A Doctor Dies and Other Stories

'I crossed over': Survivors of near-death experiences share 'afterlife' stories
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S2, Ep1. Error: please try again. They panic when they learn that the government inspector is to visit, filling the empty morphine phials with water. An intake of wounded Bolshevik soldiers tests the hospital to its limits but the inspector is among those who fail to make it, keeping the Young Doctor safe for a while.

A Doctor Dies and other stories

S2, Ep2. The Older Doctor is on a train with Vlas, a vagrant, who tells him that he hates morphine addicts. Having discovered that Vlas has been using pages from his notebook as toilet paper the doctor recalls how in , as he was busy trying to cover up his theft of the morphine, a party of the White Guard arrived at the hospital, seeking treatment for one of their soldiers. His sister Natasha invites the hospital staff to dine with the guards and the Young Doctor is smitten with her.

After getting drunk and accidentally shooting himself in the foot he declares his feelings S2, Ep3. The Older Doctor decides that he is going to write an opera as a cathartic experience. Meanwhile back at the hospital Pelageya is stricken with typhus but the Young Doctor neglects her to pursue Natasha in vain.

A badly wounded soldier is admitted and Natasha is anxious to know if he has any news of her lover Gregory but the Young Doctor lies to her, claiming that Gregory is dead.

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He is hopeful that now she may feel something towards him but it is a vain hope. These stories reflect the author's many medical experiences which are woven into these writings, giving a richness and diversity to the plots, and each ending with a little twist. The title story, "A Harvard Death," is recognized in the medical community as a person who dies in an academic institution, and yet is a moving testament to the healing power of personal connection between physician and patient.

Each story invites the reader to another medical setting as another mini-drama unfolds, or another ethical issue unwinds, or someone faces an ultimate decision, until the final suspenseful "whodunit" story of mystery and intrigue, "Not Always Benign. Blending pathos and humor with a medical background - much like television episodes of medical drama - Dr. Birken offers these intriguing vignettes with a comment from Bernard Malamud, "life is tragedy full of joy. His stories, albeit composites of fictional characters, ring true today given medical ethics, dying with dignity, and medical advances that continue to chip away at the doctor-patient relationship.

I was especially taken with his first chapter and portrayal of Mr.

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'The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories' is one of the Wolfe Archipelago- stories whose titles each contain the words death, doctor, and. Over at File, there's a hilariously complete version of a story I'd only was Wolfe's story "The Island of Doctor Death And Other Stories.

D'Amato, who chose to die on his own terms. This resonated inside my gut as I watched my mother make the same decision last year in a Houston hospital, and the compassion of her doctors and nurses after five years of end-stage emphysema. Kudos to Dr. Birken for his compassion and psychological insights which are rare among physicians and surgeons today. Keith Barton , psychologist and author.

The Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories and Other Stories

Randy Birken writes with skill and compassion. The more the young doctors discover the humanity of their patients, the more readers appreciate the humanity of those who choose to practice the art of healing.

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Birken writes stories that unflinchingly explore the feelings that accompany the process of becoming a physician: fear and self-doubt, disillusionment and anger, and finally, compassion and confidence. For anyone who wants to understand how doctors really experience their training as it unfolds in the classroom and then in clinical settings, A Harvard Death is a must-read. Koski, Ph. For almost an hour, the new Medical Three team presented cases.

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Kyle would follow up with a clinical pearl as well as a journal reference. Justin found his medical knowledge extraordinary. The last patient was Mr. Tony D'Amato, a seventy-one-year-old transferred from a nursing home three weeks before with severe dehydration. After he refused to eat or drink for days, the nursing home doctor sent him to the city hospital. D'Amato had several medical problems, including emphysema from years of smoking, severe rheumatoid arthritis, and left sided weakness from an old stroke.

While he ate and drank adequately at times, he would suddenly become uncooperative. The house staff faced the same problems as the nursing home.

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Social service was consulted, along with psychiatry, but no one suggested anything constructive. The old man's wife died seven years ago and his estranged sister lived in another state. He had two children-a son killed in Vietnam and a daughter who died in an auto accident when she was thirty-two. There was no other family or friends.

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Yet, Mr. D'Amato could not be transferred back to the nursing home until he was stable or discharged via a hearse if he died.

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The house staff found him disagreeable and unmanageable. He would say little or nothing if questioned. The intern on call the night before told Alan how he spent over an hour putting a small butterfly IV into the old man's right foot and taped it with enough gauze that even Houdini could not undo; but Mr.