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Get Known if you don't have an account. Eric is the Discworld's only demonology hacker. Pity he's not very good at it. All he wants is three wishes granted. Nothing fancy - to be immortal, rule the world, have the most beautiful woman in the world fall madly in love with him, the usual stuff. But instead of a tractable demon, he calls up Rincewind, probably the most incompetent wizard in the universe, and the extremely intractable and hostile form of travel accessory known as the Luggage.

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With them on his side, Eric's in for a ride through space and time that is bound to make him wish quite fervently again - this time that he'd never been born. Tropes A-C. Accidental Hero : Eric had intended to summon a demon to grant his every wish. He ends up rescuing Rincewind from the Dungeon Dimensions instead. Aliens Never Invented the Wheel : Human example: the Tezumen can make wheels, they just never figured out how to use them.

People wear them as hats, and complain that they don't roll when you lay them flat and give them a push. Badass Fingersnap : How Rincewind appears to grant wishes, to his own immense astonishment. It's just Vassanego using his demon powers in synch with Rincewind's finger-snapping. Bait-and-Switch Comparison : When an attempt to travel to Ankh-Morpork by magic lands Rincewind and Eric at the gates of Hell, Rincewind notes that he can tell this isn't Ankh-Morpork by such subtle clues as the distant screaming — in Ankh-Morpork the screaming is usually much closer.

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Batman Gambit : Vassenego's plan against Astfgl. Be Careful What You Wish For : Eric's wishes are 1 to rule all the kingdoms of the world, 2 to meet the most beautiful woman ever, and 3 to live forever. He and Rincewind first visit the Tezumen Empire who try to sacrifice him out of revenge for their absolutely abysmal living conditions , then meet Eleanor of Tsort about 20 years past her prime , and finally get to live forever starting from the Creation of the Discworld, meaning it will be quite a few millenia before any people show up. Big Little God : Quetzovercoatl has only appeared to the Tezumen priests in dreams, based on which they'd carved a giant statue of their demonic patron.

The Illustrated Eric

When he actually has to manifest , it turns out he's six inches tall. Brick Joke : Rincewind still can't remember how to pronounce 'eon'. Chekhov's Gunman : Near the beginning of the book, it's mentioned that a demon named Vassenego was standing by to be summoned by Eric, but happened to be distracted at the crucial moment, so the summoning somehow latched on to Rincewind instead.

Vassenego turns up again near the end, and it's revealed that in fact he went to considerable deliberate effort to divert the summoning to Rincewind, and has been masterminding the whole thing to distract Astfgl while he arranges a coup. The Chessmaster : Vassenego.

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Which is appropriate, as he's a parody of Vassago, generally considered the wisest demon in Hell. Continuity Nod : The Creator briefly worries that he's forgotten something immediately after creating the Discworld. As revealed in The Colour of Magic , he's left the Octavo behind in "a characteristic bout of absent-mindedness". Cool and Unusual Punishment : Astfgl's use of boredom as torture.

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Terry Pratchett's hilarious take on the Faust legend, gloriously illustrated in full colour by the original Discworld artist Josh Kirby - Republished for ! What Eric gets is Rincewind, Unseen University's bungling 'wizzard' Rincewind and his murdeous travelling companion, the. The Illustrated Eric Paperback – The Last Continent: A Novel of Discworld by Terry Pratchett Mass Market Paperback $ Terry Pratchett's hilarious take on the Faust legend stars many of the Discworld's most popular characters.

Cool Tank : Not spelled out, but at the end, Lavaeolus' soul in Hell has the idea for using one of the conveyor belt treadmills as the basis for a new war machine. Cosmic Egg : It turns out that bacterial life on the Disc was given a kick-start by Rincewind who had gone back in time tossing away the Egg-and-Cress sandwich given to him by The Creator. Tropes D-F. Dead All Along : Baffled by his apparent new-found demon powers, Rincewind speculates that he might have died in the Dungeon Dimensions and been sent to Hell as one.

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Considering how terrified, and how busy running, he'd been during his sojourn among the Dungeon Things, he supposes he might not have noticed the difference. He's wrong, his "magic" finger-snaps are Vassenego's doing. Deal with the Devil : Eric was shooting for one of these, but accidentally summoned Rincewind instead of the demon who was going to make a deal with him. Delegation Relay : Happens to a chain of soldiers trying to find someone to look after a lost child during the Tsortean War. In , Terry Pratchett was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's Disease.

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