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Early Autumn — Spenser kidnaps a young boy at the center of a violent custody battle and takes him to Maine to build a cabin. A coming of age story with Spenser as an ass-kicking spiritual mentor. Followed by a sequel, Pastime , in A Catskill Eagle — Susan is abducted, and Hawk is in jail. Spenser sets out like an errant knight on a quest to make things right.

He will get very tarnished in the process. A full-blown adventure novel. Cold Service by Robert B.

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Parker Cold Service — When Parker introduced the African-American hit man Hawk early in the series, the character gave Spenser an interesting double. Whenever the storyline centered on Hawk, however, it always seemed to knock Parker off his game. The prose here is so minimalist it feels indifferent. Proof that Parker could write noir when he was of the mind.

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Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. 6 1-hour cassettes. About the Author. Robert B. Parker was the author of seventy books, including the legendary Spenser. Promised Land (Spenser, book 4) by Robert B Parker - book cover, description, book cover of Promised Land (The fourth book in the Spenser series).

For a comprehensive list of works Parker created and inspired, you can also visit The Thrilling Detective. Jake Hinkson, The Night Editor.

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That never works out well. Bond was never the same after Ian Fleming. Nor Bourne after Ludlum. The spark that was Robert B Parker has gone. Anyone else would just be smoke and mirrors and whole lot less soul. I came to read Parker and Spenser in his later efforts.

I appreciated the accessibility of the prose, but lamented his lack of context and description. I wondered about his rep as a mystery writer. You have answered my questions. I have to read the earlier works to get a better idea about his writing. I am a Hammett and Chandler fan. So the early Parkers will have to wait. But I am sure I will make it to the Promised Land in the near future.

A friend's girl and her infant daughter have been gunned down. Though the act at first appears to be an accidental drive-by shooting, it soon becomes clear that it was premeditated murder. Hired by Loudon Tripp, an aggrieved Boston aristocrat who believes his late wife Olivia's brutal street slaying to be something other than random violence, Spencer immediately senses that his client's picture-perfect portrayal of his family life is false.

For starters, the victim's reputation is too saintly, her house is as lived-in as a stage set, and her troubled children don't appear to be the product of a happy home. Spenser 49 books in series. The Godwulf Manuscript Summary. Spenser earned his degree in the school of hard knocks, so he is ready when a Boston university hires him to recover a rare, stolen manuscript. He is hardly surprised that his only clue is a radical student with four bullets in his chest.

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Not Available on Audible. Book 2. Spenser Created by Robert B. Parker "I try to be honorable. And yet, and yet.. Some sort of secret society? Full of unsaid rules and regulations which none of them will ever admit to knowing," Susan replies, and when asked who else is a member, starts to list them:.

Quirk, Belson, a detective named Lee Farrell; the state police person, Healy Bobby Horse, the Native American gentleman. Fortunato, the 'little dude' from Vegas. I make part of my living from that fact. Spenser describes a high-rise office with "a panoramic view of Boston Harbor and, on a particularly cleart day, probably a good chunk of Newfoundland.

Parker's Spenser novels were mentioned repeatedly as a major influence on many of these writers it was also frequently stated, to be fair, that the early books were far superior to the more recent ones.

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My opinion is that the countless imitations of the Spenser books--and there are many--have tarnished our perception of the originals. We're tired of Spenser's sons so we're tired of Spenser. Put it in another context: a young person looking at Bullitt or The French Connection today might yawn at "just another car chase," but those car chases were groundbreaking and mind-blowing at the time of their release.

I mean, a black classic Mustang, and he lives in a firehouse? Ah, well, at least it wasn't a red Ferrari and a Hawaiian beachhouse Mind you, some of the later Spenser books ain't no great thang, either Parker, creator of the novels from which Spenser for Hire sprang, who he would ideally have cast in the series. He said, "Robert Mitchum, but it would have had to have been done 30 years ago. It might have been that Parker wasn't 30 pounds lighter, but let's not go there. Themes "I wonder if there's anybody out there as tired as I am of reading gripes about Parker's novels.

If you don't like him, don't read him. I don't mind wearing out my declining eyesight skimming through effusive praise of Carroll John Daly or any number of, ah, writers of dubious stylistic value. They've made their contributions to the genre and deserve a little overpraise every now and then. Nobody ever seems to cut Parker any slack, even though he kept the private eye novel going through the roughest period of its history, never mind that he has influenced several of today's heroes of the hardboiled and created what has become a genre staple -- the sociopathic sidekick.

Okay, so he insists on sticking in all that crap about Susan Silverman and the dog and he allows his hero a smugness that can set one's teeth on edge. With all of that, his books -- and this year he's published at least three -- are never less than entertaining and, every now and then, deliver a scene or set piece usually a confrontation with a powerful adversary that reminds you of what drew you to crime fiction in the first place. However, last year I read Perish Twice in preparation for writing a "things to do this week" blurb for a local booksigning of his The man's got flow.

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And I respect the man's major contribution to the genre. As Dick noted, the man kept it going during a pretty bleak time for PI fiction, and he did it with style. Plus I recognize he set the standards for much of the PI fiction I like and do still read. He wrote the rules for the contemporary PI genre. And, as Dick also noted, his splitting the PI into two persons, one honorable, one psycho, was absolutely brilliant.

Parker, through his Spenser novels, is responsible for my writing career. Back in high school, I wanted to be a comic book artist, and I spent a lot of time writing and drawing my own comics. The "writing" part was only because I had no one else to write them. If I wanted to draw comics, I had to write them, too. Then one night in , in my sophomore year of high school, I happened to catch an episode Spenser: For Hire , and I noticed the "Based on characters created by Robert B. Parker" line in the opening credits.

I think around that time, there was also an article in TV Guide written by Parker, in which he talked about the differences between his Spenser, and the TV Spenser. And I guess right here is as good a place as any to say that Robert Urich is twice the Spenser that Joe Mantegna could ever hope to be.

And after Avery Brooks' performance, no one should ever even attempt to play Hawk Anyway, this got me into a library, where I checked out Ceremony , my first Spenser novel. This literally changed my life.

By Jake Hinkson

Up until that point, novels were frequently dull books they made you read in English class. Things you suffered through, wishing you were reading comics. But Parker's novels opened my ears, and mind.

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I realized that novels don't have to be stuffy and boring. These books were fun. And funny! I laughed out loud - and still do. Parker's Captains Courageous. It taught me a crime novel could be about more than thugs and ripoffs. The Godwulf Manuscript Buy this book God Save the Child Buy this book Mortal Stakes Buy this book Buy the audiobook..

Kindle it! Promised Land Buy this book..

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