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Examination of the internal dynamics of the Commercy group dispels any myth that the national meeting of the Gilet Jaunes was a spontaneous event.

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But they undergo the experience of a specific condition, on the basis of specific situations of exploitation and of particular demands; in the course of that experience, they conceive themselves, in a more or less accurate fashion. The Appeal itself trod a middle path between the language of the Gilets Jaunes novices and that of the more experienced political cadre.

By comparison with other texts issued by the Gilets Jaunes, this was more distinctly marked by the concerns of the left. The question of taxes barely appeared, the popular referendum was less prominent than one might have expected and socio-economic demands more salient. The dynamic of the mobilization has undoubtedly been positive in this regard, though without dispelling the ambivalence discussed above. The question now is whether the internal tensions that have appeared in the past years between the more secure strata and those on state aid will come to the fore, or whether a unified popular bloc will constitute itself against the elites.

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That possibility, faint as it may seem, has already alarmed the elites in question, who have gone on the counter-attack. The links between racial stigmatization and the targeting of those on state benefits hardly need to be underlined; the latter may not belong to racialized groups, but as many have pointed out, their discursive targeting has an othering effect.

That anger easily acquires a racializing colouration. The necessity of keeping that at a distance, indispensable for the cohesion of a movement that aims both to rally all and to suppress all dissension, leads to keeping this question carefully out of sight. What social worldview subtends these claims? When those norms were violated, the people had the right to revolt and to demand that the sovereign restore the implicit pact of which they were the basis. The movement, in this light, aims at a restoration, rather than a revolution—at re-establishing a national compact, rather than the overthrow of the existing order.

It is precisely the regression towards a monarchical presidency and the sequestration of decision-making by a political elite indifferent to their conditions of life that the Yellow Vests categorically reject. The social compact they demand has at its core the democratic dimension that the present regime tramples underfoot.

It had six points: universal male suffrage, secret ballots, eligibility of all citizens to stand as candidates, remuneration for elected representatives, equal constituencies and—unconscionably radical today—annual parliaments.


But winning the suffrage was equally seen as a lever for wide-scale social reforms targeting the Poor Law, with its notorious regime of workhouses for the indigent; the regressive tax system, the corruption of the political elite and, more generally, the privileges of the rich and idle, the landowning class that still largely dominated the summit of the state. Its language conveyed a moral vision of the economy, centred on notions of justice, dignity and fairness, leaving aside the ownership of the means of production.

There are some clear commonalities with the Gilets Jaunes. In both cases, the motive force of the movement is neither purely political nor purely economic, but a dynamic combination of the two. Facing a parliamentary regime founded on censitary, propertied suffrage and upheavals of early industrial capitalism, the Chartists demanded the reform of representative institutions to make them more responsive to the citizens. Abandoned by the political parties that once fought for their participation in public life, the popular classes took refuge in abstention—or supported the far right.

Their secession is at the heart of the organic crisis manifested in falling turnouts and desertion of the mainstream parties.

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The collapse of the Keynesian—Fordist social compromise also involved the deliquescence of political-institutional forms which, despite their bureaucratization and inherent limitations, permitted a form of popular participation. The Gilets Jaunes movement has served both to reveal and to express the severity of the crisis of representation. Like the Charter, although in a very different historical context, their programme suggests that state action can remedy their situation, without touching the mechanisms of capital accumulation, or even those of secondary redistribution.

Though the local groups also target the multinationals and the phenomena of globalization—from environmental damage to the power of global corporations, offshoring of jobs and supranational institutions—so far, the political economy of the movement barely scratches the surface of neoliberal policies. Instead of resolving the crisis of representation, these proposals merely reflect and deepen it. Cultivating the anti-political illusion of a tabula rasa , free of mediations, instead of addressing the task of their reinvention, they would rather encourage the authoritarian flight forward inherent in the neoliberal state, to which the institutions of the Fifth Republic seem to have been predestined from the start.

How to explain this striking gap between a movement borne up by popular anger against social injustices and democratic disintegration, and its expression in demands—more coherent than many like to admit—that can so easily be reversed into their opposite? The analogy with the Chartists may again be useful here. In addition to the implacable state repression unleashed against it, the movement rapidly came up against the internal contradictions of its political economy.

The idea of political reform as the lever for universal social reform lost its credibility under the reforming governments of liberal Tories like Robert Peel, capable of making concessions on matters like taxation without giving an inch on the extension of the suffrage—or foregoing the option of merciless repression.

The political economy of Chartism proved incapable of confronting the disjunction between the economic and political spheres, institutionalized by the maturing liberal state.

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Socialism and trade-union action would eventually pick up the baton of a political movement whose final burst of glory came in Without a change in orientation, which seems unlikely at the moment, the Gilets Jaunes movement may struggle to avoid a similar condition of powerlessness—to create a dynamic capable of blocking the ferocious repression aimed against it; to advance demands that would not be so easily recuperable by a vigilant state.

Misattributed [ edit ] Applause is the spur of noble minds, the end and aim of weak ones. Not found in Burke's writings. It was almost certainly first published in Charles Caleb Colton 's Lacon , vol. Kennedy who at any rate quoted it and to Edmund Burke, it was actually said by Lucius Cary, 2nd Viscount Falkland in a speech in the House of Commons on If you can be well without health, you may be happy without virtue.

Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all. Society can overlook murder, adultery or swindling — it never forgives the preaching of a new gospel. Wikipedia has an article about: Edmund Burke. Wikisource has original works written by or about: Edmund Burke. Edwards, his greatest antagonist, that the heart of true religion is reason, which functions …. Petersburg, he worked as a magistrate in Georgia from , and from as the chair of the administration of the Bank of the Nobility. In , he was elected to the State Council of the Russian Empire.

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Author s : Reiter, Florian C. Priority was given to the healing of ill…. After the incorporation of Bukovina into the Habsburg Empire in , Czernowitz became the seat of the Orthodox bishop of Radautz Radauti ; while its ancient title was retained, it was joined to the Serbian Habsburg metropolitan see of Karlowitz Sremski Karlovci. In the spirit of Josephinism, the existing monasteries were suppressed and their assets transferred to a so-called religious endowment to the benefit ….

Alleluia, alleluia, allelu…. Author s : Cassaro, James P. Cherubini studied with Giuseppe Sarti, a noted opera composer, from to In , he began to devote himself almost exclusively to composing sacred music, for which h…. Author s : Boyd, Ian [German Version] May 29, , Kensington — Jun 14, , Beaconsfield , poet, novelist, author of short stories, playwright, literary critic, biographer, essayist, philosopher, and social thinker.

During his study in London, Chesterton underwent an intellectual and moral crisis that was to have a decisive influence on his subsequent life and writing. In his Autobiography he discusses his experience of solipsism. In response to this he developed a life philosophy that emphasizes the importance of ordinary material things. In his first volume of poetry The Wild Knight …. Author s : Marty, Martin E. Shailer Mathews — , author of The Faith of Modernism and dean of the faculty — , along with systematic theologian George B.

Foster, author of The Finality of the Christian Religion , helped found this modernist school of Protestant theology. Mathews retraced the evangelical roots of modernism, but stress…. Rockefeller and other Baptists participated in the founding of the private University of Chicago. As the heyday of tax-financed public universities was beginning, these pioneer spirits wished to promote scholarship, letting their course be guided by the doctoral programs of European universities.

Bishopric — II. As such, it was meant to prevent the establishment of a regional bishopric encompassing all of Bavaria. The collegiate church of Herrenchiemsee served as its cathedral. King Frederick Hohenstaufen held the pr…. History of Religions — II. Bible — III. Dogmatics — IV. Social Ethics — V. History of Religions Some cultures draw a clear distinction between religious matters and medical, legal, political, and other concerns; other cultures do not.


For the latter, religion includes everything that is of importance to human beings. Newborn children a. In some cultures, an examination takes place to determine whether the newborn is really a human being and not a spirit. Others ch…. She rebelled early against orthodox Congregationalism and for a time embraced Swedenborgianism Swedenborgians. A horror of dogma and bigotry shapes her work. In Progress of Religious Ideas , a pioneering comparative study of world religions, she disputes Christianity's claim to divine inspiration, and treats it as one among many ….

Old Testament — II. New Testament — III. Christianity — IV. Judaism I. Old Testament The Hebrew Bible can designate both individuals and groups as children cf. Deut or as sons and daughters of YHWH cf. Deut This usage occurs elsewhere in the ancient Near East to describe members of a deity's cultic community.

The concept of childhood should be understood as mediated through creation Deut ; Isa ; or covenant Isa , 4; Mal …. General — II.


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Psychology of Religion I. General The child is the subject of different psychological subdisciplines, for example developmental psychology, educational psychology, psychology of culture, and clinical psychology. The following presentation mainly adopts the perspective of developmental psychology and looks into the question of the point of view from which psychologists describe and explain the development Development: III of the child in the first years of life. Children and their world. The changes in our view of childhood and our ….