The Second Torpedo

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The wreck was discovered last year but they waited until fair weather this summer to begin the three-week recovery operation with experts from Wessex Archaeology, clearing clay and silt so sections can be lifted.

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Despite more than 2, Barracudas rolling off the production lines — mostly for service with the Fleet Air Arm — there are none today. The Defence Safety Conference returns to London this October as the only event solely dedicated to enhancing safety across all aspects of defence.

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I saw the prettiest roses you ever laid you eyes on. Most manned torpedo operations were at night and during the new moon to cut down the risk of being seen. Here are possible explosion theories in alphabetical order:. Confusion was reduced to minimum and condition ZED was set in the record time of six minutes. Posted April 3, at AM. It fixed the Mk.

Scott A. One torpedo slammed into the U. The enormous blast shook the Ship and crew and sent tons of oil and water skyward.


Tons more water quickly flooded into the resulting 32 by 18 foot hole causing the Ship to lean, a situation the crew quickly corrected by purposefully flooding compartments on the opposite side. Five men were killed and 23 were wounded.

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THE SECOND TORPEDO Ilene Birkwood, survivor This true story, written by the survivor of a U-boat attack, gives us a mesmerizing glimpse into a child's view of . Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Ilene Birkwood, born in England, is a survivor of the SS The Second Torpedo - Kindle edition by Ilene Birkwood.

I was knocked ass over teakettle over and through a gun blister, but was able to make it to my battle station. The torpedo punctured some fuel tanks and started a fire, which got into the lower handling room of Turret II.


The fuel was actually burning on the floor of the projectile room. The sprinklers were activated and the turret crew came streaming out the hatch with the smoke in swift pursuit. There was a big explosion. I saw the prettiest roses you ever laid you eyes on. I saw my name.

Almost Historical: Can a Single Torpedo Sink a Ship? | World of Warships

At the time I was from Lynchburg, Virginia. Babcock, killed in action. One caught one hand and one caught the other and I actually talked to them. One of the fire control men was the hairiest guy we ever saw. He was in the shower at the time. He was all soaped up and when we got hit, he took from the shower and was running up on the port side of the ship and I am looking at him go by on the main deck and all I can see is hair and soap suds.

No clothes on. He went into turret one.

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That was his battle station. There was a fire in the magazines so they flooded the magazine and they abandoned turret one.

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Here he comes, still with no clothes on, but soapsuds, running back down again. I was telling him about it afterwards. I was almost knocked out of a bunk I was lying in reading. As I ran through a passageway…I saw smoke coming in through the ventilators.

The Second Torpedo

I was just at the head where the torpedo hit. I passed three shipfitters on my way out and some men showering, etc. They are all done for. Most of the magazines are flooded with water and fuel oil! Turret I is out of commission. Our radar is out of commission. Our 1 Director is also out of commission.

Last but not least, also our catapults. Admiral gave us word to head into port as our oil slick is jeopardizing the remaining Task Force. Diaries were illegal, but some men found good hiding places.

Wake Of The Second Torpedo Squadron

It felt as though a giant had put his hand against the port side and shoved us with all his might sideways through the water. The WASP was hit about two minutes before us. The last time I saw her she was a floating hull. Reports said three torpedoes went into her port side starting huge fires. Children living in vulnerable areas in Britain are offered evacuation to the British Dominions to escape the impending invasion.

As a 7-year old, the author, together with her siblings, waves goodbye to her parents and sets off for Canada. Three hundred children, roused from their beds, take to the lifeboats. They go calmly, without panic or tears. Rescued by an oil tanker the children are taken to Scotland.