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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. View all 4 comments. Apr 14, Alexandra Machado rated it liked it Shelves: , biblioteca-pessoal , leiamulheres , n-portugal , poesia. Jun 07, Tobias Carvalho rated it really liked it. Poemas portugueses feitos num tempo em que Matilde esteve no Rio.

Foi para mim, um acontecimento. View 1 comment. Jun 15, Maria rated it it was amazing Shelves: , poesia , portugueses. Talvez eu tenha sido muito duro com a poesia da Matilde. Oct 25, Suellen Rubira rated it it was amazing. Venha o que vier, fico guardando alguns poemas. Muito legal! Jan 15, Helena Romera rated it it was amazing Shelves: leiamulheres. Jan 28, Felipe rated it really liked it Shelves: portugal , read-in , poesia , lendo-mulheres. May 31, Valdemar Gomes rated it really liked it Shelves: estante-literal. Jan 05, Francisca Prieto rated it it was amazing.

Mas, enfim, vale a leitura. Oct 16, marta rated it liked it. Aug 03, Gabriela Ramos rated it really liked it. So I believe that we have an ethic that the Earth grows our food, and we need to move to an ethic in this century that the Earth should grow our homes. Now, how are we going to do that when we're urbanizing at this rate and we think about wood buildings only at four stories? We need to reduce the concrete and steel and we need to grow bigger, and what we've been working on is story tall buildings made of wood.

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The way I describe this best, I've found, is to say that we're all used to two-by-four construction when we think about wood. That's what people jump to as a conclusion.

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Foi o evento da minha ida. And yet the weather is a very important part of our lives. His imposing stature, coupled with his powerful and determined mime, do not let anyone remain indifferent to his presence. Yeah, she is walking back to me Oh, Oh, pretty woman 1 Underline with one line the ordinary verbs, and give their translation. In the village where I lived, everyone was heterosexual.

Two-by-four construction is sort of like the little eight-dot bricks of Lego that we all played with as kids, and you can make all kinds of cool things out of Lego at that size, and out of two-by-fours. But do remember when you were a kid, and you kind of sifted through the pile in your basement, and you found that big dot brick of Lego, and you were kind of like, "Cool, this is awesome. I can build something really big, and this is going to be great. Mass timber panels are those dot bricks. They're changing the scale of what we can do, and what we've developed is something we call FFTT, which is a Creative Commons solution to building a very flexible system of building with these large panels where we tilt up six stories at a time if we want to.

This animation shows you how the building goes together in a very simple way, but these buildings are available for architects and engineers now to build on for different cultures in the world, different architectural styles and characters. In order for us to build safely, we've engineered these buildings, actually, to work in a Vancouver context, where we're a high seismic zone, even at 30 stories tall. Now obviously, every time I bring this up, people even, you know, here at the conference, say, "Are you serious?

Thirty stories? How's that going to happen? I'm just going to focus on a few of them, and let's start with fire, because I think fire is probably the first one that you're all thinking about right now. Fair enough. And the way I describe it is this. If I asked you to take a match and light it and hold up a log and try to get that log to go on fire, it doesn't happen, right? We all know that. But to build a fire, you kind of start with small pieces of wood and you work your way up, and eventually you can add the log to the fire, and when you do add the log to the fire, of course, it burns, but it burns slowly.

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The last thing we want to do is cut down trees.

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Or, the last thing we want to do is cut down the wrong trees. There are models for sustainable forestry that allow us to cut trees properly, and those are the only trees appropriate to use for these kinds of systems. Now I actually think that these ideas will change the economics of deforestation.

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If we did it in wood, in this solution, we'd sequester about 3, tonnes, for a net difference of 4, tonnes. That's the equivalent of about cars removed from the road in one year. Think back to that three billion people that need a new home, and maybe this is a contributor to reducing. We're at the beginning of a revolution, I hope, in the way we build, because this is the first new way to build a skyscraper in probably years or more. But the challenge is changing society's perception of possibility, and it's a huge challenge. The engineering is, truthfully, the easy part of this.

The first skyscraper, technically -- and the definition of a skyscraper is 10 stories tall, believe it or not — but the first skyscraper was this one in Chicago, and people were terrified to walk underneath this building. But only four years after it was built, Gustave Eiffel was building the Eiffel Tower, and as he built the Eiffel Tower, he changed the skylines of the cities of the world, changed and created a competition between places like New York City and Chicago, where developers started building bigger and bigger buildings and pushing the envelope up higher and higher with better and better engineering.

We built this model in New York, actually, as a theoretical model on the campus of a technical university soon to come, and the reason we picked this site to just show you what these buildings may look like, because the exterior can change. It's really just the structure that we're talking about.

The reason we picked it is because this is a technical university, and I believe that wood is the most technologically advanced material I can build with. It just happens to be that Mother Nature holds the patent, and we don't really feel comfortable with it. But that's the way it should be, nature's fingerprints in the built environment. I'm looking for this opportunity to create an Eiffel Tower moment, we call it.

Buildings are starting to go up around the world. There's a building in London that's nine stories, a new building that just finished in Australia that I believe is 10 or We're starting to push the height up of these wood buildings, and we're hoping, and I'm hoping, that my hometown of Vancouver actually potentially announces the world's tallest at around 20 stories in the not-so-distant future. That Eiffel Tower moment will break the ceiling, these arbitrary ceilings of height, and allow wood buildings to join the competition.

And I believe the race is ultimately on. Thank you. Construo por todo o mundo a partir do nosso gabinete em Vancouver e Nova Iorque. Se olharmos para a energia, passa-se o mesmo. Posso construir uma coisa grande. Trinta andares? Todos sabemos isso. Quando puserem o toro no fogo, claro, ele arde, mas arde lentamente. Isso equivale a cerca de carros fora da estrada num ano. Talvez este seja um contributo para reduzir isso. I was a young drug dealer with a quick temper and a semi-automatic pistol. In fact, it was beginning, and the 23 years since is a story of acknowledgment, apology and atonement.

But it didn't happen in the way that you might imagine or think. These things occurred in my life in a way that was surprising, especially to me. But things went dramatically wrong when my parents separated and eventually divorced. At the age of 17, I got shot three times standing on the corner of my block in Detroit. My friend rushed me to the hospital. Doctors pulled the bullets out, patched me up, and sent me back to the same neighborhood where I got shot.

Throughout this ordeal, no one hugged me, no one counseled me, no one told me I would be okay.

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No one told me that I would live in fear, that I would become paranoid, or that I would react hyper-violently to being shot. No one told me that one day, I would become the person behind the trigger. Fourteen months later, at 2 a. I didn't want to take responsibility. I blamed everybody from my parents to the system. I rationalized my decision to shoot because in the hood where I come from, it's better to be the shooter than the person getting shot. As I sat in my cold cell, I felt helpless, unloved and abandoned.

I felt like nobody cared, and I reacted with hostility to my confinement. And I found myself getting deeper and deeper into trouble. I ran black market stores, I loan sharked, and I sold drugs that were illegally smuggled into the prison. I had in fact become what the warden of the Michigan Reformatory called "the worst of the worst.

One day, I was pacing my cell, when an officer came and delivered mail. I looked at a couple of letters before I looked at the letter that had my son's squiggly handwriting on it. And anytime I would get a letter from my son, it was like a ray of light in the darkest place you can imagine. And on this particular day, I opened this letter, and in capital letters, he wrote, "My mama told me why you was in prison: murder. Jesus watches what you do.

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Pray to Him. They made me examine things about my life that I hadn't considered. It was the first time in my life that I had actually thought about the fact that my son would see me as a murderer. I sat back on my bunk and I reflected on something I had read in [Plato], where Socrates stated in "Apology" that the unexamined life isn't worth living. But it didn't come easy. One of the things I realized, which was part of the transformation, was that there were four key things.

The first thing was, I had great mentors. Now, I know some of you all are probably thinking, how did you find a great mentor in prison? But in my case, some of my mentors who are serving life sentences were some of the best people to ever come into my life, because they forced me to look at my life honestly, and they forced me to challenge myself about my decision making.

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Prior to going to prison, I didn't know that there were so many brilliant black poets, authors and philosophers, and then I had the great fortune of encountering Malcolm X's autobiography, and it shattered every stereotype I had about myself. For 19 years, my father stood by my side with an unshakable faith, because he believed that I had what it took to turn my life around. I also met an amazing woman who is now the mother of my two-year-old son Sekou, and she taught me how to love myself in a healthy way.

When I got that letter from my son, I began to write a journal about things I had experienced in my childhood and in prison, and what it did is it opened up my mind to the idea of atonement. Earlier in my incarceration, I had received a letter from one of the relatives of my victim, and in that letter, she told me she forgave me, because she realized I was a young child who had been abused and had been through some hardships and just made a series of poor decisions. It was the first time in my life that I ever felt open to forgiving myself. And so I started talking to them about some of their experiences, and I was devastated to realize that most of them came from the same abusive environments, And most of them wanted help and they wanted to turn it around, but unfortunately the system that currently holds 2.

So I made it up in my mind that if I was ever released from prison that I would do everything in my power to help change that. Now imagine, if you will, Fred Flintstone walking into an episode of "The Jetsons. See, when I went to prison, our car phones were this big and required two people to carry them. So imagine what it was like when I first grabbed my little Blackberry and I started learning how to text. But the thing is, the people around me, they didn't realize that I had no idea what all these abbreviated texts meant, like LOL, OMG, LMAO, until one day I was having a conversation with one of my friends via text, and I asked him to do something, and he responded back, "K.

Laughter And so fast forward three years, I'm doing relatively good. I have a fellowship at MIT Media Lab, I work for an amazing company called BMe, I teach at the University of Michigan, but it's been a struggle because I realize that there are more men and women coming home who are not going to be afforded those opportunities. I've been blessed to work with some amazing men and women, helping others reenter society, and one of them is my friend named Calvin Evans. He served 24 years for a crime he didn't commit.

He's 45 years old. He's currently enrolled in college. And one of the things that we talked about is the three things that I found important in my personal transformation, the first being acknowledgment. I had to acknowledge that I had hurt others. I also had to acknowledge that I had been hurt. The second thing was apologizing.

I had to apologize to the people I had hurt. Even though I had no expectations of them accepting it, it was important to do because it was the right thing. But I also had to apologize to myself. The third thing was atoning. For me, atoning meant going back into my community and working with at-risk youth who were on the same path, but also becoming at one with myself.

Anybody can have a transformation if we create the space for that to happen. So what I'm asking today is that you envision a world where men and women aren't held hostage to their pasts, where misdeeds and mistakes don't define you for the rest of your life. I think collectively, we can create that reality, and I hope you do too.

Essas coisas aconteceram na minha vida de uma maneira surpreendente, especialmente para mim. Mas as coisas falharam dramaticamente quando os meus pais se separaram e depois se divorciaram. Um amigo levou-me logo para o hospital. E, sentado na minha cela fria, senti-me desamparado, com falta de amor e abandonado. Vi algumas cartas antes de ver a carta que tinha a caligrafia rabiscada do meu filho.

Sempre que recebia uma carta dele, era como um raio de luz no lugar mais escuro que possam imaginar. Fizeram-me examinar coisas da minha vida em que nunca tinha pensado. Foi a primeira vez na minha vida em que realmente pensei sobre o facto de que o meu filho me iria ver como um assassino. Essa foi a primeira vez na minha vida em que me senti predisposto a perdoar-me a mim mesmo. Fiquei desolado ao perceber que a maioria deles viera dos mesmos ambientes violentos e a maioria deles queria ajuda e queria mudar.

Risos Era exatamente assim que a minha vida parecia.

A experiência de militarização e controle da vida dos povos indígenas durante a ditadura

Pela primeira vez, tomei contacto com a Internet, as redes sociais, carros que falam como o K. Sabem, quando fui preso, os telefones do carro eram deste tamanho e eram precisas duas pessoas para os carregar. Imaginem como fiquei ao segurar pela primeira vez no meu pequeno Blackberry e comecei a aprender como mandar mensagens. Tem 45 anos. A primeira foi o reconhecimento. Eu tive que reconhecer que magoara outros. We can, and should, do something to prevent the loss of data. There are several things we could consider doing, and they range from regular saves to online backup services.

Let us see our 8-tips list. Save often Obvious, is it not? That is why it is our number one. Edit carefully This is also one of the more obvious tips in this list. Edit your documents carefully. Do not just select all content in the Word or row in the Excel and then edit. Also, be aware that improper and careless use of Search and replace can make a havoc of your hard work: always doublecheck what is replaced before it is replaced.

The rule of the thumb is: if you are making significant changes in the whole document, back up your working copy. Compress, copy, backup The quickest way to make a backup is to copy the files onto another location. Why not do more? You can compress all files on which you are working translation, translation memory, glossaries in one file bundle and thus make clean backup packages.

If you use WinRAR archiver, secure your archive with "Recovery record" and strong password protection. Of course, always have a fresh backup, and if you make several backups, be sure to label them properly. For those willing to experiment, I recommend installing SVN: a full-scale versioning system that can be used as a backup solution in multi-user working atmosphere. It also protects the computer from fluctuations in electrical power and from electrical shock.

In the worst scenario, you will have enough time minutes depend on the model to save your work and turn off the PC. UPS devices are very affordable, but because they are so important, use only the best brands for example, APC. Use user account We all have two basic types of accounts on our operating systems: a user and an administrator account. These two should be exactly what they mean.

Do not use your computer in admin account, because in that way all programs will have permission to change important system settings that affect security. You are giving all the malware viruses, trojans, worms a green light to edit your most sensitive system files to cause damage - and this is, of course, something that you must avoid. However, there is an unfortunate downside. High-quality software is made to work properly in multi-account operating systems, but what the author of this article discovered is that some versions of Trados simply refuse to work in user account.

There were no problems with Wordfast, after some minor tweaks after the installation, though. Get rid of junk Be smart and do not compromise your work as a professional by using risky programs. Forget flashy screensavers, icons, animations and smileys: they are usually teeming with viruses, trojans and worms. Download all software from the publisher's site or the official download site.

Scan your PC regularly for viruses and spyware. Use Mozy or similar service Mozy. After creating an account on Mozy. The software will copy all the files you selected to a remote backup server in regular intervals. In case you lose your work, simply download your files from the secure server.

Online backup is a must-have for serious projects. Use RAID 1 This is something you will probably not be able do yourself; also, this is the most technically demanding item in our list. So, what is RAID? RAID is an affordable and smart way of backing up data in real time. You will need two hard discs of the same capacity, and when they are connected in RAID 1 mode, all data is simultaneously written on both of the discs.

If one disc fails, the other should be intact and you can continue as if nothing happened. Please note that RAID support is not present in all operating systems. If you are buying a new PC, it would be wise to ask your vendor to set up RAID1 for you and take care of all that is needed for proper installation. Vejamos esta lista com 8 dicas.

As duas deviam ser exatamente o que indicam os nomes. Descarreguem todo o software a partir do site do editor ou do site oficial de descarregamento. Usem o idrive. No caso de perderem o vosso trabalho, basta descarregarem os vossos ficheiros a partir do servidor seguro. Se um dos discos falhar, o outro deve ficar intacto e podem continuar como se nada tivesse acontecido. Au maximum! C'est magique. Profile last updated Jul 1. Or create a new account. View Ideas submitted by the community. Post Your ideas for ProZ. Vote Promote or demote ideas.

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Because this person is not a ProZ. Specializes in:. Escolha uma fruta ou um legume na bacia de legumes. Depois, desenhe e pinte a figura. O verdureiro, , de Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Depois, eles devem identificar ao menos um anagrama de cada palavra formada. O retrato pode ser uma pintura, fotografia, escultura ou ser feito utilizando os casos. Retrato de D. Rio Grande do Sul. Caipira picando fumo, , de Almeida Retrato de D.

O retrato pode representar uma figura individual ou um grupo. Pode ser elaborado com base em Autorretrato, , de Tarsila do Amaral. Autorretrato, , de Pablo Picasso. Durante todo este ano serei seu companheiro. Consulte o texto integral na abertura da Unidade 8 deste livro ou no Guia do Professor.

Confeccione um dado como o ilustradoao lado. Organize a classe em quatro grupos: A, B, C e D. Se acertar, marca um ponto para seu grupo. Expli- que que cada profissional usa de- terminados instrumentos em seu trabalho. Nem grades para pular. Ele tirou a lupa do bolso. Depois, tomava notas num caderno.

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Buy Eu gosto de mim do jeito que eu sou! (Floresta do Positivo Poder Livro 1) ( Portuguese Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - of 64 results for "sou". Skip to main search results . Querido diário não sou mais virgem (Conto Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition). by Jessika . Eu gosto de mim do jeito que eu sou! (Floresta do Positivo Poder Livro 1) (Portuguese Edition).

Desta vez eu que o acordei. Uma fortuninha em chamados internacionais. Fingi chorar para que ela confessasse. Elementar, Clarimundo. Se foi, pobres se sentido velho e cansado. Na verdade eu que roubava as galinhas para dar aos favelados. In: Heloisa Prieto Org. Item a. Item b. Converse com os colegas. Item c. Item e. Identifique os elementos do conto. Enigma Assalto ao galinheiro. A cada dia sumia uma galinha. Detetive Sherlock Holmes. Releia o trecho a seguir. Releia estes trechos. O autor quis reproduzir o pensamento do narrador. X Depois de foi falta a palavra escrito.

Ob- b O mordomo de casa foi acusado pelo detetive. Complete as frases com as palavras do quadro. Adoro admirar Ortografia a vista! Um gato chamado Gatinho. Em seguida, chame um alu- no de cada grupo para completar algumas frases determine Elaborado pelas autoras. Vaso de cristal 2 4 Mostra a quem uma coisa pertence ou pertenceu. Diz a lenda que antigamente os do todo. Na atividade 1, os textos sobreA primeira escova de dentes foi usada na China, em Os alunos podem realizar a pesqui- sa na escola ou em casa.

Auxilie-os a discernir os elementos que devem observar para fazer uma 5. Ao final, pergunte aos alu- cada painel veja a figura 3 para ver se as abelhas seguiam apenas as cores nos o que entenderam do texto. Acesso em: 29 ago. Texto traduzido e adaptado.

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