem to a single nonlinear ordinary differential equation. For thestatic problem, the pull-in voltage and the pull-in displacement are determined by solving apair of nonlinear algebraic equations.

The fundamental vibration frequency corresponding toa deflected configuration of the microplate is determined by solving a linear algebraic equa-tion. The proposed reduced-order model allows for accurately estimating the combined effectsof van der Waals force and thermal stresses on the pull-in voltage and the pull-in deflectionprofile with an extremely limited computational effort. We use the Galerkin method to develop a tractable reduced-order model for electrostatically actuated clamped rectangular microplates in the presence of van der Waals forces and thermal stresses.

More specifically, we reduce the governing two-dimensional nonlinear transient boundary-value problem to a single nonlinear ordinary differential equation. For the static problem, the pull-in voltage and the pull-in displacement are determined by solving a pair of nonlinear algebraic equations. The fundamental vibration frequency corresponding to a deflected configuration of the microplate is determined by solving a linear algebraic equation.

The proposed reduced-order model allows for accurately estimating the combined effects of van der Waals force and thermal stresses on the pull-in voltage and the pull-in deflection profile with an extremely limited computational effort.

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Response to van der Meer. In our recent Current Biology paper [1], we describe an ocean warming experiment in which we manipulated the temperature of panels set on the seafloor to provide a realistic and relevant indication of how benthic communities may change under future ocean warming. In his correspondence, Jaap van der Meer [2] questions our methods and provides alternative analyses which lead him to conclude that our observed increases in growth rate were in fact much lower and in accordance with previous studies from temperate zones.

We provide justification for our use of absolute growth rate, justification for not using instantaneous growth rate or a measure of growth in proportion to previous growth and encourage the on-going discussion of how to measure and compare growth rates. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Wie wissenschaftlich ist der Evolutionsgedanke? Darwin war ein besonnener Mann; alles Aufsehen war ihm zuwider. Am erfahrungs wissenschaftlichen Charakter der Evolutionstheorie besteht deshalb kein Zweifel.

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Here, we report the crystal structure of the mature form of Der f 1, which was isolated from its natural source, and a new, high-resolution structure of mature recombinant Der p 1. The second table shows the recordings traces of a recording machine box with pen , which reacts to vibrations and records them in analogue form. Source text - German Es ist noch nicht allzu lange her, da haben die Menschen auf diesem Planeten noch ohne den Verbund von Rechnernetzwerken gelebt. Riencing the power and transformation of birth plus a guide to proactive self caredepth of resolution depth trilogy book 3. We examined biological response to desmopressin, changes in factor VIII and von Willebrand factor and pregnancy outcome in a cohort of 23 women with von Willebrand's disease characterized at molecular level and prospectively followed during Thirty-one pregnancies occurred during the study period.

Clouds often reveal a meso-scale vortex shedding in the wake of mountainous islands. Unlike the classical bi-dimensional Von -Karman street, these observed vortex street are affected by the earth rot ation and vertical stratification. Theses effects could induce a selective destabilization of anticyclonic vortices. It is well known that inertial instability also called centrifugal instability induce a three- dimensional destabilization of anticyclonic structures when the absolute vorticity is larger than the local Coriolis parameter.

However, we have shown, by the mean of laboratory experiments, that it is a different type of instability which is mainly responsible for asymmetric rotating Von -Karman street. A serie of experiments were performed to study the wake of a cylinder in a rotating fluid, at medium Reynolds number and order one Rossby number.

Eltern haben Angst vor einem gruseligen Spielzeug! Puppen bewegen sich von allein!

We have shown that the vertical structure of unstable anticyclonic vortices is characteristic of an elliptical instability. Besides, unlike the inertial instability, the vertical unstable wavelength depends on the Rossby number. Report on von Willebrand Disease in Malaysia. Von Willebrand disease vWD is an inherited hemostatic disorder that affects the hemostasis pathway. Our present paper has been written to disclose the statistical counts on the number of vWD cases reported from to This article is based on sociodemographic data, diagnoses and laboratory findings of vWD in Malaysia.

A total of 92 patients were reported to have vWD in Malaysia from to In Malaysia, most patients are predominately affected by vWD type 1 Factor 8, von Willebrand factor: Collagen-Binding was the strongest determinants in the laboratory profiles of vWD. This report has been done with great interest to provide an immense contribution from Malaysia, by revealing the statistical counts on vWD from He tried to broaden natural scientific medicine psychosomatically focussing on the "sick human".

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His own sensory physiological experiments and Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis inspired him essentially since the s. In his main work Der Gestaltkreis gestalt circle published in he stressed the "entity of perceiving and moving" Einheit von Wahrnehmen und Bewegen in regard to relevant aspects of medicine. Primarily his merits as a neurologist were highly appreciated. His medical anthropology was not relevant for his election by the two academies.

Nevertheless, there was a certain repudiation against the objectivistic and materialistic Weltanschauung within the scientific community. So, Paracelsus and Goethe were highly estimated as natural philosophical guides for own conceptions. This was especially evident for the circle around Wilhelm Troll and Karl Lothar Wolf in Halle, both members of the Leopoldina, who were fascinated by Goethe's concept of "Gestalt". Clarifying the link between von Neumann and thermodynamic entropies.

A Shenker's paper initiated a debate about its link with the entropy of phenomenological thermodynamics. Referring to Gibbs's and von Neumann's founding texts, we replace von Neumann's contribution in its historical context, after Gibbs's treatise and before the creation of the information entropy concept, which places boundaries into the debate. Reexamining von Neumann's reasoning, we stress that the part of his reasoning implied in the debate mainly uses thermodynamics, not quantum mechanics, and identify two implicit postulates.

We thoroughly examine Shenker's and ensuing papers, insisting upon the presence of open thermodynamical subsystems, imposing us the use of the chemical potential concept. We briefly mention Landau's approach to the quantum entropy. On the whole, it is shown that von Neumann's viewpoint is right, and why Shenker's claim that von Neumann entropy "is not the quantum-mechanical correlate of thermodynamic entropy" can't be retained.

Valence bond and von Neumann entanglement entropy in Heisenberg ladders. For one-dimensional chains we show that the valence bond entropy can be either less or greater than the von Neumann entropy; hence, it cannot provide a bound on the latter. On ladder geometries, simulations with up to seven legs are sufficient to indicate that the von Neumann entropy in two dimensions obeys an area law, even though the valence bond entanglement entropy has a multiplicative logarithmic correction.

Alexander von Humboldt and the concept of animal electricity. More than two hundred years ago, Alexander von Humboldt helped to establish Galvani's view that muscle and nerve tissue are electrically excitable. His publication was a landmark for establishing the concept of animal electricity. Almost half a century later, von Humboldt became the mentor of the young du Bois-Reymond. With the help of von Humboldt's promotion, du Bois-Reymond demonstrated convincingly that animal tissue has the intrinsic capacity to generate electrical activity, and thus laid the ground for modern electrophysiology.

Albert Reder von Schellmann was an important syphilidologist of the Vienna Medical School in the second half of the nineteenth century. He went in for the dualistic concept of the origin of syphilis and ulcer caused by soft chancre. In - Reder became head of a third dermato-syphilidologic department in the "Josephinum" in Vienna, where military surgeons got their medical education. At the same time the two full professorships of dermatosyphilidology in the Vienna General Hospital were held by Ferdinand von Hebra and Carl Ludwig Sigmund von Ilanor Discusses the use, in courses for adults, of texts whose content stimulates thought concerning the solving of problems - social, political, etc.

Text is in German. Representatives of the family Myxococcaceae, Myxococcus fulvus and M. In soil samples from the island, M.

Frau Schrödinger bewältigt die Welt. Kurze Geschichten. by Tina Uebel

These results were confirmed by data, obtained from the coastal zone of the island of Amrum and marine sediments from various regions. On the other hand samples from shallow fresh water depth range 0. It is assumed that the myxobacteria found in marine sediments occur as resting cells.

Of von Willebrand factor and platelets. Hemostasis and pathological thrombus formation are dynamic processes that require multiple adhesive receptor-ligand interactions, with blood platelets at the heart of such events.

PDF Der Hypnotiseur: Historischer Roman (German Edition)

This review will recapitulate our current knowledge on the subject from the rheological aspect to the spatio-temporal development of thrombus formation. Additionally, we will review the growing body of evidence gathered from the recent development of pathological mouse models suggesting that VWF binding to GPIb-IX-V is a promising target in arterial and venous pathological thrombosis.

Finally, the pathological aspects of VWF and its impact on platelets will be addressed. Recombinant von Willebrand factor: Quantitative and qualitative defects of vWF result in von Willebrand disease vWD , manifested by modest to severe bleeding episodes. Efficacy of these preparations is often unsatisfactory because inadvertent proteolytic degradation during the manufacturing process causes them to lack the hemostatically most active high-molecular-weight multimers. In contrast, recombinant vWF r-vWF , which is constitutively expressed at high yields in Chinese hamster ovary CHO cells and secreted into the conditioned medium under perfusion fermentation in "protein-free" medium, has high-molecular-weight multimers of extraordinary structural integrity.

Functional analysis has shown that r-vWF promotes ristocetin cofactor-mediated platelet aggregation, collagen interaction and FVIII binding, and platelet-collagen adhesion under shear stress. Compared with plasma-derived vWF preparations, r-vWF was found to have a prolonged half-life, further enhancing the potential value of r-vWF as a therapeutic agent for treating patients suffering from vWD. Alexander von Humboldt and the Origins of Landscape Archaeology. Reviews the life, theories, and influence of Alexander von Humboldt, the early nineteenth century founder of modern geography.

Maintains that Humboldt's novel approaches to the study of landscape antiquities have value for contemporary students in cultural and historical geography. Pictured front center is General Erich Fellgiebel. Von Neumann's impossibility proof: Mathematics in the service of rhetorics. According to what has become a standard history of quantum mechanics, in von Neumann persuaded the physics community that hidden variables are impossible as a matter of principle, after which leading proponents of the Copenhagen interpretation put the situation to good use by arguing that the completeness of quantum mechanics was undeniable.

This state of affairs lasted, so the story continues, until Bell in exposed von Neumann's proof as obviously wrong. The realization that von Neumann's proof was fallacious then rehabilitated hidden variables and made serious foundational research possible again. It is often added in recent accounts that von Neumann's error had been spotted almost immediately by Grete Hermann, but that her discovery was of no effect due to the dominant Copenhagen Zeitgeist.

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We shall attempt to tell a story that is more historically accurate and less ideologically charged. Most importantly, von Neumann never claimed to have shown the impossibility of hidden variables tout court, but argued that hidden-variable theories must possess a structure that deviates fundamentally from that of quantum mechanics. Both Hermann and Bell appear to have missed this point; moreover, both raised unjustified technical objections to the proof. Von Neumann's argument was basically that hidden-variables schemes must violate the ;quantum principle; that physical quantities are to be represented by operators in a Hilbert space.

As a consequence, hidden-variables schemes, though possible in principle, necessarily exhibit a certain kind of contextuality. As we shall illustrate, early reactions to Bohm's theory are in agreement with this account. Leading physicists pointed out that Bohm's theory has the strange feature that pre-existing particle properties do not generally reveal themselves in measurements, in accordance with von Neumann's result.

They did not conclude that the ;impossible was done; and that von Neumann had been shown wrong. The Forced van der Pol Equation. In doing so, many striking and interesting trajectories can be discovered and phenomena such as frequency entrainment,…. Power networks have to withstand a variety of disturbances that affect system frequency, and the problem is compounded with the increasing integration of intermittent renewable generation. Following a large-signal generation or load disturbance, system frequency is arrested leveraging primary frequency control provided by governor action in synchronous generators.

In this work, we propose a framework for distributed energy resources DERs deployed in distribution networks to provide supplemental primary frequency response. Particularly, we demonstrate how power-frequency droop slopes for individual DERs can be designed so that the distribution feeder presents a guaranteed frequency-regulation characteristic at the feeder head. Time-domain simulations for an illustrative network composed of a combined transmission network and distribution network with frequency-responsive DERs are provided to validate the approach.

Genetics of von Willebrand disease type 1. Te de la frontera coleccin oeste spanish editioncomo.

Nt one sunday at a timedie bruchstrasse traditionsinsel im abseits dokumen. Ly middle ages contact and exchange between the graecoroman world inner asia and china22 ways to annoy your coworkers a guide. Unsere kleine farm lauras glckliche jahre bd 7 bd7 german edition. The will of the people how public opinion has i. Waking up pleasure as a higher calling book 1. Kindle Cloud Reader Read instantly in your browser. Customer reviews There are no customer reviews yet. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review.

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