The Way of Gratitude: Fast Track to Enlightenment

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Give simple honesty another chance, and watch the miracles unfold. Only You- We are always in the right place at the right time, and this is so no matter how twisted and convoluted the journey seems to be or how we travel. Our Heart Calls to us and we receive signs that lead us onward toward our final Destiny in Love. We move closer when we do not "settle" for "should's and ought to's" and remain open to the signs along the way.

Deception threatens to throw us off course, but if we remain open we find that what we had been searching for was right here all along. It was only our doubts that temporarily led us astray. Whatever will be, will be. Those who are destined to meet will meet. And in the End we shall all meet in the Divine Experience of Love. Destiny- The central problem of the world could be characterized as the belief that things would be better if circumstances in life or events of the past were different.

The main character in this movie believes his life would have turned out better if he had just hit a homerun instead of striking out in the last at bat of his high school baseball team's state championship game. A spiritual guide in the form of a bartender appears to help him see the truth beyond his wishful thinking.

We shall come to learn to be grateful for everything in life and to trust that indeed all things work together for good and that all events, situations, and circumstances have a Purpose behind them. We can choose to be happy and grateful regardless of circumstances, for our state of mind is always a decision. As the guide says, "I make the suggestions; you make the decisions. Original Sin- What is 'sin' but the error of deception, and what is Salvation but acceptance of the Correction to error.! Sin seems to be acted out in form, in flesh, yet the error is simply an erroneous belief which seems to yield a faulty formulation of reality.!

Sin is a mistake to be Corrected, not a black mark that can never be erased.! The 'original sin' was the belief that separation from God was possible.!

On the path to ‘enlightenment,’ be careful you don’t become a ‘follower’

It seemed to be enacted in deceptions of the flesh, yet there is a Perspective of non judgment Which overlooks the error entirely and sees only Truth.! Forgiveness releases the mind from the repetition of the original error, and in this release is true freedom, peace, love, and happiness.! Only Original Innocence remains Now. My Best Friend's Wedding- We never "win" love through deception.

The main character tries vainly. The nagging sense of separation beckons the question: "Which of these dreams is reality? Yet Reality is only approached when conflicting dreams are brought together and forgiveness shows that all the dream figures were aspects of mind.! The roles in conflicting dreams were but shadows that veiled the True Self, and in the dream everyone and everything is symbolic.! Peace comes at last when it is apparent that there is nothing outside the mind.

Yet the development of such powers and abilities and appearances which defy traditional explanations are both natural phenomenon as the mind evolves beyond limiting beliefs. The greatest desire of our hearts is to go Home, to go back to the Source of our Being. Priest- To live and attain the Life of Christ requires that all fears, guilt, shame, secrets, and hypocrisies be brought to the light of forgiveness.

Truth must emerge in Its Simplicity as all lies are unveiled and released. Who can stand in judgment and be Innocent. And yet when all judgments are laid by, only Innocence remains! Christ leads us to the recognition of Eternal Love and to the Innocence and Beauty of Who we truly are. Phenomenon- Our capacity for learning is enormous. If we are eager and open, learning can take us higher and higher in consciousness. We may seem to develop abilities of mind that are natural, but that can seem supernatural to the world and people around us.

Do not be afraid of true intimacy or of that which you cannot explain scientifically. For as you rise in awareness of Who You Truly Are, you will develop abilities to such an extent that they will release you from an impossible situation. And this world of conflict and guilt and fear is an impossible situation. Relationships take on new meaning and any worldly goals formerly associated with them fall away as the new direction deepens. The desire to be truly helpful becomes the core of life, and in learning to be truly helpful we are Helped. Forgiveness, seeing past appearances to the love inside, is the key to happiness and Awakening.

Those who follow the Spirit within march to the beat of a different drummer--One not of this world. Pinocchio- The story of the quest to be real. The goal requires the development of honesty and integrity--learning to be truthful. The distraction of "pleasure island," an alluring temptation where things are not what they seem, is the obstacle to be transcended.

Stephen Cope: Enlightenment Is Spiritual Maturity

This movie is a lesson in discernment, learning which voice to listen to and trust. Rigoletto- The "spell" of this world is believing in appearances and forgetting all the beauty inside. When the heart shuts down, an anger seems to grow in its place. But an opportunity arises to extend love and the heart begins to open again. And in forgiveness, looking past appearances entirely, we are reminded of the inner beauty that was always present.

Fairytales can come true, it can happen to you, when you're pure in heart. There is a song in all of us waiting to be sung. We need only let go of limitations and doubts and judgments for the song to come through. Pocahontas- Listen to your heart--you will understand. It takes determination to listen to your heart in the midst of expectations and voices from the past.

1) Express Gratitude

Love transcends cultures and traditions which must always clash. The desire for peace and harmony brings a resolution to conflict. If open to inner guidance, the direction is pointed out to a mind willing to listen. Pocahontas II- For a time it seems as if putting on appearances is a way of gaining something. But in the end the realization dawns that we can only be Who We Are and have nothing to be ashamed of. True Love transcends cultures, roles, status, and skin color, for love is everlasting.

Contrasts in cultures and values dissolve when true value and meaning is finally grasped. Romeo and Juliet- Romantic "love," the illusion of bodies "in love," carries with it the tragedy of all illusions. No illusion IS what it seems to be. In a world where "love" is seen to be exclusive and dependent on bodies being together, all such "relationships" must end. And in such craziness, the crazy idea of "union in death" seems to be the only "hope. Spiritual Union lasts forever. What transitory, ephemeral, fleeting experience of the world of bodies can last.

Powder- The world is afraid of what it cannot understand, label, and categorize. Powers and abilities of the mind which go beyond accepted This is a Call to take the lid off of all erroneous beliefs and release them.!

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Christ Calls everyone:! I know the world of bodies and persons is illusion, it is fake, now just don't lie about it.! Don't feel that there is any need to protect or hide the ego belief that made the time-space cosmos and personhood.! Forgive, and know that nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists.! Herein lies the peace of God.!! All Glory to the Living One that can never be simulated. Serendipity- Love is inevitable!! You can't mess things up ultimately, since all things work together for good.!

This is a story of miracles and miracles and miracles.! The signs are everywhere, the spontaneity is flowing, the script is written, and the feeling is being carried in Joy!! Though doubt thoughts may seem to cast their shadows for a time, there is a Destiny of Love that will not be denied.! Why wait?! Be open right Now!! I love You forever and ever Beloved One.! You are Pure Love. Sleepless In Seattle- Live by your heart's desire.

Destiny will arrive, and bring all the joy alive in you. Clinging to a past memory obscures the opportunity for present joy. But beyond the 'should' and 'knowing' of the ego, the Spirit Answers the Call for Help in wondrous ways: A son who never stops believing is used as an instrument for healing; A father's plea is broadcast across the country; A woman with other plans hears the call and despite doubts joins in the Answering.

The script is written. When we listen to the Call within and follow, we experience the Joy intended for us all along! Shall We Dance- Routines and roles and daily habits can seem so fixed and set that it can seem impossible to allow for the new. Yet when the yearning of our heart stirs, we are given an opportunity to really connect and enter the Dance of Life.

It may start slowly, for the Way seems very new, but as we take each series of steps, we gain confidence in the new Direction. Our willingness and eagerness to learn carries us, and with persistence, is reflected in all that surrounds us. We must release the past to completely enter into the Dance. And when we release all doubts and fears that have haunted us, we are One with the Eternal Dance! Sliding Doors- You can Awaken 'sooner,' or Awaken 'later.

The choice is yours.! Only the time you take it grasp the lesson is voluntary.! Two scenarios are played out side by side, each initiated by a slight change in the event of attempting to catch a train ride home.! In one scenario deception is exposed immediately, in the other the deception seems to linger and fester.! Exposed deception can seem more traumatic at first, yet such exposure opens the door to healing much faster than when private thoughts and secrets are clung to and protected.!

Ask for an end to self-deception and watch the miracles spring forth at every turn of the script.! Love waits on welcome, not on time.! Be willing, for you are worthy. S1mOne- A simulation of Oneness.! Persona means mask.!

Soul Energy Alignment: Guided Meditation For Self Love, Deep Healing And Awakening

Personality is the mask of personhood, the pretense of pretending to be a person, and a covering over of the Reality of Spirit.! What if personhood was only a construct, a digital fabrication of images and memories that seemed to take on a life of their own?! This movie exposes the construct of personhood, the lie that masquerades as 'life' in and of the body.! The star of the dream is the hero of the dream, the body, the person: Simone.! Simone is valued by the world for her beauty, her sex appeal, her fame, her skills, her accomplishments, and she is worshipped as if she were a god.!

This is the story of the ego and the temptation to make and uphold a false construct for personal recognition.! It is also a story that shows it is impossible to kill the ego, for death is what the ego belief is.! Yet having been exposed the ego's nothingness is apparent.! Solaris- Journey to the experience of complete forgiveness: everything is forgiven!! Past associations are thoughts which keep returning to awareness until it dawns: I saw it wrongly.! People represent incompletion and death until they are forgiven, and in forgiveness only the Joy and Love remain.! Though in fear there can be an attempt to cast away unhealed thoughts, they return until they can be seen in forgiveness and thus truly released.!

The journey can seem startling as these past thoughts return to awareness, yet they represent As they are released they are seen anew and everything is forgiven. The Real Alternative is to forgive and release all attack thoughts. The "decision to forget" must be raised to awareness so that the Real Alternative, the final decision, "the decision to remember God," can be made at last. Someone to Love- Gathered in a theater that is about come down, the search for love and meaning in this world is documented. Participants received an invitation to come to a party, and those that showed up are interviewed about all aspects of the search for "someone to love.

Expectations are never met by any "body" and in the end there is no way of explaining the search for meaning in the meaningless. Intimacy and meaning are within, and nothing is outside One Self. Star Trek: First Contact- As the Borg "assimilate" beings to build an ever-expanding collective identity, so the Federation values independence and freedom of individuals to choose and preserve a personal identity. Both concepts personal identity and collective identity assume the existence of private mind, and as such are nothing but makebelieve illusions.

Divine Mind is Singular and Unified and there is no other. Something's Gotta Give- A sparkling movie gem of healing and forgiveness.! A glorious movie of character transformation!! The past, with all its guilt and insecurities and fear of intimacy and pride, has gotta give way to Love.! And it does!! Love has nothing to do with age, nothing to do with time, and is all about the willingness to open up the heart and take a chance on expressing the total depth.! The past seems to be in your face when you are willing to experience Love, and past thought patterns cannot be ignored or pushed down in awareness when there is a true desire to connect.!

The stress of clinging to the ego's gotta give, and in the Joy of Love True Giving from the heart is restored.! Such a great parable of forgiveness! Star Trek: Insurrection- At last the purpose of "space travel" is questioned: "Where is there to go? The values of simplicity, defenselessness, and innocence are placed before technology and conquest. Something is Greater than the needs of the "many" or the needs of the "few" or the Prime Directive: It is Truth.

The value of approaching the present moment, when time slows and everything is experienced fully in Stillness, is a sign that Awakening from the dream of the world is close at Hand. What time but now can truth be known? Still Breathing- The belief in unworthiness and the belief in a cold, heartless, random world are one and the same.! The faith in miracles, the spark of joy, visions, intuitions, and loving tenderness are one and the same.! This is a love story about a man who believed in finding true love, and a woman who came to believe.!

It is an uplifting reminder to never give up hope on the deepest desire of your heart, to know and be known, to love and be loved.! Dreams of childhood innocence reflect the Divine Innocence within, and miracles bring this Innocence back into awareness.! Beneath the hard, cold persona lies the heart of an angel, waiting to be discovered.!

Ask and you shall be Given, knock and the door shall be opened.! There is a destiny that makes us One.! None goes their way alone.! All that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.! We are the same One, and this is realized in a moment of forgiveness.! All differences are gone at last.! You are worthy of Love My Beloved.! So very. Love transcends the belief in time and distance as we journey back to the Beginning: Life in and as Love.

There is a Perspective in which time and space are under the direction of miracles and all is seen through forgiving eyes. In this Perspective it is apparent that we have never been apart. Sphere- The world was made so that the power of Divine Mind could be forgotten. Meaningless thoughts of fear show a meaningless world of fear. The world is an invention of false thought, and thus only an attempt to misuse the Power of Mind.

As the mind's power is revealed, the next step is to realize that this world is simply a projection of The Abyss- The sleeping mind is like a very deep, dark cavern in the ocean; it is like an abyss. To deactivate the time-bomb belief in linear time which lies at the bottom of the abyss and the world above seems to be a journey into the darkness.

It takes great faith and at times it can seem to be a journey in which there is no turning back. In the Stillness of the depths, however, a great realization awaits far beyond the expected, accompanied by angels of light. There is a Light that forever shines beyond the darkness in which communication is unbroken. This is the Light of Eternal Love!

The Greatest Story Ever Told- From the foretold prophecy of the messiah and savior, to the walking demonstration of Divine Love, to the extreme example of defenselessness and unbroken communion with God Crucifixion - Resurrection Ascension this account is well-titled. Jesus demonstrated the potential of everyone, and much more. For Jesus demonstrated that Spirit has dominion over the world of images and realized "My Kingdom is not of this world. The Bishop's Wife- When we call out for help from God, we must also believe that we will be Answered.

Lack of faith is an obstacle to learning true forgiveness. Angels are all around us if we have the eyes to see. They guide us to appreciate and extend love to everyone around us, that we may see everyone as our Self. Angels are patient and persistent, for their mission is to remind us of all the love and beauty which resides in our hearts. They help us see the valuelessness of worldly pursuits and outcomes in contrast to the virtues of Life in the Spirit.

Their mission is complete when true love is clearly recognized. The Hulk- Rage is buried deep within the unconscious mind.! The rage was a false desire to make a cosmos and self unlike God, and then come up with a formula to overcome the sense of abandonment, weakness, and vulnerability.! The body can never be invulnerable for it was nothing but the attempt to project error outward to form.!

No matter how strong and puffed up the body seems to be, the sleeping mind is simply Calling for Love.! Science was made to understand that which can never be understood, and only forgiveness leads to a lasting experience of the invulnerability of Spirit.! Illusions but seem to battle, yet Truth awaits only gentle recognition.! Recognize the Spirit and know that Spirit and invulnerability are synonymous.!!!! The Elephant Man- Physical appearances cannot veil a kind, loving, and innocent heart.

We learn that physical appearances and forms deceive until the mind is willing to look beyond them to the truth within. As with the movies "Beauty and the Beast" and "Rigoletto," this movie offers the lesson of the inner beauty that is always present. Our Reality is Spirit! The Joy Luck Club- False belief is projected as the world and plays out over and over in what seems to be linear time. Hurt seems to be passed on from generation to generation. Time is nothing but one past mistake replayed over and over and over.

The mistake: the belief that it is possible to be a victim of something outside your self. Yet there is nothing outside the Self. This mistake is corrected in forgiveness, for forgiveness sees that mind is one and duality is illusion. The willingness to join opens the mind to the final lesson of forgiveness, which dissolves the mistake entirely. The Game- Have you had enough of the game yet? You entered it voluntarily, although you're not sure when it began. The game seems to use everything you believe in and reflects your desires and your fears.

It plays on memories from the past. To fight against the game or seek revenge will only feed the game and make its grip on your mind tighter. The more you hold onto a self image, the less likely you will be to see the game unmasked for what it truly is. Yet though the game may seem very real for a time, in the end you will laugh at it in relief that it was never what it seemed to be.

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All those people were actors playing their parts. And that which believed them real was but an act as well. The Kid- What you most despise about yourself must come to the surface.! The perfect mirror appears and the opportunity for healing unconscious hurts is present, though not always recognized as such.! Anger, frustration, and resentment can be traced to a deep seated lack of worth.! This error of identity may include a false sense of superiority or When Love beckons there is a deep Call for healing, and every scrap of guilt is exposed.!

Next there is a Call to join.! Finally, with faith, the experience of joining breaks through in awareness and the Happiness and Love fill the Mind and satisfy the deepest longing of the Soul.! The gratitude of healing flows without obstruction. Loving You.! A theme of this movie is the question of the world: Who is my Father?! The ego offers many answers to this question, because the ego is the belief that it is possible to author one's self or to create one's self.!

This is a love story about going past mistaken identity and pride, exposing error, and accepting that you are worthy of Love.! The theme song at the end is inspired: Seize the day, stand up for the Light.! I will want nothing else to see me through, if I can spend my lifetime Loving You. This is a story of faith and trust.! This is a story of opening the heart and being willing to receive and accept and follow the Guidance and Love that is offered.! The opportunity is always one of forgiving all doubts and fears and limitations and allowing the Real You to Shine through.!

Once the world is glimpsed as meaningless, the lesson of inner discovery has begun.! Yet the aim of forgiveness is to see the false as false so that the True Meaning of Spirit can be accepted exactly As It Is.! The angel appears in form as an Answer to the prayer of the heart.! The angel is steadfast in the Purpose of release.! And the angel will seem to stay until the lesson can be accepted and applied.! The anxiety and fear related to body identification, expectations, desires, bodyimage, coupleness, and body-ideals is presented in depth.

The attempted "platonic" relationship is an experiment which, though cautiously approached, seems to spin from attraction to avoidance. Any and every relationship believed to be "personal" will eventually be undone. Until the mind releases the body identification, relationship seems to be between persons and True Union the One Mind is feared. True Love is abstract, impersonal, and unconditional and is revealed after all that Love is not has been exposed and released.

True Love is beyond the body. The Man Who Knew Too Little- Once the suggestion "all the world is a stage" comes to mind, the path of true forgiveness dawns. Forgiveness is nothing more than seeing the false as false and therefore not taking any of the persons, events, and situations seriously. How light and humorous is a world of actors at play in a play. How defenseless and fearless is such a Perspective of the world. Nothing is taken personally when all situations are viewed as play-acting.

On the path to ‘enlightenment,’ be careful you don’t become a ‘follower’ | The Global Conversation

There is nothing to fear when the world is seen as merely a theater of actors, actions, and events. In "The Game" the main character symbolizes being unaware that everything is all a game of actors and seems to buy "the bait. In "The Man Who Knew Too Little" the main character is an example of an ongoing experience of this beyond all fear Perspective, which is continuously available and accessible. The script is already written. The joy is in the Perspective you view it from.

This is called by some "losing faith. When the True Focus is our number one priority, all things are seen aright. Who can say what is a "sin" in God's Eyes? Let he who is without "sin" cast the first stone is another way of saying that the Innocent cannot judge or condemn. Innocence is Reality. Love is Reality. Such is the Truth! The Shawshank Redemption- Never lose sight of your Innocence. Never give up the hope of freedom.

Be determined and persistent in your goal to Awaken. Keep the fire of faith alive in your heart. For you shall reach Enlightenment. You must be Who You Are. Don't let an illusion of a journey depress you.

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Rich Kenny's The Way of Gratitude: Fast Track to Enlightment is an exquisite gem of a book, capable of changing lives profoundly. As a society we are so. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Way of Gratitude: Fast Track to Enlightenment at Read honest and unbiased product.

Life is a present joy, and in laughter and happiness you Ascend! It employed many actors, used many sets and events on a timeloop, and depended on sales and labels and product placement to sustain itself. The show aimed at drama, repetitions, distractions, pretense, and ultimately resorted to fear to perpetuate itself, for being make-believe it had to be believed as real to seem to continue. Once the show is seen as nothing but a contrived skit of past memories, the show no longer seems to be Reality.

Once you see the show from the fearless Perspective, the show is effectively over and done. For fear has been exposed as unreal, and all the characters and sets are therefore without meaning. You are the Light of the world. Our Kingdom is not of this world! Hold no idols or graven images before Him. For God has offered a way back to Eternal Love.

Be faithful to God's Law of Love. The story of Moses is a parable of turning your life over to God and following His sure direction. The sea of duality cannot prevent you from remembering Eternal Oneness. The Wizard of Oz- The world is like a dream. At times it can even seem like a nightmare. You forgot you were dreaming and everything seemed so very real. Yet deep inside you sensed you were just lost and needed to get back Home. You didn't know the way, but you knew you needed to go Home. In the dream you thought you were a body and seemed to meet other bodies along the road you traveled.

You seemed to experience many pains and pleasures along the road, but after many miles you remembered that you just wanted to go Home. And finally, having been totally disillusioned with dreaming and filled with the light of gratitude and love, you learned the lesson that you always had the power to go Home. You had mistakenly been looking outside your Self for it.

You had just forgotten it is inside, in your Mind. Close your eyes and relax, and repeat after me: "There's no place like Home. There's no place like Home. There's no place like Home! The Thaw Star Trek Voyager TV Episode Asleep and dreaming in a self-imposed, computercontrolled hibernation, an entire world is generated from the emotion of fear. There seems to be no escape for the hostages from the bizarre world of masks and games and costumes and characters. Fear seems to be in complete control. Those who chose to sleep seem to have given their power over to fear, which it uses to perpetuate itself and all the sets and characters it has made up.

To bring about release, attempts are made to "reason with," "negotiate with," "bargain with," and "compromise with" fear. They fail. Yet in the end it is discovered that fear must be directly faced and exposed as the nothingness it is before there can be release and true freedom. It is time to Wake Up!

The Thirteenth Floor- Another great opportunity to see beyond the 'virtual reality' made up by the ego.! In seeming realm after realm the images and characters seem to be very real, yet they but represent the inventions and wishes and desires of the ego acted out in form.! As it dawns in awareness that none of the scenarios are real, this realization beckons the question: Then what is the point?!

Suddenly, the forgiven world appears!! Forgiveness of illusions is the Point!! In forgiveness there is only a happy dream of non judgment.! And the world is lit and shining in the Light of our Source, our God.! Only a blessing remains, where once there seemed to be a threat.! All pain is over Now.! Only Love is reflected in the forgiven world.!

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You can become enlightened by being in the present moment, expanding your understanding of life and the world around you, and meditating to expand your awareness. Yet there is nothing outside the Self. There seems to be no escape for the hostages from the bizarre world of masks and games and costumes and characters. Awakenings- The desire to help can draw someone out of the shell of fears and inhibitions. When the ego enters a "relationship" competition, pride, possessiveness, and control come with it. This little book is beautiful.

How blessed is the world when it has been forgiven.! Nightmares are gone from awareness, and it is clear that they never were at all. Three Wishes- The only lesson to learn about this world is complete gratitude and appreciation for everything and everyone AS IS.

The Enlightenment

This is the giving up of the belief in hypothetical thinking: that things could be or would have been better off if they were different. Truly all things work together for good and this is experienced from the Spirit's Perspective Now , which is high above and far beyond all personal judgments and classifications and expectations. Situational wishes often seem to be granted, but the Grandest Wish of All is forgiveness, reflecting the All-Inclusiveness of Love. What greater gift could there be than to look on all things with great love, gratitude, and full appreciation a forgiven world and to Awaken to.

Similarly the line between night time dreams and daily living can seem blurred.! What if you were unaware that you were dreaming?! What if the dream only reflected your own unconscious wishes and desires and whims?! And what if you had the power to allow the nightmares to be released, and to dream a happy dream of non judgment instead?! There is a leap of faith required in laying aside all attempts to control the dream.! Yet in the leap there is bliss, for the dream is Given back anew from the Holy Spirit.! The world will end in Joy because it was a place of sadness.!

The world will end in laughter, for it was a place of sorrow.! A happy dream is Given you, to take the place of all nightmares that seemed to haunt your holy mind.! Welcome to the real world Beloved child of God.! Titanic- As the ship of the world fame, fortune, pleasure, status, recognition, speed, and a glittering diamond sinks to the depths of its own darkness, I know that the true Heart of the Ocean Love rises and goes on and on. Love is the saving Grace. Though the ways of the world once seemed to suffocate and imprison, living in the faith of the moment has brought a freedom that reaches to Eternity.

Thank You God! Love is Everlasting! Total Recall- Virtual reality, like the holo-deck of the Enterprise in Star Trek's Next Generation, is an artificial environment that seems completely real. One can "program" the scene as one wishes it to be. Such is the world. Based on the belief that you can author your self and world to a particular preference or liking, the wish seems to manifest. Yet how can a wish to be something You are not succeed. In dreams it may seem to succeed, but not in Reality. A journey away from the One Self is a fantasy, and therefore cannot occur.

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God is the Author of Reality. This is the Fact to be accepted. How joyful is the realization that there is no Love but God's and that there is no life, mind, intelligence, or substance in matter. Venice, Venice- What is real and what is illusion? Are making a movie, being a character in a movie, or experiencing this world from a "personal" perspective really any different? What constitutes acting and being an actor as contrasted with being authentic and being real "in this world? All is One. Everything is connected.

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Life is a State of Mind, a State of Being, and is far beyond error the world of bodies and events and dramas and scenerios. God is the only Cause. Truth is true and only the truth is true! Waking Life- An animated exploration of the ambiguity of dreaming and the desire for the ultimate release of Awakening.! When it becomes apparent that it is impossible to figure out the dream, the option of Waking Life dawns.! Though it seems as though there are many times in history, all of history is merely repeating the moment of saying "No" to God.!

Waking Life is simply saying "Yes! And this "Yes! Two Girls and a Guy- A raw, direct exposure of the ego's tactics of denial and projection. An uncovering of the deceptions and defenses and diversions of the ego in its attempts to cover its tracks and stay hidden. True Love does not possess. True Love has nothing to hide.

Yet in worldly "personal relationships," the desire to possess remains unforgiven, for all such "relationships" are constructed by the ego. Along with the concept of "personal relationships" comes envy, jealousy, rage, lust, guilt, shame, betrayal, rejection, abandonment, distrust, and a variety of forms of fear. What About Bob? Who is the Healer? The personal perspective cannot heal because it is the very definition of sickness. The ego's pretense of "personal healing" is exposed as a farce in this comedy about the "unhealed healer.

The world of fragmentation and the personal self are two aspects. Vanilla Sky- Dreams can seem very real, and these days there is the concept of virtual 'reality. Virtual 'reality' seems so real that the line between imagination and fantasy and the stories of the world How glorious is the Oneness which God created Perfect and Eternal! True Healing is the Gateway to remembrance of God. Wide Awake- A child named Joshua begins to question the meaning of life after his beloved grandfather is laid to rest. He asks for a sign from God and despairs that he has not been heard.

Yet in the end he realizes that an angel has been with him and his classmates all along. The signs of the Spirit are as near and clear as we are ready and willing to see and hear. God always Answers the prayer of the Heart! The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want He leadeth me beside the still waters He restoreth my soul Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. What Dreams May Come- The world is the pictorial representation of false thought, much like the canvas represents the painter's foolish imaginings.

The world is nothing more than sleepiness and forgetfulness dreams it to be. Change your mind about the dream entirely, and you will see the world differently. There is no "life" or "afterlife" or "prior life," for all dreams are imagination. Yet the Spirit's temporary Purpose for dreams and images is to teach forgiveness--a unified Perspective. This Perspective is reached through the willingness to join. The willingness to join. Despite all fears and doubts and warnings, be willing to join, to overlook illusions and to recognize the One Self that is Love.

Be so willing to join that you will journey through the darkness to the Light, through the hell of error to the Joy of Truth! We shall see with Vision when there is no fear to See what imagination was made to deny. Do not be afraid to look on the Love Within. Only the anticipation will frighten you. Come with open arms and lay down all defenses. God loves You forever! Yentl- Papa, watch me fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glory to God in the Highest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Spirit is steadfast and gently reminds that everything will work out great, while the ego frets about its goals of status, money, power, and control.! The Spirit is symbolized in this open and free flowing house, a family of Love, and the Holy Spirit uses the contrasting values as two people fall in Love and decide to marry.! This movie is a very helpful tool for learning to discern the Voice for God that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven within.! Such Joy! The ego sought the relationship to fill a need and find 'completion' in a partner.!

The Spirit flushes up the desire to be separate and autonomous and all the perceived differences and lacks of the ego perspective.! Completion cannot be found outside, for Love is within.! True Love dawns as perceived differences are transcended and grievances are all released.! It is possible to share a Purpose that leads to the experience of Love.! It is possible to experience Love's Magnitude as littleness and unworthiness are gently, voluntarily laid aside. Well, think again. The sci-fi thriller is a veritable "Where's Waldo" of religious and mythological symbolism.

You missed that, you say? We understand -- after all, Carrie- Anne Moss' buttkicking leather ensembles were a bit distracting. But here is everything you need to decode 'The Matrix. Which Way Is Heaven? Setting out to go inward. Leaving "the daily grind" and "the special love relationship" behind. The encounters along the way the Church and the Spiritual Store. The disillusionment. The Call for Help. The borderland in which all witnesses are seen in completion and wholeness.

The Ascension as One "I am risen! The songs of praise and gratitude and celebration! Christ translates from Hebrew into 'Anointed One. An anagram of Neo is One. In the movie: Morpheus is the leader of rebel forces who fights to awaken enslaved masses from a dreamlike reality. In the movie: With earth destroyed, Zion is the only city where humans are free.

In the movie: Morpheus names his ship Nebuchadnezzar and visits an oracle to interpret reality -- really a dream. In the movie: The traitor is Cypher think 'Lucifer' , one of Morpheus' seven trusted crew members. He betrays Morpheus for a steak dinner. In the movie: Neo experiences a similar fate, but it's likely we'll celebrate with a sequel. Metaphysical and forgiveness themes wil See More. I wrote the following to my friend Thomas, though it is for us All remembrance of Self : Movies are like modern-day parables.

In my experience, forgiveness is synonymous with Love, David Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to Awaken immediately. A search for the Real Love that is Always Steven Spielberg - The love we attempt to withhold is the only pain we carry. As we learn to 3 in everyone's heart.

Chances Are- We are all so in love with each other, but seem to have an amnesia about our Oneness in 4 Love. The walls of fear 6 Good Will Hunting- By opening the heart and learning to trust, we learn to let go of the past and thus release the "source" of all hurt, anger, and blame. If so, it may be that you need further practice in the skill of extracting key points and summing them up concisely.

This combination of main points interwoven with or succeeded by illustrative detail is commonplace in academic writing. Detail has a useful function and is essential in academic study. It both illustrates and validates general claims. The required balance between analysis the ordering and identification of a number of interrelated points relevant to a set question and illustrative detail or textual evidence will vary.

Try to keep in your mind this distinction between detail and argument as you read the rest of this course. Often the main point being made will be highlighted in some way — perhaps by being stated at the opening of the section or at the beginning or climax of a paragraph, although some paragraphs such as the paragraph above on Voltaire will be devoted almost exclusively to the exploration or discussion of particular cases. Try to read the course so that you track the main points carefully and read through the examples more quickly.

In order to help you develop this skill of prioritising your attention as you read, we have highlighted summary points in bold in each section of this course. We have also followed a procedure of including in each section the following elements, which appear in different combinations, proportions and sequences:. Hide tip ]. Summary point: the main mission of the Enlightenment was to increase human happiness and progress by the application of reason. Enlightenment thinkers used reason or intellect to fight against dogma, superstition, injustice, prejudice and oppression.

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Long description. Exercise 1 So far in this section you have been introduced to the main mission of the Enlightenment. Discussion The main characteristics of the Enlightenment's mission were: a confidence in reason or intellectual enquiry to bring greater happiness and progress to humanity; a belief that all aspects of the human and natural worlds are susceptible of rational explanation; and the desire to battle against ignorance, dogma, superstition, injustice and oppression.

Published in France between and in twenty-eight volumes it was the greatest single undertaking of the enlightenment. The main purpose of the Encyclopedia was to provide as much information as possible there were seventy-two thousand articles on a huge variety of topics. But the Encyclopaedia had a second purpose it was highly controversial and subversive, almost every article questioned and criticised existing practices and values.

It attacked the monarchy and the catholic church. The Encyclopaedia was produced with the royal privilege as all works published in eighteenth century France had to be and one of the conditions of privilege was of course that you submitted your manuscript or in actual practice normally your proofs to er one of the royal censors. The Philosophs were usually ingenious enough to get round the problem of censorship. They often used irony but the intelligent reader would understand and enjoy the joke. Manuscript Take the article Adorey to Adore by Diderot, the article seems to be talking about Theology but the spirit of the treatment is very much tongue in cheek.

In the secular form of worship one adores a mistress. Such irreverence lead to the banning of the Encyclopaedia in Despite the ban Diderot continued to publish, he pretended that the Encyclopaedia was being printed abroad in Neuf Chastel in Switzerland Neuf Chastel was outside French control and in the territory of Frederick the Great of Prussia. Frederick was a great champion of the enlightenment. If the gospels had cost twelve hundred cestuses the Christian religion would never have been established. It caused such a scandal that it went underground. Voltaire then denied having anything to do with it.