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It is this Owaisi contact that is mostly utilized in spirit healing, and most of the invocations are made to the spirits of such relationship. Isal-i-Thawab is the best methodology to create such channels. III: Letter No. Another spiritual theory is that sometimes the spirits of those who meet accidental deaths acquire a special power of being able to embody themselves, at will, whenever and wherever they like. Hence, the martyred saints are very prominent in this respect. We hereunder mention a martyred saint, who has become famous throughout the world as a healing saint.

I nteraction with spirits is so common in Sufism that the Muslim mystics have developed special sciences on it, like Hadhirat-ul-Arwah seance and Kashf-ul-Qoboor graves-clairvoyance and healing with the help of the spirits is a well-introduced branch of them. Reiki seems to be far behind in this area, as due to its infancy, it has not yet been able to formulate reliable formulas of involving the spirits in the phenomena of healing. So far, we have discussed the major aspects of Reiki in comparison with Islam in separate chapters.

The use of water is one of the most important elements of healing, both in Reiki and Islamic healing system. Here are some aspects of it:. Owing to these tremendous benefits of wadhoo , the Sufis ask their disciples to remain in constant state of wadhoo i. In the case of ejaculation, it becomes compulsory to take a bath; mere repetition of wadhoo is not enough. A very special point to consider is that the left-out water of ablution is regarded as sacred and its method of drinking is like that of Zam-Zam a holy well situated at Makkah.

It is not allowed in Islam to drink water while standing except that of Zam-Zam , but in case of the left-out water of ablution, it is enjoined upon the drinker to drink it in a standing position. Such a water as this is considered to be a highly healing and purifying water. This comprehensive system of purification is far advanced than mere washing of the hands and feet, and that also merely at the time of healing.

It sounds beneficial to suggest that Reiki should pay more attention to water as a healing and purifying element. O Ali! Always start your meal with salt, as it cures seventy diseases; some of those diseases are lunacy, leprosy, ill-digestion and toothache. Reiki deserves a special appreciation that it has discovered the utility of salt in healing. However, the Sufis are more laudable that they have already been using it for centuries. One of their cardinal principles is that sugar accelerates the alertness of the physical body and salt awakens the dormant spiritual powers. Grounding is a pivotal term in Reiki, as it is through this process that one is channeled to the universal energy.

One receives this energy through feet and the crown of the head. When a flow of the energy starts, one is enabled to direct it to others who need healing or spiritual help. This is done at the time of healing or helping others or, in case of self-help, once or twice a day to keep oneself attuned to Reiki. In Reiki only feet, i. Khawaja Shams-ud-Din Azeemi comments upon the benefits of sajdah in these words:.

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The efficacy of this statement can be judged through another fact that the Sufis and other pious Muslims present their supplications to Allah in sajdah , and they are always accepted. That is why, sajdah is a compulsory part of salat. Although grounding is also channeling, yet a special form of channeling, at the time of healing, is to raise the left hand so that its palm should be facing the sky, and wait until a sensation is felt in it from the space above, while the right hand is placed on the head of the healee.

In most of the other religions, the form of supplication is to raise the hands to the level of chest, but instead of opening, they are bound in a way that the palms and fingers touch each other, while the tips of the fingers point upwards. It is interesting to note that, despite its claim of origination in Buddhist culture, Reiki has adopted the channeling method of Islam. Usui to the level of satori at Mount Kurama. In the Islamic way of life, it is compulsory for every Muslim to fast every year for a complete lunar month, i.

This month is so endeared in the Muslim society that they keep on waiting for it throughout the year. There is a complete Sura in the Quran about this night The exact date of this night has not been disclosed. It has been placed among the last ten nights of Ramadhan. The Quran says about this Night:. The point to consider about Ramadhan and its programme is that the system of fasting in Islam is, beyond any doubt, far superior to Reiki, and its Divinely approbated concept of Laila-tul-Qadr is an open way to enlightenment, or satori. The practitioners of Reiki are asked to visualize a column of white light, moving in a counter-clockwise shape.

The Muslim Sufis have developed their spiritual lessons of meditation on the principle of the counter-clockwise motion of the spiritual energy. The point to consider here is that there does exist some inner spiritual link that underlies such similarities. In this chapter, we have briefly commented upon some miscellaneous points of similarities. Curious researchers can explore many other areas of special notice. I n the previous chapters, we have made a comparative study of the concepts and practices of spiritual healing in Reiki and the Sufi Healing.

In this chapter, we are going to cast a look on the two systems in the light of their history. Our studies, so far, have revealed to us that a comprehensive spiritual healing system, similar to Reiki in most of its methods, and better than it in many ways, has remained well-known and in common practice among the Sufi circles, long before Dr. The history of the contemporary form of Reiki starts with Dr.

Mikao Usui , who experienced satori in or, according to some of his biographers, in , and founded his organization, Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, in The same year he opened his first Reiki clinic in Aoyama, Tokyo. In the earthquake of , he dedicatedly treated the victims of this calamity and became famous throughout the country.

In , i. Chujiro Hayashi Hayashi was a medical man as well. So, he made suitable changes in the system, re-naming it as Ryoho Shishin. In , a Hawaiian lady, Hawayo Takata came to work with him. She was declared a Reiki Master in Since her death in , Reiki has been progressing by leaps and bounds, and has achieved the status of a spiritual link throughout the world. Every living spiritual system is studying it, devotedly comparing it with its own principles. These two types of healing, which have a striking similarity with Reiki, have remained in vogue since the dawn of Islam.

The Sufi orders gave them a proper shape and practised them as a part of their spiritual mission. Let us see some examples:. I have used my tawajjuh to remove some diseases for sometimes, and it has proved to be effective. Likewise, I also used my tawajjuh to remove torture and problems of those who are in purgatory.

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Reiki Kyokai: Usui System of Natural Healing - Kindle edition by Robert Jefford. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Usui Shiki Ryoho (the Usui System of Natural Healing, is a Japanese Healing Art. This form was founded in Japan and the basis of the practice is referred to as.

This has also turned out to be successful. Here are three of them:. I: Letter No. A spiritual method of extracting the disease is that the healer with a strong spiritual genealogy should think that he himself is suffering from the disease, which is in the patient. He must not have any fear in his heart at all.

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With this technique, the disease will shift itself over to the healer. There are two methods of removing the disease or the ill-effects of the sin. The other method is the one above mentioned by the writer Shah Wali Ullah. Shah Ghulam Ali: Another murid disciple of Mirza Mazhar-i-Jan-i-Janan, Shah Ghulam Ali Delhavi , deserves our special attention, as from him we have received a special document about spiritual healing.

This is the only letter written by Shah Ghulam Ali in Urdu. Sayyid Zahur-ul-Hasan Qadiri d. Muhammad Ayyub Qadiri has also included the complete text of this great letter in his thesis for Ph. Since this letter is likely to open a new vista of research with the reference to Reiki, we are producing an English translation of the complete text of it here, and its original Urdu text at the end of the book, as an appendix Appendix-B :.

My dear! If you fail to understand anything out of this letter, please feel free to ask me, as I could not afford time to write all the details. I shall keep on guiding your goodself from time to time. Please remember me in your prayers, and at special time, do not remove my affection from your pure heart. Your goodself, your sons and whosoever is suitable, all are permitted to use the methods mentioned in this letter. You can give permission to anyone, and revoke it wherever necessary in your opinion. The process of this revocation will be like that of pulling out the disease.

It is like the method of the revocation of nisbat the spiritual connection , which I had explained to you at a night, and you had understood it well. You may revoke the permission on lack of interest and wisdom. Allah is the best asset, all else is ambition.

A brief analysis of this letter indicates the following facts:. This short analysis is meant for highlighting the similarities of this system and Reiki. Almost every main aspect of Reiki can be found herein. A Very Important Note. Shah Ghulam Ali Delhavi died in , i. Both of these Naqshbandi Sufis were the open practitioners of this system.

Usui was only 14 years old. Had he been able to come to India, even in his teen-age, he would have got within one day what he got after a lot of trouble and sacrifice. Through this brief historical survey, we have tried to elucidate that the Sufis, particularly the Naqshbandis, have been using the formulas, which are recently used under the title of Reiki. It would be more relevant for some other researcher to study Reiki, comparing it with the spiritual healing system of the Naqshbandi order. What we have been able to grasp out of this study is that Reiki might be a surprise to the Westerners and the Far Easterners, but it has ever remained a close bosom friend of the Sufis, under different Islamic names, like salb-ul-amradh or healing with tawajjuh etc.

In this research, we have made a comparative study of Reiki and the Sufi healing, on the premise that Reiki, being a legacy of the Prophets, is compatible with all the religions and spiritual systems of the world. What we have been able to find out, in this probe, is summarized below:. We have kept both these aspects in our mind, i.

Reiki initiation is more akin to izn. The spiritual symbols, which lead to Allah, are encouraged by the Sufis. But the cultural, philosophical and poetical symbols, which might lead to idolatry, are denounced by them. A t the end of this book, it will be quite beneficial to make some recommendations in the light of our findings in this study:.

Asrar-i-Khudi: Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal: Sh. Beemari aur us ka Roohani Ilaj: Dr. Mir Waliuddin: Maktabah-i-lshaqia, Karachi, Hayat-i-Javidan: Dr. Healing Through Reiki: M.

Usui Reiki Ryōhō (Reiki, Japan) - WRSP

Gupta: Pustak Mahal, Delhi, Javid Nama: Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Sh. Madarij-us-Solook: Dr. Mun Ki Dunya: Dr. Ghulam Jilani Burq: Sh. Soul Healing: Dr. Bruce Goldberg: Pustak Mahal, Delhi, The Book of Sufi Healing: Sh. Haim: Farhang-i-Moaser: Tehran, Zubda-tul-Maqamat: Kh. Websites 1. Diana L. Lawton R. A list of forms of Reiki, which transpired during our recent study.

A list of forms of Reiki, which transpired during our recent study:. In this book. On the other hand, there is an outbreak of Islamo-phobia throughout the world due to an anti- Islamic propaganda, launched by some extremists. This book is likely to be a new dawn in the world of spiritual healing and an unprecedented gift to mankind from the blissful world of the Sufi. Introduction 7 2. An Overview of the Previous Work 14 3. Reiki: A Legacy of the Prophets 20 4. The Energy 28 5. Channelling 35 6. Initiation 38 7. The Divine Empowerment Izn 44 8.

Five Principles of Reiki 49 9. Hands-on Position 60 Distant Healing 67 The Symbols 75 The Energy Body 85 Invocation of the Spirits 97 Miscellaneous Moiz Hussain, whose kindness, encouragement and guidance has remained a source of inspiration for me throughout this project. I also did Ph. Moiz Hussain.

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It would be highly beneficial to conduct separate studies on it. Table of Contents What is a Reiki Branch? Any prescribed medication and to consult their physician. However, if someone still feels a dissatisfaction, we have provided him with purely Islamic substitutes. With this blessing, he was enabled to cure the diseased ones. This is true for the techniques one uses to practice Reiki, but it is also true for the quality of the healing energy. Note that when Takata Sensei taught this level, which in the West we refer to as Reiki Level I, she combined all four levels into one.

My academic assistants, Mr. Gul Raza Abbasi, Mr. Arshad Ghias, Mr. Arif Shakoor and Mr.

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Mannan Latif, the four sincere youth, deeply interested in spiritual knowledge. My dedicated companion, Mr. Asad Mahmood Qazi, a lover of knowledge, with a remarkable competence of the English language, who managed an exquisite technical help in composing well in time, with the assistance of his co-composer, Mr. Riaz Ahmed Khan, my very dear adopted-brother, who has recently completed his M.

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Four noble and talented youth, Mr. Bilal Ahmad, Mr. Zulfiqar Ali, Mr. Muhammad Amir and Mr. Kamran Khursheed, who read the proof of this book quite minutely and also assisted Mr. Asad Qazi in his work. The approaches of such healers are mainly of two kinds: Some healers have devised new names for their field of research and experience, introducing specific forms of Reiki. During the course of our studies in Reiki, we have been able to locate about forms of Reiki, which have been introduced so far 1.

However, all these forms have emerged out of Usui Reiki. Gupta: Pustak Mahal, Delhi, Chapter Bruce Goldberg: Pustak Mahal, Delhi, complete book. Reiki and Religion Since Reiki has been recognized as a healing science, most of its practitioners have tried to isolate it from religion. This religious-mindedness has raised an upsurge among religious circles of the world to represent Reiki through their respective religious and spiritual traditions. Keeping in mind the question of Reiki and religion, an expert in Reiki, William Lee Rand, gives us an insight into the popularity of Reiki among all the religions and famous spiritual systems of the world: Because Reiki is spiritual, yet not a religion, it has attracted students from all religions and spiritual backgrounds.

There are Catholic priests and nuns that practice Reiki. Jains, Zoroastrinists, Taoists and Shintoists practice Reiki. Wiccans, Shamans, native peoples, and those on independent spiritual paths practice Reiki. Virtually all religious groups are attached to the practice of Reiki. An important reason for this is that Reiki gives each person a more immediate experience of the divine. The priority of a scholar on a worshipper is like that of the moon of the fourteenth night on stars 7. Knowledge is a lost legacy of the Momins the believers in Islam ; take hold of it wheresoever you find it 8.

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The Prophet Muhammad PBUH is very clear regarding the humanitarian basis of life, as saying: Be kind to the ones who are on the earth: the One who is in the heavens Allah shall be kind to you 9. The one who desires an increase in his sustenance and to achieve longevity, should be kind to the public The one, who starts some good tradition, will be getting his own reward and that of his followers as well till doomsday 11 This welcoming attitude of Islam can be adopted in the case of Reiki as well. In order to determine the scope and appropriateness of this comparative study, we may consider the following basic questions: What are the characteristics of Reiki energy and what does Islam say about them?

How is Reiki practised? Are its practices and healing methods found in any form in Islamic way of life and spiritual healing? When was the present form of Usui Reiki introduced? Have Muslim spiritual healers and Sufi orders ever offered any system like this? Islam and Sufism Some self-liberalized approaches have gone astray in their misconception that Islam and Sufism are two different disciplines. He writes: When I was at Peace Corp.

Upto that point, I came to the conclusion that Yemen had none. It was my trip to Egypt that changed that. Since I speak some Arabic, we were able to locate his centre in a short time. We stayed there a week. They taught us zikr and then they gave us both Airfare to go to Khartoum, Sudan, where their Master lived.

When I was there, he passed on to me the final attunement of his order. Afterwards I found that if I became ill, I could place my hands on my heart and belly, my body would vibrate and the illness would pass. Four symbols, a heart meditation on light noor and some wazaif Sufi recitations are also taught to the trainees. They are also provided with a manual at the end of their training. This form of Islamic Reiki, though in its infancy as yet, is convincing par excellence, and is expected to eliminate the fear of Reiki among the orthodox Muslims.

It will also open new vistas of hope for the modern Muslim youth. His opening words are: Sufi healing has been discreetly practiced for over one thousand years and Reiki is now widely accepted as a means to reduce physical and emotional stress within the body and its organs. Sufi Reiki applies ancient Sufi healing through Reiki, using an exceptional powerful healing system. It is not limited in its application and promotes healing at a fundamental deeper level than conventional methods allow.

One of those experiences is very important, especially in relation to Reiki, which he had at the age of near Out walking, he saw a bright ball of light like the sun, which came down and entered his head, causing his whole body to shake. He felt a sharp pain in his chest and thought he was going to have a heart attack. He went home and lay down on his bed and prepared to die. Instead, he began to pray, not from his will, but as if moved by a power beyond himself. Usui and Bapak The common concept of divine energy The concept of complete surrender in satori and latihan The humanitarian approach of the two systems It can be regarded as an important area for an independent research.

Many Americans are ignorant of the historical background of Islam and its close ties to Judaism and Christianity. These three religions share a common cultural heritage. All of them revolve around the one true God, which, in Islam, is called Allah. Allah is the personal name for God and it comes from the Aramatic language, the sister tongue of Arabic.

Aramatic is the language that Jesus spoke. Here is one of them: Verily, we have sent our revelation to you Muhammad! On the basis of Mashrab , all the practising Sufis Salikeen have been divided into six distinct categories: Those on the disposition of Adam -Adami-ul-Mashrab Those on the disposition of Nuh Noah — Nuhi-ul-Mashrab Those on the disposition of Ibrahim Abraham — lbrahimi-ul-Mashrab Those on the disposition of Musa Moses -Musavi-ul-Mashrab Those on the disposition of Isa Christ -Isavi-ul-Mashrab Those on the disposition of Muhammad — Muhammadi-ul-Mashrab 28 The dominant aspects of the lives of these Prophets have also been indicated in Sufism: Adam: repentance Noah: persistence Abraham: sacrifice Moses: courage Jesus: healing Muhammad: combination of all these qualities This dispositional affinity with a certain Prophet determines the predilection of the practitioner to a specific area of spirituality.

It was revealed to me and my heart was informed that these people were those who are on the mashrab of Christ, despite their being the Muhammadans. I also heal the blind and the lepers.

They would become alive and fly in the air. If you can show such a miracle, we are ready to accept what you propose to us. Then, he blew into it. It became a sparrow, by the grace of Allah, and flew away.

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The Christians were overwhelmed with joy and all of them became the companions of the Prophet. He requested the Prophet for some remedy. The Prophet gave her a pass by his holy sceptre over her body and she was cured then and there. But, unluckily, she died. If you are capable of restoring her back to life, do so, and I shall join your circle.

There he called her by her name. She got up alive and paid salam greeting to the Prophet. Then, the Prophet asked her whether she wanted to remain in the same world or come back in the world of the living human beings. Actually, she wanted to kill him, by serving him with the food mixed with poison. The Prophet announced an amount of ransom for their release. His uncle, Abbas, was also among the prisoners of that war and had to pay the ransom according to the announcement. He adopted an apologetic attitude, by telling the Prophet that he had nothing to pay for release.

Its effects cannot be standardized. It always works according to the Universal laws. It is the property of the Universe. Therefore, they believe that by turning to that Creating Genius through devotion, contemplation and recollection of his name, their patients can be healed. Many modern physicians also realize that the more you learn about the life and the universe, the more you realize that the beginning and end, the outward and inward of all that exists, is filled with lifegiving energy from the Creating Genius. Everything that is alive has a life force circulating and surrounding it, but the life force departs when it dies.

The above-mentioned Muslim spiritual healer, Hisham Kabbani, comes forward with a similar statement: In different cultures, energy is known by different names. It is the source of all movement in the universe. When the human body loses its life breath, the original energy or life force leaves it, allowing the body to decompose. Bapak, the Indonesian pioneer of the Subud Spiritual System, experienced ascension while reciting this wazifa the Muslim word for mantra : Bapak experienced himself being freed from the confines of the earth, like a jewel being released from its setting, and sped through the sky at an unimaginable speed.

Allahu Akbar! He passed the moon and other planets. Had it been so, it would have been more appropriate to continue to refer to this energy as Prana, Ki or Chi. Reiki is that basic energy from which Prana, Ki or Chi manifest. Reiki is that primal energy that emanates continuously from the single source of universal power and existence. Here is a quotation, taken out of the introductory article of Reiki, issued by famous Reiki Council : Whether you identify this healing energy as God, Buddha, Jesus, Angels or Reiki, it is a personal experience with powerful benefits for health, spirit and emotions.

Therefore, in order to clear the debris of polytheism from human minds, the Quran provides us with the concept of the Beautiful Names of Allah Asma-ul-Husna : Allah has a number of Beautiful Names: always call Him in these Names. Considered together, they provide a concept of His all-encompassing, all-pervading, all-powerful nature.

Polarization Reiki, in its nature, is a limitlessly ever flowing energy, regulating the entire world. Once it leaves the subatomic world, it must polarize, because it is entering the physical, manifest world where it is acted upon by time. This description determines two levels of this energy: 1. Primal level: the level of its universality and limitlessness 2.

Channelled level: the level of its being harnessed as a healing and transforming energy The second level channeling is very important in human context. This action dazzled their eyes and shattered their minds. Nothing is dearer to me than the obligatory worship faraiz. Then my dear worshiper goes on worshiping me more and more nawafil , getting nearer to me, until I start loving him.

When I love him, I become his ear which he uses in listening, the eye with which he sees, the hand with which he catches and the foot on which he walks. If he demands something from me, I do give him, and if he seeks my asylum, I protect him. This natural gift is handed-over to the aspirant only through initiation, as John Salat says: The process of attunement can only be carried out by a Reiki Master, which allows the person to tap into and direct the Reiki energy.

Reiki is experiential and can only be received through an initiation by another person. It cannot be self taught from books or lectured about. The Hadith describes the incident as this: The first revelation was sent to him during his seclusion in the Cave of Hira. Read, and know that your Lord is the Most Honourable One. The Opening of the Breast Inshirah-i-Sadr : Another opening experience of the Prophet has been mentioned in ninety-fourth Sura Chapter of the Quran : Did we not open your breast for you, and removed your burden, which had bent your back.

He uttered some words, which I listened. Then he tore asunder my breast to this place the Prophet showed his breast — from navel to throat. My heart was brought out of my body, then a golden tray, filled with Iman belief was served. My heart was washed with it and placed back in its actual bodily setting. Verily He is the best Listener and Seer. Your companion has neither gone astray, nor missed his way. He never talks according to his own will.

His own talk is nothing except wahi revelation sent to him. He has been taught by the One Mighty and Wise; and he grew higher to view when he was on the uppermost horizon. Then he drew near and came down till he was at a distance of two bow-legths or even nearer. And He revealed to His worshipper what He revealed. The heart did not lie in seeing what it saw. Will you then dispute with him concerning what he sees?

And surely he saw Him yet another time by the lote-tree of the farthest boundary, near which is the Garden of Abode.

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At that time that which shrouds did enshroud the lote-tree. The eye was not turned aside or bedazzled. Truly he saw the greatest revelations of his Rabb Lord. After this incident, Bashir was able to cure all the patients, with a similar touch as the Prophet did. With this blessing, he was enabled to cure the diseased ones. One of his companions, Hazrat Zail, says that he had seen Hanzala, a number of times, performing healing miracles. In the following lines, we also endeavour to form a consistent view of this important concept: Unlimited Izn: The concept of unlimited izn is derived from the concept of the Prophethood.

All the other spiritual figures of his time receive his izn , which is unlimited on his part. Mir Hadian puts this idea in these words: There is no unlimited izn except by the knowledge of the sole owner thereof. By that I mean that it has been an extremely rare moment in history that two owners of unlimited izn have existed side by side without one of them having received it by the grace of the other.

I can think of no such example. In a span of centuries, such a blessed figure is manifested to the world. This dark world gets illuminated by his emanation, and the light of his celestial guidance encompasses the universe. Taken from Empyrean down to the abysmal depth of the earth, all the gnosis, Iman and guidance is given through him. He is the fountain of all this wealth, which can be found through no other medium. Limited Izn : Limited izn is the one in which someone is granted a limited izn to perform some duty temporarily or permanently. Mir Hadian has succinctly dealt with this idea.

Temporary Izn : This is a timely izn for doing some duty, duly empowered by some blessed soul. The Quran , for example, mentions that the Israelis killed a person and, afterwards, picked a quarrel over the identity of his murderer. They did so. The dead one was quickened, and died again, after telling the name of his killer.

Its izn was revoked. Thus, a temporary izn is revocable just after the completion of the assigned task. Permanent Izn : Permanent izn , usually irrevocable, except in the cases of severe disobedience or violation of spiritual laws, is granted mostly in three situations: At the occasion of declaring someone a Khalifa, Sheikh, Pir or Murshid terms used for spiritual guides, mentors, preceptors , etc.

At the eve of empowering someone to perform his clandestine duties as a Wali, Qutb, Abdal or Ghauth terms used for unexposed spiritual executives etc. At the time of ordaining someone as a teacher of some esoteric knowledge. Mir Hadian gives us another insight in this respect: he writes: The lowest level of permanent izn is the permission to teach.

It is considered a permanent izn , in that there is no expectation of termination, even though there is still the possibility of revocation by the masters. Mir Hadian aptly remarks: The Sufi masters have always been blessed with the key to healing. How Five Principles were Formulated? Out of this experience came Dr. These are guidelines on how to live our lives and are closely connected to our health in the broadest sense. His five principles are as follows: Just for today, I shall not worry. Just for today, I shall not be angry. Just for today, I shall do my work honestly.

Just for today, I shall respect the elders and be kind to the juniors. Just for today, I shall be thankful to all. Level Healing Precept Negative Emotions 1. Physical Joy Worry 2. Mental Tolerance Anger 3. Emotional Honesty Wickedness 4. Soul Will Gratitude Thanklessness This specification of the levels of existence and the notions of conducive and detrimental attitudes are hallmarks of the spiritual pathology, in which diseases are diagnosed and treated accordingly. These Names are so endeared among the Muslims that: They use them frequently as catch-words in their talks, begin their speeches and writings with them, start and complete all their tasks with them, decorate with them their houses, shops, offices, vehicles and all the precious commodities of their use, and inscribe them on rings and jewellery.

They contemplate and meditate on them in seclusion, repeat them individually, chant them in chorus and recite them in gatherings. They have a firm belief that the one who recites any one of these Holy Names , times almost equal to the number of the Prophets of Allah , is exposed to the angelic agency of that particular attribute; and further zikr of that Name reveals to him the Greatest Name Ism-i-Azam , which regulates the entire system of the universe.

Recitation of Suras: Another well-established method of healing in Muslim society is through recitation of Suras Chapters of the Quran. The Quran has Suras , and the basic function of all these Suras is to lead the mankind to the path of righteousness. This is the foremost and thematic function of the Quran. In addition to this, the experience of more than fourteen centuries has established this fact that, since it is, verbally and structurally, in its actual revealed form, mere reading of its text brings about unimaginable results.

All the Suras have multifarious effects. Therefore, the recitation of different Suras is recommended by the scholars of the Quranic sciences to solve the problems of life. People sit in isolation and recite some Sura for a certain limit of time, until they acquire an empowerment to solve their problems, or they sit together and perform a collective recitation, which results into thousand-fold multiplication of their spiritual power to overcome their predicaments.

So I turned my head to alternative methods and I found joy and relief by doing so. Your email address will not be published. Instead of creating yet another infographic with these well-known chakras, I rather reviewed and presented Read more…. Read more…. Great dynamic posters with recommended Reiki hand positions — for self-healing or healing others — from Pinterest, Flickr or our image pool.

Instead of creating yet another batch of photos or graphics with these well-known Read more…. Table of Contents What is a Reiki Branch? Usui Reiki 2. Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai 3. Hayashi Reiki Ryoho Kenkyu-Kai 4. Tomita Teate Ryoho-Kai 5. Tenohira Ryoji Kenkyu-Kai 6. Usui-Do or Usui-Do Eidan 7. Jikiden Reiki Type 8.

Komyo Reiki Kai 9. Gendai Reiki Ho Usui Shiki Ryoho The Reiki Alliance Mariel or Mari-El Raku Kei Reiki Johrei Reiki or Jo Reiki Reiki Majick Wei Chi Tibetan Reiki Shamballa Reiki or Shamballa Multidimensional Healing Seichim Helen Belot Sekhem Sai Baba Reiki Karuna-Ki Reiki Newlife Reiki-Seichim Usui Reiki Ryoho Ichi Sekai Reiki Vortex Reiki Dorje Reiki Satya Reiki Reido Reiki Type Reiki Evolution Kundalini Reiki Gold Reiki Rainbow Reiki Alef Reiki Type Saku Reiki Blue Star Reiki Sacred Path Reiki Jinlap Maitri Reiki Holy Fire Reiki Angelic Reiki Lightarian Reiki Ascension Reiki Type Alchemia Reiki Attraction Reiki Money Reiki Adama Starfire Reiki Celtic Reiki Brahma Satya Reiki Sun Li Chung Reiki Mahatma Reiki Type Fairy Realms Reiki Five Element Seichem Conclusion References.

What is specific to this Reiki system. This was and remains a pure Japanese Reiki school. What is specific to this Reiki organization. Japanese Reiki type. Japanese Reiki branch. Kaiji Tomita learned Reiki from Dr Usui in Japanese-style branch or Reiki school, practiced by a Westerner in the Japanese-style tradition. Japanese Reiki branch, with modern contemporary Western influences. What is specific to this Reiki school. What is specific to this Reiki type. Following her death, most of her 22 students developed their own flavor of Reiki.

Western Reiki type. Western Tibetan Reiki branch. Founded by Wade Ryan , as an adaptation of Johrei Reiki. Tibetan Reiki branch. Founded by Margot Deepa Slater , in What is specific to this Reiki branch. Modern Japanese Reiki branch with strong Western influences. Western Reiki branch, based on Kundalini Reiki. Western Tibetan Reiki branch, combining traditional practices with many New Age practices. Western branch, as a mixture of Hebrew and Reiki teachings. Gary Jirauch also founded Jinlap Maitri Reiki.

Western branch, with Reiki used in ancient Egypt. Found listings. Summary: I am an Intuitive Healer. I have been a healer since before I can remember. I became a Usui Reiki Master and have [ Phone: Address: Maidstone, Kent. I practice clinical Hypnotherapy this has enabled me to work on a spiritual healing [ Summary: Usui Reiki is an ancient system of natural healing, rediscovered in japan over years ago by Dr Mikao Usui. The word Reiki is [ Phone: 00 33 Summary: My healing journey started 20 years ago and have experience in many healing practices from Quantum Touch and working with the copper pyramid to [ Website Address: www.