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Just this once, maybe things are breaking right for Milos Raonic, tennis’s unluckiest guy
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Jan 27, Kelly Brock rated it it was amazing. This book came along when I needed it most.

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(just) this once meaning, definition, what is (just) this once: used to emphasize that this is the only : Learn more. Define (just) this once (phrase) and get synonyms. What is (just) this once ( phrase)? (just) this once (phrase) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan.

Evan and Chloe are amazing! I loved how different aspects from their past are what unknowingly brings them together now. This was sexy, fun, with a touch of emotion that leaves you feeling so happy at the end. Feb 09, pamela d bryant rated it really liked it. I chose this rating because this was a really good book. The characters were great. They gave you enough to keep you going, to be intrigued and wanting to know what was going to happen next. I enjoyed Evan and Chloe. Her ex husband was a real piece of work.

I loved the way she felt about her three step brothers, they were crazy about her as well. Even her step dad.

Forgive me master, Just this once..I must go all out..

This was a really great book. I enjoyed it a lot. I recommend this book to all romance readers. Great read! Feb 19, Patricia Koch rated it it was amazing. Hush Bush was absolutely awesome! The author has done a terrific job in writing this book! I couldn't believe that I had a hard time in putting this book away, Delish love story about how a doctor meets a exceptional lady at a coffee shop. He was always looking for her, not finding her every day was sad, just kept trying to catch her to get to know her was absolutely awesome!

Can't say enough about how exciting this book is, Drama, Sexual, Funny all rolled in to a beautiful love story!! Jan 29, Khrista Baxter rated it it was amazing. Miracles Happen Hush is a sexy, fun page turner I read in one day. Deborah Bladdon is one of the best romance authors ever! Hush follows Evan Scott and Chloe Newell. Evan is a very busy vascular surgeon who's job is his life.

Chloe is an attorney who has had a lot of heart break in life.

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Jerry Hausner as Stanley Worth. Jan 28, Tess Cunningham rated it it was amazing Shelves: The only thing he left behind was a business card on the floor next to the bed. But Ethan Savage caught her again and gave her a choice: marriage or jail. Anyone who can't figure out how this winds up should be drummed out of the theater in disgrace. Evan wanted her number that night. She's strong and driven, going for everything she wants out of life.

A chance meeting on a cold night in Manhattan sets these two on a path to happiness. Nov 17, Kristine rated it really liked it. Will he show? I wasn't sure when Chloe was to become pregnant; I persevered. Story hits tear jerker status. Characters show true vulnerabilities.


I wasn't crazy about the secrets the two main characters kept in the beginning. Even after she learned of her pregnancy she was reluctant to share personal information with Evan. Apr 14, Vicki Johnson rated it really liked it. So many secrets This was an entertaining read! And coincidence is not just a word without meaning for this book, there are several coincidences!

Subtle little coincidences! Until all is revealed! And, love prevails! May 09, Vicki Blood rated it it was amazing. I've been reading a lot of books lately from more unknown authors and they are good. Takes a few chapters to get into the story then I'm hooked.


They are so different to Deborah's books. First chapter bang. I'm hooked. Every chapter wants me reading more and more.

Hence two days to finish Hush. Apr 15, MiMee rated it it was amazing. Another great read from Ms.

Just This Once starring Janet Leigh and Peter Lawford!

Bladon Deborah Bladon reads are always smooth and fun! I love how she ties in all of some of the characters from previous novels. The characters are always likable. The male characters are of course always my favorite. Dominating and sexy as hell!! Always a good read! Jan 24, Anita A rated it it was amazing.

Love can be found anywhere Deborah always brings out the best c characters. Just is no different Chloe is a beautifully broken women who has been through too much for one person Evan is a jaded man. Evan is a surgeon, but the real question is does a jaded man want to heal such a broken women May 01, Robin Proffitt rated it it was amazing.

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Surviving the Big C I loved this story and the twist in it, Deborah Bladon always throws us a curve, sometimes more than one. Evan is sexy as Hades and I Chloe is very strong woman determined to have great life. I love her books so much that I recently re-read all of her previous books before picking this one up. Feb 12, Brandy Draper rated it it was amazing.

Always a 5 star with her I have never not given her books a 5 star. I loved these characters and the story line. You can read our Cookies Policy here.


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The only thing he left behind was a business card on the floor next to the bed. Griffin Kent. Attorney at Law. I doubt that the real Griffin Kent would leave a woman unsatisfied in any way. He may be my student, but something tells me that Griffin is going to be schooling me in the art of seduction. Each book features a different couple and since the books are not connected, they can be read in any order.