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Translation of "StDevP-Funktion" in English
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Subordinating Conjunctions

Comment Peter I didn't know that "old-timer" is a loan word, as you say. OK, I'll admit to 'grass' as the name of a writer. The start of Bethlehem was neither a supernova nor a comet. The team was unable to gain admittance to the Westdeutscher Spielverband and played in one of the "wild associations" of early German football. Comment Here are some contributions to the in meantime quite impressive list: quake deutsch: Imp. On the other hand, it just makes it more fun and challenging to find new ones. I don't know whether if that is right.

Anmerkungen Warnung isset funktioniert nur mit Variablen, da der Aufruf mit etwas anderem einen Parse-Error verursacht. Here's an awkward way around it. Better to design your code so you don't depend on the difference between an unset variable and a variable with the value null. But "better" only because PHP has made this weird development choice. In my thinking this was a mistake in the development of PHP.

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The name "isset" should describe the function and not have the desciption be "is set AND is not null". A variable set to null is a different state than a variable not set - there should be some easy way to differentiate. How to test for a variable actually existing, including being set to null. This will prevent errors when passing to functions. You can safely use isset to check properties and subproperties of objects directly. At least in PHP 5. The new as of PHP7 'null coalesce operator' allows shorthand isset.

I tried this on PHP 5.

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PHP5 does not do this. Note that isset is not recursive as of the 5. Rather harsh IMO but still possible.

Falsche Feinde

Evidence is in the following code. To organize some of the frequently used functions.. Sometimes you have to check if an array has some keys. The following is an example of how to test if a variable is set, whether or not it is NULL. The unexpected results of isset has been really frustrating to me. Hence, it doesn't work how you'd think it would, as documented a var currently in the scope with a null value will return false.

Heres a quick solution, perhaps there are better ways of going about this, but heres my solution This will allow to check if a var is in the current scope, object, or array Whether it's a null, false, true, or any value.

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Feel free to improve on this anyone ;D. It's not just to check for uninitialised variables - a lot of the time those are just due to sloppy coding. There are other ways a variable could fail to have a value e. Einstein was a clean person, but he never combed his hair. The universe will expand eternally, or it will collapse one day.

It's raining because the air is moist and because it's cold.

Two-Part Coordinating Conjunctions

Der Autor glaubt, dass Evolution kein deterministischer Vorgang ist , sondern ein Zufall war. The author believes that evolution is not a deterministic process, but rather, that it was a chance occurrence. This applies also when coordinating and subordinating conjunctions appear side by side: Es regnet, weil die Luft feucht ist und weil es kalt ist. We're tired now, but as soon as we get into the German class we become awake. Other notes and examples 1. Aber vs sondern : a. Sondern must be preceded by a negation; aber can be.

Nicht nur is always followed by sondern auch. The sun is not very big, but it is hot. The sun is not very big, but rather [ instead ], it is average. The sun is not only big, but also hot. The dinosaurs died out because a huge meteorite hit the Earth. Because a huge meteorite hit the Earth, the dinosaurs died out. Ein roter Riese endet oft als Neutronenstern, kann aber auch ein schwarzes Loch werden. A red giant often ends as a neutron star, but can also become a black hole. The president is an alien, but still we will vote for him again. The president is an alien; we, however , will vote for him again.

We were hungry, but I did not eat the ice cream. We were hungry, but I did not eat it. The two of them went to prison and the electric chair respectively. Homer Simpson hat den Fisch gegessen, beziehungsweise gefressen. Homer Simpson ate the fish, or more precisely he devoured it.

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Die Erde kreist um die Sonne, bzw. Sonne und Erde kreisen umeinander. The Earth revolves around the Sun, or more precisely the Sun and the Earth revolve around each other. You can wear either the red or the green shirt.

SUBNAUTICA Gameplay German #012 - Alles zurück auf Null

You can wear neither the red shirt nor the green shirt. Der Stern von Bethlehem war weder eine Supernova, noch war er ein Komet. You can wear both the red shirt and the green shirt. Wir haben sowohl die Hausaufgabe gemacht, als auch alle Vokabeln gelernt. We did the homework and we learned the vocabulary.

Sometimes it rains, sometimes the sun shines. Water consists partly of Oxygen, partly of Hydrogen.

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Die Studenten gehen teils zur Bibliothek, teils bleiben sie zu Hause. Some of the students go to the library, some stay at home. Teils gehen die Studenten zur Bibliothek, teils bleiben sie zu Hause. Als ich jung war, mochte ich Aal. When I was young, I liked [eating] eel. When I was 5, I often ate eel. When I went to Ulm, I ate eel. When ever I went to Ulm, I ate eel.

When are you going to Ulm? I don't know when I'm going to Ulm [indirect question: the statement directly implies uncertainty about when I'm going]. Es ist egal, wann ich nach Ulm gehe. It doesn't matter when I'm going to Ulm [indirect question: the statement indirectly implies uncertainty about when I'm going]. I don't know whether if that is right.

Wenn es stimmt, bin ich froh.

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If whether it is right, I'm happy.