PARIS MATCH-A novel of Peace and War, 1934-1945

HIST 122: Section 4 (World War I, The Ottoman Empire in WWI, Russian Communism, Meiji Japan)
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Heald, Timothy David, author. Published Cernarfon : Maenol Publications, Language English. Author Heald, Timothy David, author. Content Types text Carrier Types volume Physical Description 2 volumes : illustrations black and white ; 21 cm. Subjects World War, -- Fiction. Heglar Fall De Soto and Nora Dudwick Fall Fascism in Spain, — Stanley G. Wallman Spring Simon James Fall LeMoine Fall Knight Fall Recovering the Prairie Edited by Robert F. Sayre Fall Aschheim Spring David Cronon and John W. Jenkins Spring Hauptman and L. Hagan and a Preface by Gerald Hill Spring Vigil Spring Who Owns America?

Jacobs Fall Brancaforte Spring Durbin Spring Zeitlin Spring Salmons Spring Abercrombie Spring Numbers Spring Marshall Spring Miller Spring Ostergren and Thomas R. Vale Spring Merton England Shafer Fall Hults Spring Senkewicz Spring Lowe Khazanov Fall A History of Fascism, — Stanley G. Bieder Spring McCann Spring Sundiata Spring Jenkins Fall Simoons Fall Living with Africa Jan Vansina Fall Douglas Cope Spring Stern Spring Baseball in Players vs. Owners Daniel M. Pearson Berry Fall Klein Fall McBride Fall Padilla Fall Isaacman, Florencia C.

Mallon, William Roseberry, and Steve J. Kaufman Spring Williams and Drexel Woodson Spring Arthur Mehrhoff Riverol Baldasty Fall Jones Jr. Moseley Fall Denevan, With a Foreword by W. George Lovell Spring Gwin Spring Korth Doane and Carol Braun Pasternack Fall Vogel Fall David Hoeveler Jr. Flader and J. Baird Callicott Spring Broer and John D. Walther Front-Page Detective William J.

Burns and the Detective Profession, — William R. Hunt Conkin Fall Andrews, Sargent Bush, Jr. Shea Fall Barrow Spring Lee Hansen and James F. Byers Fall Wisconsin A History Robert C. Nesbit, Revised and updated by William F. Thompson Fall Spickard Fall Hagerman Spring Setton, Volume Edited by Harry W. Hazard and Norman P. Zacour Spring Smith Spring Elizabethan Popular Culture Leonard R. Ashley Motz and Pat Browne Kingdoms of the Yoruba Robert S.

Smith Fall Machor Fall Reflections on History and Historians Theodore S. Hamerow Spring Constitution Edited by Ray B. Browne and Glenn J. Campbell Cooney Fall Hagerman Fall Robert M.

Photo des Sarkozy dans Paris Match : « On est sur des stéréotypes culturels »

Thelen, Edited by Oscar Handlin Spring Sixty Years of Journalism by James M. Cain Edited and with Introductions by Roy Hoopes Transparencies set -- color 35mm slides Rolls ; 72 color slides. Transparencies set -- color 35mm slides Rolls Transparencies set -- color 35mm slides Rolls ; 36 color slides. Transparencies set -- color 35mm slides Rolls ; 24 color slides. Johore, Malay Peninsula: celebration honoring birthday of Prophet Mohamed. Captions, 'Nasser's Egypt,' 15 Mar. Kyoto, Japan, , includes photos of Haru Matsukata and Bill Wardon, a silkworm, an unidentified Shinto shrine, and a locket of Duncan's containing a photo of Leila.

Tokyo, Japan, Oct. Barnard, E. Jack, KCMo. Corrida, , photos of Ordonez and Dominguin, matadors and feuding brothers-in-law. Life Magazine Assignments -- Text, see Series III. Correspondence -- Named files -- Collier's.

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Eisie [i. Also included on roll are images of Duncan's mother, Florence Duncan, and his aunt Edyth. Picasso, [Pablo, and his] Catalan throne, Vauvenargues, ? Picasso, [Pablo], in La Californie painting plates for firing, [or ? Picasso, [Pablo, and] Lump [on front steps of] Vauvenargues, Picasso, Pablo, [seated in front of large painting], La Californie, Cannes, Picasso, [Pablo, seated in his] studio, Vauvenargues, circa Picasso's bride, , Picasso and Jacqueline following their wedding announcement.

Bedroom [with] Picasso rug, [and] bathroom [with] Picasso mural, Vauvenargues, Picasso exhibit [of] Las Meninas [at] Kahnweiler's, [? Picasso, [Pablo], looking at Picasso's Picassos , Mougins, Picasso, [Pablo, standing at] end of dining room, [with his] Matisse [paintings], Vauvenargues, Picasso, [Pablo], with [his] Afghan hound, Kabul, at Vauvenargues, Fisheye [portraits of] Picasso group at beach, [Cannes], , includes photos of Picasso, Jacqueline, Sheila, Duncan, and an unidentified woman.

Picasso exhibit [of] Dej[euner] sur l'herbe [at] Kahnweiler's, [s]. Picasso Madoura exhibit, Cannes, [s? Palais des Papes, Avignon: 1st posthumous Picasso exhibit, May Macauleys' Deerpark home, [], includes photos of Sheila and her basset hound, Simone. Narrative report: 'Russians Are Railbirds, Too,' with captions. Cassidy, Marshall, with dogs, early s, son of Marselia Cassidy. Lens tests, NYC, [s? Linton and Rockefeller Plaza. Building of Castellaras 53 [with] slight changes, , includes photos of Sheila, Duncan, and Pablo Picasso with Jacques Couelle?

First piece of furniture, our table arriving, [Castellaras], Quan, Dr. Stuart, and Sheila inside and walking the grounds of Castellaras, [? Transparencies -- 37 original color 35mm slides; 1 color 4 x 5" copy transparency. John Converse, and Sheila, Castellaras, ? Our wedding dinner, Sheila's home, Greenwich, Connecticut, 14 July Duncan, Sheila, sculpting a bust of Col. Roy Ahmel, Castellaras, Robert, Dr. Serge, his wife, and an unidentified man, Auvergne, Watkins, David, [and] mother [i. Off to Saigon, Sept. Narrative script, 'Con Thien: ten days in hell,' 28 Oct. Danang: Maj.

Nickerson, Col. Ken Houghton, and Lt. Coffman, Saigon, , includes photos of Dick Swanson at the Life magazine office. Marines '. Transparencies -- 39 color 35mm slides [unmounted; panoramic wide-angle views]. Duncan, Sheila, sculpting a bust of Pedro Estrada, Castellaras, s. Test [roll: Duncan family reunion, Kansas City?

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Test [rolls]: Zeke [and Lump, interiors and exteriors of house, and village], Castellaras, circa Watkins, Jean and Jim, and an unidentified couple, Castellaras, mid-late s. Bresset, Castellaras, ? Sheila, Lump, and Mr. Sheila with Lump, standing next to her car, Castellaras, Jan. Test [roll: New York City], Feb. Zeke [and] Lump [at table, in front of cup and saucer, Castellaras, ? Collins, Andrew F. Transparencies -- 39 color 35mm slides accompanied by clipping.

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Brass Target , Arthur Lewis film shot near Munich, Duncan, Sheila, with members of her family including her sister, Connie, her father, Milton, her niece, Sheila Wright, and her grand-niece, Karuna Wright, s. Picasso, Jacqueline, [with] Sylvie, Paul Charbit, [and unidentified], [s]. Miki, Jun, and family; Nikkor Club Pres[ident] and [? Unidentified photographer and reporter, Los Angeles, Calif.

Harajuku, Meiji Ginju, Tokyo, 7 Dec. Salinger, Nicole, and others at the garden of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo, Fielder, Carolyn, Nice-Matin Magazine , circa Geneva Autosalon: D-B [i. Just, , includes photos of Maria Cooper Janis. Transparencies -- 49 color 35mm slides, originals and duplicates. Tulips, NL [i. Craig, Lt. General Edward, Mrs. Copy negs. Kessel, [Dmitri, Sheila, Duncan, and others, having lunch] near Arles, Janis, Maria Cooper, living with arthritis victim, her husband Byron, [?

Luzern: Angela Rosengart [and] "Picasso as Owl" [a. Burwasser, NYC, Apr. Photocopy of album made by Duncan for the Embiricos, documenting the trip. Nice Carnival, [20 Feb.

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They were reinforced next day, and the village of Aspern was captured and recaptured several times. Fest, Joachim Transparencies set -- color slides; 27 frames of color 4 x 5" film. The materials, arranged alphabetically by publication title, reflect a diversity of topics and experiences including: Duncan's service as a combat photographer in the U. The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver. Harajuku, Meiji Ginju, Tokyo, 7 Dec.

Books, papers, leaving for U. Yo-Yo [and] Nadar, Castellaras, 12 Nov. Yo-Yo: final photos of all puppies together [at the] Pierinis', 8 Nov. Bad Wimpfren, Germany, Oct. Dufy, Raoul, "Carnival de Nice" [painting] circa , 14 Dec. Cassidy, Marshall, [Sr. Lens test? Whitmore's, Jim, negatives? Capetown festival, South Africa Life stories and David Douglas Duncan [portfolio], The Private World of Pablo Picasso , Self-Portrait: U.

This Is War! Miami Daily News - St. Louis Post Dispatch [oversize]. Sunday Mirror - [unidentified publication] [oversize]. Miscellaneous photocopies of layouts, corrected proofs, correspondence, color mock-up of cover. Visual materials, see Series I. Freelance Career -- -- Picasso. Letters [carbon copies] used in and rejected from Goodbye Picasso , Visual materials, Kodak prints representing "general first photo ideas for initial dummy" -- 64 color prints.

Source materials, see Series I. Freelance Career -- -- Vietnam -- Khe Sanh. King of Bells Kazan crown [of] Ivan IV Granovitaya Palata: gold murals of Christ, 29 slides. Russian chain mail Diamond Throne of [Tsar] Alexie Mikhailovich Boyan room Reception room Armorer's Palace Museum, 35 slides. Patriarch's gown room; 7 Nov.

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Lenin statue Blagoveshchensky Sobor altar [and] Iconostasis, 25 slides. Kremlin during snow, 16 slides. Kremlin stars, 36 slides. Boris Yegerov, brain surgeon Neuro-Surgical Hospital , 34 slides. George from Assumption Cathedral; unidentified icon painted on panel], 12 slides. Transparencies -- color 35mm slides; 3 frames of color 4 x 5" film.

First bulking dummy, New York Graphic Society, with dust jacket photos, undated. Dummy, with color plates and typescript text, set in covers, undated. Dummy, bound, Edita edition with photos but no text, undated. Dummy, corrected copy for 2nd printing, Edita edition, Promotional material including blurbs written by noteworthy photographers, authors, and editors; publicity photographs; and book catalogs.

Transparencies -- 4 color 35mm slides; 49 frames of color 4 x 5" film. Transparencies -- 3 color 35mm slides; 6 frames of color 4 x 5" film. Taschen version, , bound, with additional versions of cover art [contract terminated]. Miscellaneous photocopies of various cover and title pages.

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Baker, John Publishers Weekly , From Manuscript to Printed Book. Bound dummies: 1 dust jacket only, 1 published book with alternate dust jacket. Final version, 2 Aug. Visual materials, preservation photocopies of mounts for original set of 56 color 35mm slides. Visual materials original and duplicate color 35mm transparencies. New York City, Dec. Germain; couple on bench; Mariella, June , 37 slides. Rolls , 17 May , includes photos of Chozo Yoshii -- prints. Dust jacket materials, cover with dust jacket layout [oversize].

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Freelance Career -- -- [U. Visual material, duplicate and reject transparencies, -- 99 color 35mm slides. Notes, see also Series I. Field Notebooks -- Images set aside as possible book prints -- 88 color prints. Montagnue truffe [i. Thor and Kip, Castellaras; snow; Virginia Owens, [? Perruccio family and Thor and Zeke, Castellaras, spring Z[eke] drawing in studio; Thor in towel and wet; Thor and Fanny on lawn, Feb. Sheila and Thor, Castellaras, [at the] fireplace, 25 May Thor and blanket; Zeke; rock and leaves; DDD's hand, winter Languedoc postmistress; snow; Zeke and Thor and frost, Castellaras, Chris[tmas].

Twins, etc. Dummies, 2 with cover cloth selection and dust jacket, undated. Freelance Career -- -- Vietnam. Life Magazine Assignments, and Series I. Text, captions for original Life assignments, typescripts, finished text. Source materials, photocopies of correspondence used in Yankee Nomad as well as later correspondence for use in a possible revised edition. Transparencies -- 66 color 35mm slides; 2 frames of color 4 x 5" film.

Rejections of Yankee Nomad [by publishers],