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Eduard Bernstein on Social Democracy and International Politics
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Another one of the male guests, Chick Clark — a newspaper man — manages to get Ruth an assignment interviewing Admirals on a Brazilian training ship at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Bob Baker bails Eileen out of jail, and when she is free, she gets a job in a nightclub. Ruth, on the other hand, has to carry a sandwich board on her back in order to make ends meet.

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Eileen manages to make Bob see that he is in love with Ruth, while Helen, Wreck, and Appopolous manage to pull off an elaborate hoax that convinces Mrs. Wade that Wreck is not such a bad guy after all.

Home Composers Opera. Composer List. Label for the input. Full evening One act. Advanced Search. English Deutsch. First of all, I believe we are all many people, with many different voices possible — if we are open to them. Instead of a concept of a unified being, I much prefer a kind of Babel of existence, a body made up of all sorts of different folk speaking even sometimes contradictory statements.

How much richer is this existence to the one-voice mentality! Writers, confuse yourself! Make life difficult! I have always had a way of doing that. Indeed, much of your work is written as poetry, but also as scripts for film, theater, and opera , and also as essays.

What are the qualities of each of those genres that are of particular interest to you? How does the work of each of the genres connect? And that is what I do in nearly all my life, including publishing. For I have, as long as I remember, been fascinated with genre, not just the larger genres of fiction, poetry, essay, drama, etc.

She tried everything. If one ever wanted to have a clearer understanding of genre, he should just read the total output of Stein — something very few readers have accomplished. A model for my own work.

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I just did what came naturally. Every time I had tried something and felt I succeeded, I wanted to move away from that and try something else. You know, that makes if very difficult for a writer. Readers tend to concentrate: they read only fiction or only poetry, etc. You know I studied dance for a while at the Joffrey Ballet Company; I was offered a small college scholarship for voice.

If I could still dance and sing, I would!

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At least, Kier Peters has. Are there musical or metrical or other structures that underlie the sound patterning of your work? I wonder if you can address this, because it is to some degree a subliminal dimension, but are there particular sound patterns that you are especially drawn to, that you keep coming back to? You are correct, despite all the issues of genre and form that characterize my writing, it is sound that dominates. I suppose it began, in part, with my early musical training.

Although I was not a very outstanding baritone saxophonist nor a great tenor, both activities — singing and playing in the school bands — were extremely important to me. And then, there was my great love of the Broadway musical: I would purchase original Broadway cast recordings, despite the fact that we had no record player at home! I just assimilated the importance of music and rhythm in writing.

Essays and Other Writings

That is what I try to do in my essays: create a voice. I just realized as I was writing this, that my closest friends — you included — all have marvelously original and musical voices. And that concept has allowed the very worst of American poetry to be adulated. In many of my poems those not generated by the words of other poets , I just hear a sentence in my head, a rhythm, a rhyme that I have to resist or to pun against, and that ringing brings yet another thing to mind, and another, and so on.

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In English — to my ear at least — it sounds delicious! Messerli: Yes, I do — me!

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Or Per Bregne at least. In having myself for an audience, moreover, I have become very interested in the reader, any reader. I like the surprise of that shift and the complexity it creates — and, of course, I hope my other readers enjoy it as well. I mean, I want readers. When poets begin to worry about their readers — and it happens every day — I get nervous: either they have nothing else to say or they have been writing poetry for all the wrong reasons.

I feel that I have to write. I have no choice in the matter. So, in that sense, well who gives a damn if I have legions of loyal admirers? Or that everyone understands what I have been trying to express? At a time when most other American publishers are backing away from literary translations, and translations of poetry are the most rare item of all, can you discuss the motivations for this aspect of your publishing and editing and also your overall plans in this are, including the PIP series?

Messerli: Oh my, that sounds so apocalyptic! But, yes I probably do publish more translation — particularly poetry — than any other American publisher. I have come to have an absolute passion for it — publishing international writing.


Das Bernstein-Amulett: Roman (German Edition) eBook: Peter Prange: Amazon. Kindle Store. Das Bernstein-Rätsel: historischer Roman (German Edition) eBook: Emi Ballestrem: Kindle Store.

I have to admit that when I began publishing — although I have always loved international writing and read a good deal of it — I was pretty smug about American poetry and fiction. I thought it was some of the very best writing that had ever been done.

Making Things Difficult

The more I read, the more I discovered, until I realized that almost every country had had exciting poets throughout the century, poets just as adventurous, often more adventurous than Pound, Williams or Stevens. It was that which Pound was trying to explain to Williams, get to know the world! Williams mistakenly thought Pound was asking him to write like the Europeans or perhaps Asians. As great a poet as he is — and I do think Williams is a great poet — imagine what he might have written had he been able to read the works of Huidobro or Girondo or Xul Solar, Andrade!

Would he still have written Asphodel, That Greeny Flower? I know this can sound a bit like worst kind of American tourist, someone bitten by the exotic, fascinated with the difference of things. More often, in fact, one can see grand similarities, different cultures, each in their own, coming to perceptions at the very same moment, or discover important connections, influences. As I said previously, however, I have a way of making things difficult, and my grand plans for the publication of this work is more than a bit insane. You understand that, given my current age, I would have to live to at least 82 to accomplish this?

What was the reception of the book? But one or the other sent me the manuscript, and, since I had just finished my own huge American anthology, and was planning the Italian one, I immediately accepted it. But I quickly realized that we could have used more information on each poet and a more careful editorial eye. Have you any particular affinity for, or difficulty with, Portuguese, a language that for many Americans is the least familiar of the colonial languages of the Americas English, French, Spanish, Portuguese?

I would have to live in Brazil for several months before the language might reach my brain. I do not find it impossible to read articles in the newspapers, particularly if I have the context, since Spanish does help. The Brazilians also make it quite clear that they do not speak the Portuguese of Portugal.

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What I know of Brazilian literature is from translation. What an incredible place! So perhaps Kier Peters was influenced. I think a third visit will be necessary In what way does this figure differently for you than your connection to European poetries? The literature of the Caribbean, Central and South America, however, moves me, and leads me into desiring a closer relationship, a deeper comprehension. Speaking specifically from your perspective as a poet, how do you view the current political climate in the U.

How does the work of poetry affect the political sphere? Along with many of my friends, I am, quite frankly terrified by the current political climate, and am afraid by what might happen if President Bush is reelected. This is a real fear which we all must face.