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I might make one for myself since I have no little ones. So when you do 2sc in next stitc 8 times it equals 16 sc stitches for that instruction. One dec equals one stitch too even though you are hooking in two stitches. Hope this helps! Thanks, Maria. My dad would flip out if he got this for his birthday. If I could bare to part with it anyway! Thanks for sharing! Thank you so much for the pattern! Mine turned out a little differently had to do the head and body separately then sewed together. What a wise project… I must add this to my list of wee fun things to do!

Hi, I love your blog — so full of great ideas and tutorials. Just a question about the pattern. I get 20 or am I doing something wrong? I may well be being stupid here but hoping someone could shed light on my problems, my dad is patiently waiting for his yoda….! You are right.

They are joined and there will not be 9 free stitches. You will be overlapping. Just think of it like you are starting over again once you get to this point, even though they are connected. Does that make sense? I love this! I just recently started crocheting little critters and monsters! My husband saw this and said he wanted one!

Thanks for having such a great blog! I about fell off my chair when I saw this — my 12 year old love, love, loves Yoda, and I happen to crochet. Recently a stuffed Yoda he has got a Packers football jersey made for him, by me. Found the link on One Pretty Thing, gotta love that site for exposing us to this fun stuff. Thanks for sharing. I msde it sort of as a joke for my 22 yr. He loved it, and posted a picture of himself and the Yoda on his Facebook page. WOW, mom is a hit, too.

Great idea. Had a hard time with hood, so on second yoda I followed updated jacket instructions till begining of hood. After the row where you sl st and sc to arm. From there I chained 20, sl st to other side sc around back of jacket and around chain made, continue this for 3 rounds. Next round 3sc, then dec around. I also made little yoda using embroidery thread and size 2 hook. Made a cute little yoda key chain. Do you have any suggestions of how to make child friendly eyes e.

I have glued on small round circles cut from felt before. If you use fabric glue, it makes it really super hard to get off. But, it is still doable. Saftey eyes. You can buy them at any craft store and they come in any size. Sized in mm. Thank you my friend love his Yoda I had promised to make I want to make a R for myself and make a pattern so I looked forward to more from you. Thank you for this wonderful pattern, you are very talented. I just wanted to let you know that I linked to this pattern in my most recent blog entry and that I also linked to your blog and gave you credit and am hoping that it brings you some traffic from my readers.

If you would like to read the post, here is the link. Great blog! I made him!! So is my boyfriend, he actually loves the wookiefodder. Thank you SO much for the tut, you made me happy! I LOVE your yoda. What spaces? Can someone help??? Please help with the robe???

Thank you! I wrote this in because people were thinking the row 1 with 9 sc should be equal to the previous 10 because it was continuing. So if you had just done number 10, you have 7 stitches from that round dec 6 times into the 13 previous st leaves you with 7 left because the left st is left open , but then I say sc 9 times around. That means you are going past the end of the previous round. Like starting over instead of continuing. She just used spaces and stitches interchangeably.

The sp is meaning st. The stitch is what they call each time your crochet on the rows after the first one. It would be beneficial for you to research the crochet terms. How cute! I have several Star Wars people in my life, and I can crochet, so this will be a Christmas prezzie or 2 for sure! If you ever come up with a pattern for Mr.

Spock from Star Trek, I will make him too. Thanks for sharing, Love your stuff! Thank you so much for this pattern. Love this so much! Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial. I made Yoda on my own. It was fun to do. Thanks for great tutorial. Hugs from my own Yoda;P. Thanks for posting this! Thank you so very much!!! I apologize for being behind on responding! Woooooawwww you are very creative!!!! I made it. I went squee. I stuck a key ring in his head, and now he rides around on my schoolbag. Thanks so much! Do you know which size it is in numbers?

I hope the translation goes well for you too! As for the crochet hook sizes in metric, the G is a 4. For the H, it will be 6. If you want him smaller, try making your stitches tighter or use smaller needles. If your yarn was thicker, that might add in size as well. Thank you so much for the pattern. Thanks again! The stitching goes through all three layers: the hooped stabilizer, the velvet and the stabilizer with the design traced onto it.

This shows the back of the work. This is a detail of the knot design showing the stitches going under and over each other which is characteristic of traditional Celtic knot designs and very important to stitch correctly. Here's the green knot line all finished. You can see the basting thread in this picture pretty clearly. When I baste the design onto the velvet, I stitch just around the outside of the design. Then when I stitch the velvet onto the hooped stabilizer, I baste closer to the outside edge and then also on the inside of the design, in this case along the shape of the S.

This ensures that the stitching will be smooth and not leave any puckers in the velvet. Here is a detail of some of the points along the knot line. When the line reaches a point and takes a sharp turn, I always anchor the last stitch at the point, then begin again in the same stitch to go in the new direction. This keeps the points of the design sharp. This detail shows how nicely the chain stitch takes to curves. Here is the complete design with the stabilizer still attached to the front and back.

This is a detail of the completed design showing the purple stitching appearing to go underneath the green. In fact, the purple stitches are anchored before the green and started again after the green. Once the design outline is finished, remove the basting stitches and simply start tearing away the stabilizer from around the design.

It's sort of like a very satisfying punch-out project, like paper doll clothes or something similar! Always start from the outside and move towards the inside when removing the stabilizer. Use a pin or sharp needle to help lift the inside sections away from the stitching being careful not to pull any of the stitch threads or the velvet. Keep at it until all the stabilizer is removed from around and between and underneath all the stitches. At this point, with the top stabilizer removed and the hooped stabilizer still attached with the chain stitch embroidery, I could fill in the purple S or add some other stitching.

Removing the stabilizer after filling in a shape with solid stitches is very difficult. Always do the outline of a shape, then remove the stabilizer, then do the filler stitching. For my purposes, this design is complete, so I removed the stabilizer from the hoop and trimmed it away around the outer edges of the stitching on the back of the velvet.

Leaving the stabilizer on the back gives the stitches and the velvet some extra support. This is Katie L's step dancing dress with the design basted in place. As you can see, the dress is a little bit more daunting project than a little monogram on a scrap piece of fabric, so using a hoop is necessary in order to keep the stitches neat and even and smooth. The results are well worth the effort. Now you know my secret for embroidering on velvet while using a hoop and without crushing the pile of the fabric!

Do you have any good embroidery secrets to share? Labels: chain stitch , embroidery , Irish Step dancing dress , velvet embroidery.

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Hi Mary Grace! I found my way here from your entry on Mary Corbet's Needle'nThread. I have a few yards of some very nice black velvet that I thought I might use to make a couple of large accent pillows for my son's room. He loves all thing dragon and I thought dragon motifs might be nice on the pillows. So just last week I spent half a day trying to figure out how I might transfer a design onto velvet. Thanks goodness I experimented on small scraps first. I tried using chalk, light colored artist's oil pencils, a tailor's pencil, a light colored marker, all to no avail.

I also tried to create an iron on transfer using a light yellow transfer pencil. Not only would the transfer not show up on the velvet but, just as I feared, the velvet was ruined with the heat of the iron. I had settled for buying a couple of inexpensive cotton pillow shams that I was going to dye black with some Rit and then embroider the dragons on. Shimmering and saturated and undeniably bold. Thank you for joining me today in admiring this fabulous pile of yarn and keep a watch for more exciting goodies in the future!

We have both knit and crochet. Read the books over and over, watch the movies over and over!! I really like most of them. Such a great movie. The colours are just divine Chandi! Just started the series this week! Loving the new season of Sherlock, just finished off season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Reading the biography of Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. Really excited to see your new color ways! Absolutely love your yarn…makes me want to weep sometimes.

Reading Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King. Currently very much into the movie Queen of Katwe. Phiona is absolutely breathtaking in her strength and resilience. Fever book series by Karen Moning and Harry Potter audio books! Currently re-reading the Harry Potter series, on Order of the Phoenix. I would love to win this any time, but would especially love to win this month since the contest ends 3 days before my birthday!!!

I absolutely love EFA yarn!!!!! Good stuff. Currently binge watching Sons of Anarchy in the evenings and listening to The Knitmore Girls podcast while working out. I groaned like Homer Simpson looking at those pictures haha. I also enjoy watching the tv series Hawaii ! There are so many! It is so good! I am reading book 22 of the Stephanie Plumb series.

I also love the Homeland series on tv which is starting soon! I am currently watching and rewatching Gilmore Girls A year in the life. I so love these characters and catching up on their life since the finale!! Loving Silent Witness and still watching the Christmas movies recorded during the Christmas season! Not reading anything as that takes time away from knitting?

Watching many shows right now, Gilmore girls, walking dead, scorpion, sense 8, American housewife, this is us. And I crochet while I watch many times makes me feel so much more productive!!! Just finished reading Winds of Skilak really enjoyed it!! I would love to win this giveaway so many beautiful yarns as always.

Colors I would love to get my hands on as not seen them on the site. It would be a nice 30 year anniversary gift too. Thank you Chandi!! These are beautiful yarns! Watching Gilmore Girls. And Man in the High Castle. I know, go figure. I have a wide variety of audiobooks. I mostly listen to books so I can get in more knitting time! Currently on a fantasy binge, reading the stormlight archive books by brandon sanderson..

Thanks so much for the chance at your generous giveaway! Hubby and I are 3 episodes in on the final season of Rectify on Netflix. TV is all about Sherlock! Theater movies seen recently include Jackie and Loving. I am addicted to Gilmore Girls? I love your website and your patterns and am planning to treat myself to some of your scrumptious yarn very soon. Just discovered I CAN crochet mittens for meeee and dreaming of pairs in many colours. Tomorrow is the final! I love that there is little drama in this show and everything they make looks so yummy!

My shows to crochet and knit to. But I am currently right this moment, actually reading knitting books from the library! Absolutely LOVE this giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to win! I am into This Is Us. Great writing on the show! Hi Chandi, your colours are truly amazing and I love your patterns — I have made your boho shawl in all different colours for Christmas presents.

My fingers are crossed — so are my husbands as he feels I spend way to much on yarn hahaha. I read what they call cozy mysteries. I call them grown up Nancy Drew books. Great stories keep you guessing but not scary. My fav is set in a yarn shop in Colorado. The yarn is so yummy! Currently reading the Midnight Texas series by Charlaine Harris and waiting anxiously for the Walking Dead to begin again!!

I watch a lot of reruns on free Tv. I would like to win your give away so have plenty of your wonderful yarn to knit with while watching. We also finished Friends and Arrested Development. I sit and laugh with him and knit! Currently into Outlander and awaiting shows to start back up this half of the season. Big fan of lots of the cooking contest shows!

Thank you for the lovely giveaway! What an exciting giveaway. I neeeeeed to win. Also, hubby and girls bought me The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe collection for christmas! Oooh my that yarn is gorgeous! I wish I had time to watch TV, or read a book! When I finish one project, my 90 year young Mom has a project or two lined up for me! When I make a pair of socks, she loves them so much, I end up giving them to her! She has warm feet…. Not much time for either. But I do wait with anticipation for the next marvel or star wars movies. This week I just started listening to the Pillars of the Earth audiobook.

Thank you providing this opportunity. I just started following you on FB and love the nature based palettes — so inspiring. My goal on GoodReads is to hit 25 books this year! Good luck everyone! I am currently watching a show called Nashville and I just started learning to knit so I am currently reading Knitting Patterns and watching your YouTube videos. Big Help. Thank you. Wish I had time to read something for myself other then schoolbooks. I do read to my 4yo though and when we watch tv, usually its one of her shows. Two VERY different writings haha. Love your yarns and all the colors are so beautiful.

Hellooo gorgeous. I am currently reading the Cursed Child…so gooood. I have also recently finished binge watching Van Helsing on Netflix. Highly recommend it. I am currently catching up on Greys Anatomy with my sister in law. I love all those colors and have lots of projects in mind for them! Love your colors—they make me break my resolution to knit and crochet from stash before buying more waaaay toooften?????. They make it so much fun to knit, though! Also trying to find somewhere online to watch Night Court.

Thank you for this opportunity to win this lovely yarn. I am currently listening to The 5th Outlander book on audiobook. As well as Screwtape letters. I love your birthday month colors!! Jewelry yes, but not fabric! Thank you for the chance to win some of your yarn! HI Chandi!! This is the second time though! I binged watch the show called Versailles on Netflix. They only have the first season but that one is one bit to watch around children just saying. I love your yarn! And binge watching Game of Thrones. Taking the opportunity to tell you that I admire your work, your generosity and your spirit.

And thank you for having as much consideration for crocheters that you have for knitters, which is far from being the same with all yarn companies. Happy ! Quiet Man ever St. A classic movie any time. Books, to many to list my repeat favorites. Netfex series usually grab my attention. Just finished The Crown. Seriously good. Am looking foward for next year, if they do one. NCIS is my go to on Netflix. I have found many new programs that I love, Outlander is a good one. Recently watched the Movie The Finest Hour and it was a really good movie.

Totally obsessed with Peaky Blinders on Netflix! I also really like the Amazon video series Bosch. Lots of good indie programming out there! They caught me! I want it all …. Watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. Could have used some of the episodes to help raise my daughter! Love read only Christian books. Right now I am reading Not By Sight.

Fav TV show is Nashville. Thank you for your fantastic site and wonderful giveaways! Much appreciated! Started at season 1 and im up to season 6. Gives me motivation to go to the gym. The books are called Wool, Shift and Dust. Just have the last one to read. Yay another awesome yarn giveaway!! I recently saw the movie Allied and loooove it!!!!

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We have been watching The Queen on Netflix…. Currently addicted to Outlanders. I am interested in Scotland and Scots-Gaelic, as well as shetland lace, and the show came up in a google search. Getting ready to weave a shawl with your Alexandrite Superwash Merino silk using my rigid heddle loom and the Brooks Boquet pattern.

Should have read the instructions more closely — I am currently watching Timeless and This Is Us on tv. Great shows! These yarns are fabulous! It was brilliant! Sherlock, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Frequency…the list goes on and on. Depends on my mood. I am obsessed with the Food Network!!!

AG - Easy Crochet American Girl Dress Tutorial

So many yummy dishes and desserts lol makes this momma to be very hungry!!! I love the colors in your yarns and would love to win. All five seasons. Mindy is over but I will have my glorious Expression Fiber Arts infinity scarf for years to come! I have not read a book in almost a year,…. GASP… and i read a book within two days. But I listen to the TV while I crochet. I will listen to the andy griffith show, whatever movie mostly very old ones catches my eye, or something on netflix.

I love all your new colors. Have never used yarn like you are showing. I would love to try some. Currently plowing through original Gilmore Girls so I can watch the new one…and waiting impatiently for Golden Girls to come on Hulu in February! Currently reading some spinning books and trying to better my handspun yarn.


But for fun im re-reading some of my Fav Nora Roberts books. I am really enjoying Dirk Gently. Maybe I should find something else to read. I just finished the last episode of House of Cards on Netflix. I am patiently waiting for the new seasons of Scandal and House of Cards to come up on Netflix!

Love it. I really enjoyed it. It was fun and tugged at the heart strings. Nothing like taking a trip down memory lane. But I also love rereading the Harry Potter books! I have been having a hard time doing both of my passions…reading and crocheting, so I found a way to combine them both! I just finished Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah and getting ready to start the sequel. Love her books! Yes, I have a very eclectic media palate, but it keeps life interesting. Gorgeous looking stuff…I am sure we my girls and I could come up with something for it.

Please, please, please….. Not watching anything cause on Facebook looking at your post!!! Love to read Nicholas Sparks books. I am hooked on Killing Fields the TV program. I am just learning to knit and I would love to win some of your yarn. It is just beautiful. I am in between tv shows. I have been watching lots of documentaries though. I just have to say… these colors for the give away are just stunning!

The blues, purples, and that pastel sock yarn… wow! Love them all! Onto the blog questions…. I love a show with a lot of heart and these 2 shows definitely have it! Would love to win this giveaway!! I mostly listen to audio books so I can knit at the same time! Right now I am listening to Martin Shorts autobiography….. Very funny cause he does all the voices. Thanks for the contest! I am currently re-watching all of Supernatural! I started watching it back in when it first aired.

I saw one episode and was hooked! And I love to knit while I watch!

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Hi Chandi! So much fun! Fun times ahead! This is so exciting! I used your yarn to make four cowls for Christmas, my first projects with your brand, and the recipients absolutely loved the softness and colors! I would love the chance at this beautiful set of yarn. Thanks for your consideration! I have been enjoying Supernatural for 12 years now, more recently I have really gotten hooked on Animal Kingdom. Just watched West World series Season 1 with my hubby. Fingers crossed. If you enjoy a compelling fantasy series, you should definitely give them a try!

I just started reading Steve Jobs. I like a lot of the Netflix originals so many to choose from. I love to watch the British and Australian shows. We cut off cable months ago because the cost was off our budget so we stream. Your colors of yarn are awesome. Just received the Holly and Ivy that I ordered. They are nice to watch while I crochet! I tend to knit or crochet while watching so I go binge a lot. After my boys got to bed of course. Catching up on my Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine reading.

Thinking about re-reading Harry Potter for the third or fourth time, and then looking at the pile of unread books along with the stash of yarn. So many books, so much yarn, so little time! I also liked Stranger Things, Netflix. It is great! Hawaii My favorite way to unwind in the evening is to sit on my couch, watch TV and knit.

I usually have at least one of my fur-children keeping me company. Just finished watching Westworld! Martins assistants! Do musicals count? I like a lot of musicals, do you have any you like? Downton Abbey was the go to until it ended. Funny funny show. Love the contests, keep them coming.

Would love to win hint hint haha. I am currently binge watching Gilmore Girls! I love this show! It is like looking in the mirror with my mom! Currently very into the Debra Geary modern witch book series. It actually got me interested in knitting. They sure left a cliff hanger! I watch a lot of Netflix. I just finished Hemlock Grove and The And I watch a lot of J-dramas and K-dramas.

They are so pretty in your posts. Thanks for a chance to win some fabulous yarn. Thank so much for the chance at the giveaway. SO good, about a former Russian duke who is under house arrest in a Moscow hotel post Russian Revolution. My favorite time period to read about. I am currently reading the succubus series from Richelle Mead!

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I would love to win this yarn! You are so generous! Currently watching Blindspot on Hulu. Amazing action series focused on a woman found inside a bag at Time Square who is covered in tattoos, all about a week old. Sadly I have textbooks to read, so that is on the back burner starting next week. I loved the way she used knitting classes to bring 3 so very different women together.

I kept wondering what the big deal was about some space traveler … well, I am totally hooked!! I just started season 4 not the old ones, the ones that list on Amazon as , , , etc. By the way, your colorways just kill me … I want ALL of them … need to win the lottery!!!! If you like epic fantasy not heavy on magic, no dwarves or elves more like GOT but without the graphic violence you should check out her Farseer Trilogy and books about Fitz and the Fool.

Completely engrossing and a joy to read. I so love all of your yarns. I recently binge watched The Fall on Netflix. It was dark and riveting. I tend to watch a lot of cooking competitions, I love seeing what people can make with the simplest or most exotic ingredients. I just finished watching the show Penny Dreadful.

I loved their take on some of the classic monsters. I love these colors and would absolutely love to win all of this beautiful yarn. Just finished my book Short Story from Brandon Sanderson. Am also watching through a back log of Game of Thrones. Absolutely love your yarn! I love the colors of your yarns they are beautiful, deep, rich colors. I love reading about history. Such pretty yarn! Ooooh more lovely yarn in a giveaway. Beautiful gorgeous yarn! I just finished watching all available episodes of Grimm.

It was such an awesome book when I read it when I was younger and it has now become such an amazing movie. We also love the colors of your yarns. Love, love, love the blues and purples. They are sooooo vibrant… Those colours are my first picks, then all the others follow a super close second. Mysteries are the best! Thank You for your beautiful colours. I love your amazing colors! No books lately, too many knitting projects going, lol! Thanks for the opportunity! I am in my knitting mode. I finally watched Dr. I really enjoyed that. Also in the middle of Pilgrims Progress.

Your yarn colors and your delightful descriptions make me hold my breath! They are truly delightful!

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No joke I have a huge "to do" list now and I just found your blog yesterday. Hi There! Geraldine January 12, at am - Reply. Please help with the robe??? Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Stephanie January 11, at pm - Reply. Kristin on November 4, at am.

I love The Queen of the Tearling series! Such great books if your looking for female heroine with a lot of twists and turns! Oh boy, so many choices and so little time! Thanks for everything xx. And as far as tv emerald city is my new fave and superstore as well as American housewife it is amazing. I have been sucked down the rabbit hole into How to Get Away with Murder. SUCH a good show, but terrible for knitting because I get so engrossed. Love your beautiful colors!

I binge watched Impastor — really funny series! Also love Shooter — lots of action and of course I knit or crochet while watching! These colours are amazing. English history fascinates me! I also am rereading the Outlander series and waiting for Season 3 of the tv series on Starz! Fascinating stuff! Funny, serious and heartfelt.

Adored it. Listening to Book 5 of George R. Would love to win any of your fabulous yarns! They are all beautiful! Thank you for this opportunity to win some of your beautiful skeins. I highly recommend it! Thanks for making such beautiful yarn! Fingers crossed, this would make such an awesome birthday surprise! I love watching Flea Market Flip on Hgtv!

I love it when they take a piece that is just about falling apart and turn it into something great. Great Show!! Love the Hunger Games and Divergent movies, as well as the books that they are based on. Read them all!