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Executive Actions Versus Executive Orders
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The president has at times hinted at his ability to make changes to the way immigration laws are enforced.

In an interview in January , Mr. We can prioritize what we do.

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Obama talked about the need to focus enforcement on criminals and gang members, and not on others. They said Mr.

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Now, he emphasizes his ability to act. Officials have said the president could announce a series of executive actions as early as this week. The move comes after a concerted lobbying campaign by immigration advocates demanding presidential action in the face of , deportations every year.

At the news conference in Australia over the weekend, Mr. Obama implored Congress to pass a bill that would secure the border, revamp the legal immigration system and legalize many of the 11 million unauthorized immigrants living in the United States.

Obama’s Immigration Plan Could Grant Papers to Millions, at Least for Now

Here are some things to know about President Trump's unilateral moves -- what they can accomplish and what they can't. Critics described Obama's use of executive actions as an overreach of his presidential powers and an unconstitutional attempt to bypass the legislative branch of government, even though the most substantial of the executive actions carried no legal weight. For example, Obama carefully weighed his use of executive actions on gun violence and decided against issuing legal mandates via executive orders, which would have gone against the legislative intent of Congress and risked enraging lawmakers of both parties. Bush — Bill Clinton — George W. Lose pages and you would lose, effectively, nothing. The consequence of failing to comply could possibly be removal from office.

White House officials said the House speaker, John A. Boehner, made it clear that Republicans, who control both chambers in Congress next year, have no intention of passing a bill that the president could agree with.

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They note that Mr. Obama delayed any executive action throughout and , hoping that Mr. Boehner would allow a vote in the House on a bipartisan bill that passed the Senate.

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When that did not happen by the summer, officials said, Mr. Obama decided he should act on his own.

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That decision puts the president in a different public posture from the one he offered in numerous interviews and speeches since In those settings, Mr. Obama was repeatedly urged to act on his own to reduce the number of families that were being separated by deportations. He rejected that idea and urged people to pressure Republicans in Congress to pass a bill.

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But such an action from Trump would perhaps give administration lawyers a new basis to try to persuade federal courts that the question could be included. The administration was facing a Friday deadline to notify a federal judge in Maryland of its census plans. Hazel is one of three federal judges who blocked the Trump administration from adding a citizenship question to the census.

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The others are in New York and California. The administration had pushed the Supreme Court to decide the case quickly, citing a July 1 deadline to begin printing the forms. The court took the rare step of taking up the case directly from a trial court in New York before an appeals court had weighed in.

Opponents of the question say evidence from the computer files of a Republican redistricting consultant who died last year shows that.