I Create My World; the Power of Thought to Shape Our Lives: a Book of Affirmations

Affirmations That Can Change a Life
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I see evidence of the benefits I am receiving from my efforts everyday. First there were books, then tapes, then CDs and seminars. A few years back, I was listening to one particular program on CD. One of the things I liked about it was that when I came across an important point, I could hit the repeat button and listen to this small section over and over again. I found this significantly improved my understanding and application of the concepts.

Then it dawned on me that it would be even more powerful if I translated the points into personal affirmations and recorded them on CD so that I could listen to them over and over again. As I thought about it, I decided that I wanted to focus on six basic areas: 1. The power of affirmations. The purpose of this was to impress upon my mind just how powerful affirmations were. Creating a powerful self-image. Being able to put myself into a peak state at a moments notice.

Setting and achieving goals. Success means the completion, attainment or achievement of some specific objective. If you want to be successful, you must lean how to set and achieve goals consistently by design—on purpose. What can be more important than excellent health? Health is certainly supported by good health habits eating, exercise, rest and a positive mental attitude. I wanted to condition my mind to follow good health habits automatically. You cannot have great success without outstanding relationships with other people. This is what most people focus on when they think of success.

And certainly when they think of affirmations. Wealth is important, but not the most important objective. Actually, wealth is more of a result of success in the other factors. For the next couple of months, I went back and reviewed the books and audio programs that had the most dramatic impact on my own thinking and created -7Interested in the Power Affirmations Screen Savers? I developed a simple formula to infuse these affirmations with as much emotional power as possible. After I finished writing out the affirmations, I decided I would record them so that I could put them on CD with different tracks that I could listen to again and again.

I checked around and found a recording studio in Hollywood that I could rent for a modest amount. Over period of about 5 hours, I created the recordings. As I began to listen to the recordings in the days afterward, I found that they were almost exactly what I was looking for—concentrated positive content I could listen to repeatedly. I say almost because I found myself distracted by some of the breathing and clicking sounds. So, I purchased an audio editing program and in my spare time I painstakingly went through the recordings and removed all of these extraneous noises.

Law of attraction (New Thought)

The editing took about 6 months. When I finished, I had exactly what I wanted: concentrated, positive content that I could use to condition my subconscious mind to create the results I wanted in my life. Are you interested in ordering the Power Affirmation MP3 recordings? I'm proud of my low prices! Just to be clear, I'm not mentioning it here to be "pushy.

I simply want to make absolutely certain you know they are available and to make certain you have a quick and convenient way to get to the order form. You'll see a similar box throughout this e-book but with out the lengthy explanation. I'm including based on feedback from people who indicated I needed to make it easier to find the link that goes straight to the order form. If you don't get these recordings, then make your own. The positive input will change your life for the better. Improve your thoughts, improve your life.

Why All This is Important to You As I began to see dramatic positive results in my own life from using the recordings, I decided I had a responsibility to share them with as many people as possible. Now you and others can enjoy many of the same benefits I have experienced just by downloading and listening repeatedly to the recordings.

Listen to them often and application will follow automatically. And with consistent application will come positive results. Life improvement is the result of thought improvement. Of course I know that this is not the definitive course on success. I see these recordings as supplementary material.

These affirmations, and affirmations you create for yourself following the same patterns, should be used in addition to reading, listening, and studying some of the terrific material published by other authors. In fact, whenever you read an important book, I suggest that you use the Power Affirmations technique to make certain you condition yourself to regularly apply the knowledge you receive. I used to provide this information in different pages in my website. I have decided to replace those pages with this e-book instead.

Why did I do this? I think this information is more valuable to you in sequence. By providing it to you in an e-book, at least I know you have it all. I wanted to provide people with a means to be able to print out the entire book for further study. The internet is excellent, but is not always printer friendly. Because this e-book is in a PDF format, printing is now easy and consistent.

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I Create My World is a fanciful collection of 16 full-color illustrations paired with a corresponding affirmation. This whimsical book highlights the importance of our. Editorial Reviews. Review. "What Connie so inspiringly offers to children in this book honors I Create My World; the Power of Thought to Shape Our Lives: a Book of Affirmations - Kindle edition by Connie Bowen. Download it once and read it.

You can print out only the pages you want to study, or you can print out the entire book at once without having to visit and print out each web page individually. I wanted to provide people with an additional way to share the power affirmations with other people. Having it in an e-book format means you can send it to your friends with links to the files in tact. The power affirmations website is now visited by thousands of people every month. This is no longer just one of my personal affirmations, it is now a measurable fact.

What is really exciting to me is that many of these people live outside of the United States. Positive thinking knows no barriers of nation or culture. With your help, I believe that over the next few years maybe even sooner , this e-book can reach over 1 million people.

This is the target of one of my current affirmations. And it all grew from the seed of a simple idea. A thought. Thought is how we create new ideas and products out of nothing. Just to be clear, this is not about me and my book, website or recordings, this is about helping as many other people as possible. This is also about setting an example of possibility: if I can do it, so can you. What could you write about and turn into a website and e-book? The internet is opening all kinds of new opportunities for all of us.

I wanted to create the text I needed to convert this book into an audio file using synthetic speech. I have discovered a software program that does a decent job of converting text into speech and wanted to offer it to people as an additional way to get this material more about this later. If I did that, the file size for the book would be huge! But there is information about how you can download them at the end of this book. Some of these files are free and some are available for a very modest fee i. Your Help is Appreciated With the help of others, the Power Affirmations website has now been visited by thousands of people from all around the world.

As of March , I estimate that over 75, people have visited the Power Affirmations website. That may not sound like a lot in the world of the internet, but this is based solely on the search engines and word of mouth—no advertising I've only recently started some limited advertising using Google's Adwords. My primary goal is to help as many people as possible yes, including you. I cannot do this alone. I need your help. All I ask is that you share this e-book and the website with other people you think will benefit from the affirmations.

Thank you in advance for helping me to help other people. You cannot help other people without also helping yourself at the same time. Hint: A peak state is different and much more powerful than just a positive attitude. What do you want specifically? Whatever it is, you already have within you the power to achieve these goals faster than you may currently believe is possible. All you need to do is learn to unleash the massive power that lies within your own mind and focus it relentlessly on the results you want. Focus your mind and the results will follow: cause and effect.

Sounds soooo simple, doesn't it? The answer is to put yourself into your personal peak state and condition yourself to stay there consistently. Well, this is where most people run into challenges. Many never learn how to put themselves into a peak state on purpose in the first place. It may happen once in a while, and they feel great when it does, but then they don't learn how to get back into this state.

The other challenge is that they allow themselves to get knocked out of state. Or get discouraged. Or get stopped by fear. Their personal power disappears before they build enough momentum to make solid progress towards their desired goals. They let their minds wander aimlessly from thought to thought overly influenced by their environment.

Why do some people succeed where others fail? Why are there times when we feel unstoppable--in our power? And why are there times when we fail miserably? Well, there are many explanations, but the one factor that seems to be consistent is that when we succeed, we enter our peak state. This is a mental state of mind where anything that is possible becomes possible for us. All our resources become immediately available. People are attracted to us automatically. Where we are better than our best.

Where we are in the zone. If you have been in this state even once in your life, you know what I'm talking about. Or you can take advantage of my studio recordings with over Power Affirmations--about 3 hours of recorded content, each in it's own file for easy repeating for power conditioning.

These recordings are now available as MP3 files for downloading. Depending on your internet connection, you could be listening to the recordings within minutes. Even better, you can download the files to a portable MP3 player and take them with you wherever you go. My personal preference is the Apple iPod. I explain how I use mine later in this book. I strongly suggest that you do this so that you can listen to them in locations away from your computer such as your car. I felt I would be doing people a disservice if I only posted the information on affirmations and didn't make such a powerful tool as these recordings easily available.

I have analyzed my personal situation thousands of times and concluded that my lack of success was almost entirely due to a lack of mental discipline and conditioning--not lack of knowledge. I needed the audio recordings as a crutch. These recordings made the deciding difference for me time and again. If you have a stronger will and more mental discipline than I do, you may not need the recordings.

Or you may decide to create your own. But if you find yourself frequently frustrated, and suffer from periods of self doubt and lack of confidence and feel like you are always struggling to get ahead, these recordings may prove as beneficial to you as they have to myself and many others. They may give you the breakthrough you need to finally begin achieving your goals. Are you ready? Let's march The answer is contained in the question itself: advertisers advertise. Through TV and radio commercials, magazine ads, billboards, etc. And they do it more by influencing your emotional states than by logical arguments.

A major company with a multimillion dollar advertising budget will use all these means to fight for a permanent piece of your brain. We have become so conditioned to the media blitz around us that we hardly pay attention anymore. It just feels natural. And then there are demands for our attention by other people.

Well meaning family members and friends. Our employers. Civic groups. The news. When you think about it, there's so much noise in most of our environments including non-verbal "noise" it's no wonder that we find it difficult to stay focused on our own goals. To find our own voices. Add to this the normal disempowering beliefs that many of us have picked up over the course of our lives, and we have a real challenge on our hands. Over the years, such materials have helped myself and millions of others transform our lives.

The world owes a huge debt to the authors and publishers of these materials. But they have also proven a challenge. Who has time to read or listen to all of it? And even when I have time to read or listen, who the heck can remember all the critical points? To maximize my time, I do most of my listening in my car, but this means that taking notes is almost impossible. Here's a simple test for you. Think back to a book or audio program that has had a profound, positive influence on your life.

Now take out a piece of paper and make a list of the 10 most important points from the material from memory. If you can't remember 10, can you remember 5? Now how well can you really explain these points? Or maybe a single powerful idea that changed the entire course of your thinking usually by putting you into a temporary peak state. Who Has Really Been in Control? Because advertisers have used print, radio, and television advertisements to present these slogans to us over and over and over again.

And they mix their appeals with the emotions of sex, beauty, power, prestige, laughter--or they make us feel fear by not using their product. And they send the same messages through different media enhanced by music and pictures. For some "unknown" reason, we end up spending billions of dollars for their products.

Logic smells, emotion sells. If you want to have control of your own mind, you are going to have to fight for it. As I said earlier, I have found other self-help programs to be extremely useful I needed to find a way to install these principles and beliefs the same way advertisers conditioned me to buy their products. I tried self-hypnosis and subliminal programs. Maybe others have found them effective, but they did little for me. So I turned to affirmations. Unfortunately, I found most affirmations programs to be weak and lacking in insight and power. There was very little about really entering a peak state.

I wanted the same level of content quality that I received from the self-improvement classics I studied, but presented in such a way that I could really impress the key beliefs and principles on my mind so that they would automatically guide my actions. I never thought that the problem was with the materials, but rather with me. I'm just so thickheaded that I had to find a way to pound the ideas into my brain. I decided to take matters into my own hands and write my own affirmations. Affirmations that were grounded in the truths that I had learned from others.

Affirmations that were simple, direct, and practical. Affirmations that were concentrated power. Affirmations that would put me into my own peak state and condition my mind until it was an automatic habit. Power AffirmationsTM are statements of faith and belief which you repeat to yourself with emotional intensity for the purpose of putting your mind into a peak state--a state of absolute confidence and certainty-- in order to create specific realities in your life. Power AffirmationsTM are tools that can be used to transform the intangible impulse of thought into tangible reality.

The affirmations in this web site came out of asking the questions "What is the state of mind that I have to be in consistently in order to achieve amazing success? And most of them have been extremely helpful. What I was unable to find was a large variety of affirmations that I could use to install all the conditioned beliefs I needed to create the results I wanted in my life.

11 Affirmations to Elevate Energy

These thought leaders offer heart-opening experiences that support our vision of an awakened, compassionate, and connected world. Maltz goes on to say that all our actions, feelings, behavior - even our abilities - are always consistent with this self-image. Back to Top. I follow the light of my inner joy — being joyful is our natural state of being. In this video he explains the power of our subconscious mind and our belief system. History is filled with people who made the so-called impossible possible.

To quickly train my subconscious mind so that I automatically put myself into a peak state--and stay there. A state where I automatically take the actions that produce the results I want without having to struggle and think about it. I'm not a professional writer, speaker, psychologist, coach or personal consultant.

I'm a common businessman who has worked exceptionally hard. As an accountant. As sales support. As a sales person. As a marketer. As a middle manager. As a Chief Operating Officer. As a Business Consultant. As a singer. Many is the evening that I have worked all night to meet an important deadline. I know what it's like to work for a large conglomerate.

I know what it's like to work for a small company struggling to increase sales. I know the frustration of failure and the joy of achievement. I continue to live my life in the trenches. This information does not come from an "ivory tower" but from the "school of hard knocks. They have been tempered in the fires of real life business experience.

If you want "easy-listening" affirmations with soft relaxing music, you'll have to look elsewhere. Many of those programs are excellent, but they just don't fit my style. And they didn't work for me. Maybe they will work for you--I can't say. But these are industrial strength affirmations--direct, sometimes hard-hitting, and above all practical.

Well, this is enough information for this chapter, but there's a lot more information inside this book and at my website. You will want to read and study it all. Use these Power Affirmations consistently during the next 30 days and you will condition your mind to enter and stay in your own peak state. And out of your peak state, things that seem magical will automatically start happening in your life. You will begin to build massive momentum that will help you reach your goals faster and with less of a struggle than you ever thought possible. Best of all, you will consistently feel incredible and will become an even better person than you are today.

Step into your power Here are a few suggestions. Pick one or two affirmations and begin using them immediately. Don't wait until you create the "perfect" affirmations for your specific situation before you start using them. The future is now. Procrastination is the killer of success. Immediate action creates momentum. Repetition of positive thought sustains it. Do not base your choice by whether or not you already believe the affirmation or if the belief seems possible to you at this time.

Repeating the power affirmations with emotional intensity and a feeling of certainty will eventually install the beliefs in your subconscious mind. At the very least, pick a generic affirmation like "Every day in every way I'm getting better and better. Resolve right now to start using affirmations within the next 60 minutes. Write the power affirmation at least times per day. For best results, write it down times as soon as you arise and times before you go to bed. This allows you to set the direction of your thoughts before the day starts and plant the seed in your subconscious mind before you go to sleep.

If you do this consistently, you will naturally find this thought re-occurring in your mind several times per day. You will begin to notice the power affirmations shaping your other thoughts through the course of the day. As the power affirmations create more and more similar thoughts, you will create a direction and build momentum towards the desired results.

After you write the affirmation times, repeat it aloud in front of a mirror times. Repeating the affirmations aloud further installs the beliefs into your subconscious mind. It is very important to repeatedly both write and audibly state your affirmations for maximum effectiveness. As you write and audibly repeat them, feel the emotional power of the affirmations in your body. See yourself as having already created this result in your life. Feel the way you would feel if you already had this result in your life.

Hear the things you will hear when this affirmation becomes an everyday reality. Move your body as if this were already a conditioned belief. Now let your positive thoughts of power and certainty guide your actions. Live consciously. Take complete control of your own mind rather than passively allowing the influencers in the media control it for you. Combine using the affirmations with a goal setting and daily progress measurement program. By measuring your progress daily, it is much easier to see where you are succeeding and celebrate!

Well, everyone is different, but that's what I've found necessary for myself. Taking measurement even weekly proved to be too long for me. For one thing, I am so active, I found it too difficult and time consuming to try to remember and write down all the progress I made. Second, I need feedback sooner in order take faster corrective action and to seize opportunities that come up every day. The best program I've found for myself is a simple one that I created for myself.

You can read all about it in Chapter 12 of this book. Like all the other information in this site, it's free. And the tools you need to implement it are simple and easily and inexpensively available --like a note-book or regular planner and a pen. I could have probably created a book, whole seminar, and audio program and special planning materials for sale, but it's really so unnecessary.

And contrary to the overall philosophy I'm committed to accomplishing with this website. Does this type of conditioning take time and effort? There is no something for nothing. This is where most people fail. They don't follow through with these steps every day for a long period of time. They get inspired for a few days after hearing a motivational speaker or after reading a book.

Then, after the motivational "high" wears off, they fall back into their old habits. Or they get so busy that this is an easy item to ignore. I know that this is true, because this is what used to happen to me. Successful people take the actions that unsuccessful people will not. Event training through short seminars, etc. But Process Training, training that guides your every day habits, is the real key to sustained results. Process Training is achieved through sustained exposure to the learning material over a prolonged period of time.

And it requires constant review and correction until the skill is installed as a subconscious habit like how you learn to drive a car. Most people who think they can get all the information they need by attending a couple of seminars or listening to a best selling program - 21 Interested in the Power Affirmations Screen Savers? The information just goes by too fast to allow it to really soak in. Why do you think we see the same commercials over and over again? Or hear the same slogan?

It's because advertisers know if they can get our attention for 30 seconds or less , listen to or watch the same commercial multiple times over a period of days, weeks, months, years, they know they can sell us billions of dollars of merchandise. Isn't it time that you used the exact same technique to condition your mind on purpose?

Take control of your mind. Listening to motivational speakers on audio tape on a regular basis in other words, daily is one effective way to add process training to your life; however, many of the thoughts they communicate race by without having a chance to take root in either your conscious or subconscious mind.

And there's often a lot of fluff just to get to the main points that will really change your life. It's much more difficult to take advantage of the power of repetition which is crucial to create long term results. I know all this too well from personal experience. That's why I decided to do something to meet this challenge for myself.

Here is the final step that tied everything together for me: 7. Either format is far superior than audio tapes. Listening to the Power Affirmations on CDs or using an MP3 player like iPod allows you to effortlessly condition your subconscious mind to several beliefs in a very short period of time. It's like listening to a radio commercial over and over again.

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You are "selling" yourself to automatically accept a specific set of beliefs for a specific set of results. One technique that I have found helpful is to play the CDs continuously at night at a low volume as I sleep. This further conditions my subconscious mind to these power thoughts. This is truly "power training" for your subconscious mind. Interested in the Power Affirmation MP3s? While audio tapes are useful, I have found that recordings on CDs or MP3s are at least times more effective because of the power of repetition.

Repetition of thought is one of the most effective ways to install a thought or idea into your subconscious thinking. Once I realized the superior power of CDs and MP3s for learning, I invested hundreds of dollars to install two 10 CD changers in my car--at a time when it was difficult to pay my bills each month. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Since I made this simple change in how I listen to self-help audio programs, my momentum has exploded.

This was back before MP3 players became popular. Now I've made the transition to my iPod MP3 player which is even better. Now I can carry around my entire library of recorded affirmations and positive thinking books on my iPod and listen to them anytime I want to. I believe listening to programs on CDs or MP3s can do the same for you.


Here are some of the many benefits to listening to power affirmations on CDs and MP3: 1. You can listen to the same power thoughts repeatedly until they are fully conditioned in your mind. Because the affirmations are on separate tracks, you can use the auto-repeat function of your CD player to listen to the same affirmation for as long as you want. You can't do this with audio tapes without a lot of stopping and starting which breaks your mental state. This simple, subtle change makes a huge difference in effectiveness.

Just as an example, in my recordings, an affirmation is repeated about times per minute depending on the length of the affirmation. By the time I arrive at work, I'm wired and ready to go. Even more so than when only listening to other self-help programs. I mix them up for balance. I found that only repeating them verbally could not compete with listening to them on CD because of the massive difference in quantity.

You can listen to multiple affirmations related to a single subject. Writing and verbally repeating your affirmations in front of a mirror, while critical - 23 Interested in the Power Affirmations Screen Savers? Power Affirmations: Improve Your Thoughts, Improve Your Life and effective, takes a lot of time--probably at least hours a day to do it right.

It is very difficult to do more than a couple of affirmations effectively. And because of the amount of time it can take to properly use even a single affirmation, most people quit the affirmation habit before they begin to get real results. And then they mistakenly believe "affirmations don't work for me. When this happens it is extremely difficult to create enough momentum to achieve a noteworthy goal. Listening to recorded Power Affirmations helps to power through inertia to create unstoppable momentum. Listening to power affirmations on CD allows you to listen and incorporate affirmations in the amount of time that it would normally take to do 2 or 3.

And because you can listen to them in the background while you do other things driving, cleaning the house, even sleeping , you actually spend more time directing your mind to these thoughts. So not only are they more effective in the first place, the CDs actually accelerate your progress faster than you probably currently believe is possible. The truth is that creating outstanding results often requires extensive reconditioning of your thinking.

The amount of reconditioning that is necessary, usually requires changing many habits and beliefs simultaneously. Most people find it difficult to change even a single core belief consistently, much less changing several. At least that was my experience. Unless you find a way to change multiple beliefs simultaneously, you are likely to continue being frustrated in your efforts to achieve your goals. This type of audio program, used consistently, makes such changes much easier. You can use the shuffle or random function on your CD or MP3 player to change the order that you listen to the affirmations.

Sometimes it's helpful to listen to them in order, other times you may feel you need more variety.

Because listening to the recordings can be either a passive or active activity, it is much easier to stay consistent. Let's face it. The odds are you will not always feel motivated to do your affirmations every day. Or your schedule may be so jammed that it is impossible to stay with your daily program.

Those are the times you need the affirmations most. It's just like daily planning--if you don't have time to plan every day, you must plan every day. And it is easy to listen to the CDs while you are getting ready for work in the morning, or driving, or doing some other activity. Doing nothing.

You know what is awesome? Providing value today. Can you provide great value, today, without high production quality video? Can you write a blog post on Medium instead of waiting for your customer WordPress site? Sure you can. Give real value. I start with what I think is value, and I deliver that. Either way, I need to change my message to something else until the recipient thinks there is value. If it has real value, then it will spread and go big. Then I keep doing more of that. What do you wish you would have known 1, 2, or 3 years ago? If I run out of ideas of where or how I can share value I look at where I was a month, a year, or a decade ago.

What do I know now that I wish I could pass on to my past self?

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Smile more. Smiling makes you more attractive and trustworthy, makes you happier, and makes others happier.

I Create My World; the Power of Thought to Shape Our Lives; hardcover children's affirmation book

Remember 1 and 2? I have an obligation to spread my message as far as I can, as fast as I can. The more help I have, the better I can do this. Am I doing things someone else could do, without any negative impact on value? Do I need to create every single Instagram graphic that goes out, or can I create template, some guidelines, and then have someone else do the heavy lifting and I review the work to make sure it meets my standards? Where else can I automate, outsource, delegate, and otherwise multiply my output to serve more people, better? What would Gary Vee do?

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best influencers of this generation because of his authenticity. When I come across an opportunity or challenge I often ask myself how Gary would react to the situation. But there are home grown Chinese apps that mimic these. Gary would master these apps and create a community on those. The obstacle is the way. Nobody wants to hire me to speak? Why is that? The obstacle has just shown me the way, not only to get around or over the obstacle, but how to thrive.

Liked it? Share it! Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. The more you choose to think thoughts that make you feel good, the quicker the affirmations work. Your turn: What are your favorite affirmations? My card affirmation deck will bring you divine reminders of the infinite possibilities in your life and your future! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail: you can also subscribe without commenting Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments.

Thanks Kris! These affirmations are just what I needed today. I know our thoughts play a huge part on our well being, sometimes though, I need to be reminded. Thanks for sharing Kris and for continuing to light up the world with your positive energy! Love to all and thank you Kris and team for your work. Interpretation: Do your best and forget the rest! Great affirmations. I say each one as I go through the EFT tapping points. It lowers resistance and helps me feel better.

Thanks so much, Kris. My year-old daughter is experiencing a lot of worries, which is stressing me out! So it was beautifully helpful to get these reminders of how all is well, and that we can get through the hard times with love, awareness and grace. I love these!! These would be wonderful in a daily calendar, one affirmation with your lovely colourful drawings for each day for a year!!!

Do you have a daily calendar already? Wonderful idea, Wendy! These are so beautiful and uplifting, Kris. Thank you for sharing them with us all! I need to say these things to myself regularly and get them into my head. Thank you Kris! Oh, Kris, I love everything about this! Thank you. Have you ever written a post of how to deal when bad thoughts are starting to get to your head about relapsing back to a sickness? I am all perfect and positive until I get a symptom and then it al goes downhill from there and I cannot manage the fear….

I love those affirmations. Beautiful affirmations Kris. Thank you for this and all the other wonderful gifts you give to the world. Great post, thank you Kris. Beautiful images as well. I click to open an email from you and I just smile. You are so positive and your energy reaches right across!!! It is sad that today we need so much to be reminded of our value and worth. I really appreciate the work you do and have decided to try and follow your inspiration.

I have downloaded the affirmations in an attempt to break my emotional dependence on food when I am stressed, angry, tired. Thank you so much for all your efforts! You are very important to me! Thank you Kris and Louise Hay for these 11 positive affirmations. I am in a rabbit hole with breast cancer and needed to say, believe, and practice every one of them today. With Gratitude. Thanks for mentoring me. Are you on instagram? The images with the affirmations are so beautiful!

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Everything in my life is working just the way it should. I am loved, and I am love.