Trustworthy Internet

Towards a dynamic and trustworthy Internet of Things
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Trustworthiness means that the network must be resilient to the presence of a small number of malicious endpoints or network routers. View on ACM.

Beware of Bias, Look for Expertise

As such, the Trustworthy Internet not only has to include mechanisms, architectures and networking infrastructures that intrinsically provide basic security. The workshop provided a lively discussion on the challenges involved in reshaping the Internet into a trustworthy reality, articulated around the Internet by and.

Save to Library. Create Alert. Figures and Topics from this paper. Citations Publications citing this paper. A vulnerability in OpenSSL 1. Researchers have been able to exploit the same vulnerability with small variations to the Bleichenbacher attack.

Successful attack downgrades the connection and gives the attacker full access to the traffic. To mitigate this attack disable SSLv2 on all servers you have. Heartbleed is a vulnerability in the widely deployed OpenSSL library. It is very easy to exploit and allows the attacker to retrieve sensitive server data in just a few HTTP requests. The sensitive data could be anything that's in process memory, including passwords, session data, and server private key.

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The end result is that an active network attacker can relatively easily uncover small fragments of encrypted data e. When a 0-byte record is received with invalid padding, then OpenSSL behaves differently which is detectable to the remote peer, then this amounts to a padding oracle that could be used to decrypt data. OCSP stapling is a performance optimization feature that enables web servers to embed certificate freshness proof in the TLS handshake itself.

Clients that connect to servers that support this feature don't need to contact the issuing CA to double-check certificate validity. This chart shows the weakest key exchange supported by the servers we monitor. Values of bits are typically observed on servers that support insecure export suites; on some servers that use weak DH parameters; bits is very common and also usually comes from weak DH parameters. At this time, bits is the minimum expected strength.

Keeping the Internet Trustworthy

Sites that support TLS compression. Monthly Scan:. Previous Next. Cipher Strength Cipher Strength: When it comes to data transfer, cipher strength is the measure of the security of the communication channel. Extended Validation Certificates Extended Validation Certificates: Extended Validation EV certificates are high-assurance certificates that rely on manual identity validation to establish links between web sites and the organizations behind them.

Forward Secrecy Forward Secrecy: Forward Secrecy is a protocol feature that protects each connection individually. At that time, about 80 percent of our revenues came from the U.

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Today that service accounts for only 48 percent of our revenues. The transformation has been so radical that 74 percent of my employees have joined the company just in the past two years.

Trustworthy Internet

But even through this transformation, we have kept the core DNA of our company: our use of authoritative identity for reliable addressing inside networks. This is exciting in our increasingly connected world through the Internet of Things.

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Furthermore, the authors have strived to complement the specific technical aspects they present with background material devised to more comprehensively introduce the reader to the specific topic of trustworthiness tackled. It is no longer considered a threat because modern browsers ship with mitigations that prevent the attack. I used to think this State Farm Insurance commercial with the less-than-intelligent woman saying, "they can't put anything on the internet that isn't true," was funny until I started reading Wild West 2. A successful exploitation of this issue will result in a disclosure of victim's session cookies, allowing the attacker to completely hijack the application session. Figures and Topics from this paper.

In an interconnected world, trillions of addresses on the network will need to be identified: What is this thing, who is this person, where are they located, what can they do, and how are they allowed to communicate? One example of the Internet of Things already in play is in a typical hospital. There are sensors in a single operating room, all communicating with one another, with the surgical team, and with the medical device company. Every single industry is going to be affected by this sort of interconnectivity — agriculture, supply chain management, automotive. Right now, the Internet of Things is close to where cellular was in the early days.

Each company permitted its customers to send text messages only to other customers on the same network. There was no concept of interoperability between networks. When all the companies got together and decided on a methodology for interoperability, text messaging just exploded. You could send texts to your friends without regard to the network.

There needs to be a standard for communications. There also has to be a registry or registries containing the addresses and the business rules for those communications. For example, a skin sensor is already being developed — which will be promoted by insurance companies — that will allow folks with diabetes to have their blood sugar levels automatically transmitted to their doctor without the pinprick.

We spend an inordinate amount of time coaching people through change. But regardless of whether the change is positive or negative, it provokes anxiety. We must create a supportive environment that encourages employees to embrace change, to lead change. The goal is to create an ever-evolving organization that brings everyone along. Our efforts to accomplish this run the gamut.

Because we have a number of data scientists and engineers, as well as sales and product marketing people, we have a wide variety of talents from a wide variety of backgrounds. We do everything from formal communications to town halls to informal lunches to field trips outside the office. We randomly close the office every once in a while, which shocks people.

We bring snow machines into our Los Angeles offices when there are horrible storms on the East Coast, just so they have a little bit of a sense of what the weather is like. We have hackathons. We have serious technical talks for folks who like to meet other people, but only if they have something substantive to talk about.

We have wine and beer tastings and dance parties and movie afternoons. It seems to be working extremely well. You saved my job. You made me look great to the CEO. We hope to do the same in the E. We are also focusing on organic investment, integrating the acquisitions we have, and getting closer to our customer base. Domestically, we will never provide the entire marketing stack to large companies, so we have a number of data relationships, as well as relationships that involve activating our analytics in the marketing environment. Our marketing and securities services businesses last quarter grew 17 and 18 percent, so our growth rates are great.

If our brand becomes more accessible and better known, we think we can accelerate our growth.

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So brand awareness and brand affinity is a huge area of interest for us going forward.