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The vocals are very clear and pleasant, and this is always the first CD that I recommend to families learning Chinese. I Can Sing in Mandarin!

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This is a great album for broadening basic Chinese vocabulary. The catchy tunes can help improve everyday vocabulary.

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Children's Song No. 3. Chick Corea o.=69 a). -tl. 't)l1L. -tl. 1ll1L. -tl. 1 là1L,. -tt. 1 -))1L. I. 1)à1L. 1 n âl. 1l)1j.,. --a tl. 1 lt1. L â l. 1la1L. -tl. 1_lt1L. -l. 1 till 7. I lt) '1 h). Buy Chick Corea Childrens Songs No. 3 (Keyboard Percu at Keyboard Percussion Sheet Music. An easy mallet quartet scored for bells.

Please refer to our review of the various Stream of Praise Chinese Christian songs and printable lyrics! Check out other great Chinese songs for children on this website, including printable lyrics for:. Please let me know if I should add more to this list!

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Thanks so much for recommending A Little Mandarin on your site! Hope you and your community of families enjoy the music! Your email address will not be published. Comments thanks for this wonderful list! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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Preview More… See More…. We use cookies to ensure the best web browsing experience. You do not have to consent to cookies, but our site may not function well without them. Some rhymes can be reinforced using simple movements or actions. Some of these can be adapted as tickling songs if required. Children enjoy the actions and they can join in and copy their parents. Some of these songs can accompany very simple dances suitable for the youngest children. There are many Nursery Rhymes which don't fit into any obvious category. Although sometimes the words might be old-fashioned and obscure, these rhymes tell stories which are timeless.

They are typically about people or animals and relationships.

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Some of the rhymes could be considered as cautionary tales with a moral, but it is really up to parents to decide on a suitable explanation when children ask about a rhyme's meaning. Some Nursery Rhymes help to teach numbers and counting, either normal upwards counting but including counting downwards for some songs. Three Blind Mice does not include any overt counting, but the melody repeats three strong beats so it helps to emphasise the number three, whereas Baa Baa Black Sheep actually counts out three bags of wool.

Some songs are not about counting but they do have a progressive nature, following some kind of sequence or pattern. Such songs include Old McDonald Had a Farm where with each verse a new animal is chosen and children sing the noise it makes. Another such farming song is The Farmer's in his Den which follows a definite sequence.

These songs are a type of children's game, and "The Farmer's in his Den" and other songs are frequently sung to accompany dances. Another Song in this category is the "Hokey Cokey" which was given this name in the s but is based on a much older folk song. You could further categorise some of these songs into playground songs including skipping, hopscotch, ball-games and selection songs such as "One Potato, two potato" , campfire songs e.

These songs serve as perfect nursery rhymes as they stand, particularly for younger children. As a round they become more sophisticated songs with different singers starting at different times, which makes them more suitable for older children. The concept of singing or playing in a round is an old one and classical composers frequently use the device, calling the technique a "Canon".

Even "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" can be performed as a round, though we have included only the more common Round Songs below. Please note that we have illustrated each of them using only two voices so that the two hands of a piano can demonstrate the technique clearly. These songs can still be categorised as children's songs but they are more adult in nature and a little more difficult for younger children to learn.

Some of these might also by classified as adult Folk Songs, and some of these songs have a more recent origin such as the well-known "The Runaway Train". Certain children's songs have a seasonal nature such as Jingle Bells and other Christmas Carols. Nursery rhymes are part of our folklore and culture. They are widely known and create a common reference point for people. Because Nursery Rhymes in particular have frequently crossed national boundaries they are just as widely known as fairy tales and other traditions. The most obvious way to see their influence, is that works of literature, novels, films and songs often quote the titles or other lines from nursery rhymes.

The phrase "Jack and Jill" is often used to refer to a generic "boy and girl". The music of Nursery Rhymes also has a cultural influence, although sometimes it is more subtle and not so easily documented. The more obvious examples are when nursery rhymes are sung in films and television e. But the melodies of nursery rhymes are so basic and elemental in some ways that they are constantly being re-cycled. Children and entertainers frequently make up funny songs by singing new lyrics to existing nursery songs, and nursery songs are even sampled by today's music artists.

Another cultural influence is when composers create melodies similar to nursery rhymes, often to suggest childhood or innocence.

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Nketia b A They are waddling one, two three,. That I will master as quick as I can. Where 'tis smooth and there 'tis stony. Save or download to your own computer. V - Which way does the wind blow, And where does he go? N - Alt Verse: Put your right hands in, Put you right hands out, Then give your right hands a shake, shake, shake,.

A notable example of this is Jerry Goldsmith 's main theme for the film Poltergeist. No doubt the words and music of nursery rhymes will continue to play a part in our culture for many years to come. There are many collections of nursery rhymes and children's songs on CD.


You can sing along with your children, entertain your children on a long car journey or keep them amused at home. Here is a small selection of CDs, some of which are also available as mp3 downloads:. Since there can be variations in nursery rhymes and children's songs in different countries and regions, it seems appropriate to include some biographical information to help understand any differences.

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My parents came from Morayshire in Scotland so those nursery rhymes I learned as a child are likely to be the versions prevalent in Morayshire. However I went to school in Fife so many songs and games I learned at that age are likely to be the versions prevalent in Fife at that time. Of course some rhymes and songs appear in books or are broadcast on television, so certain song versions are communicated more widely. Search mfiles:. Nursery Rhymes and Children's Songs Nursery Rhymes is a term used to describe a wide range of poems or rhymes for children.

Types of Nursery Rhymes Nursery Rhymes can be divided into a number of different categories. Music for Nursery Rhymes The main purpose of this article is to present the music for a number of Nursery Rhymes, so that you can play or sing them to your children or perhaps teach your children to play them when they are a little older. Lullabys and Bedtime Songs Lullabys are sung to babies and young children when it is time for a nap, or at bedtime until they fall asleep.

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Simple Actions and Movements Some rhymes can be reinforced using simple movements or actions.