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Then effortlessly share your progress with your team members to keep your project on task. Download: Google Play App Store 4. Cut down on project costs and increase productivity on the job site. Keeping track of multiple jobs across multiple job sites can be a difficult task, to say the least.

Each site comes with its own costs, schedules, and documents — and each project its own delivery process, including planning, design, procurement, construction, and operations. With real-time project performance dashboards at your fingertips, e-Builder makes it easy to manage multiple projects, reduce cycle times, and collaborate with your entire team. Download: Google Play App Store 5. No matter what the job, correct calculations are pivotal to getting it done right. The Mobile Pro app comes stock with the construction calculators and reference materials you need to get the job done quickly, easily, and correctly — every single time.

Drones are operated by professional pilots, and photos received can be organized in-app by project. TrueLook uses drones to take aerial photographs of job sites. The app deploys drones manned by professional pilots who are trained to photograph and video your work.

1. Build a great team.

In days, your app will be populated with 20 or more high-res aerial images and an edited video for you and your customers to review. For construction projects, the best before-and-after photos are taken from above.

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Download: Google Play App Store 7. Bridgit Closeout Best for Task Management Bridgit Closeout is a cloud-based task management solution for assigning work, reporting, and note-taking. With the Closeout app, task details can be shared across teams. The mobile Closeout app makes it simple for construction managers to quickly share details from their smartphones or tablets. Cumbersome tasks slowing your team down?

Automate it all with Closeout. Download: Google Play App Store 8. This app enables programs for quality, safety, commissioning, and documentation, including building information management BIM. Autodesk BIM allows teams to produce management programs and store information in one easy-to-access place. With mobile technology at the construction site, your team is better equipped to organize teams and tackle challenges more efficiently.

Download: Google Play App Store 9. GasBuddy Best for Logistics GasBuddy saves business owners time and money by finding the least expensive gas for their fleets, using a robust community to report on prices, stations, and distance. In construction, the price of fuel can quickly add up. Find the best gas prices closest to your location. Download: Google Play App Store Canvas Best for Reporting With Canvas, reporting is simple and accessible. You can fill out estimates, forms, inspections, work orders, and audits on mobile devices. Shuffling paper files is time-consuming and cumbersome, but in a matter of minutes, your piles of forms are customized on one platform to streamline processes.

Top 10 Construction Apps for The best, expert-recommended construction apps on the market. Save Time and Money on the Job Site The experts have weighed in, the reviews have been tallied, and your peers in the field have cast their votes. How can these apps improve your business? How were the apps chosen? It helped to increase conversions by over 15 percent. Leo V.

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Features Easy-to-use Spanish language toggle for Spanish-speaking workers. Step-by-step illustrated instructions and videos to help you through every emergency scenario. A integration means you can call for emergency services anytime, directly from the app. What a find! We first came across Chuck in when we were building a large custom home. We hired Chuck to do the framing on 18, Sq ft. Not long after the framing was done it was clear that Chuck was the guy to also do a lot of the finish work. Chuck did the framing along with the concrete work, custom brick and tile work, in addition to the electrical and plumbing.

We are always recommending Chuck to friends and family that is looking to have work done. Whether it is a large or small project, Chuck is the guy. Chuck Beck is obviously an expert at what he does. No drama, just a job well done! Having a deep love of culture, C. Beck unlocks the past with each home he builds. The detailed nuisances of the old world with all the luxury amenities of a modern estate crafted to bring you to the curtained white archways of Bogota, a wayside paradise in the Balkans, the leafing rod iron gates of Spain, a lordly manor house in England, the marbled courts of Budapest, the romantic spires of Prague, and countless of other beautiful estates that with C.

Preparing a GOAL, financial plan for the next two years. Making a step by step time schedule to reach the GOAL. Periodical meetings to refuel your adrenalin, to continue positive thinking, to keep the motivation high. After selling the project, the participants can take the amount as well as the profits. The difference will be, YOU get complete experience without any risk.

Our students have been working in India and all over the world as Civil Draughtsman, Architectural assistants, Land surveyors, CAD designers etc; Many of our students are successfully running their own construction companies. Land Survey 2. Civil Draughtsmanship 3.

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Practice Drawing 4. Staircase 5. Scales 6. Area Calculation 7. Architectural Design 9.

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Working Drawings Interior Designing False Ceiling Curtain's, Upholstry, Carpet Interior Views, Walkthrough Buildings Model Making Computer Aided Drafting 2D and 3D Building Material Rates and Testing Labor Rates and Standards Lift, Elevator, Escalator, Ramps Electrical Layout Sanitary and Water Supply Flooring Partitions Water Proofing Coloring Visiting Whole Sellers Real Estate Agency 1. Pent house. Open spaces, garden, swimming pool, gym etc;. Placing of ward robes, cup boards, showcases, walk in closets. Increasing and reducing the size of riser, tread, mid and main landing.

Types of staircases, single flight, L-shaped, common, doglegged, bifurcated, open well.

As per requirement. Use of scale in CAD.

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Area Calculation: Areas of open plots, existing and proposed buildings. Calculating: Plot area, plinth area, open area.

The best, expert-recommended construction apps on the market

Have the contractors estimate the job but be aware they may not be as precise as you. We build for sustainability. Project management, job costing, materials management, service call entry, receiving, billing, and sales solution. ToolWatch Enterprise by ToolWatch 22 reviews. In construction, the price of fuel can quickly add up.

Land area, built-up area, open area, ground floor area, first floor area, second floor area, third floor area, fourth floor area, typical floor area, total built-up area, tot lot area, mezzanine floor area, circulation area, common area, balcony area, carpet area, penthouse area. Area allocated for mosque, temple, church, security, watchman, servant quarters, maintenance staff. Site visits and Practical: Going to the site, self measurement, preparing drawing and area calculation of open plots, existing houses, buildings.

Proportion in design, harmony, balance. Light and air in rooms, proper ventilation. Planning as per the requirements of the family members, their age, profession, and future needs. Detail plans for flooring, terrace, kitchen, toilets, grills, JALIES, railing, parapet, doors, windows, ventilators, partitions. Sanitary and Electrical plan. Complete drawing and execution.