Could you solve a murder mystery?

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The Details: Join the ranks of budding sleuths in a public event, or plan your own private weekend to its every last detail. Characters are assigned in advance, and prizes are awarded for snagging the suspect, so apply your best mustache, prep your most authentic accent, and head to Kentucky.


No surprise there, for this manse was built as a wedding gift for the founder of the Lehigh Valley Railroad and Lehigh University. You could spend years just exploring its rich furnishings and ornate details, or discovering the charming town of Jim Thorpe. But we have other ideas in mind The Details: Forget the murder mysteries that come out of a kit. This one is based on true events. But with all its unique details to discover and make-believe mysteries that extend way beyond your everyday murder, a mystery weekend may be the best way to experience this palatial Newport home, once the private digs of the famed Gilded Age architect George Champlin Mason himself.

The Inn: With just six rooms on-site, the Madison Street Inn is cozy and comfortable, well hidden away from the hustle of Silicon Valley.

Outside, the backyard has a pool and private gardens surrounded by a white picket fence, while the interior is filled with Victorian charm. The innkeepers provide fully customizable stays, attending to every detail and batching up fresh-baked chocolate-chip cookies that past guests swear are to die for. Bring along a Watson or two, or reserve for 10 or more guests during the winter and make it a party.

Can you solve this murder mystery?

May we suggest the iconic deerstalker cap? Cumberbatch facial features not included.

A Spoonful of Murder

The Inn: Meals may very well be the main event at Bellaire, with innkeepers David and Jim at the hob. Past guests rave about the yummy morning goodies, including French toast stuffed with raspberries or peaches, drizzled liberally with real Michigan maple syrup.

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All you have to do is read the story. Then, once you get to the end, you can decide who you think did it, and find out if you're right! Ready?. Are you the next Sherlock, or should you leave the mysteries to the experts? Find out with this quiz.

Adding to the adorableness in cozy northern Michigan? Check in on Friday and learn the ropes. We promise to give it a good home.

We ship our mysteries only to mailing addresses within the United States and Canada. We recommend that you purchase a second home in the U. Don't wait! Order yours today!

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Our company has a hiring preference for people with disabilities. You may occasionally receive a communication from us that has a missing letter or other small error. We thank you in advance for being respectful and courteous. We are proud of our excellent team! I highly recommend this to all mystery fans. I've been a member for five months and love it.

WOW is all I can say. Los Angeles. It was a blast! Illinois "Their mysteries are fun, exciting and entertaining.

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