USCG Coast Guard Manual - Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide Volume 3 - PWC Operator

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Aviation …. Major topics within this handbook are boat crew duties and responsibilities, towing, person in the water recovery, rescue assistance and fire fighting, and Flotilla and Museum Collaboration.

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Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Auxiliary Qualifications Description of Guide Mechanics This guide is intended to provide a step-by-step process to become qualified in the basic program competencies that have proved to be of greatest interest to new members. Most of the qualification requirements listed can be accomplished either through self-study or by attending qualification. Each module has a study guide and chapter questions.

Every task must be performed independently by the trainee to the standards specifications. When the trainee has mastered a task, the mentor signs the task to verify satisfactory completion. Tasks are meant to be learned through constant practice under the mentors guidance.

This is a suggested method for achieving mastery of the tasks.

Give the trainee the reading assignments. Confirm completion of reading assignment and clarify any issues that the trainee might have about the material. Demonstrate the steps required to complete the task.

During the demonstration, the mentor should narrate the procedures. If the task is one that does not require demonstration, proceed to the next step. Walk the trainee through the task. In order to ensure that the trainee understands, the mentor may want to walk the trainee through the steps more than once. There is no limit to the number of times the mentor performs the walk-through, however, trainee understanding must be ensured before continuing.

Practice the skill.

Member Training (MT)

The trainee must practice the skill for consistent success at the task. The mentor should not sign off any task as complete until the trainee can consistently and correctly complete the task without assistance. Monitor the trainees performance. Trainee performance should be monitored during both training and operations.

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Qualification does not end with the first successful completion of the task. It is an ongoing process that ends only when successful task completion can be met consistently. Verify that the trainees performance meets the standards set in the relative Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide. This includes three parts: a.

The trainee must be able to perform the task subject to established conditions and standards delineated for the task. This standard is provided at the beginning of each task.

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The trainee must be able to perform the task without assistance. The trainee is expected to perform each task on a consistent basis in accordance with the established standards and conditions. Sign off the task at the bottom of the task qualification page of the Qualification Guide when the mentor is confident that the trainee can perform the task consistently and unassisted.

It is suggested that the mentor record the start and completion dates on. This would indicate the period over which the candidate repeatedly demonstrates the ability to perform the assigned task. Keep an accurate record of the training. It would be helpful for the certifying Officer OTO if the mentor also recorded the start and complete dates for each task in Appendix B of the appropriate Qualification Guide.

United States Coast Guard Academy

Once the trainee has mastered all of the tasks, the mentor should assess the candidates readiness for the position of coxswain, crewman or PWO operator. Schedule the trainee for the dockside oral exam and underway check-ride using local procedures. When assigning a member as a mentor, flotilla leaders must consider the members experience and skill. Any member assigned to be a mentor must have impeccable integrity as they are, in a large part, responsible for the credibility of the US Coast Guards Auxiliary Boat Crew Program.

Coast Guard Auxiliary Members PWC Qualifications

These mentors should be willing and able to put in the time and effort to train another member. Mentor's Page. Photo Gallery. QE Presentation. Man Overboard Presentation.

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(c) Auxiliary Boat Crew Training Manual, COMDTINST M (series) (e) U.S. Coast Guard Addendum to the United States National. Manuals & Publications. USCG Claims and Litigation Manual. New M 1G Jan Auxiliary Boat Crew Qualification Guide Vol 3- PWC Operator.

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