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Emotional geographies: on feelings, trees, walks and hand-drawn maps
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Grounded Space is a collective of social services committed to developing the next generation of services and supports. We curate teams of designers, social scientists, community developers and frontline workers to make and test alternative welfare models, rooted in the lived realities of people on-the-ground, left out or not well served by existing systems. In , Grounded Space is supporting three teams to move from original research insights to prototyped solutions.

One that is all about navigating the space between what exists and what could be, between the rules and protocols of the current system and the fluidity and uncertainty of an alternative system. Moving towards an alternative system requires making visible assumptions, values, and logics.

It demands new forms of intelligence. And it is only the start. Our initial ethnographic research phase, called the Quick Dive, has given way to a more focused phase, called the Deep Dive. How do doulas help moms navigate the mixed emotions of childbirth? How do oncologists help people through the disappointment and fear of a diagnosis?

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How do indigenous cultures use ceremony to nurture emotions and collective identities? We need starting points for designing new kinds of interventions.


Help us get there. As a sociologist, Sarah …. Read more about dr.

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Thirteen percent of female respondents evoked these emotions simultaneously in contrast, only one male respondent used these emotions together , indicating that there may be a tension in the way women feel about the effects and future possibilities of climate change. Pini, B. More specifically, she is interested in exploring the social and political significance of the relationships between cultural practices, processes of identity formation, encounters with difference and people's emotional attachments to particular communities. We need more than information. Try this direct link to our service provider CashNet.

Home Blog Emotional Geographies. Sarah Schulman January 20, Categories Blog. Spending time on the basketball courts with Filipino young people Sharing fresh juice with Haci and his family in Surrey Understand what matters most to F at her basement suite in Surrey Being with Mario at his temporary apartment in Toronto. In this paper, we reflect on how our field work was undone and show how this led us to advocate alternative methodologies for understanding violence in places where long-term ethnography may not be possible.

We shifted towards embracing the potency of affective encounters as moments that force us to look, interpret and think differently. We argue that attention to the feeling and embodiment of everyday encounters can lead to a different understanding of the violence of land conflict; a violence that works through bodies, across space, forecloses futures, and implicates the researcher within this system. Laura Schoenberger. La inequidad se ve exacerbada cuando los Estas fracturas se hacen presente en las tensiones de los relatos segundarios, que hablan de la historia afectiva, de espacios de encuentros y que en general conducen hacia un re conocimiento del otro ahondando en las formas de vincularse.

Referencias: Bower, B. Introduction: The Geographies of Star Trek. There are relatively few media products that can compete with Star Trek in terms of longevity and cultural saturation. First introduced to audiences in , the franchise now encompasses more than fifty years, six television series, First introduced to audiences in , the franchise now encompasses more than fifty years, six television series, thirteen films, countless spin-off novels and ancillary books, multiple annual international fan conventions and an enduring place in the popular culture lexicon of the English language—a remarkable feat for a television show that almost never made it to the screen and, even when it did, was canceled for poor ratings after just three seasons.

This special issue originated from a panel session which delved into these geographical concerns; the papers contained here reflect the breadth of knowledge of the contributors. The authors not only have an intimate knowledge of Star Trek, but apply that knowledge to their expertise in historical, cultural, political, and environmental geographies and an even wider breadth of theoretical perspectives.

This special issue presents the possibilities of popular culture to be studied geographically and how popular culture, and Star Trek in particular, has itself had a significant impact upon geographical processes. Hannah C. Intimacy: Torn This chapter offers torn cartographies as a theoretical frame to conceptualize and engage with trans bodies, trans histories, and trans health research in Newfoundland.

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Emotional geography is a subtopic within human geography, dealing with the relationships between emotions and geographic places and their contextual. Emotional Geographies. 1. Editorial: Emotional Geographies. Kay Anderson and Susan Smith. The definitive version of this article is published in: Anderson, K.

As impressions of postmodern fragmentation, torn cartographies trace As impressions of postmodern fragmentation, torn cartographies trace the relational and shifting positions that trans women islanders live. By acknowledging the ruptured assemblage of archival absence, longing, and loss in relation to trans women's health, this chapter adds to the fields of emotional geographies and rural trans health studies.

Cultural Studies Review

Geographies of emotional and care labour. Recent years have witnessed shifts in the social organisation of emotional and care labour, especially as they intersect with new global trends in migratory patterns and international mobility, the restructuring of social reproduction and Recent years have witnessed shifts in the social organisation of emotional and care labour, especially as they intersect with new global trends in migratory patterns and international mobility, the restructuring of social reproduction and public—private divides, as well as the flexibilization of labour markets and a resurgence of unpaid labour such as volunteer work.

With a focus on emotions and affect as a central epistemological and methodological orientation, this essay aims to draw connections between three distinct but related bodies of feminist scholarship: social reproduction theory, studies of emotional labour, and emotional geographies. The paper frames these approaches relative to the project of understanding the spatial dimensions of forms of emotional and care labour in neoliberal times.

Geopolitik und Emotionen im Neuen Kalten Krieg.

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Beispielhaft unterlegt werden soll dies mit aktueller Emotional geographies experienced during international fieldwork: an evaluation of teaching and learning strategies for reflective assessment. The benefits and challenges of international fieldwork are well rehearsed.

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Little examination has been given to how tutors respond to the Using the innovative strategy of student-led teaching of peers, this paper examines how, firstly, the emotional geographies on international fieldwork can be identified and, secondly, how tutors can respond with appropriate teaching and learning strategies to enhance the fieldwork experience of students in terms of their personal and scholarly development.

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