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In general, priority is given to first editions and works in English although in the past Latin and Welsh texts have been tackled. Titles requested by users at partner institutions are placed at the head of the production queue. The Phase II corpus will be available for sale exclusively through ProQuest for five years from July , after which these texts will also become open-access. Both images are from: Siefring, J. London: JISC. In this graph below, each node has been assigned a color.

These colors are determined by an algorithm that identifies clusters of nodes that are commonly cited together, and then colors the different clusters accordingly. Analyzing the nodes that cluster together, one finds four particularly well-defined groups of references: the light blue cluster of nodes, which are biblical books Leviticus, Corinthians ; the red cluster of nodes, which are classical references Macrobius, Lucretius ; the yellow cluster of nodes, which are Reformation-era martyrs and theologians Theodore Beza, Richard Turner ; and the purple cluster of nodes, which are literary writers Philip Sidney, William Shakespeare.

The results of the procedure are intuitively legible: each group represents a fairly homogenous collection of authors and works, and the divisions that split the groups apart represent fairly significant generic differences between the various references contained in the data. When discussing the so-called "battle of ancients and moderns," for instance, graphs like the present one might help students visualize the different ways early modern citation practices established divisions between these groups. Gregg , Lecturer in English at Bath Spa University, Specialising in eighteenth-century literature and digital humanities.

From the first book published in English through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare, this incomparable microfilm collection contains nearly all of the 26, titles listed in A. Pollard and G. Redgrave's Short-Title Catalogue and its revised edition. Libraries possessing this collection find they are able to fulfill the most exhaustive research requirements of graduate scholars in the areas of English literature, history, philosophy, linguistics, and the fine arts. The collection comprehensively documents the magnificent English Renaissance - an era that witnessed the rebirth of classical humanism, the broadening of the known world, and the rapid spread of printing and education.

The writings of such revered authors as Spenser, Bacon, More, Erasmus, and Shakespeare provide unique windows onto the landscape of English history during this period. The examples from the collection listed below provide only a cursory glance at the scope of materials in the thousands of titles included. Great Literary Works With this collection, scholars and students of literature can examine the earliest editions of such classics as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales and Malory's Morte d'Arthur.

Textual scholars are able to compare variations in the early quarto editions of Shakespeare's plays with the renowned First Folio edition of , and the great Renaissance authors can be studied in light of lesser-known literature from the era. Material for the Historian The original, printed version of royal statutes and proclamations, military, religious, legal, Parliamentary, and other public documents are reproduced in the collection.

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And social historians gain insight into the lives of the common people through almanacs and calendars, broadsides and romances, plus popular pamphlets such as The Trail of Witchcraft, showing the true and righte method of discovery Research in Religion Scholars will find a host of sermons, homilies, saints' lives, liturgies, and the Book of Common Prayer The King James translation of the Bible can be studied in relation to earlier English translations, and Latin, Greek, and Welsh translations invite comparison with the English version.

Spanning the tumultuous years of the English Civil War, the Interregnum, and the Restoration, this collection continues the mission of STC I to preserve valuable research materials on microfilm.

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With both STC I and STC II , libraries will have available for their scholars an unparalleled center, essential for research libraries supporting strong graduate studies programs. While the notable features and purposes of this collection are the same as those of STC I , STC II contains larger bodies of titles in certain subject areas such as the arts, the sciences, popular culture, and women's studies. And, the historical perspective of an era that saw the rise of a mercantile class, the first English settlements in North America, and the development of secular philosophy and empirical science provides research possibilities into trends in British ethos and philosophy.

Students of the arts can access critical discourses on art and literature, such as:. For physical scientists, the collection includes books by Boyle, Newton, and Galileo, as well as popular scientific tracts such as Nicholas Culpeper's The English Physician And students of women's studies find useful the editions of works by Aphra Behn, Anne Killigrew, and Margaret Cavendish.

The scope and caliber of these two collections are without rival, providing as they do the materials for scholars in English literature, history, religion, arts, music, physical science, and women's studies the creative latitude required for important research opportunities. The year in England marked the beginning of a period of tumult and change. Both the practical and the philosophical bases of the British monarchy were being challenged by determined and powerful enemies while those who defended the king shared an absolute conviction in his Divine Right to rule.

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Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Every Monday I answer a few questions from you, my readers! December 16, at pm. I purchased a digital scrapbooking program a couple of years ago and was so frustrated with it I gave up. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

The differences between these factions led to a bitter civil war and a series of experimental governments that kept England in turmoil until This exceptional collection brings together for scholars of English history, politics, and religion nearly everything that was published in England and on the Continent during this critical period. Students and researchers today owe a debt to London publisher and bookseller George Thomason for this material.

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Thomason knew he was living through important historical times and set about methodically collecting copies of virtually everything that was being published - from single broadsides to substantial dissertations. The Thomason Tracts include more than 22, individual items representing about 80 percent of what was published during these two decades. The collection includes almost periodicals, most of them unavailable from other sources.

View a list of periodicals. These items complement the titles held in the Wing collection of Early English Books STCII , and when used in conjunction with that collection provide the research scholar with the most comprehensive resources available. Inevitably, the collection contains a great deal of political material and features:. Thomason took precise care to record the date of each paper on the same day it came out, and his neat notations still appear clearly on the title pages of many documents.

In addition, he often made marginal notes disputing or ridiculing the opinions of writers he thought in error. Especially valuable are 97 previously unpublished manuscripts, most written in Thomason's own hand, which were considered too dangerous to be circulated in their own time.

In fact, Thomason was required to move the growing collection several times during these years to keep it safe, hiding these important records in the homes of friends or concealing them under false tops in library tables. The collection Thomason left remained intact for a century, largely through luck. Thomason tracts have been used by scholars of midth-century England for generations and represent an almost inexhaustible supply of material for studying military, constitutional, political, literary, and social life in England during this volatile period in world history.

The Early English Books Tract Supplement provides an exceptional perspective on many aspects of 16th- and 17th-century British life. Over the course of many years, small items such as broadsides and pamphlets were often collected into "scrapbooks," or tract volumes, classified by various criteria such as dates or topics. These tract volumes, primarily from the British Library, allow readers to see the material in the same order as they would when leafing through the original volume. Facsimile Document Images showing the few outstanding items from Unit 2 will be added to EEBO as part of future updates of the service.

STC units and Wing Units have been released on microfilm and are waiting to be scanned.

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You can choose the traditional boxed version or the monthly subscription. Also of note is the fact that this will be the last time Adobe will allow upgrades from versions over one version old. They claim Lightroom will be included later this year. Check out the post for a fabulous interview with Katie, and a fun video of Steph scrapping a layout with one of the ScrapIt actions! In honor of this special feature, all the original ScrapIt Actions are on sale through the end of August! When you save a layered TIF, you can choose from several different settings. If you use the setting for the smallest file, it does take a little longer to save.


What are the optimal settings for a layered TIF? Choose ZIP compression for the smallest file. It does take longer to save. Are there any disadvantages with layered TIFs? Take a look at this video. Be sure to read the PDF tutorial included in the purchase as well as it contains more important information!

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Buy Digital Scrapbooking: Your Questions Answered: Read 6 Books Reviews - Then digital scrapbooking is the quick, easy, and creative solution for you! Many people love Kindle Edition. $ .. Amazon Second Chance. patiently answered our many queries. We could not have reasons: It's one of the few programs that can save a scrapbook page to PDF format; and the Cosmi .

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