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In an effort to humanise her, Perkins who also wrote the screenplay has her cry on the phone while opening up to a friend about a man who left her. For the rest of film, she simply creeps around the house at a glacial pace, trying to find out why Iris keeps calling her Polly, the name of the doomed heroine in her novel, The Lady in the Walls. The elusiveness of the narrative, however, grows weary fast. When Polly eventually makes an appearance, Perkins stubbornly keeps the reason behind her undoing murky.

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I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is a American-Canadian horror film written Iris only refers to Lily as "Polly," which Mr. Waxcap explains comes from the protagonist of her most popular novel, "The Lady in the Walls." Later. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House () Ruth Wilson and Lucy . The film is certainly unique but I'm not quite sure who it'll appeal to, certainly not.

There is zero payoff, so why stick with it? Topics Toronto film festival First look review. Toronto film festival Horror films Ruth Wilson Festivals reviews.

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Reuse this content. And those not interested in the new trend of horror movies focusing on women's experiences will likely agree with the critics who accuse the film of being empty and devoid of any real substance. To everyone else, you are in for a hidden gem of slow-burning horror.

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The film's dream-like narrative emerges through the disparate yet intertwined lives and deaths of three women, all colliding under the same roof of a haunted house. I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives suffocates you in a skin-crawling tension that reeks of dread and rot, while somehow still wafting in the scent of Chanel's most alluring perfume.

We meet protagonist Lily Saylor Ruth Wilson , a live-in nurse, on the day she moves into elderly horror author Iris Blum's Paula Prentiss house to take care of her.

But as she says, "A house with a death in it can never again be bought or sold by the living. It can only be borrowed from the ghosts that have stayed behind. The most impressive aspect of I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House is ironically the same reason so many critics found it frustrating.

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Perkins obscures everything tangible behind a hazy film of blurred boundaries, whether between dreams and reality, fiction and fact. Like the opening shot depicting a spectral woman in white gliding across the screen, elusive yet pleading, the film proves impossible to pin down. But what it holds back in terms of concrete meaning it makes up for with an effervescent sense of things.

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And it sticks with you. Because, sure, every plot point and character remains at arms length and out of focus, but that only makes them more piercing.

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Because every woman is caught in this purgatory between life and death. And we're caught in that frozen suspension with them. The ghostly woman in white, Polly Lucy Boynton , is the supposedly fictionalized character from Iris' most famous novel, The Lady in the Wall.

Or, as Iris believes, a real person who died in the house and came to her so she could tell the world her story. Iris embodies another version of female death: aging. Meanwhile Lily tells us in the very first scene that, "The pretty thing you are looking at is me. Of this I am sure