Wow! Its Silk! How Silk is Made From Worm to Yarn

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The whole process was initially carried out at homes which soon became a business to occupy much demand. This also involved domestication of silkworms which has its own consequences to these tiny creatures. They are unable to fly and thus needs human intervention at every stage of their lives. And, starting from the time process has started, cocoon sizes get increased as per the need to produce more yarn.


Most common worms that exist in India are — Bombyx mori, multivoltine, and Antheraea mylitta. These are either fully or semi-domesticated.

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Now, we have techniques in which worms do not get killed and the result of which is yielded silk yarn becomes lesser in quantity thereby making it more expensive. This eco-friendly technique is now used more often. Even, we as a buyer needs to take care of this parameter when we go buy the silk. Less demand will surely make this cruel practice completely null and void in the society.

How Silk is Made - Making of Silk thread from silkworm cocoons

Rajaiah, a patent holder of eco-friendly mulberry silk, produces the cloth on special orders. He is actually the life savior of silkworms and we appreciate him for this much-needed revolution. Though, some silk when produced this way is not that lustrous as it is when worms are being killed in a much earlier stage. But, our concern is just to save the silkworms not bothering by how tiny their life is.

Despite we have many options to wrap ourselves which does not involve killing these tiny creatures.

Raw material has been imported from China due to its cheaper rates and thus making India dependent. In recent times, government policies have made both Indian and Chinese material of same rates. This will make India self-sufficient in silk production. Future of handloom is still in doubt with much-increased production in power looms. Weaves United is taking several steps to make weaving future bright and shine.

The Journey of a worm from cocoon to your closet

We cannot see this treasure getting extinct. Regardless, what we are doing is harmful to our own nature. We see people who do not feel any responsibility towards their living phenomena and the one who does are not aware of it. Mostly, the wrong practice comes into the limelight after much-efforts.

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My designs are never aimless and neither I want the organization should be. A product of a company represents its internal actions and I am pleased to say we have it strong enough. My idea of commitment is working beyond the comfort zone by challenging my own capabilities. The Journey of a worm from cocoon to your closet.

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A step towards connecting your soul with your outer reflection… 26th June Indian Weavers — The good and bad side of this endangered beings working hard for their survival 2nd July Published by Weaves United at 27th June Tough competition with Chinese imports Raw material has been imported from China due to its cheaper rates and thus making India dependent. Related posts. Since its inception the company has carved a special niche in the market by serving the customers and global markets with excellent quality products.

Thanks to its unique strength that has enabled the company to manage complete integration in the SILK value chain right from manufacturing silk cocoon to the development of the final products. It guarantees reliable supply and consistent quality, as all the spun silk yarn made of Mulberry Nistari, Biovoltine, Multivoltine Tusha, Eri Eco-Friendly Muga silk cocoons are manufactured in-house.

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Hi I am interested in developing my brand further into an eco-friendly possible peace silk type of under garment production. I am wondering what you offer in the way of under garment, night wear and robe type production.

Now my brand focuses on skincare and my own line is vegan and eco-friendly so would like to continue that philosophy in my under garment line too. I would love to hear more and then go and see about the starter kit etc. Thanks so much for any information!! Here are some ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturers of silk to consider for your next project.