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Nam, Nat. Shibata, K. Shimizu, H. Takesue, and Y. Tokura, Appl. Natarajan, M. Tanner, and R. Hadfield, Supercond.


Chen, J. Guo, Z. Yin, H.

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Li, Z. Zhou, G. Guo, and Z.

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Shibata, H. Takesue, Y. Tokura, and N. Imoto, Phys.

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Yamashita, S. Miki, W.

Did you know you can compare your DNA to the Dark Countess?

Qiu, M. Fujiwara, M. Sasaki, and Z. Wang, Appl. Hadfield, Nat. Takesue, S. Nam, Q. Zhang, R. Hadfield, T.

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The Dunkelgrafen «Dark Counts» in German - is the nickname given by the locals to a wealthy couple who lived in the vicinity of Hildburghausen, Thuringia in. Single photon counting means highly sensitive photodetection at low light levels The dark count rate can be strongly reduced by cooling the diode, but this can .

Honjo, K. Tamaki, and Y.

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Yamamoto, Nat. Engel, A. Semenov, H.

What are the effects of temperature on dark count rates in an SiPM (MPPC)? | Hamamatsu Photonics

Authors Authors and affiliations J. Jackson B. Lane A. Mathewson A. Conference paper. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Zanchi, F. Zappa, M. Ghioni, A. Giudice, A.

Morrison and V. Otherwise, the II-2D method proved to be much more precise. This shows that although an implicit GR is attractively compact, the very shallow pn-junction gives a risk of having such a low breakdown voltage at the perimeter that the DCR of the device may be negatively impacted.


Here, the applied reverse voltage is slightly above the avalanche breakdown voltage. Buy options. I remember reading this book many moons ago and thinking to myself that this must be one of the worst forms of "erotic" literature that I've ever read. Ilin, and M. Open Preview See a Problem? Li, W. Marsili, V.

Integrated Devices and Systems. Fingerprint avalanche diodes.