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Sea Watch captain to sue Italy's Salvini for defamation. Italian word of the day: 'Piacere'. Sunshine and culture. Five unusual things you can do in Malta Malta may be a small island but size can be deceiving. Sign up here to receive the next newsletter. What you need to know about shopping at Italian food markets.

How expensive is Italy compared to other EU countries? Where to catch outdoor cinema in Italy this summer. How to keep cool during Italy's heatwave. Ripped off: Italy's worst tourist scams and how to avoid them. Expat health insurance.

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Seven golden rules for moving abroad with children Starting a new life abroad is daunting at any age. Word of the Day. Italian word of the day: 'Fannullone' Stop slacking off and learn this amusing term. Italian word of the day: 'Quadro'. Italian expression of the day: 'Per nulla'. Italian word of the day: 'Occorrere'. Italian word of the day: 'Tranquillo'. More than 15 million Italians are going on holiday in Italy this month It's officially tourist season in Italy: not just for people arriving from overseas, but for millions of Italian residents choosing to holiday at home this summer.

Venice puts off charging entry fees until next year. Rome's Fiumicino rated the 'best airport in Europe'. These are the best beaches within easy reach of Rome. Rome's Repubblica metro station finally reopens after 8 months of repairs.

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Everything you need to know about Calcio Storico, Italy's most violent tradition. Life in Italy. How to make pasta alla gricia, Italian cuisine before tomatoes If you think pasta needs tomato sauce, let this Roman classic prove you wrong. Tell us: Is recycling actually possible in Italy? How to make Neapolitan octopus salad. How to spot good quality gelato in Italy - and how to suss out the fakes. Sardinia, Cilento and Tuscany top Italian seaside awards. Why does Italy now have three unpaid 'reservist' MEPs? Seven songs that will help you learn Italian This one goes out to all the casualties of the congiuntivo.

James Bond is coming to Puglia this summer. Woody Allen debuts at Milan's La Scala opera house. Five easy Italian words with a curious history. Caravaggio's 'lost masterpiece' snapped up by unnamed buyer.


Italian food. Striking French workers blockade world's largest Nutella factory. There's more to Easter than eggs: Italy's delicious alternatives to Easter chocolate. How to make the perfect Italian sausage and mushroom pasta bake. Essential Italy. This is where you'll find the best food in Italy The Michelin Guide for Italy has been released, awarding Italian eateries a coveted star rating. Gestures and insults: how to argue exactly like an Italian. Ten percent of the world's best beaches are in Italy.

The story of Italy in 15 handy maps. Moving to Italy: Four tech tools to ease the transition. Copenhagen Police charge 28 for riding electric scooters while intoxicated Copenhagen Police last weekend issued penalties against 28 people for being in control of electric scooters in an intoxicated condition. Do you know the limits for bringing alcohol and tobacco into France? Tell us: How can public transport be improved in Germany?

One shot dead outside shopping mall in central Sweden. Readers' verdict: Switzerland is great for kids but bad for parents. Ex minister in Norway government jailed for sex abuse of asylum seekers. Austria to finally ban smoking in bars and restaurants. How and where to find your dream renovation property in Italy. The little-known tax rule that's got the super-rich flocking to Italy. Tigers kill circus trainer in southern Italy A group of tigers at a circus in Puglia attacked and killed their trainer during rehearsals.

Beachgoers warned of 'mini tsunamis' after Stromboli eruption. Italy escapes EU sanctions over massive public debt Italy narrowly escaped punishment by Brussels over its ballooning public deficit after the government pledged to rein in spending. Putin praises Salvini's 'welcoming attitude' to Russia ahead of Italy visit.

Italian court rules Sea Watch migrant rescue captain is free to go. Here are the top-ranked universities in Italy Wondering where to study in Italy? No vaccine, no school: unvaccinated Italian children will be sent home. Unvaccinated Italian students keep cancer survivor out of school. Exorcism: Italian teachers offered training course on 'correct practice'.

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Give kids less homework over Christmas, says minister. Facebook shuts down more than 20 'fake news' pages in Italy Facebook has shut down multiple Italian pages spreading misinformation, hate speech and political propaganda in the run-up to the European elections. Foreigners rank Italy 'worst place in Europe' for internet and paying without cash. Happy birthday Turin: How researchers discovered the exact day the city was founded. Italy health czar resigns and blames 'anti-science' government. Mount Etna is sliding towards the sea and now we know why. Why Airbnb thinks a free holiday can help fix Italy's depopulation problem Three months learning Italian and growing your own food in southern Italy — for free?

Temperatures can be quite high in the summer so be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Let us know if you have any questions! I will be in Rome for 3 weeks in the fall. I am not looking for designer brands but I do want good quality leather. Ciao Isabelle! Thanks for such a well written and informative description of Italian Style, beautifully illustrated with good photos to sum it all up.

Shoes, I plan on taking ballet flats, and peeptoe sandals to show my red painted nails and one pair of wedge heel snakeskin shoes for dinner etc.

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Boy A (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Jonathan Trigell, Tomaso Biancardi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. 1) (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Jillian Dodd. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading That Boy (That Boy Series Vol.

Your help would be much appreciated! Hi Grace! Italians love to show off their unique style with different colors and patterns, and we think your wardrobe will be great for Venice.

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Buon viaggio! Hi, I will be in Sorrento and Rome mid September and was wondering if white and coral colored jeans are ok to wear? Hi Kathy, colored jeans and leather sandals are both a great option as the weather should still be warm in Rome and Sorrento.


For women in the spring, that can mean heels or ballet flats. Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question. But there comes a point where zeitgeist overtakes the real plot. Himself Christopher Moore Jr. Scotland Yard did not exist yet. August 30, at am. July 8, at pm.

What is appropriate dress for first 2 weeks of Oct especially in Positano. Is it too late for us both to bring a pair of white pants? How much rain are we going to encounter.? I have always traveled in Sept so am lost on what to pack for Oct. Ciao Cindy! We suggest packing layers t-shirts, sweaters, scarves, pants, dresses, etc. October weather varies from very warm to light rain, so we suggest checking the forecast before leaving. White pants are also a great, stylish option for the Amalfi Coast!

Let us know if you have any questions. I am travelling to Salerno for 1 week in early October and then 2 weeks in Rome. I am wondering if sandals are still appropriate or if closed walking shoes are a better option. Ciao Isabelle, we suggest bringing both! Weather tends to vary, so you may want to wear sandals on warmer days and closed shoes on colder days. Is it a good idea to wear leather sandals in spring end of April to early May?

Yes, it will likely be warm enough to wear leather sandals, but we recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes. You will be walking a lot to sightsee and tour those cities and you want your shoes to be comfortable. Many Italians wear comfortable flats or even low sneakers. Hi, great info! We are planning to visit Rome and Venice n May and I was wondering if Riding boots will be appropriate. I was reading there might be chances of rain during that time, so I thought boots.. Any advice is appreciated! Boots are always a great option for the rain, but we suggest bringing a pair of regular walking shoes as well.

It tends to rain more in the autumn and winter in Italy and May tends to be rather warm, especially in Rome. While it might rain, riding boots might be a bit too heavy for the spring temperatures! I am going to Florence and Venice for a week in mid-march. Would it be appropriate for me to take one tighter skirt, or is that not necessary? Also, I am thinking of taking two pairs of super comfy flats and one pair of low heels.

Can I wear boots, or is is a little too warm for that? Last question, what should I wear to a super fancy restaurant? Are black jeans with no rips, heels, chic trench coat, and blouse okay? Thanks :. Boots in March are not only acceptable, but suggested as it can still be rather chilly and rainy! Also your outfit to a super fancy restaurant sounds perfect — it can work across the board!

What kind of boots should I wear? I was thinking cutout booties or maybe closed heeled and closed toe booties? What would be more appropriate for the weather? It depends when you visit and what the weather is. Ciao, great site! For the lady, I ordered a nice wool round neck coat because she tends to get cold. What do you think? Thank you Adam. Thank you so much for posting this article!! I will be travelling to Italy in March from Canada with a group of other Canadian youth and I was wondering what shoes would be appropriate for mid march?

Our group is heading to Rome, Capri, Palermo, and Taormina. Thanks for being so so helpful!! Yes it will definitely differ from March Canadian weather! A pair of boots for the ladies will be useful also. Have a great trip! I know for a fact that I will be doing a lot of shopping. We suggest packing two pairs of jeans instead of 5 and leaving the necklaces behind. Italians wear scarves indoors and outdoors and that will be more than enough to accessorize your outfit. March can often be cooler, so you might not need the skirts. Maybe consider packing on instead of 3. As for the shoes, we suggest a pair of walking shoes and a pair of boots only.

Heels are very difficult to walk in on the cobblestone streets and especially difficult after a day of sight seeing — leave them at home! Hi, we came by your article and such a lovely article it is. Truly reflects the ambience of Italy- the culture, the fashion and the authenticity. Do I need to bring both sweater and wind breaker everyday when out for sightseeing? Is the weather still chill? Thanks for your advice in advance. The weather in May can get rather hot. Will people be wearing sandals there by then, or is it still a bit too early?

I walk a lot in my own city, so no worries about that. That all depends on the weather! Italians themselves often wait a bit further into the season to pull out their sandals, but on a very hot day even they will choose sandals! We may have time to visit Rome as well. That sounds like a great trip! For an evening out, perhaps a nice black dress and maybe even tights depending on the weather will be a nice, lightweight option for your bike trip. A nice pair of jeans and a dress shirt or t-shirt with a scarf will certainly be ok for an evening out! One other question, please.

Sorry, the real stuff can be trouble! Hello— we are going to Italy for the first time on Sept My question is will the weather be in the 55—65 degree area? In Rome the average temperatures are around 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Farther up north in Venice the average temperature for early October is about 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Is it okay for the men to wear jeans and sneakers for sightseeing and casual dinners?

I plan on packing jeans, tee shirts and flats for daytime and black slacks for evening with a slightly dressier top. Can the men wear shorts if not touring churches? Besides shorts and tank tops in churches, you both can wear whatever you like during your trip, even shorts! Jeans and sneakers are definitely ok — your husband will be happy to have the comfortable footwear!

Can you suggest what kind of footwear works well for that time if the year? As a tourist who will be walking about a lot I had walking shoes in mind and maybe a pair of sandals if I got tired of wearing shoes all the while. I am from India and we are more adapted to temperatures ranging from 20 deg C to 38 deg C.

The average weather in Rome during that time is about 20 degrees C to 24 degrees C and it should be similar, if not slightly cooler in Florence and Venice. Hi, Is it very warm in mid-June in Rome? Yes, it is typically warm in Rome in June, with averages often being up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Maybe this site can give you more of an idea of the heat in Rome and how to handle it.

We hope you have a great trip! We would not like to dress like an american tourist so I am looking for suggestion for types of shoes to do all the walking around in the summer. Also I have been told locals do not wear shorts…. We completely understand! They also wear tennis shoes like converse or vans. Adults often wear fitted sandals or tennis shoes for a bit more comfort, so you should both be fine with your footwear for all your walking.

Sun dresses are acceptable as well as summer pants with a light-fabric to keep you cooler in June. My husband can wear anything and look great! He has a tailored jacket, dress shoes, Merrell-clogs, dress pants and short sleeve shirts and he looks great at Also, I have been blessed with wide feet and I have to have arch support. Therefore, it has been a struggle to buy shoes.

I do have a new pair of Merrell black sandals, black leopard skechers and my black danskos. Also, my husband says we are only taking 2 carryon bags for he and I. This should be interesting. Any other suggestions for us and is there any shopping there for me? With two carry-ons we suggest that you pack with layering clothes, that way you can mix and match the same pieces for your time in Italy.

Scarves are always stylish here in Italy and a great way to change up an outfit. Also, wide feet or not, anyone wants to have comfortable shoes during their visit to Italy. Tennis shoes and supported sandals will be perfect. Let us know if you have any other questions and have a great trip! I am visiting Tuscany on a painting course for a week in July followed by three days in Florence. Can you suggest what would be appropriate for the Florence part of the trip please as I am comfortable with what I wear in which to paint. I do not wear dresses but like the occasional long skirt.

You can wear the same things in Florence as you would in Tuscany — Italy is certainly used to artists! We were wondering what type of clothing would be best? We would like to, as best as possible blend in, so to speak. Since it will likely be very hot, we suggest some sundresses for you for your visit!

My husband and I will be traveling to Italy mid-October and will be in Sorrento, Florence and ending our trip in Milan. Please provide tips for packing as we will be going from a bit warmer weather to cooler. I am very into fashion, however do not want to over pack -please help with the staples that my husband I will need for each area during this time of year. Like this post suggests, your best options are neutral colors which will help you to pack less, as they all match eachother, and lots of layers!

Layers are very Italian and will help you as you travel in different weathers. I see mist posts are asking about what to wear in Summer or Fall. We are visiting Venice, Florence and Rome mid to late April. Probably the posts are mixed because the weather is mixed! That said, the tendency is for more rain in the north and warmer weather the further south you go. We suggest coming with many layers, that way you can leave your heavy winter coat at home but still stay warm.

We are Australians and live in far north Queensland where our weather is tropical. We really need to your help with what to pack clothes, accessories, shoes, outerwear, colours etc. Thanks, Hoge. We believe in you! Probably most of your clothes will work fine, with the addition of at least one pair of long pants, a light spring jacket and a scarf.

Your best weapon is to dress in layers! Have a great trip. Hi, my husband and I are going to Italy end of April. Touring Rome, Florence, and Venice. What versatile clothing can I bring for all places? Are skirts or dresses or capris more common? What clothing should my husband bring?

Also for the Vatican? In Venice, you might find rain or slightly chilly not cold spring temperatures, whereas Rome will likely be quite warm by the end of April. Have a wonderful trip! Thank you for posting this interesting blog about the fashion trends of Italians. It is a well known fact that Italy is one of the global fashion hotspots. Looking forward to read your next post. Thank you for this incredibly informative article! My husband and I are travelling to Rome for four days in the second week of March. I was going to wear my colorful walking sneakers but I read differently from the comments here.

Of course, a trench coat and a stylish winter coat. Should I be taking anything else? Any color palettes? I would really appreciate your help! Great options!! What should I bring for footwear — sandals, ballerina flats, booties or sneakers? Such interesting tips and images. Loved the way you have presented it and looking forward to reading such amazing articles in the future as well. Incredible Post, and Italian fashion is very famous around the world. As i know leather fashion is also introduce by an Italian.

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