How to Sell Winegrapes and Promote Your Vineyard

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This may be as simple as paying close attention to cultural details or providing wineries with services, such as lab analysis of fruit samples in the weeks preceding harvest.

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Naturally, the overall management style of a vineyard operation reflects the personality of the vineyard manager and his or her staff. The most successful management styles, however, characteristically involve a cooperative attitude, regular communication with grape buyers, and consistent production of winegrapes delivered on time that meet or exceed quality standards. These actions build trust, which is highly valued by most grape buyers.

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A well managed Wye trellis demonstrates the commitment of this vineyard operation to quality. A vineyard marketing effort is a logical outgrowth of strategic planning.


How to Sell Winegrapes and Promote Your Vineyard is only $ on Kindle and worth every penny. I guarantee you will find ideas and advice. For nearly 30 years, Sagemoor Vineyards sold its grapes to one winery. Then it sold to Study the market and learn the value of your fruit.

Marketing encompasses communicating the value of products and services to potential buyers and building long-term relationships with them. Of course, marketing requires careful consideration of who potential buyers are and what they need, as well as how you can best deliver it them.

Typically, marketing efforts are focused on a particular segment of the wine industry or even a specific winery, but they may also be directed towards the industry in general.

In addition, winegrape marketing efforts are usually low-key, but persistent. In this regard, a grower ought to be ready to present his or her vineyard and tell his or her story whenever an opportunity arises Fig. Marketing is a worthwhile activity for winegrape businesses because it effectively concentrates its communication efforts and increases its competitiveness.


Perhaps more important, it lessens market risk and thereby, increases income stability. An heirloom vineyard is central to the story of this family farming operation. Some marketers include positioning as a 5th P. Positioning is creating an identity within a market, which brings us full circle to the opening topic of this article.

Here are some final thoughts on marketing for your consideration. Growing region, district, and appellation AVA are other ways to differentiate and promote a community of vineyard operations. For this reason, supporting well organized and systematic regional promotional efforts is a prudent investment for winegrape businesses.

Beautifully Remodeled, Move-In Ready. Rincon Valley Hill Views.

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If the blogger has effective search engine optimization SEO , his or her reviews will show up when anyone searches on Google or Yahoo for information on any winery. The Grapes Grow the highest quality grapes Simply to live on a vineyard Grow grapes in harmony with the land. Sagemoor, founded in , has some of the oldest large-scale wine grape plantings in Washington State. Home Personal Finance Travel. Not solely do they routinely make errors on your private data, they'll accidentally place derogatory data that does not belong to you in your credit report.

Santa Rosa Craftsman. View previous campaigns. Selling Grapes to Wineries Courting wineries is a lot like lining up a date for the prom.

How to Sell Winegrapes and Promote Your Vineyard – Solid Communications

Matching a winery to your vineyard Whether or not you know it, you have goals for your vineyard and for your grapes. The Grapes Grow the highest quality grapes Simply to live on a vineyard Grow grapes in harmony with the land If your goals are related to wine, then you should look for wineries that share your attitudes about wine. The Wine Be involved in making the best wine Eventually make wine myself If you want to eventually make your own wine, then find a winery that will allow you the greatest level of involvement in the process.

Contracts Most grape contracts are by the ton. Building What do you mean when you say "winery?

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I had very specific requirements for my home and Marie gave me really thoughtful advice and found the perfect properties to visit. The prices for vineyards and vineyard potential land can command one and a half to two times the price as a similar land parcel merely across the road—simply because of where someone drew the line for the AVA! When selling, there are specific disclosures required. The disclosure most often overlooked is the five-year crop pesticide and chemical use records.

There are also production records, income and expense records, labor hour records and sales contracts to disclose. Plus, there are state mandated disclosures that vary from state to state. If there are homes, buildings, or commercial parts to the sale, then, separate disclosures may be required for each endeavor. One of the most important aspects of selling a vineyard or any property for that matter is keeping it clean, weed-free and presentable to the buying public.

First impressions make a HUGE difference when buying a piece of property. Remember, sellers… Buyers often rely as much on emotional connection to a property as they do on business sense.

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A clean and showy place makes all the difference—especially if there is more than one property that a particular prospect is considering. Vineyard sellers would also be wise to have in their possession or at least make available or have access to the weather data, seasonal harvest dates, freeze data and so forth in order for a buyer to make an informed decision about the property.

The varieties, number of acres planted, age of vines, type of root stock if they are grafted cuttings , row spacing, plants per acre, type of trellis, type of irrigation system, etc. In addition, a recent soil analysis and pH analysis are very helpful to potential buyers and their brokers.