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He never stepped foot on those Mediterranean lands where perhaps he had lived the happiest summers of his life only to be stained by the death of his friend, Marilyn Monroe. MD — Which was your first contact with the Sciences? Not as an active participant, but my parents have always encouraged me to learn more, and I was the typical child asking the question, Why? This curiosity has been growing within me since childhood. In fact, I wanted to be an inventor. MD — In your understanding, what is it like to be an inventor? PAGE 7. It was a time in my life when I was very discouraged, despite the fact that everyone told me that I excelled.

At home and school I was often encouraged, however, sometimes you feel that they do this out of love and to protect you. Nevertheless, I presented myself and, I made the preselection. On the day of the interview, I flipped out. I expected something similar to a court hearing, and yet, I was met by four Ph. I felt very good about the interview, with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

I returned to the Institute with a much livelier spirit and, at the end, I was one of the ten students selected for the astrophysics program. In the summer of , I spent two weeks in Mont Natura Pirineus doing an internship in astrophysics. When I finished the research, the second phase began which was the development of a scientific article related to my project. But in addition to the work in the field of astrophysics, I was also passionate about the field of technology, and I wanted to join the two fields. That is why I hesitated to decide between different topics, such as space mining.

And I remembered that live video with laser technology could be. I fell to the ground in the middle of the street and started crying with emotion. I called my parents, it was a shock because it was a dream that had just come true. They notified me when there were only three days left to close the registration period and, it was a major effort to adapt everything to the format that was requested on the website, including, history, bibliography, images, etc.

It was crazy. I worked until a. It was a total mess to the point where I believed that there was no hope. But when I visited the CERN website, they had already taken the project off the waiting lists and, I had been selected as a fair participant. I was so happy that without thinking twice, I went to look for my teacher to celebrate. From the sixth to the eighth of April, my mentor was with me at the Fair. It was great to share all the work I had accomplished with the audience and the jury.

The rest of my holidays I researched the possible technologies and, in September, I started working on the development of a formal theory. In February, the article was finished with some basic and simple empirical evidence to corroborate my theory. My dream since childhood has always been to go to MIT, but I knew it was very difficult because there were fifty people who were very strong candidates and only two spots. You save in material what you put in human capital. Also, I could not put aside my other daily life activities: classes, the conservatory, etc I slept little, at most between five or six hours.

At the Institute it was sometimes reflected in my exams. But PAGE 9. One of the companies that award me a prize was named Ingenios Emotion Control. I liked that they valued the final objective of the project. Just when it seemed to me to be all over, my name sounded again.

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I could not believe it! It was already a dream to be at the ISEF. I knew that of the eighty participants, only nineteen would be going to the ceremony in Los Angeles and was aware of its international projection and importance. One of the things that surprised me most was to feel so comfortable in an American environment. You think you have attained a certain English language skill level, but until you are in the USA, you cannot be sure of your proficiency.

Luckily I communicate in English, as well as in Catalan or Spanish. Do your studies in music help you in your science education? Music, like mathematics, are universal languages. Additionally, for me, music is PAGE I also like to write and most of my stories are based on the songs that I hear. Also, it serves as a release mechanism in moments of great stress. The fair in L. One for the public and the other for the jury.

Due to nerves, I left all the design material back in the hotel, so that the part which corresponds to the associations was void of the public. But in the second part with the Intel jury, someone contacts the members from NASA and they show interest. Although this was not a prize, it was very important to me, because it was the recognition of everything that I had done so far. Because it is not a single concept, nor a concrete piece, such as the robotic glove that is more widely recognized.

What are the stages of this super architecture? To do this, you need to be able to send a laser signal to a humanoid robot from orbit by being 17, km in height above the object, because beyond this height, the laser is scattered and it is then very difficult, not to say impossible, to hit the target or achieve the objective. And here is where the Rover intervenes with a very large receptor which would be in charge of receiving this laser information and processing it. In addition, from this platform, studies could be performed on the different zones to analyze if they could be important for future colonization.

But this infrastructure is already in itself important. For the laser, however, as I have not yet studied Theory of Communication at the university, I knew that there was something known as modulation which allowed for transmission of information. The only knowledge I had was regarding the laser with five transmitters and five receivers that sent information in 0 and 1, in binary code. But that was too complicated and, I wanted to make it easier with an analog system. I did many tests until I found that you could accomplish it with the duration of laser activation.

I created a table, by assigning a certain duration, in milliseconds to each letter and other signs, such as ellipses or exclamations. You could encode any message. Therefore, I had to prepare a laser communication protocol which I developed from scratch because there was nothing in existence, which would adapt. Obviously, Morse is much more efficient. But I did not want to create a new code, I just wanted to show that it was physically possible to put a phrase in a laser signal. Next, we had to develop what was needed for the space craft. I calculated PAGE I also researched landing methods for robots that are much heavier than those that have been sent so far.

Curiosity is currently the largest and a specific system needed to be invented based on the new technologies, which have not yet been tested in space. It was very important to imitate how plants work and make the hydrogen cell extract water from the planet and turn it into energy. Rover, during the Martian solar day, would be in charge of extracting water and separating it into hydrogen and oxygen, and at night, fusing it to regenerate energy. With this kind of photosynthesis, it could be dispensed with any battery-powered battery, either nuclear or solar, otherwise, becoming self-sufficient, selfmanaged, and sustainable.

This would be the basis for future human colonization of space. MD - Clearly, the thing that motivated you most was the human factor. People should not be sent there to die. The most important premise is to expand life beyond the earth. This is the ultimate goal of my project. These are generations which have grown under the conviction of globalization and open knowledge. Collectively we are stronger than alone, as long as individuality is respected, because it is in the diversity, when we all work collectively, that we can develop and analyze different perspectives.

In my opinion, technology must always be at the service of humanity, to protect it. MAGMA is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote the thirst and passion for research among young people and the exchange of experiences with other similar associations of a national and international nature. For this, various activities of a national, state and international nature are being carried out in commissions, which meet every two weeks to work on the various projects. The organization is made up of fifty people, mostly young people who collaborate in the various activities of the association.

The winning projects are selected in each edition of Exporecerca Jove. Contemporary writer, journalist, blogger and editor of books, articles and other publications. Barcelona, The aristocrats went underground to mingle with workers, and writers lived at night. It was a time of light, excesses and promiscuity. Barcelona vibrated full of contradictions and nightlife which surpassed other European capitals.

PAGE Spanish neutrality during the First World War had favored the vertiginous enrichment of a productive economy that would contribute to the birth of a true entertainment industry that had its golden moments during the frenzy in which Barcelona lived in the s. Popular scenarios, along with the emergence of a radio and film industry, propelled the model of a new city which established the paradigms of mass culture which still explain our present reality. They would create immortal works, while still being fanciful, playful, with that Catalan touch, innocent and authentic, at the same time.

We lovingly remember, in the midst of so much prodigy, the nebulous, entertaining and lying scoundrel named Pompeyo Gener. Peius, as he was known, famous for his confabulations and chimeras that made his friends and acquaintances laugh at heart. It was Peius who stated, scholarly and seriously that in Paris he lived in lofts with such low ceilings that he could only eat hake fish. He is the same dreamer whom the painter Miquel Utrillo spurs by asking him which were the most original baths he had known, and Peius answering that undoubtedly they had been those of the city of Baghdad — he, who had only gone to Paris and Madrid , adding that Baghdad was so magnificent, that in the middle of the city there was a desert.

Enormous Peius, who at the time of his death left his beloved Barcelona in a testament, both generous and false, all his goods, possessions, art collections and all kinds of imaginary inventions, demonstrating that although he was a compulsive liar, he was also a great lord. He will never make good speeches He who fills up with chickpeas Or.. Collecting cork stoppers will never get you out of trouble Or the classic one A Present full of romances, a Past full of donuts, a Future that is so tame, and a bunch of cabbages.

What else do you want? This enchanting, uninhibited character was a friend of eminences and street people alike, famous painters and writers, as well as peddlers and PAGE He was brave and always carried two candles and always sat next to someone who could pay his dinner. Let us rectify this, though! As the poet stated, now tell me this is not poetry. Cosmopolitan, he travels to several European countries. A clever journalist — highlights, more for audience, than cultural responsibility- the most controversial aspects of his ideology and personality, which he adorns with successes and illustrious cultural relations.

This attitude detracts from his fame in the world of culture, which initially respects him because of his innovative nature and offers him great popularity. However, over time he is reduced to a sympathetic and innocuous figure of bohemian Barcelona which everyone recognizes as the hypocritical Peius. Source: Great Catalan encyclopedia - encyclopedia.

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The monastery of Pedralbes was founded by Queen Elisenda de Montcada in , with the support of her husband, King Jaume II , who wanted the church to be dedicated to Santa Maria. Following the spiritual currents of the time, the new monastery was inhabited, in the beginning, by a clan of nuns, the feminine branch of the order of San Francisco, who, in a virtually uninterrupted manner, resided there until To better understand the symbolism that surrounds it, we should delve into the historical context of its founders.

Following the guidelines of France, the order of the Temple was dissolved in It is worth mentioning that, in the Tarragona council, the Catalan Templars. However, their estates and domains were distributed amongst the order of the Hospital and the new military order created by Jaume II: The Order of Montesa. In Sicily, where art was used to give prestige to the Crown of Aragon, he developed a new sensitivity.

The main characteristics of the Catalan Gothic are the unitary spaces; compact and smooth outer shapes; large smooth surfaces where the bodies of the structure are only marked with moldings; use of wood decks on diaphragm arches; horizontality; towers finished on flat roofs; separate bell towers, or the apse; great formal purity; almost eliminating transepts; buttresses; chapels between the buttresses; roofs; predominance of fillings over holes; little importance of stained glass; equal height of the three naves; taste for unique crafts; great separation between pillars of the arch, in addition to the pointed and octagonal shapes for elements such as pillars, towers, domes, etc.

The monastery is one of the best models of the Catalan Gothic style, both for the church and its bell tower and the three-story cloister, one of the most spacious and harmonious examples of this style. In respect to the church, it is worth highlighting the tomb of Queen Elisenda, which offers two slopes, the one that faces the church, where her image appears dressed as a sovereign, and the one that faces the cloister, where she is shown as a widow and penitent.

Similarly, outstanding, are the stained PAGE Inside the monastery, and around the cloister, you can see a series of day cells, where the monks withdrew for personal seclusion. It is one of the bestpreserved examples of a hospital building of the Renaissance era. The Monastery of Pedralbes, in addition to its value as an architectural complex, demonstrates, thanks to the objects and works of art within it, the monastic life within the community over time up to , in which the monastery was converted into a museum.

With the founding of the monastery, Elisenda, with strong spiritual restlessness, sought to redeem her sins and those of her family. The place was ideal because it was near the court of Barcelona, an inhabited area, but far from the hustle and bustle of the city. In , shortly after the death of James II, Elisenda moved her residence from the Royal Palace of Barcelona to the rooms of the palace that had been built next to Pedralbes and resided there until her death in In spite of her retirement, the Queen, as counselor, did not remain on the fringes of the political life of the kingdom, nor of the community of Clarisses, for which she dictated four ordinations and to whom she left most of her inheritance.

The gifts and testamentary legacy of the Queen, the exemption from payment of certain parochial taxes and the Roman Catholic Church, and the protection of the Royal House and the Consell de Cent Council of of Barcelona from granted the monastery economic independence and unique importance within the Church. The monastery came to have a significant heritage that extended throughout Catalonia, which gave it predominant political and social status throughout its long history. The 16th century represented a turning point for the history of the monastery and its property as a result of the changes brought about by the union of the Catalan-Aragonese Crowns and the Franciscan reform of strict observance, within the general reform of the Church.

The establishment of the reform of the observance during this century reinforced the closure of the. Towards the end of the 16th century, a progressive economic and physical decline of the monastery began. The monastery was no stranger to the sociopolitical context of the country. In the 15th century, during the Civil War between Joan II and the Generalitat , the nuns were forced to abandon the monastery for the first time, which meant a drastic break in the spirit of the closure.

In , with the end of the War of Succession and the New Plant decree, the monastery lost the protection of the dissolved Consell de Cent. The cultural movement of the Renaissance entailed the recovery of the Catalan national identity based on a glorious past centered in the Middle Ages - and served to socially legitimize a ruling bourgeois class that led the industrial revolution of the country. The rediscovery of the history of Catalonia and the reassessment of the artistic and architectural heritage played a key role in the resurgence of nationalist sentiment.

In the provincial commissions of historical and artistic monuments were created with the intention of restoring and protecting the heritage. In , the restoration work of the church of the monastery began by popular subscription, under the direction PAGE Also, her patronage enabled the community to become aware of the value of their historical and artistic legacy and, above all, of the need to preserve and promote it. They emphasize the historical treaties and poetic collections, in which the influence of Jacint Verdaguer is evident. During the Spanish Civil War , the monastery was confiscated by the Generalitat de Catalunya, which took over its management, and the convent had different uses; as an artworks repository, as the Gothic Art Museum of Catalonia, and in , it became the center of the General Historical Archive of Catalonia.

As of , a part of the monastery was opened to the public, and in a new convent was built in the old large garden in order to allocate most of the old facilities to the Pedralbes museummonastery, inaugurated in and which at the end of the 20th century became part of the City History Museum of Barcelona MHCB. Since , the Royal. Currently, a small community of nuns is still living in the new annexed rooms of the monastery.

THE CHURCH: On March 26, , the monarchs placed the first stone of the apse of the church, which was consecrated a year later, on May 3, , in a solemn mass presided by the kings, accompanied by a procession with the most prominent nobles of the country.

The church exhibits great architectural unit in spite of the rapidity in which it was built. It maintains the Catalan Gothic style, with great sobriety and monumentality, but also the characteristics of mendicant architecture in southern Europe. The building is a single nave, with side chapels between the buttresses and a vaulted roof.

The seven sections of the nave are finished with nails that represent the bliss of the Virgin, with the coronation and the royal shield in the presbytery and, to the opposite side, a representation of the Risen Christ showing the stigmas. The plant is a large formal unit and stands out for its three conserved hearts: the tall, low and central heart of the monks. The beneficiary chaplains called mass in the chapel, administered the donations and were in charge of keeping the liturgical objects.

At the end of the 19th century, the church underwent a profound restoration by the architect Joan Martorell. Following the trends in the restoration of the period, the walls were dropped, possibly leading to the loss of the remains of original paintings. Elisenda and Jaume founded the monastery of Pedralbes for the salvation of their soul.

When the king died, Elisenda transferred her residence to the palace next to the monastery, a place worthy of the retirement of a widowed queen without descendants from where she could continue exercising her power and influence. In Pedralbes, she spent the last 37 years of her life, and although she never was a professed nun, she actively participated in the life of the community.

The tomb, which was carved during the reign of the queen, consisted of a bifrontal marble tomb that occupied two floors of the cloister and was under an arcosoli. The face of the tomb that faces the cloister presents Elisenda as a widow and penitent with the nun habit, while the one that faces the church shows her as a queen, crowned with wreaths and royal robes. Both sides do not state the age at death.

A mysteriously dual tomb. A solemn outer image, dominating the space as a monarch, claiming PAGE The interior image contemplates the cloister, the image of the Garden of Eden, a privileged place in which the heart talks with space. That is how, like lovers, they complement each other to create a new reality, so the walkway and the closed garden become two parts of the same reality. It could be said that the symbol of divine lovers recreates the temporal experience that takes place between this location and its inhabitants.

The buck stops here. Jo en sc el responsable.

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No s culpa de ning ms. Warning: although 'pnting' is widely used, 'salt de pont' and 'salt elstic' are the terms recommended for use by Termcat. The hotel is very central i. Near the centre. Central government, central spending. Certainly not! John's children are noisy and dirty, I have two children. Un cop a taula, es flameja amb una mica de conyac calent. A less frequently used but more 'Catalan' alternative would be 'cara gruixuda'.

I collect stamps, John enjoys collecting coins. Although Termcat give 'treballador pendular' as the official equivalent of 'commuter' it does not appear to be widely used in Catalan. We have included it here as it is very widely used in Catalan but would advise caution in its use.

We provide them here because imitador and copiador are of a higher register than copycat. John and Mary are not married but live together as a couple; at the iceskating contest, the winning couple were presented with medals and flowers. Some members of the Dacco team remember using 'Dacs' when they were at school. Their kids, on the other hand, refer to them as 'plastidecors'. They don't imply that animals are being killed to keep their numbers down.

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Format: Kindle Edition; File Size: KB; Print Length: 41 pages; Publisher: Amparo Iborra Marcilla (19 May ); Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings. Avatar daurat (Catalan Edition) eBook: Amparo Iborra Marcilla: lirodisa.tk: Kindle Store.

We are unable to find a close equivalent in Catalan. If you are aware of one, please let us know.

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Damascus noun m el Damasc damask noun m el doms dame noun ttol honorfic britnic atorgat a les dones damn exclamation [slang] merda! I didn't dare talk to my boss about it - No m'atrevia a parlar-ne amb el cap 2. However, 'sistema de gesti The first of the two 'descriptions' we give above the role of the doctor or midwife is mainly to help Catalan speakers understand this meaning of 'deliver'.

We would not recommend you use this as a translation of the English 'to deliver'. If anybody knows of a good 'equivalent' in Catalan, please let us know. Where the dickens was he? In such cases, 'discrepant' might be a better choice. Earth Summit f la Cimera de la Terra expression what on earth is an x? If you can't make either day, give me a call - Si no podeu venir cap d'aquests dos dies, truqueume I haven't received either of the letters - No he rebut cap de les dues cartes 'Cap' is used in negative sentences.

This simply means 'in negative sentences' for example: 'Isn't there anyone else? The more commonly used term is 'demacraci'. False Friend: the Catalan for 'embarrassed' is 'desconcertat'. However, it is a castellanisme and its use is not recommended. I'd like an estimate on replacing my water heater.

The same word can also refer to an individual member of such a group at which point it can be either masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the individual. People of Chinese extraction - Persones d'origen xins People of foreign extraction - Persones d'origen estranger.

The adjective 'extravagant' does exist in Catalan but it means 'odd' or 'outlandish'. My grandmother had a fall last week or to have reduced in size, quantity, value etc. Will we all fit? If anyone has any better suggestions, please let us know. That follows - Aix s que t sentit. I'm freezing! French noun 1 m el francs 2 m pl. Peter works full time - En Peter treballa a jornada completa adjective a temps complet A full-time contract - Un contracte a temps complet. I'm not fussy - Qu vols fer? M's igual. G Gabon noun m el Gabon Gabonese adjective gabons noun m pl. Geneva noun f la Ginebra expression Geneva Convention f la Convenci de Ginebra genie noun m el geni genitals noun m pl.

The building is made almost entirely of glass. We are afraid we're not sure at the moment whether there's an exact. If anybody knows of an equivalent, please let us know. Prison governor Br. However, it is very widely used. We must make our voices heard - Hem de fer-nos sentir 2 sentir-hi 'Sentir-hi' means 'to hear' in the sense 'to have the ability to hear e. Les orelles no serveixen noms per sentir-hi; L'Andreas fa una vida normal, grcies a aparells per sentirhi millor. A tax hike - Una forta pujada d'imposts expression hike up fer pujar rpidament preus, imposts En Roger ostenta el ttol de Campi de Catalunya de 3.

Although 'pgina inicial' is the official Catalan equivalent for 'home page', 'pgina d'inici' is also very frequent. Hong Kong noun Hong Kong honk noun [animal] m el crit de l'oca verb [animal] clacar honor noun 1 m l' honor 2 f l' honra honour verb honrar expression feel honor-bound to do something veure's obligat moralment a fer alguna cosa honorable adjective honorable honorary adjective honorari honour noun 1 m l' honor 2 f l' honra honor verb honrar expression feel honour-bound to do something veure's obligat moralment a fer alguna cosa honourable adjective honorable hood noun 1 f la caputxa 2 f la capota 3 m el capot 4 m el barri 5 f la campana hoodie noun [colloquial] f la dessuadora amb caputxa hoody noun [colloquial] f la dessuadora amb caputxa hooey noun [colloquial] f pl.

I am invested in your well-being. J jack noun 1 m el cric 'Cric' means 'jack' in the sense 'car jack'. His son is just as irresponsible as he is - El seu fill s tan irresponsable com ell expression just in case per si de expression. Although widely used in Catalan, 'anar de farra' and 'anar de parranda' are 'castellanismes'.

We can give you a lift to the office - Et portarem en cotxe a la oficina. M mac noun [colloquial] 1 m l' impermeable 2 f la gavardina raincoat macabre adjective macabre macaroni noun m pl. He may do it later - s possible que ho faci ms tard expression be that as it may sigui com sigui.

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In the middle of the night - En plena nit In the middle of the summer holidays - En plenes vacances d'estiu.