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La sacra Iside consultasti? Ella ha nomato 5 Delle Egizie falangi Il condottier supremo. Oh lui felice! Celeste Aida, forma divina, 15 Mistico serto di luce e fior; Del mio pensiero tu sei regina, Tu di mia vita sei lo splendor. Il tuo bel cielo vorrei ridarti, Le dolci brezze del patrio suol, 20 Un regal serto sul crin posarti, Ergerti un trono vicino al sol.

To the right and left a Colonnade with statues and flowering shrubs. Radames — Ramphis. Yes, it is rumored that the Ethiop dares once Again our power in the valley of Nilus, Threaten as well as Thebes. The truth from Messengers I soon shall know. Hast thou consulted The will of Isis? She has declared Who of Egypt's renowned Armies shall be leader. Oh happy mortal! The dread commandment I to the King shall take. What if 'tis I am chosen? Ah my dream be now accomplished! Of a glorious army I the chosen leader — mine glorious victory — By Memphis received in triumph! To thee returned, Aida, my brow entwined with laurel — Tell thee, for thee I battled, for thee I conquered!

Heav'nly Aida, beauty resplendent, Radiant flower blooming and bright; Queenly thou reignest o'er me transcendent, Bathing my spirit in beauty's light. Would that thy bright skies once more beholding, Breathing the soft airs of thy native land; Round thy fair brow a diadem folding, Thine were a throne next the sun to stand. Amneris e detto. Di quale Nobil fierezza ti balena il volto! Degna di invidia oh! Amneris and the same. In thy visage I trace a joy unwonted! What martial ardour Is beaming in thy noble glances!

Ah me! A dream of proud ambition In my heart I was nursing — Isis this day Has declared my name the warrior chief appointed To lead to battle Egypt's hosts, — ah, for this honour Say what if I were chosen! Has not another vision, One more sweet, more enchanting, Found favour in your heart? Is there in Memphis No attraction more charming? Has she the secret yearning Divined within me burning! Have then these eyes betrayed me And told Aida's name!

Ah woe, my love if spurning His heart to another were turning, Woe if hope should false have played me, And bootless prove my flame! Aida e detti. Ei si turba… e quale Sguardo rivolse a lei! Favelli il ver? Aida and the same. He is troubled — ne'er lover Gazed with more raptured eyes! Weep'st thou? AIDA Alas! And art thou sure no deeper woe Now bids thy tears to flow? Lest thy secret stain is detected! All in vain thou wouldst dissemble, By tear and blush betrayed! AIDA No! Un uffiziale di Palazzo, indi un Messaggiero.

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Un guerriero indomabile, feroce, Li conduce — Amonasro. AIDA Mio padre! Sien grazie ai Numi! I miei voti fur paghi. Ei duce! AIDA Io tremo.

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Sacro fremito di gloria Tutta l'anima mi investe — Su! From the Ethiop's land a messenger This moment has reached us, news of grave import Brings he — be pleased to hear him! The sacred regions of Egyptian soil Is by Ethiops invaded, our fertile fields Lie all devastated, destroyed our harvest! Emboldened by so easy a victory the plundering hordes To the capital are marching. ALL Presumptuous daring! They are led by a warrior as fierce As he is dauntless — Amonasro. ALL The king! AIDA My father! All Thebes has risen, and from her hundred portals Has poured on the invader a torrent fierce Fraught with relentless carnage.

KING Yes, death and battle be our rallying cry! ALL Battle! KING And carnage, war unrelenting! ALL Radames! Ye Gods, I thank you! My dearest wish is crowned! Our leader! AIDA I tremble. Glory's sacred thirst now claims me, Only war alone inflames me, On to vic'try, naught we stay for! Death and battle we'll wreak on the foe!

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AIDA Whom to weep for? Doom'd to love him though all reminds That I love my country's foe. ALL Battle, battle, we'll hunt the invader down! Radames, thy brow may laurels crown! AIDA Ritorna vincitor! Al seno d'un padre La figlia rendete; Struggete le squadre 15 Dei nostri oppressor! Speme non v'ha — pel mio dolor… Amor fatal — tremendo amor 35 Spezzami il cor — fammi morir! AIDA Thy brow may laurels crown! Behind his chariot A king, my father comes, his fettered captive!

Ye gods watching o'er me, Those words deem unspoken! A father restore me, His daughter heart-broken; Oh, scatter their armies, Forever crush our foe! What wild words do I utter? That sweet love that consoled me, a captive pining, Like some bright sunny ray on my sad lot shining! Shall I invoke destruction on the man For whom with love I languish?

Nabucco (Verdi, Giuseppe)

The names so holy of father, of lover, No more dare I utter or e'en recall, Abashed and trembling, to Heaven would hover My prayer for both, for both my tears would fall. Ah, woe! Merciful Gods, look from on high! Pity these tears hopelessly shed, Love! Nel mezzo della scena, sovra un palco coperto da tappeti, sorge l'altare sormontato da emblemi sacri. Dai tripodi d'oro s'innalza il fumo degli incensi.

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Mentre va all'altare, le Sacerdotesse eseguiscono la danza sacra. Mortal, diletto ai Numi — A te fidate Son d'Egitto le sorti. Nume, che duce ed arbitro Sei d'ogni umana guerra, Proteggi tu, difendi D'Egitto il sacro suol.


Priests and Priestesses — Ramphis at the foot of the altar — Afterwards Radames — The singing of the Priestesses is heard from within, with harp accompaniment. To thee, god-favoured mortal, is now confided All the welfare of Egypt. The weapon tempered By hand immortal, in thy grasp is destined To deal on thy foes ruin and carnage. Lord o'er each mortal destiny, War's dreadful course directing, Aid unto Egypt sending, Keep o'er her children guard!

Amneris circondata dalle Schiave che l'abbigliano per la festa trionfale. Dai tripodi si eleva il profumo degli aromi. Giovani schiavi mori danzando agitano i ventagli di piume. Vieni, amor mio, mi inebria… Fammi beato il cor! Siccome nebbia sparvero Al soffio del guerrier.

Vieni, amor mio, ravvivami D'un caro accento ancor! Amneris surrounded by female Slaves, who attire her for the triumphal feast. Come bind thy flowing tresses round With laurel and with flowers, While loud our songs of praise resound To celebrate Love's powers. Come, love, with rapture fill me, To joy my heart restore! As doves are by the eagle scared, Our warriors drove them back. Now wreath of triumph glorious The victor's brow shall crown, And love o'er him victorious Shall smooth his warlike frown.

Come, love, let thy voice thrill me With accents dear once more. Ah, cease now, 'tis Aida who this way advances, Child of the conquered, to me her grief is sacred. Amneris — Aida.

Io son l'amica tua… Tutto da me tu avrai — vivrai felice! Ben ti compiango! AIDA [vivamente commossa] Amore, amore! Non mentire! E mentir speri ancora? Trema, o vil schiava! AIDA Ah! Deeply you move me, yet no human sorrow Is lasting here below. Time will bring comfort — And heal your present anguish — Greater than time the healing power of love is. AIDA [much moved] Oh, love, sweet power! Rapturous madness, bliss fraught with woes, Thy pangs most cruel, a life contenting, Thy smiles enchanting bright heaven disclose!

Unbosom all thy secret thoughts, Come, trust securely in my affection; Amongst the warriors who fought Fatally against thy country It may be that one has wakened In thee gentle thoughts of love. AIDA What meanest thou? The cruel fate of war Not all alike embraces, And then the dauntless warrior Who leads the host may perish!

AIDA What dost thou tell me? Yes, Radames by thine Is slaughtered — And canst thou mourn him? AIDA For ever my tears shall flow! The Gods have wrought thee vengeance. Thou lovest him, ne'er deny it. AIDA I love! Nay, to confound thee I need but one word; Gaze on my visage — I told thee falsely — Radames liveth! AIDA [kneeling with rapture] He liveth! Gods, I thank ye! Dost hope still now deceive me? Yes, thou lovest him; so e'en do I [with her utmost fury] Dost hear my words? AIDA [drawing herself up with pride] Thou my rival!

What though it were so? I too — [checking herself] Ah, heed not my words, but spare and pardon! Tremble, slave, would thy heart I saw breaking On thy mad passion life thou art staking. Do I not hold thee fast in my power, While in my breast hate and envy are rife.

Come, this strife with me inviting, Thou ere long shalt learn thy doom.

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AIDA Pray thee spare a heart despairing, Life's to me a void forsaken; Live and reign, thy anger blighting O'er my head no more shall loom; Soon this love thy hate inviting Shall be buried in the tomb. Sul davanti un gruppo di palme. A destra il tempio di Ammone — a sinistra un trono sormontato da un baldacchino di porpora. Amneris prende posto alla sinistra del Re. Vieni, o guerriero vindice, 5 Vieni a gioir con noi; Sul passo degli eroi I lauri e i fior versiam! Danziam, fanciulle egizie, Le mistiche carole, Come d'intorno al sole 15 Danzano gli astri in ciel!

Vieni, e mia figlia di sua man ti porga Il serto trionfale. Concedi in pria che innanzi a te sien tratti I prigionier… [entrano fra le guardie i prigionieri Etiopi, ultimo Amonasro, vestito da uffiziale] AIDA Che veggo! In poter nostro!

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Suo padre… Anch'io pugnai… Vinti noi fummo e morte invan cercai. Quali sguardi sovr'essa ha rivolti! Di qual fiamma balenano i volti! E a tal sorte serbata son io? Per tutti! Morte ai nemici della patria. Spento Amonasro il re guerrier, non resta Speranza ai vinti. Venga or la schiava, 90 Venga a rapir l'amor mio… se l'osa! Inni leviamo ad Iside Che il sacro suol difende; Preghiam che i fati arridano Fausti alla patria ognor. Gloria al clemente Egizio Che i nostri ceppi ha sciolto, Che ci ridona ai liberi Solchi del patrio suol!

S'intrecci il loto al lauro Sul crin del vincitor! In front a clump of palms. To Egypt's King elected, Raise we our festive songs! Hither advance, oh glorious band, Mingle your joy with ours, Green bays and fragrant flowers Scatter their path along. Dance, sons of Egypt, circling round, And sing your mystic praises, As round the sun in mazes Dance the bright stars of night. Hither now advance, and on thy head my daughter Will place the crown of triumph. First deign to order that the captives Be before you brought. He here? My father? ALL Her father! And in our power! AIDA [embracing her father] Thou captive made!

So then thou art — AMON. Her father! I joined the war Fought, and was conquered. Death I vainly sought. I my king, I my country defended. Adverse fortune against us ran steady, Vainly sought we the fates to defy. At my feet in the dust lay extended Our King — countless wounds had transpierced him; If to fight for the country that nursed him Make one guilty, we are ready to die. With what glances on her he is gazing, Glowing passion within them is blazing; She is loved and my passion is slighted, Stern revenge in my breast loudly cries.

KING High in triumph since our banners now are soaring, Let us spare those our mercy imploring, By the gods mercy aye is requited, And gives strength to princely sway. KING Say on! Vouchsafe thee, I pray, freedom and life To freely grant unto these Ethiop captives here. Free all, then! Hear me, O King: [to Radames] And thou too, Dauntless young hero, list to the voice of prudence: They are foes to battle hardened, In them vengeance ne'er will die, Growing bolder if now pardoned They to arms once more will fly.

With Amonasro, their warrior king, All hopes of revenge have perished. At least As earnest of safety and of peace Keep we back fair Aida's father; Set the others free. Radames, to thee our debt Is unbounded. Amneris my daughter shall be Thy guerdon. Thou shalt hereafter o'er Egypt With her hold conquering sway. Now let yon bondmaid Rob me of my love — she dares not! He wed, a throne ascending, I left to measure all my loss Like some poor widowed dove.

Glory to Egypt's gracious land Who hath revenge rejected, And liberty hath granted us Once more our soil to tread. Now Heaven's bolt the clouds hath cleft Upon my head descending. Ah no! Almost of ev'ry sense bereft By joy my hopes transcending, Scarce I the triumph now can measure Crowning all my love. Roccie di granito fra cui crescono dei palmizii. Splendore di luna. Vieni d'Iside al tempio — alla vigilia [ad Amn. Io tremo… Ah! Granite rocks overgrown with palm trees. Come to the fane of Isis the eve [to Amn. To Isis Are the hearts of mortals open.

All that is hidden In the heart of man she knoweth. Yes, and I will pray that Radames may give me Truly his heart, truly as mine to him Has ever been sacred. Thou shalt pray Till the daylight. I shall be near thee. What would he tell me? I tremble! Ah, if thou comest To bid me, harsh man, farewell for ever, Then, Nilus, thy dark and rushing stream Hides me forever; peace shall I find there and oblivion! O skies cerulean, breezes soft blowing, Where brightly calmness saw life's blithe morn unfold, Sweet sloping verdure by streams so softly flowing, Thee my native land ne'er more shall I behold!

O blessed vales, wherein all cares were banish'd, That once did promise love, I bid adieu, Ah me! Amonasro — Aida. AIDA Cielo! A te grave cagione Mi adduce, Aida. AIDA E in suo potere io sto! In poter di lei! Sposa felice a lui che amasti tanto, 15 Tripudii immensi ivi potrai gioir… AIDA Un giorno solo di si dolce incanto… [c.

Tu stessa! AIDA Io! Che mi consigli tu? Una larva orribile Fra l'ombre a noi s'affaccia… Trema! Padre… AMON. AIDA Heaven! To thee, Aida, I come For gravest reasons. Naught escapes my attention; For Radames thour't dying of love. He loves thee, thou awaitest him.

A daughter of the Pharaohs is thy rival — Race accursed, detested, to us aye fatal! In her power thou? If thou wishest, Thy all-powerful rival thou shalt vanquish; Thy country, thy sceptre, thy love — all shall be thine. Once again shalt thou on our balmy forests, Our verdant valleys, our golden temples gaze! The happy bride of thy heart's dearest treasure, Delight unbounded there shalt thou enjoy. AIDA Ah, but one day of such enchanting pleasure, Nay, but an hour of bliss so sweet, then let me die!

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