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Centenary of Dr. James Beattie. Samuel Rutherford in Aberdeen. Aberdeen as a historical place-name. The Forbes memorial. A Market Cross and its story. Aberdonians viewed from the outside. Aberdeen street names, their history, meaning, and personal associations. Henderson, John A. Twenty-one Aberdeen events of the nine- teenth century. The Denbum from source to sea. Leslie, John Grant. Aberdeen prison, record buildings, and courthouses, Macleod, Kenneth. Aberdeen in the fifties. The Common good of the city of Aberdeen, Old landmarks of Aber- deen.

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  • Ebooks and Manuals.
  • Ebooks and Manuals.

Reprint in smaller form. Description of the six parishes of the city of Aberdeen as fixed. Edited by John A. In progress. Selected writings. Aberdoniana, etc. Rettie, James. Aberdeen fifty years ago. Robertson, Joseph. Municipal statutes regulating sports, page- ants and processions. A Short memorandum of quhat heath occurred in Aberdeen since xx September m. Stark, James. Aberdeen's distinguished visitors. Stuart, John [professor]. Essays, chiefly on Scottish anti- quities. With memoir. Stuart, John [advocate]. Miscellany of the Spalding Club. Containing: Summons against the magistrates of Aberdeen, Walker, Alexander.

On a bronze pot and what was in it. Aberdeen, Aberdeen as it was and is. The Landymyrs Anderson, P. Perambulation of the marches of the royal burgh of Aberdeen in Bruce, James, and others. The Riding of the landymyrs. Carnie, William, and others. The Riding of the outer marches. The Rydin o' the landimyres. The Riding of the marches. The Bridges Bulloch, J. The Bridge of Dee. In Henderson's " History of Banchory-Devenick," pp.

The Observer, 25 Oct. Fraser, Q. The Aberdeen bridges and their story. The Bridge of Dee : its history and sculptures. History of Union Bridge. People's journal, Nov. Nicol, William. History of old bridge of Don. Paul, William. Notes on the early history of the brig of Bal- gowny. The Wells and Loch Alexander, John. Tituli fontium Abredonensium : the titles of Aberdeen's wells, s.

Callirhoe, the Nymph of Aberdene resuscitat. Reprinted with additions, Aberd. The Loch of Aberdeen. In "The Book of St. George's in the west," pp. Anno do. Reprinted by the Ban- natyne Club, ed. Skene, ; and in facsimile at Aberdeen, , ed. The Virtues of the Firhill well. The Market Cross Fraser, Q. The Market cross of Aberdeen. History of the Aberdeen market cross. Epitaphia Monteith, Robert. An Theater of mortality : or a further collec- tion of funeral inscriptions over Scotland. Nicholas and S. Epitaphs and inscriptions in S. Nicholas church and churchyard.

Epitaphs and inscriptions. Machar cathedral, transepts, and churchyard. In "Records of Old Aberdeen," vol. Rogers, Charles. Monuments and monumental inscriptions in Scotland. Valentine, James, W. Gems of the silver city. The Commonty of Perwinnes, called also Scotstoun Moor. Another ed. Torry and Woodside Ferrier, David. Woodside and its surroundings, [n. History of old and new Torry. Morgfan, Patrick. Annals of Woodside and Newhills.

The Torry lands and bridge. Twenty-five years : a personal retrospect. Bisset, John. Extracts from diary of rev. John Bisset, Aberdeen, In " Miscellany of the Spalding Club ". Buchanan, William. Glimpses of olden days in Aberdeen. Reminiscencesofpast half century. Carnie, William. Reporting reminiscences. Clark, Alexander. Reminiscences of a police officer. Random records. Aberdeen amusements seventy years ago. Old-time traders and their ways. Pen sketches and reminiscences of sixty years. Craig-, George A. From parish school to University.

Birming- ham, Cullen, Walter. The Chronicle of Aberdeen, In '' Miscellany of the Spalding Club ". Diary of passing events in Aberdeen. Forbes, Margaret. Beattie and his friends. Personal memoirs. In the days of my youth. Kennedy, John. Old Highland days. Lindsay, William.

Some notes : personal and public. Macdonald, Alexander. A Jumble of jottings. Masson, David. Memories of two cities : Edinburgh and Aber- deen.

Mayo, Isabella Fyvie. Paul, William, D. Past and present of Aberdeenshire. East Neuk chronicles. Sturrock, J. Looking back : a series of reminiscences. Aberdeen awa'. Sketches of its men, manners, and customs. Walker, William, LL. Nineteenth century progress in the north. Account of the revenues. Accounts of the city.

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Annual issue from Bell and petty customs. Proceedings in reference to. The Master of Impost. Aberdeen journal, 20 Dec, Regulations and rates of fare for carters and porters or backmen of coals, , also ; for street porters, ; for hackney coaches licensed to ply for hire within the city, Fire brigade.

Reports annually from Medical officer of health. Public library. Sanitary department. Report of committee for procuring a more ample supply of spring water. General report and financial memorandum of Aberdeen water works ; with analysis of the water. Water bill. Evidence and report. House of Lords.

Weights and measures. Minutes, Aberdeen Parochial Board. Assessors' lists of parliamentary voters ; of municipal voters; burgh valuation roll, etc. Prom intermittently, latterly in annual issue. Dalgleish, William. Changes in poorhouse management, to Dyack, William. Twenty years municipal engineering in Aber- deen. The Sanatory condition of the poor of Aberdeen. Report by committee on establishing a poor's house. Robertson, A. The Public libraries of Aberdeen. The Library, vi. Simpson, W. Health history of Aberdeen during the past quarter century.

Thomson, Alexander. Industrial schools : their origin, rise, and progress in Aberdeen. Valentine, James. A Classification of local acts of Parliament regulating the police, water, and gas of Aberdeen. Statistics of Aberdeen for , Watson, William. Pauperism, vagrancy, crime, and industrial education in Aberdeenshire, Smith's pocket guide to the city of Aberdeen. J Bennett, William.

The Strangers' guide through Aberdeen. Another Courage, Archibald. A Brief survey of Aberdeen. Second ed. Cadenhead, William. The New book of Bon-accord. Tourists' Guide to Aberdeen, etc. Will, William. The Visitors' guide to Aberdeen. Dictionary of Deeside : a Guide to the city of Aberdeen, etc. By James Brown. Numerous subsequent editions were issued as " The New Deeside Guide ".

By Alex. Inkson McConnochie. History of the valley of the Dee. By John Mackintosh. Painted by William Smith, Jr. Royal Institute of public health. Congress Todd, George Eyre. Mate's illustrated Aberdeen. Fifty views by James Porter, Aberdeen, and A. Turner, Banchory. Bournemouth, Aberdeen and its University. Views by James Porter. Souvenir of the quatercentenary celebrations. Aberdeen Free Press. Handbook to the city [A. Souvenir of Aberdeen, the Granite city. Plan of the freedom lands of the city. Plan of the city of Aberdeen. Abredoniae Novae et Veteris descriptio.

Map of the cities of Aberdeen. Milne, Alexander. Plan of the city of Aberdeen, etc. Ordnance Survey plans of Paterson, G. Survey of Old and New Aberdeen. Plan of the city and harbour of Aberdeen. In Walter Thorn's ''History". Simpson, Archibald. Plan of Aberdeen, corrected to the present time. Smith, John. Plan of the city of Aberdeen and its improvements.

Plan of Aberdeen. Taylor, George.. Fraser's "Aberdeen maps," in Scottish Notes and Queries, 2nd series, vol. Episcoporum Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium vitae. Paris, Reprinted, Bannatyne Club, Edin. Dalyell, J. Remarks on the antiquities illustrated by the chartularies of the See of Aberdeen. Qeddes, W. Lacunar Basilicae Sancti Macarii Aberdonensis. The heraldic ceiling of the cathedral church of St. Machar, Old Aberdeen. Innes, Cosmo. Registrum Episcopatus Aberdonensis. Ecclesie Cathedralis Aberdonensis regesta que extant in unum collecta.

Kelly, William. Machar's Cathedral. J Logan, James. Description of the cathedral. In " Records. Guide to cathedral of St. Saint Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen. Church of Saint Nicholas Cooper, James. Cartularium Ecclesiae Sancti Nicholai Aberdon- ensis. Davis, Cecil T. Monumental brass in the old or West church, Aberdeen. Descriptive account of the burning of the East church. Gibb, Andrew. Notice of memorial brass of Dr. Nicholas Church. From Proc. Soc, Antiq. Logan, James. A Description of the East Kirk of S. Nicholas, The Paroch Kirk of Sanct Nicolas, The Tapestries of the church of S.

A Brief account of the West Kirk and of some things there. Studies, No. Cooper, James, and Walker, Alexander. The Plea for the retention of the fabric of Greyfriars Church. Necrologia coenobii Sancti Francisci apud Aber- donenses. Obituary of the Franciscan Convent at Aberdeen. The Carmelite monks. The Templar knights. General History Aberdeen Ecclesiologicai Society.

Chishoim, Donald. Our Lady of Aberdeen. Roehampton, The story is told at great length in " Historic van het mirakuleus beeld van de allerheiligste maegd Maria,. Brussel, Churches of Aberdeen, historical and des- criptive. Martin, James. Eminent divines in Aberdeen and the north. Matthews, T. Reminiscences of the revival of '59 and the sixties. Mitchell, Victor. Destruction of churches and religious houses in Aberdeen. Ninian's ; or the chapel on the Castle Hill, Aberdeen. History of the Reformation in Aberdeen.

The Lights of the north : illustrating the rise and progress of Christianity in N. Inventories of ecclesiastical records, In "Miscellany of the New Spalding Club," vol. Forbes, John. Certain records touching the estate of the kirk, Wodrow Soc. History of Scots affairs, The Aberdeen doctors, a notable group of Scottish theologians of the first episcopal period, Milne, Peter. Ecclesiastical punishments in the seventeenth century. Extracts from the Session Records of Old Machar, In " Records of Old Aberdeen," vol.

Scott, Hew. Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae : the succession of minis- ters in the parish churches of Scotland, from the Reformation, A. Memorialls of the Trubles in Scotland and in England, John Stuart. Selections from the records of the kirk session, presbytery and synod of Aberdeen, Recent Historical Notices Borland, William.

A Short account of the history of Rosemount church and parish. Bruce, James. The Aberdeen pulpit and universities. Davidson, John, D. Old Aberdeenshire ministers and their people. Futtie past and present. Bazaar book. Book of St. George's in the west. George's in the West. Twenty-one years' history, Also continuation to Clement's Church. Clement's parish church. Book of the bazaar.

Rehearsal of events which occurred in the North of Scotland from to in relation to the National Covenant. Grampian club. John Alexander of Aberdeen, to which city it mostly relates. All were frequently reprinted at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and London. The Covenanters in the north. Quakerism confirmed : or a vindication of the chief doctrines and principles of the people called Quakers from the arguments and objections of the students of divinity so called of Aberdeen in their book entituled Quakerism Canvassed.

Jaffrey, Alexander. Diary of Alexander Jaffrey, provost of Aberdeen : Memoirs of the rise, progress, and persecutions of the people called Quakers in the north of Scotland. A True and faithful accompt. Post-Revolution Episcopacy Grub, George. Sketch of the history of the congregation of St. She won several prestigious awards and performed in many major theaters and was a guest at many international festivals at home and abroad. This book is a combination of two very different harp books bound together into one book.

Harpy goes to Japan is an interesting book with several Japanese melodies Some are simple, but there are also some of a more spicy level. Harpy goes to Holland is a collection of famous Dutch children's songs. From the piece 'Ue o muite arukou' there are different versions in the book: a harp duet, a solo pedal harp and an additional part for a melody instrument like a violin or flute.

All arrangements and illustrations were made by Masumi. Titles - Dutch part: Boer, wat zeg je van mijn kippen? Rhett Barnwell's 3-page arrangement of Amazing Grace begins with the melody played in harmonics. A simple left-hand pattern comes in for the 2nd verse. The final verse features large 8-note chords. It is in the key of C with no lever changes, and no fingerings. This book contains 22 songs arranged for folk harp.

They are written on a double-treble grand staff two staff lines, both treble clef , and playable on string or larger harps. Beginning with G below Middle C, all of the songs stay within the three-octave range. There are no lever changes, and all the songs are in either C or Am, no levers needed at all. Well notated, easy to read. Fun to play. From the Winter Ayres CD. Pedal changes, enharmonics, harmonies that will keep you and your audience interested in the music until the last note.

Upper intermediate level. A very 'harpistic' solo. A beautyful long solo piece, that is excellent for concert performances. While writing these new compositions for harp, Janne-Minke was inspired by the beautiful, calm piano music by Ludovico Einadi. Julien believes that music is in the notes and therefore chose not to add dynamic marks.

This gives you a great freedom of interpretation. Metronome speeds are well marked, but are only advisory. The music exudes a medieval atmosphere reminiscent of Elizabethan music. Julien sees John Dowland as his role model. Ondertiteld "Basis oefeningen met illustraties en technische uitleg" Dit boek is een inleiding en aanvulling op Salzedo's moderne studie van de harp. De eerste 44 pagina's zijn een geschreven inleiding zowel in het Engels als in het Frans met korte oefeningen over de juiste positie van de handen, speeltechniek en oefensuggesties met gidsen voor stemmen en besnaren.

De volgende 15 preludes voor beginnende pedaalharpisten richten zich elk op een bepaald aspect van harptechniek. A wonderful collection of music, containing elegant arrangements of melodies suitable for the Christmas season, and arranged in key order so that the entire collection can be played as a continuous suite, if desired.

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Lever and pedal changes are well-planned and well-marked. Keys of F, C, G, and D major or relative minors. Written in a nice harpistic style, and are very enjoyable to play. Circle songs are songs that could be a theme repeated endlessly. Circle these songs are always made with matching A and B share. A harp starts with the A-part and one in the B section.

Then it repeats itself as a Canon, Harp 2 Harp to the beginning as a harp at B arrives. The first two compositions, there is an end C. For all other pieces repeats itself all the time. An end, you worry. The last part is a solo piece. But in the meantime, the Circle's songs maybe you are so inspired, that you make yourself at second voice. For the third harp class year. Each piece has two page numbers listed after it in the table of contents, designated "skills" and "notes.

A must have piece for every pedal harp player. A well known theme by Haydn with five beautiful variations. The Bolero and Jota are representative of Spanish dance rhythms. The Bolero is not difficult, but the Espanoleta and Jota each present challenges and require precise lever work. Seguidilla is slightly less challenging and can be substituted for the Jota movement. The suite, or any of its parts, can be a valuable addition to the repertoire. You can play one, or any combination of the four.

Scottish fiddle : Douglas Lawrence plays a March/Strathspey/Reel selection.

Perfume a Tango is a passionate new work from Athy written for electric lever harp which incorporates tango tunes and "gypsy" elements. It was inspired by the romantic history of Buenos Aires. Contains solo arrangements of medieval and Renaissance music, from cantigas 13th century Spain to popular dance tunes from the 16th and 17th centuries.

There are two ensembles for 3 harps : a well-known Praetorius 'Courante' and the Cantiga Several of the pieces in the book were performed in ensemble, and are now arranged as harp solos. The book also has information on Renaissance dance types and suggestions for performance. The pieces in the 'Historical Harp Collection' are playable on early, lever and pedal harps. Ebooks and Manuals

Nancy performs them daily on her pedal harp as part of her repertoire, for Tea at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston. Solo or duet: "Rosin the Beau". An excellent collection of some of the most famous Renaissance compositions from England, France, Flanders, Italy and Spain. Most of these pieces have never before been arranged for harp. These elegant arrangements are for the intermediate to advanced level player. Where key changes occur both pedal and lever harp markings are clearly indicated and some fingerings are also noted.

Informative biographies of composers and anecdotal notes on the compositions included. Very playable three page version of this audience pleaser. For lever or pedal harp, requires full range lever harp. Pedal graphs and marking included, for lever harp, sharp all Gs. Right hand plays parallel thirds or single note melody. Some full chords. Allegro section is simplified by using descending triplets in right hand. Simple yet very effective! Glisses at end. Special techniques. Photographs of several types of harps and about 50 pages of music including:.

A suite of dances for pedal harp. A challenging suite of music by this award winning composer loved by harpists the world over. The pieces numbers 1, 4, 9 and 12, all titled 'Promenade' are optional at partial executions, but must necessarily be played in the case of a full implementation. Intermediate to advanced level pop music for lever harp. Eb tuning is standard to facilitate the different keys and accidentals. Harmonies are true to the original composition, and lyrics are included.

Twelve Broadway standards. Difficulty: intermediate. Intermediate level, key of F, accidentals, accent marks in one variation, fingerings, two muffles at the end. Here is a wistful, dreamy piece, to be played freely and with emotion. There are many repeating patterns for the left and right hands, making it a lot easier to play than it may first appear. In the middle contrasting section, the melody and accompaniment are more distinct, separated by the right and left hands.

The final section combines the first and middle sections. Key of F, some large chords, lowest note is the F 33 on a string harp , no accidentals. This is an ancient Welsh air that was first published in Relics of the Welsh Bards in This melody is one of the most moving and memorable from the musical heritage of Wales. The dying harpist, David, asks his family to bring his harp so that he can touch it for the last time. An angel appears to him, telling him to play the harp during his last journey.

The rising figuration in the second verse accompanies David's soul as it rises to heaven. Help me, dear wife, put the hands to the strings, I wish my loved ones the blessing God brings. The 15 Scandinavian tunes in this Volume are arranged for intermediate level lever harp. Famous Spanish music, much performed in concerts. From very simple to intermediate. Including 3 versions for solo harp and 4 versions for harp and voice. Scarlatti is famous for his harpsichord work.

Some of his most beautiful pieces have been edited by Susan Miron for harp. Some parts are adapted to make them playable for harp. But the result is as close as possible to the original. The melodies in this collection are absolutely beautiful. They are so enjoyable to play! They're interesting, not too challenging, and engrossing; almost reminicient of movie background music. Each title has a dedication or a brief explanation. They are all for a full range lever harp can be played on pedal harp, too and there are very few lever changes.

Generally the RH is easy. Sometimes there are cross-overs and unders in the LH. A very beautiful collection of impressionistic-type selection. This is a more diverse collection, with the LH accompaniment more developed than most of Mr. Mahan's selections. C and F levers required. Montecito Morning is in the key of D, 2 pages with lovely embellished 7th harmonies. Walking Down Butterfly Lane is very easy to play, but the harmonies make up for the simplicity. Treasure of San Ysidro has a mysterious sound to it. Key of A minor with a variety of rhythmic changes throughout - an interesting composition to play.

Canyon has a breezy feel to it, key of C with an easy LH. Key of C. It brings the flavor of the local language, the natural color of culture and heritage to life. The Walloon tunes lend themselves particularly well to the harp that gives them grace and lightness Therapeutic use: relaxation, positivity, cutural anchoring, cocooning, healing, memories, imaginary journey.

La Saline. Renaissance de la Harpe Celtique or Renaissance of the Celtic Harp is a record album by the Breton master of the Celtic harp Alan Stivell that revolutionised the connection between traditional folk music, modern rock music and world music. The release of this album with its fusion of classical, traditional folk and rock music, its mixture of instruments cello, harp, electric guitar, traditional and modern drums and its evocation of a utopian atmosphere and vision of humans in harmony with nature, immediately set it as a benchmark in the Celtic music revival of the s.

People who hear this record are never the same again. Renaissance of the Celtic Harp, one of the most beautiful and haunting records ever made by anybody, introduced the Celtic harp to many thousands of listeners around the world. The opening work, Ys, is a piece inspired by the legend of the 5th century capital of the kingdom of Cornwall, which was engulfed by a flood as punishment for its sins.

Titles: Caitlin Triall. Irish Melody. Stivell Port Ui Mhuirgheasa. Irish Jig. Stivell Airde Cuan. Jord Cochevelou Na Reubairean. Scottish Melody. Megevand Manx Melody. Stivell Heman Dubh. Hebridean Work Song. Stivell Gaelic Waltz. Scottish Waltz. Stivell Struan Robertson. Stivell The Little Cascade. Scottish Dance Reel. Stivell Braigh Loch Lall. Scottish Melody trad, arr. Stivell Port An Deorai. Suit of Irish Slip Jig. Stivell Marv Pointkalleg. Breton music. Denise Megevand Ys. Variations on folk themes. A lovely collection of easy pieces for the beginner lever harpist by French composer Michel Capelier.

This collection offers 10 pieces of progressive difficulty; the first few are suited to a beginner harpist and they gradually increase to an intermediate lever of difficulty. A great choice for classical progressive studies. Lupa Sheet music ]. The Companion CD helps you to get used to playing together.

The CD contains a slow and a faster version of the pieces. Composed in To remember all those who suffered pain, bereavement, and whose lives and dreams were shattered by the Iraq War and the Asian Tsunami. It is brutally broken by a discordant E natural as the wave engulfs everything in its path. Time goes on, and peace and hope return. Farewell to lovely Llangyfelach is the song of farewell to his native village, sung by a young eighteenth-century Welshman. The sound of the small drum, that enticed many young men to fight for King and country, is imitated in this piece by tapping the rhythm on the soundboard of the harp.

Shortly after the piano compositions appeared in the "Songs of Seasons" and "Songs of Summer" bundles, many harp players also found the pieces very fun to perform. Because of course there are significant differences in playing modes and in sound between the harp and the piano, Donna has now edited a selection for harp in this book "Songs of Four Seasons for Harp".

This fun new book of 10 Billy Joel favorites is for harp players of almost any level, because there are two arrangements of each title. These easier arrangements contain few, if any, lever changes. Harpist Emily Brecker has kept the arrangements as close as possible to Billy Joel's original songs, as performed on his recordings. Aros meaning to stay or wait contains a number of beautiful self-compositions, including a number specially composed for a theatre show on George Borrow, plus Delyth's exquisite arrangements of some well known traditional Welsh tunes such as Ar Hyd Y Nos.

Level: Easy - Intermediate. Many of these tunes can be played throughout the year. The arrangements include intros and interludes in Kim's signature expressive, improvisational style in keys from one flat to two sharps. El Noi de la Mare is the only piece with lever changes within the music. Chord symbols are included, but no fingerings. Your Language: Nederlands English. Shop By. Clear All.

Search results for 'Play the Harp Beautifully'. Page: 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Sample 1 of 1. Beautiful harp solo by Jan Ladislav Dussek. Latin dances for harp with percussion. Prokofiev, Sergei - Prelude op. Prelude op. Eleven original melodies arranged for lever or pedal harp.

Sponsored by The Harp of Tara Branch of the Association of Irish Musicians,

Digital Sheet Music for Nos. Reels and Strathspeys by Traditional scored for Fiddle, Flute or Tinwhistle; id Nos 81 reels and strathspeys. Bring a colleague learn implement and succeed. Publication of the columbia club of indianapolisthanksgivingschool.

Henrietta, Lady Clive, was one of these women. We do not know. Ramasamayya and the other Thanjavur musicians were experts in Karnatic music. Muthuswami Dikshitar was clearly inspired by his experience with band and fiddle tunes in Madras and Thanjavur. The Thanjavur court musicians, on the other hand, would have encountered popular British songs not only as band tunes, but as often in the context of classical chamber music.

Indeed, popular tunes had permeated nearly every genre and kind of English music of the time, instrumental and vocal, and they ruled the English music landscape. Handel gained fame as the foremost composer of sacred music. His 29 massive oratorios --opera-like works with large orchestras and choruses, spectacular solos, and lyrics based on Bible narratives and texts -- became the most popular works performed in public theaters in London. The standard setting of GSK is the one authored and popularized in by Thomas Arne , composer of popular English operas.

George, Madras. In the reception of Hindustani Airs in Thanjavur, the travels of English and Indian tunes came full circle. It seems fitting to end this essay with a reference to birdsong. Thanks to Serfoji and his fellow-innovators in the early 19th century, at least in Thanjavur, European music did not remain, as E.

Rivington, , Volume I. Archer, Mildred, C. Rowell and R. New York: Meredith Press, Archer, Mildred. Ayyar , C. Journal of the Madras Music Academy. XV, , Bird, William Hamilton. Cooper, Booth, Gregory D. John Newton, Sept. Chinnaswamy Mudaliyar, A. Oriental Music in European Notation. Edited by Gowri Kuppuswamy and M.

Delhi: Cosmo, originally published Buchanan, Claudius. Christian Researches in Asia, London: T. Cadell, 10th ed. Farrell, Gerry. Fowke, Francis. Reprinted in S. Guide to the Records of the Tanjore District, , volumes Record Office: Government Press, Jones, William. Kannikeswaran, Kanniks. Susan Gritton et al. Hyperion CDA Kittappa, eds.

Thanjavur: Tamil University, Music Department, Lawson, Charles. Memories of Madras. London: Swan Sonnenschein, McLamore, Alyson. New York: Bantam, Perumal, P. Thanjavur: Sarasvati Mahal Library, n. Peterson, Indira V. Medieval History Journal, 14, 2 :