Das elektrische Schwein (German Edition)

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Das elektrische Schwein

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A bait portion K is provided to simulate some areas of the tail of the pig. The tail copying bait portion K' is cooperated with a shock signal device 4 for controlling generation of shock signal, so that the pig snout is activated.

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The bait portions are electrically connected with the shock signal device. The bait portion is provided to hold the support unit 5 integrated with the electric shock signal device.

The invention relates to a device for weaning of the pigs from the tail biting according to the preamble of claim 1, whereby a protection of the tails of pigs against bite of their kind to be achieved, in particular in Aufstallungen. Diese Vorrichtung besteht aus einem mechanischen Schutzelement, das am Ende des Schwanzes am Tier angebracht wird und diesen teilweise umgibt.

This device consists of a mechanical protection element which is attached to the end of the tail on the animal and surrounding partially.

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Durch eine abschreckende Formgebung dieses stabilen Biss-Schutzes werden die Schweine daran gehindert, den Schwanz ihrer Artgenossen weiterhin abzufressen. Through a deterrent shaping this stable bite protection, the pigs are prevented from continuing to erode the tail of their peers.

For this purpose, the device is designed in the form of a bracket having outwardly projecting prongs defense so that another pig at a bit down feels a pain and can be protected with the bracket tail undisturbed. Dabei besteht die Gefahr, dass Schweine im Bereich der Schweineschnauze verletzt werden. There is a risk that pigs are injured in pig snout. So that a further need to avoid tail biting the natural Kaudrang of pigs should be satisfied so.

Also known is a variety of devices to raising of animals, one for the animal unpleasant stimulus - is used - especially in the form of an animal fright signal. Disclosed is a provided with electrical contacts guide device with which the pigs can be fed with a corresponding contact in a certain direction. The invention addresses the problem of providing a device for weaning of pigs from the tail-biting, which eliminates using a shock signal with little technical effort to urge the pig tail biting.


The structurally variable executable device is to be provided as a low cost accessory for pigs. The invention solves this problem with a device having the features of claim 1. Further embodiments result from the subclaims 2 to 16th. The apparatus for weaning of the pigs from the tail-biting assumes that respective pigs held in Aufstallungen can be held by the eroded the tails of their counterparts by a bait member.

Starting one of this principle-using the curiosity of the animals "distraction" is the inventive concept aimed that at least locally a pig tail which simulates bait portion is combined with a shock signal device.

Initial tests of the prototype have shown that the device is particularly effectively usable in total then, if an electric shock to the "biting" pig is transmitted to the touch of the lure part by means of the chill signal device. The apparatus may be designed so that at least a shock signal device interacting bait parts are arranged on this with the multiple.

The preferred embodiment of the device provides that the lure part and the shock signal device are designed as a compact unit, so that space is limited optimal placement in the stabling is possible. In an advantageous embodiment, the bait part is connected to an electrically activatable signal device so that correspondingly different sensor elements can be arranged in the region of the decoy component.

The constructive design of the device provides that the one or more bait parts are held on a variable executable supporting body. This supporting body is connected to the bait part so that the electric shock signal unit can also be integrated into the bait part-holding system. Damit wird eine kompakte Funktionseinheit erreicht, die auch bei aggressivem Tierverhalten stabil und langlebig einsetzbar ist.

Thus a compact functional unit is reached that is stable and durable can also be used in aggressive animal behavior. Diese kompakte Baugruppe bzw.