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I told him I loved him too and that I would never let another man touch me. I prayed that tonight we had made a baby. His baby! Radin Mas, Singapore. When we got into the area I could see the bottle of Champagne, the tub had beautiful flowers in it, and a few sex toys obviously to help us have better sex. We started kissing and I could feel my erection coming. She was rubbing her breasts asking me making me want to start sucking them. After a few minutes she slipped under the water and was giving me one of the best blow-jobs I had ever had.

Not that I minded as I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. When she come up from the water she had a toy in her hand and was massaging herself between the legs. I told her that was not needed as lifted her onto the tubs ledge and I went down and started chewing and licking her pussy.

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I raised her further up from the water and slipped my penis inside her and we started screwing very gently at first. Then I pulled her from the hot tub altogether and laid her on the floor with her legs on my shoulder began pumping her harder and harder. I could hear her as she was enjoying it very much from her moans and finally I exploded my load and we then went to the bed where we kissed some more and I quickly fell into a deep sleep. Their hands wandered exploring and groping each other. He pulled her bottom lip into his mouth and sucked on it.

She opened her mouth for him when he traced her bottom lip with his tongue. Soon they were lost in the deep kiss again. Her hands trailed his broad shoulders, strong muscular arms and her fingers threading through his soft silky hair. He moaned into her mouth when she pulled on them to bring him closer.

With one hand still holding his hair, she traced his shoulders and his arms with the other hand. The muscles of his biceps flexing under her touch making her moan slightly. She broke away from the kiss to let herself breath. He kissed her chin, her neck and sucked on her shoulder blades. Threading his fingers onto her long tresses, he pulled her head back to expose the erotic curve of her neck. He placed open mouth kisses along her neck and traced the hollow of her neck with his tongue. Butik Batok Nature Park, Singapore.

Initially slowly rocking back and forth against him and then frantically — she came multiple times squeezing her legs around him whilst her pelvic wall convulsed after each and every orgasm. To be quite frank he was getting exhausted and his cock was so hard he just needed to cum. She was the experienced of the two and she let him know it. She continued straddled him beginning the pump him up and down. So good was she as a lover that Lee thought he was having an out of body experience — his cock was so hard and he thought his balls were going to burst and each time he was about to cum she slowed down not allowing him to ejaculate that indeed his cock was beginning to hurt; at this point, his hands were fondling her well-endowed breasts and as she begun to moan once again he felt a sudden urge to now dominate her.

Summer In Pulau Hantu, Singapore. After a couple of drinks and chatting, I pulled her to the floor and started dancing. It was not crowded as most of the visitors to the island had already left for the day, and we danced to some soothing music and the sweetness of the music made me pull her into my arms resting my hands above her huge butt that was beginning to drive me crazy.

I decided to touch her breasts and she allowed it as it made her feel so hot and she started gasping for breath. I slowly lowered my hand and I started rubbing both her butt cheeks.

Can you keep a secret?

I realized she was enjoying me rubbing her bare pantiless butt cheeks which I could no doubt feel with my hand, when she started closing her eyes and rested her head on my chest. We both began rolling our hip together turning our slow dance to a slow grind right in the middle of the dance floor. Passion In Little India, Singapore. He had bought me a beautiful night gown all in navy blue colours to match my eyes he proclaimed. Then he ran the water in our hot tub which we had not used since I moved in.

He had a bottle of Champagne and some caviar on a tray set on the corner. The hot tub had candles all around it, with magnolia blossoms that swam across it. Rikin gently took off my beautiful gown and laid it over a chair. He wanted to see my body and taste me before we went to bed.

I was astonished at his gentleness as he touched me. He had me set in the hot tub with my legs spread and asked me to rub my breasts while he caressed my clitorus area. He sucked on my tits while he placed himself deep inside me. The warmth of the tub and his penis together gave me a strong orgasm.

I did not know what to do but to enjoy the evening with this man who would soon become my husband. Becoming Sexually Aware In Singapore. One night I saw them kissing and soon they were everywhere on one another. He removed her pullover and bra and he was sucking at her tits like a child.

She had her eyes shut and mouth opened wide as though to shout and she was embracing his head firmly to her tits. I saw him licking at her vagina as she laid on the edge of the bed. Soon she was sucking on his dick like one would suck a candy. The Secret Lion Show. Nadia laughed. Fuck her like an animal. Nadia said with clenched teeth. We both wanted it. I unzipped my pants and pulled my hard cock out, I grabbed her from underneath , turned her over on all fours and shoved my dick into her pussy.

As I rammed her on stage, I felt her getting wetter and wetter. My dick felt absolutely drenched with her juices. I watched her perfect round ass cheeks pound against my stomach. The inside of her felt even better than I could have ever imagined. My come shot inside her pussy in front of everyone. Reasons To Love Singapore Women. Singapore women are a comprehensive package of beauty: These women have a great physique brought out in absolutely any kind of outfit that they wear. They have a good modeling physique which has made them attain the miss world title in the past.

They do not necessarily require expensive clothes, lingerie, handbags, jewelry and shoes to give them the feeling of being beautiful. They have a high self-esteem and nothing can really belittle them. However, beauty goes further than all the stated facts above. It also includes being sociable and a selfless heart.

Sexual Encounter At Kampong Glam. The two occasions that I visited Lisa, she took me around her home city Kampong Glam and I loved everything about it. I loved the idea. So I looked around and when the area was deserted for a minute, I grabbed her into one of the stalls in the gents and locked the door behind us. I pressed her against the wall and gave her a superb quickie that she keeps talking about till today.

Sensual Sarah At Changhi Airport. I let that thought drop, and tried to focus on other things. People were streaming inside the terminal, some were lovers, others on business trips just like us. But I tell you, anyone seeing us right then would have thought that we were lovers too. I suggested we play a video game in one of the malls, and she agreed reluctantly. We were playing modern vampire, but I noticed she was not even following the cues. I started seething silently, thinking maybe her sulking had something to do with me.

I was in a deep reverie, when I smelled her familiar perfume beside me. She had followed me.

See a Problem?

The best of young hot girls. Tiong Bahru Affair. Adult Sex Games. No sooner had I done that than did I feel a hand rubbing up my leg. Stevie Nicks. People obviously get frustrated when it begins to affect them locally.

Maybe I was wrong, Her sulking had nothing to do with me. I took her hand, and tried to comfort her. I pulled her closer and hugged her tightly trying to reassure her. She was delicate under my firm embrace. I could smell all her familiar scents. We had hugged once before, a friendly bear hug. She then suggested we take a stroll outside. At the same moment, he reached up cupping my right breast and flicking my nipple with his thumb.

All I could do was moan and rock my wet pussy against the ever growing hardness in his pants. Never one to disappoint, Michael moved with expert skill from my nipples to my neck and back down the other side, slowly kissing and sucking as he went. They seem much too tight now. The Capella Singapore Romance.

I changed my mind and like an obsessed man ran toward my room, changed into my swimming costume and headed towards the swimming pool hoping that I would find her there. True to my wish, she was still at the swimming pool. She was seated at the far end of the swimming pool looking disturbed. Not even the beautiful nature of this exotic setting could cheer her up.

I knew something was wrong with her. The fact that she was not here with someone gave me a chance to talk to her. I walked towards the end where she was seated staring into the swimming pool. Tiong Bahru Affair. It was crystal clear that unless the sky was not blue; such a man could not be her boyfriend on a level ground. From that instance, I sought to find out how the two had become a couple. I was shocked at such degree of barbarism considering the fact that the era for such incidences was long gone. It was clear that given an option she could not opt to be with the man.

As we talked, she made it clear that she would have wished to be with someone else if she had the money to support her ailing mother. Reading online erotic stories are just the solution. We cannot also discount the fact that we discover things that are possible to do and well, expect that the next time you had the opportunity, you will eventually try to do the same as described in those erotic words, right? By reading these type of stories, our brain is stimulated to develop neurons.

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It enhances our imagination and triggers our dopamine receptors. Dopamine is brain chemicals that give you that good feeling. The same feeling you felt when you released all that pent-up heat that you have collected that week. It is also the same feeling that is evoked when you light up that first cigarette in the morning or drink that freshly brewed coffee. Reading erotic stories are like reading porn magazines without actually buying them. You save up on your money and still get sexually energized from the story you have read. Erotic Encounter at Palau Ubin. I did not know how to respond to this huge boy in my kitchen, staring as though he was about to devour me whole.

He stood up and looked down on me, but just when I thought he would touch me, he brushed his hair over his eyes and headed toward the door. He said he would return to the beach and politely thanked me for my hospitality, then left. As I closed the door, I had never felt so empty. I lingered in the kitchen, smelling that foreign scent that Ryan carried with him. I realized later on that it was peppermint perfume.

I needed to smell it again. I went back to the shore that afternoon, hoping to see him. But Ziqian told me that the American boys had gone into the village to find a local hotel. I returned home, frustrated that I had not stopped him from leaving the house that morning. I should have asked him — forced him — to stay. I was experiencing a certain feel that only comes to me in a dream. She started gently kissing my neck, jaws and all over my face. Still, my hands are folded back like a scarecrow.

Her aggression was increasing as time goes by, and before in knew she was unbuttoning my shirt. I felt an urge to stop her, but my resolve not to disappoint stopped me. A strange strength and courage took over me. I started kissing her, first in the foe head, before slowly descending down. Just before I came to her lips, I got scared.

I had for long believed that when I will eventually first kiss the lips of any lady, let alone a beautiful lady like Angel, I would faint. On noting my reluctance, she held my cheeks with her soft hands and began to pull my mouth towards hers. Romance In Kampong Lorong Buangkok. Upon getting out of the cold and uncomfortably hard watered shower, I realize I forgot to bring a towel in. I peek my head out of the bathroom door to check if the coast is clear. My plan works perfectly except for the part when I take two steps out and promptly slip and fall straight on my face and make as much noise as humanly possible.

I am scared as I do not remember the last time I slipped so hard. I wrap it over my dripping wet and probably bruised torso and thank him. He grabs my hand and pulls me up, bringing us chest to chest. I force myself to exhale and walk away. He held eye contact the entire time. I avoided the park for a few days and I knew that sooner or later I was going to go back there. Something kept telling me that that was where I was going to meet the girl of my dreams but what I met was not what I actually expected.

I went back to the same bench that I had been sitting on that day and some minutes after midnight the same energy came back. It went away after a few seconds and I thought that it must have been all the coffee that I had been drinking playing tricks on my mind but this was not to be. Sister's Island Ghosts. During the Singapore Nights, in his sleep he would see a lady in his visions who was so beautiful. He swam in the seas as a Pirate and Luke had another girl besides him.

The two pairs would run through the deep forests and dive into the deep seas doing all manner of heavenly things. He wanted her as every night grew intense with passion. They felt each other in a new spiritual realm, in another time dimension and in a new space where both loved every bit of it. There were nights when the sisters made it impossible for Luke and Garison to sleep through a night because they did very naughty things on them and they would mourn for more. As we headed back to the hotel room she held my hand as we chatted non stop — her giggling at my silly jokes and it was obvious that a chemistry between us had become like a magnet attracting us to each other.

I was nervous as I had been quite off my game since my ex left me however with the kind of beauty Camilla possessed, it was obvious she was not my usual kind of girl. We rushed off as two loves crazed teenagers as she took the lead and I followed blindly. It seemed like only moments but eventually we found out way back to the hotel.

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I had been so sad lately and all of a sudden I felt unbridled joy and wanted or maybe perhaps needed to be with someone. She was just perfect in every possible way. I Laid with a Demon at the Chingay Parade. It was even hotter in the tiny chamber than it was outside so, still on my hands and knees, I took off my shirt. As I removed my shirt, I noticed the outline of a person beneath me. Her slender, muscular legs clung together between my widely placed knees, and her rounded shoulders grazed my wrists. I was startled at first to find her there, but she looked at me in a soothing and strangely comfortable way, which put me at ease.

The dragon sculpture passed over an uneven patch of dirt, which shook the inner chamber, casting moonlight across her body. Her skin was a gray, ashen color, her eyes were yellow, and her pupils were small and intense. She smiled at me and I noticed her teeth were slightly sharper than most. As she exhaled, her breath smelled of heavy sandalwood incense. Her beauty was surreal and spacious, and I had the sensation of falling into her gaze. Yet the measure of warmth and steam that abruptly ascended from the pot as she completed the Charm were significantly more than she had anticipated.

Hacking and wiping her eyes Cassandra looked on to see a well-built, man molded ascending from the cauldron, bearing no connection to the photo of the goblin in her book. The steam cleared, uncovering a bare man devil who looked every last bit a well-endowed man. Just the brilliant sheen to his skin and the crimson shade of his hair demonstrated he was a heavenly creature.

That and the certainty Cassandra had never seen a human male so perfectly well-made. He stood naked and looked upon Cassandra his cock looking the size of a horses dick. Evil spirits will appreciate sex all that much more and you must ensure that after your first contact that you enter into a binding contract as otherwise they can destroy a person. Joy is way past anything on the supernatural plane and with an individual, otherworldly sex become addictive and your demon will be able to go on forever.

Odds are after having sex with a demon, no human sexual connections will ever be as fulfilling. Shibari - Japanese Rope Bondage Explained. The same way it thrilled me the first time I used it is the same way it still does to this moment; in fact it gets even better with every experience. So you should note that this soft rope is perfect for both beginners and experienced bondage and submission lovers and if you use it well, it can change your sex life for the best.

So, after the massage, I invited her to my place for some coffee and she obliged. I got to learn so much about her and after a cup of coffee; I got set on preparing dinner for us as she told me all about The Garden Spa and Singapore as a whole. I learnt so much about Singapore in those few hours than all the books that I had ever read about it before I moved there. We ate supper and as we did so, she slipped her leg under the table and started rubbing on my crotch and I immediately knew that this was on. I got to her side of the table and kissed her, she kissed me back so much that I knew that she was the one I had been looking for all my life.

She was wearing a really short dress and her legs were just the perfect shape as well as the right size that someone just wants to just get in. She could tell that I wanted her and judging form the way we ad hit it off, she wanted me too. When we got back to my place, I was no surprise as she jumped on me before I had even opened the door. She started kissing me and it was quite tricky to get the key in the door as she was taking off my coat and shirt which seemed to be simultaneously. I finally managed to get the door and we got inside the apartment. A lantern lit up the tree house.

I looked around at all her supplies. She had a bed, a radio, boxed food, and bottled water, and not much space. I was amazed at all the things she had fit into such a small space. Then I got a good look at her for the first time. She was breathtaking. The only thing she was wearing was a long worn out skirt that I could see right through, it was so old and tattered. Her skin looked soft and she batted her long eyelashes when she talked. She was so gentle and within no time I was aroused beyond my usual judgment.

She kept on squeezing making me fully erect. She then inserted my dick to her mouth and started stroking my fully erect dick gently with her tongue. It was my most pleasurable moments as I gently touched her soft, hot body which she allowed. She then directed my dick to her wet pussy as I fucked her so hard until she started calling me all sorts of sweet names.

It was a great experience to me to screw an Asian lady making it a sizzling experience for me. I sensationally ejaculated on her as I fantasized how sweet she was. She was very pretty enough to attract any man on earth. Her perfect figure 8 was evident. Her eyes were very sexy and suggestive. She was really blessed with natural hair that added the aesthetic value to her physical appearance making her look more beautiful and adorable.

Her sexy clothes were irresistible and it actually took off my thoughts. It was quite funny as instead of letting the woman know what I want, I ended up only admiring her. I greeted the woman and she responded to my greetings warmly. I ordered some wine that could at least uplift my spirits.

The woman responded quickly and in some few minutes she had already brought me the wine and a glass. There was a long line but I waited patiently with her, which I did not mind at all as she was snuggled up to me and I could smell her scent with every breath. She told me stories about her friends and family and about how happy she was that we took this trip.

Half-way down the line she just grabs me and kisses me! We made out until we got to the cable car. Most people were just looking at me probably thinking get a room! I was going to get lucky tonight and I knew it. This was totally worth it. It was truly an eye-opening experience to all of us and I began to see why for years running, Singapore night safari have received numerous accolades and awards including the best the best leisure attraction experience and the best natural and man-made attraction in the world. The park experience took better portion of our evening. As events were unfolding, so was I getting cozier with Zin.

Frankly speaking, she had aroused some of my long forgotten emotional and sexual feelings. It was on a late summer evening when I saw her taking the elevator; she had always given the eye that my friend said it meant that she liked me. That day I had been staring at that cable car all afternoon and the temptation to go ride in it by myself just seemed so irresistible but here was the chance that I had been squandering for three months right in front of me.

I had to ask her out and hope against hope that she was going to say a least a maybe. As I approached her while she waited for the elevator to come up she gave me an awkward smile and I knew she was mine. I got to her and asked if she would like to have a drink with me. This woman was the most beautiful one I had ever seen all my life and at one time, I had had the privilege of going to a beauty pageant but none came close to her. Perfect legs, face, body and she had the mind to keep an intelligent and kept a fun conversation going. As I was scrolling through there was this fantastic escort known as Angela, she really got my attention because she had all the features I was looking for, her brief description of herself made my blood boil and my monster cock start oozing around my pants,if there was a way I could have online sex then I would have done it right there but now I had to contact her and locate her the soonest for this is what i have been looking for.

What is amazing about this directory is how they detail almost everything and at the bottom of self description they normally leave their phone numbers and everything you need to get started. We walked on and enjoyed small talk as we got to know each other better. We took a stop at the second wave and agreed that we should plan on meeting up sometime when our schedules allow for a free day. In the mean time, we opted for calls since he travels often. He took me into his arms and leaned to kiss me, I arched my neck to kiss him back because that is what I felt at that time.

Furthermore, when was the last time I enjoyed a passionate kiss from a man as handsome as Arthur was? Was I being vulnerable to a stranger? I did not want these thoughts to clog my mind from enjoying the moment. I came back to my senses when the taxi lady informed me that my bags were safe in my room. I turned my head to view for the last time the beautiful creation and how she was endowed with extra beauty. While on top of ION Sky it was real fun watching the stunning city landscape through fresh eyes with the state of the art telescope. It brought a very nice view of Singapore as I wonder about the beauty of the place.

As I was twisting the telescope looking for new features, my heart nearly skipped a beat when I saw two naked women kissing and caressing each other in the open. I quickly rubbed my eyes with the back of my palms to make sure that I was not dreaming. It was now so clear when I saw that they were men and women enjoying themselves in the open while naked. The sight of these naked women sends a chilling spine through my entire system and found all my entire body trembling badly. I twisted my telescope to have a clear view and there they were, having it all in the open.

The girl had sexy eyes that actually put off my thoughts. All my thoughts were occupied by just how beautiful the woman is. I looked at her with a lot of interests and she blushed because she had already noted that I was admiring her. I could imagine undressing the woman and fucking her pussy even before I said hello to her.

I felt that good luck was on my side. The seconds passed by making minutes and I was not comfortable holding my interests. My patience reached its limits and I was no longer in a position to remain cool even for a fraction of a minute. I moved closer to the lady and say hi to her. She responded to my greetings warmly as she smiled at me. That is when I realized that the woman had very white teeth. Her teeth was as white as snow.

Her voice was so smooth that I could hear its echo on my heart. I appreciated her looks from her head to the toes and she was very thankful. Tiger Balm Gardens Erotic Story. As she edges near, I notice that her legs are not just stunning but I wonder what it would be like to place my tongue between them.

Just take all that in and make her scream my name if I have to. She come and sits next to me, and I must say that this is one of the most palpable moments of my life. After a few moments of awkwardness between us and the fact that everyone is staring at the beautiful scenery that is ahead of us in this elegant and just sheer amazing place, I finally decide to break the silence.

I ask her if she comes here a lot and the answer she gives just totally blows my mind away. She says that she has been coming here too for a while now almost each day after work, she is an interior designer in one of those hot shot places in midtown. She says that she always notices me on this bench, and she just thought that maybe she should come over and say hi. I know I have had a lot of free passes in the past from women, but this is a new one for me. He was a good flirt, made me wet my nickers in just a single move. What romance?

All I see is this: fight, have sex, fight, have sex, fight, and sex, sex, sex. And Anna Todd has the audacity to call this love "real. That's how she promote this abusive relationship. She's basically saying it's okay to hurt each other over and over again, love isn't what it's made to be in the movies no kidding. Again, that's promoting it, because love has everything to do with respect. And intentionally pissing your girlfriend off, calling her names, and making her cry, isn't respect. No, do not take your anger out on someone you supposedly love.

He's rude to her and he manipulates her and it's just horrible. My last issue : This was just terribly written. And I'm not even talking about the grammar errors, just how the book is in general. You've been with your boyfriend for two years and he haven't had sex with you and that makes him a square? What about respecting you? What's wrong with saving yourself until marriage? Does that mean I'm a square too? God, the fact that Noah the square didn't even fight for Tessa when she cheated on him proves how unrealistic it is. Two years they've been dating!

But you know what they say: Nice guys finish last. Bad boys that are misogynistic, manipulative, and verbally abusive jerks are much more appealing than a gentleman. That portrays Harry Styles very well. Note the sarcasm This is sad. They fight and piss each other off, but that's what makes it so realistic No, that's what makes it abusive. He's moody--but that's exactly what made me fall for him. Do girls actually find these kind of guys attractive? Moody guys are a piece of work. From what I heard, males don't PMS. Anna is a genius Oh, sure.

No hate on the author. So dark and mysterious. I can't believe anyone with a brain praises this book. It's horrible! It's like everyone has been brainwashed. Where are your morals, people? Feel free to write me hate comments, just to let you know, View all comments. I feel as if youve been reading my mind. I have suffered through 2 and half books already I think I deserve some kind of award for it only because of children whom I teach and they want to read it. I would like to give them genuine and honest feedback and I hope that I will be able to protect them at least a little bit from this highly toxic rubbish.

I am not a native speaker but I read a lot english books. They help me to broaden my vocabulary and improve my grammar. Every book I have read so far has been beneficial for me, except this one 2 and a half. Mattias This book is not for Children Let them read a good book instead. Jul 04, AM. I can't even.

I just can't even. My fuck-o-meter exploded with this. So, really, to those who believe this book is well written and Todd has a way with words, better to know this lovely quote belongs to Wuthering Heights. Fuck the industry, fuck the media, fuck everything that promotes abusive behaviour as something romantic and appealing. As something women have to put up with in the name of love. As something women deserve. As something women must strive for. As a woman, as a person, this makes me sick in so many levels.

Especially due the fact that nowadays, most teens believe such behaviour is okay after reading so many books that romanticize manipulative, abusing bastards. This definitely needs to stop, for once. And what about the mediocre writing? The fact that there's no plot whatsoever apart from an abusive relationship and make up sex? Is this the literature we want?

Is this the literature that will survive, the legacy we'll leave to future generations? As a future editor, this disgusts me. It annoys me and it also saddens me, because I can't understand why things like this are being published. You can still make money by selling quality books, but apparently quality doesn't matter anymore.

And some readers do not care about it either, as it seems by now, which saddens me even more. May 23, Colleen Hoover rated it it was amazing. I read this book and it was great. I don't want to spoil anything, so the rest of this review is going to be invisible. View all 41 comments.

Oct 23, Sasha Alsberg added it. Im going to re-read After. I read the Fanfic and wasn't too impressed with it but I've heard from friends that the book is better so i'm giving it another go! I don't normally read fan fiction on Wattpad. One Direction fanfiction, even less so. But given that this trilogy nearly has one BILLION reads altogether, I thought to myself: this can't be that bad -- after all, it's literally the most popular unpublished trilogy on the internet right now.

I should give it a try. And I regret it. I'm never again judging a book by its popularity. I honestly have no idea how the movie rights for this were bought, much less how a Big Six publishing house like Simon I don't normally read fan fiction on Wattpad. And let me tell you, I can name at least thirty stories that are based on the same idea but are written ten times better. Yet somehow they didn't make Wattpad blow up as much as After did. They say that this is the new 50 shades of grey.

I admit that I haven't read James' books but the situation does seem similar: 50 shades was initially a Twilight fan fiction, was it not? And this 1D fanfic is ''the next big thing'' with bidders for the movie and the publishing rights. God forbid it ever became a best seller. If After gets published with ''made popular by Wattpad'' on its front cover, I will be very disappointed because the last thing I want to see is fiction like this representing a community filled with brilliant authors.

This, however, was so poorly written that I'm having a hard time grasping how the editor is going to make it better. Not only that, but the plot itself lacks any depth whatsoever: at least some of the similar stories I've read actually carried a message. This story does not. It is not based on love, it is based on lust. It does not portray an honest and evolving relationship. Instead, it's centered around a boy with serious anger management issues and a lovestruck girl who barely knows him but will put up with anything.

The majority of the chapters consist of him abusing her emotionally and then making it all better through make up sex. It does not even follow a story line: it's chapter after chapter of the same thing. Just no. Absolutely no meaning. Absolutely no depth. Absolutely no character development. Absolutely no plot development. Absolutely nothing. Perhaps after its publishing it will get better. Maybe, just maybe, I'll actually bother to finish the trilogy. So that's an unlikely scenario. But until I see a more decent version, I'll be stuck here wondering how many of the people who made this story so popular are over 13 years of age.

Sorry for being harsh. But this story does not even deserve one star in my eyes. View all 52 comments. Mar 10, Sana rated it did not like it Shelves: contemporary , literal-garbage , cut-my-left-nut-off-instead , kill-this-character-pls , pukeworthy-romance , adult , sexsexsex , i-dont-get-the-hype , romance. View all 21 comments. Jan 07, April Aprilius Maximus rated it liked it Shelves: I want to start off by saying that this was a Harry Styles fanfiction on wattpad that received so many views that it got published.

But I watched an interview with the author and I thought it was so interesting. This story is realistic in that sense. She sticks up for herself and is a feisty, independent character who knows what she wants, and she will tell him if he needs to get back in line and I really, really appreciated this. Tessa really grows as a person and realises what she wants in life and I admire that. I grew to really care for these characters and want the best for them. Just know that I understand where the haters are coming from, but Hardin is changing for the better and is trying so hard to be good for Tessa and Tessa is a badass who can hold her own and is trying to help Hardin get over his past and become a better person.

View all 31 comments. You couldn't be bothered to make it an entirely different name from Harry? Unless… could this be love? I think I just wet myself laughing. Pre-review: One Direction fanfiction got published and movie rights have been sold. View all 47 comments. Jan 01, Angela rated it liked it. Then I kept seeing people post pictures and reviews on it all talking about how they are now hooked on this series. I have never, ever hated two characters more than I hate Tessa and Hardin. Tessa is: Whiny, stuck up, annoying, childish, pathetic, a H2ho, immature, irresponsible, vapid, shallow, and an overall turd.

Hardin is: cocky, annoying, bizarre, stage five clinger, gross, immature, actually a woman, hot tempered, mental, and zero dark crazy. I have no doubt in my mind that Hardin is the girl in this relationship. Trust me when I say he is more pathetic than Tessa is. That is just the tip of the iceberg on the things I loathe about these two. The relationship between the two is not only unhealthy but just downright awful. Their relationship is the furthest thing from romantic. Not only did I hate them when they were separate but I hated them more when they were together.

Their relationship is way out in the deep end of the crazy pool and it was so bad I wanted to drown just trying to endure it. Hardin acts like a dick, ask Tessa for one more chance, Tessa says okay, they make up for a day, and then the cycle starts all over again. After lacks any and all originality, depth, and personality. But, you want to know what the worst part is? The downright dirty worst part?!.. It was like watching a car crash in slow motion.

Another fanfiction P2P. Except instead of using Twilight to establish a fan base, this idiot used British boybander Harry Styles. And yea, it is a POS. While reading through the first chapter I was mentally editing it in my brain. Run on sentences, lack of semicolons, past tense bullshit. And knowing that it was bought for six figures by one of Another fanfiction P2P. A few reasons this book could and probably will bomb 1 There's a damn petition for suspendannatodd, to prevent this broad from fuckin up Harry Styles reputation.

It was revealed that the author, Anna Todd is 25, married, and not going to any educational institute. Whereas a year ago she was 18, single, and a student of neuroscience at UCLA. All of the other publishers are probably shaking their heads Harper Collins publisher: Razorblade publishing: Little Brown: What's funny about all of this Aside from the massive amount of views on Wattpad , is the fact that this book has thrived by year old readers, who probably had to hide under their covers and read this POS via cell phone. Parents on release day: Kids: It's gotten so bad, in fact, that Harry Styles has blocked this author from Twitter.

Read at your own risk, I guess. But I sure as hell won't recommend it. An editor got a hold of that bad boy and tore it up. View all 24 comments. However, there was this page where there were two Is lined up and I made a doodle:. View all 18 comments. Jan 14, Pearl Angeli rated it did not like it Shelves: reads , hot-male-characters , new-adult-contemporary , smexy-read , rants , dnf , annoying-heroines. First DNF book of the year. One of the things I hate doing so much is DNF-ing a book because it feels bad to leave it when you've invested yourself in it in the first place.

But sometimes you just have to quit because it just doesn't work out for you. And you can no longer fool yourself and hope that things will get better as the story goes. So yeah.. I DNF-ed this book for these reasons: 1. Writing Style - This book is poorly written and executed. I see so much potentials in this book but it fails First DNF book of the year. I see so much potentials in this book but it fails to hold my attention most of the time because of the boring writing. Plot - You can never find an absolute plot in this book.

Every chapter is a complete waste because of so many unnecessary scenes that don't make any sense at all. Main Characters - If you can't love the main characters, then there's no reason to continue it. Why pretend and fool yourself? Tessa and Hardin are both immature characters. They always bicker like children and wow, their childish behavior annoys the crap out of me! And don't even get me started on Hardin's attitude! Gaaah this guy makes me want to pull my hair out because he's simply such a prick! Cheating - Just so we're clear, I despise books with cheating, but I admit that there are books that I loved even when there's cheating involved but that's because they're simply well-written and well-justified.

But this? A girl cheats on her boyfriend just because her boyfriend is boring and omg there's a tattooed and pierced boy-next-door who's way hotter and exciting than him. And damn Hardin. This guy! He knows the girl has a boyfriend and yet he continues to seduce her just so he can prove that he's a sex god! I did try to like this book, honestly. But I just can't. It was a waste of time. Nuff said. View all 50 comments. After, book 1 of 5. He consumes my thoughts and invades my dreams. After, book 1 follows Hardin and Tessa from an unlikely friendship and beyond.

Their, at times, tumultuous relationship will be tested with demons from their pasts, jealousy, secrets, lies and betrayal. Yet their biggest obstacles will always come from within. Nine words to describe Hardin Allen Scott: Unpredictable, moody, flawed, broken, aloof, secretive, demanding, conflicted and possessive. It ends shockingly with truth and understanding leading right to book 2, After We Collided for the continuation of their journey. Well, you bring out the best in me.

View all 60 comments. View all 6 comments. Shelves: very-very-bad. WORSE there are so many mistakes here. View all 12 comments. If you thought the 'Fallen Crest High' series was full of angst and teenage melodrama, you haven't seen anything yet! I found this book to be equal parts irritating and addicting. The "adult" part of me has to acknowledge the truth in much of the criticism I've seen regarding this story.

Hardin and Tessa's relationship was a train wreck. I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes and thi If you thought the 'Fallen Crest High' series was full of angst and teenage melodrama, you haven't seen anything yet! I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes and thinking "hang it up already". However, I'd be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy this story. It was a total guilty pleasure. Even though I was often annoyed, or even infuriated, by the goings on in this book, I couldn't turn away. I really enjoyed this book, despite the responsible adult in me saying I should run far in the other direction.

Tessa is portrayed as the quintessential sheltered prude. She is a sweet virgin, who dresses conservatively and arrives at her dorm with her over-bearing mother and high school sweetheart in-tow. Immediately, Tessa stands out and becomes a target for her roommate's hard-partying group of friends. More so than anyone else, Hardin seems to take extreme pleasure in tormenting Tessa. He is constantly toying with her and trying to humiliate her. He goes out of his way to put her down, but he's always there. Despite all of his insults, he is constantly showing up in her daily life.

Little by little, Tessa and Hardin form a tenuous friendship. Eventually, it grows into more. There are plenty of obstacles along the way -- none larger than Hardin's broody, closed-off, and often volatile nature. Time and time again, Tessa forgives Hardin for his reprehensible behavior. These two might take the prize for the number of times a single couple can go back and forth, breaking up and making up, in a single book.

It did start to wear on my nerves, even as I couldn't turn away. They were the perfect example of everything that only works in fiction. In real life, these two needed some serious counselling and intervention. They were toxic, to an extreme degree.

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No way would I ever want to be any where near a couple like this in real life. However, for a smutty romance, they definitely kept things interesting. While I don't want to give anything away, I will say that the ending of this book gutted me. I actually cried. I was so furious, I think I might have felt the betrayal as acutely as Tessa did! So many times, I told myself that when this book was over that I wouldn't be diving back in for another round of their melodramatic, childish antics.

I was kidding myself. There was no way that I was going to skip the next book after that ending. It's on to the next book for me. As an aside, this book was apparently written as fan-fiction originally. It is supposed to be based on the lives of the boy band "One Direction". Since I'm not very familiar with this group, I don't have anything to offer in terms of how closely this book follows any of those band members. If it does closely follow one of the bandmate's lives, God help the poor girls that are his prey.

View all 36 comments. Jul 05, Karen Mc rated it it was amazing Shelves: 5-top-reads , angst , college. Sometimes you read a story that strikes you hard where you're drifting in the haze left from characters who clenched every part of you. My heart pounded fast like drums in my chest. After removed me from everything where I did nothing but LIVE thi Sometimes you read a story that strikes you hard where you're drifting in the haze left from characters who clenched every part of you. After started out slow but a burn built that beckoned me right into the flames as my heart caught fire, a slow burn seeping into my soul.

My emotions were heightened, swirling around in my head like a hurricane, waiting to hit. My feels flooded…all over me. After is thigh-clenching, adrenaline-inducing, emotional-exploding edge-of-your-seat exhilaration in words. Tess is a beautiful and innocent Her focus is on school and she doesn't need any distractions, even if it's the beautiful disaster of a bad boy named Hardin.

Hardin is like a drug; each time I take the tiniest bite of him, I crave more and more. Hardin is my favorite type of hero: a hot, inked, cocky, built, and broken alpha. I loved him. I hated him. Often, I didn't know how I felt about this devastatingly beautiful but mixed-up man. I am a moth to his flame, and he never hesitates to burn me. Hardin is smoldering inked perfection, a man who commands, where you can only succumb to the desire. He makes me laugh and cry, yell and scream, but most of all he makes me feel alive.

This heroine grows up so much in this story. I wanted to high-five her a few times for standing up for herself. I want to be good for you, Tess. Tess and Hardin are fire and ice. I both loathed and loved Tess and Hardin together. I wanted to both hug and hit some much-needed sense into them. My kindle almost didn't survive this story and neither did I. This book is bittersweet and broken love at its best. Her words are LIFE!!! After was my HIGH I smiled If I could only feel one thing for the rest of my life, this would be it.

View all 9 comments. Before you read this, please remember that this is my own personal opinion and that, with this very negative review, I'm by no means bashing those who liked this book or its characters. That being said, I think this is the first time in my reading experience where I wish I could rate a book -5 stars.

Because After is the most horrible thing I've ever read in my life. Not to mention the slut-shaming and the way it speaks to good gi Before you read this, please remember that this is my own personal opinion and that, with this very negative review, I'm by no means bashing those who liked this book or its characters. Not to mention the slut-shaming and the way it speaks to good girls as if being prude and inexperienced was something they need to fix right away. I mean, I've read bad books before, and I sometimes found myself liking them or problematic characters anyway, but this?

This is not problematic, not even slightly twisted. It's a straight up mess that was probably created for the sole erotic purpose but that gained a shitty plot in the making as well. The main character is one of the most unrelatable girls I've ever encountered and Hardin, her male counterpart should really consider therapy or else he'd definitely nerd to be locked away.

He was so scary, moody and crazy. Of course, there was the sex that should have made up for all of this, but not even all the positions of Kamasutra could save these two and their madness. Also, the stereotypes killed me. In this book people were evilized or seen as bad because they have tattoos. The charachters are ALL incredibly fucked up and they keep making mistake after mistake. I thought there was a limit to dumbness, even in a fictional world where every single character is a failure, but apparently I was wrong. Character development? You won't find them here or in any other book of the series.

This story left me so uncomfortable and shaken that I had to finish a whole jar of pickles to get over it. Again, if you liked it, I'm happy for you, but I will never understand how this is considered 'a masterpiece', or where it got all its success. Sometimes, fanfictions should stay fanfictions. I wish I could unread it or at least forget stories as ugly as this one are being published like it's nothing, while real works of art get rejected every day.

View all 11 comments. Jun 09, peachygirl rated it did not like it Shelves: read-in , annoying-heroine , overhyped , cheating-alert , contemporary , wattpad , asshole-alert. I read After when it was the 'It Book' on wattpad a couple of years back. And I'm embarrassed to admit that I read all the 3 books in the series.

In my defense, I wanted to see if the girl would grow some balls and dump Harry's sorry ass, which does happen time and again, till Harry strips and Tessa falls head over heels in lust. Needless to say I was repulsed. But the reader in me was furious with the way the author romanticised abuse. Still I suffered chapters in the hope of redemption or closure or anything to make me believe I hadn't wasted time on these books, but it was a hopeless cause. So being the mature person that I am, I tried to forget I ever read such a shitty piece of literature and moved on. I was stumped and gave her a 40 minute lecture, which ended with me being called a wowser.

And grandma. If anyone's reading this, come out of your After ever happy bubble and smell the fucking coffee. Try to understand that what Hardin and Tessa had wasn't love. Or the kind of relationship you would want to aspire for. It was a disproportionate mess of lies, games, manipulation, emotional abuse, unhealthy attachments, unresolved mental issues and lots of sex! And I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this book is a bestseller.

Just what the heck is wrong with everyone??! View all 17 comments. Dec 28, Chelsea chelseadolling reads rated it did not like it. This book is harmful garbage. Don't read it. Just don't. View all 3 comments. Aug 05, Evgnossia O'Hara rated it it was ok Shelves: buddy-read , romance , owned. This was my first buddy read along with my girls Mareira and Maria Vrisanaki.

I have to thank those two amazing ladies who made the experience unique and one of the funniest in my life! Even though the book was quite terrible, they made me laugh and enjoy the whole process. I have to admit that the first impression of the story was a positive one. Although, I knew that the first impressions aren't always accurate, I didn't even think about it.

I was too into the story and the love interest betwee This was my first buddy read along with my girls Mareira and Maria Vrisanaki. I was too into the story and the love interest between these two completely different personalities.