Little Buddy Goes to Scout Camp

Buddy Burner—a Scout’s First Stove
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Looking for a different adventure? Please note Use of geocaching. This cache is dedicated to my cub scout committee chairman. Back in grade 1 a cub scout flyer was passed around school, with a picture of a scout skiing. As soon as my mom picked me up from school I showed her the flyer and said I want to be a cub scoutNear this location we practiced how to tie knots with a rope, make a gateway with bamboo sticks, chariot for competitions with other packs. This cache reminds me of week long summer camp with my boy scout troop.

This little buddy is always there to be found, tents, bathroom, trails and even hitch hike home. Attributes What are Attributes? Inventory There are no Trackables in this cache. Troop Camp: Make memories with your Girl Scout troop! Girls and adults who sign up together choose from a selection of camp activities and our staff provides the expertise for an adventure you will remember for years to come! Family Camp: Girls bring along an important adult in their life mom, dad, aunt, uncle, etc. Day Camp: Day camp is a great way to explore all that camp has to offer, including trying new challenges and meeting new friends.

Test yourself this week as you outrun the zombies in a survival obstacle course. Learn to hide and adapt to your surroundings, and master your survival skills like fire building, celestial navigation, and first aid. Spend this week deciding with your group what you would like to do! Choose from all the activities Winona has to offer. You could go kayaking in the morning, spend a lazy afternoon in Hammock Village and finish your evening with a late night swim.

Or, you can throw tomahawks, create an amazing pottery project, and sleep overnight under the stars. It is up to you to create your own adventure this week! Camp receipts for tax purposes can only be issued after services are rendered. If you would like a receipt for taxes, please complete the Camp Receipt Request please click here. Girl Scout camp is for all girls. Wait 24 hours before registering your daughter for camp. New this year — three days of sleep-away camp registration. Read Summer Camp Information Booklet here. Have questions or want a sneak peekat summer ?

The Lost Scouts - Talking Tom and Friends - Season 3 Episode 10

Mark your calendars now for our spring Camp Webinar Series! This is your opportunity to ask questions, preview our four sleep-away camps and be the first to learn new and exciting updates. Each webinar will cover a different topic relevant to both new and returning campers and parents too! During this webinar, you will have a chance to meet our camp directors and hear about all of the exciting program opportunities we have lined up for summer at each of our four sleep-away camps.

Click here to watch recording. Join us for our second webinar of the season to learn all about preparing for camp. We will cover the forms needed, important deadlines, home missing tip and more! Interested in learning about camp this summer? Join us to learn about each camp and the exciting adventures lined up for you!

The camp setting allows girls to develop a strong sense of self, gain practical life skills, become resourceful problem solvers, and cultivate healthy relationships by living and working together. Camp is a great place for girls to unlock their potential and discover the wonders of the outdoors and the adventures that await. All sleep-away camp programs include campfires, cookouts, swimming daily except Camp Coles Trip , hiking, nature activities, arts and crafts, archery 2 nd grade and up , making new friends and more!

Camp life is the best life! Check out camp before your sleep-away adventure begins! Join us on site for a chance to see it all — the dining hall, sleeping units, activity areas, and more as you explore camp and meet the staff. Each of our Camp Open Houses provides a wonderful opportunity for you to see the facilities for yourself, meet the camp staff and ask any questions you may have before the summer begins. Open Houses run rain or shine. Please dress for the weather — tours are outdoors.

Closed toe shoes preferred. Parents may also drive their campers to and from sleep-away camp; however, most campers enjoy taking the bus as a way to transition into the new camp environment. After registering your camper, you will receive a detailed Parent Information Book that contains drop-off times and specific locations for each bus stop.

Due to traffic and location, bus transportation is recommended for all campers attending Camp May Flather and Camp Coles Trip. When you register online, please select the appropriate Add-On for your transportation preference -- one way or round trip. We must meet a minimum number of bus riders per bus. If minimums are not met, the bus will be cancelled. Financial aid available. While camp is rustic in some aspects, it allows girls to build connections with nature and fellow campers.

During their stay, campers live in groups based on grade and program in different campsites called units. Each unit accommodates campers and consists of sleeping facilities, a unit house or shelter, latrines or flush toilets depending on the camp , washstand or sinks, fire circle, and screened glen shelters or platform tents. Each platform tent or glen shelter contains cots with mattresses, mosquito netting and nightstands for four to six girls.

Most units do not have electricity. Camp staff sleep in a separate, centrally located shelter in the unit. At night, the campers use their personal flashlights to find their way and lanterns mark the location of the latrine, washstand and staff shelter. Unit placements are not determined until immediately prior to each session, and staff assign girls to living units by age, program and buddy requests where possible.

We have glen shelters at all four camps. A glen shelter is a wooden structure with four screened sides, a wooden roof and a wooden floor. In the event of inclement weather, there are canvas curtains that cover the windows to shield the inside of the cabin. Depending on their size, glen shelters will sleep four to six campers. Platform tents have wooden floors with a large canvas tent secured over a wooden frame.

There is an extra tarp, which acts as a rain fly, over the top of the tent. Most platform tents sleep four to six campers. Facilities also include a dining hall and kitchen, camp office, health center, arts and crafts building, and central shower house. Food service professionals prepare all of our meals except for cookouts, and menus are planned with hungry, growing girls in mind. At camp, we provide kid-friendly food for all of our campers, consisting of foods like chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti, tacos, pizza, and more.

All meals include fresh vegetables and fruits.

During their stay at camp, campers have the opportunity to plan a menu and cook outdoors or have a picnic. A vegetarian option is available at all meals and our food service staff can meet most special dietary needs. We collect dietary restriction and allergy information on the Health Form provided after registration. Camp staff members are enthusiastic, talented, and caring individuals who are 18 years of age or older.

We recruit both regionally and from around the world, and carefully select staff from colleges and universities, Girl Scout referrals, and international cultural exchange organizations. We select staff based on their maturity, program skills, experience, and their ability to serve as role models.

Developing Good Safety Habits

A health manager is in residence at the Health Center and all staff must attend an intensive pre-camp training session, including safety, activity planning, camper care, teambuilding, and much more. Staff members who supervise high-adventure activities such as the pool, water sports, challenge course, archery, caving and other areas receive additional training and certifications.

Remember, camp sessions fill up very quickly. We receive a large number of phone calls and emails on opening days of registration. When registration opens, log in and click Activities to find quick access to all of our summer camp offerings. Remember: Campers must register for the program units based on the grade they will be completing in the school year. Girls with Special Needs Girl Scout camp is for all girls.

Pride. Tradition. Excellence.

If your camper has medical, physical, developmental, social, or other special needs, we encourage you to work with us to find her the most appropriate camp program. If your camper has special needs, please contact Denise Viau, Camping Services Manager, at dviau gscnc. Sleep-Away Camp is open to all girls completing grades K - Any girl who is not a member current member is welcome to attend Sleep-Away Camp, but they must register and become a of Girl Scout Nation's Capital member.

This will not guarantee a program registration for this person. They must register independently. If your camper would like to attend camp with a buddy, we encourage you to apply in a similar time frame so that you are both able to secure a space. To be buddies while at camp, girls must be attending the same program, during the same week of camp, and in the same age group.

We have found that placing more than two requested campers together tends to impact group dynamics and our emphasis on making new friends. Therefore, we are not able to honor requests for more than one buddy.

Four Types of Summer Camp

The system gives our camp directors and health staff electronic access to camper health information so that they can provide accurate and quality patient care. Providing a safe, healthy and positive experience for every camper is top priority. No refunds will be given if a camper is sent home due to unacceptable behavior or inordinate home missing.

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There are no weekend accommodations for campers unless they are registered for a two-week program at May Flather or Coles Trip. There are no exceptions as there is no adult supervision available. To avoid interrupting camp activities and because camp sessions are short, there are no visitor days during the camp session. Due to limited parking, visiting is not permitted when you are dropping off or picking up your camper.

Little Buddy Goes to Scout Camp

If you wish to see the camp, the sleeping accommodations, facilities and more, please plan to attend one of our camp Open House events. Emails Immediately after registering for camp, you will receive an email confirmation. A link to the online Parent Packet will be included in your email confirmation. We will also use this email address to contact you regarding health form submissions through Campdoc. The remainder of the camp fee excluding the deposit will be refunded if:. If a camper leaves early due to behavior, missing home, or parent request no refund will be provided. If a program is canceled and no alternate program is available, you will receive a full refund.

To apply for financial assistance, please contact us at registration gscnc. If your camper is already registered, we will send you a link to our financial assistance online application to complete. If your camper is not already registered, we will work with you to register her in the program you selected, based on availability. A key benefit of being a Girl Scout is having access to our beautiful camps. In a girl-led, girl-friendly environment, girls challenge themselves and take healthy risks, surrounded by supportive friends and camp staff.

When girls spend quality time outdoors and increase their exposure to nature they thrive physically, emotionally and intellectually. Girl Scouts believes in getting girls outdoors. Our summer camps allow girls to unplug from their smartphones, laptops, TVs and tablets, and get outside to enjoy nature. Is your family interested in learning about other cultures and countries? Hosting dates range from June 1 — June 16 and July 21 — August 6 Preference will be given to families that can host multiple staff at a time.

Join us for a fun-filled, action-packed weekend in nature. Connect with prominent businesswomen who will share their life lessons and leadership journeys. Discover how your interests, skills, and dreams can transform you into a leader. Make sure you are first to receive information to secure your spot at this signature event of mentorship, friendships, and inspiration!

Summer Camp Brochure. Explore Camp. Camp Summer Sleep-Away Camps. Ready to register? Go to eBiz. Session Date June 30 - July Session Date July 14 - Aug 2. Solon, VA. Session Date 4 July 7 - July Session Date June 23 - July 5. Session Date July 21 - Aug 2. Session Date 5 July 14 - July Session Date July 7 - July Session Date 6 July 21 - July Session Date Weekend Event Sat.

June 8 10am - Sun. Session Date 2 June 23 - June Camper's Choice - Ready, Aim, Fire edition! My Way - Ready, Aim, Fire edition! Girl vs.

Journey Outdoors!