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The Dalek Generation, Book Review
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Pass it on! The plot, on the whole, feels like a classic series Doctor Who Dalek story, peppered nicely with the racy pace, and emotional depth yes, I even shed a tear Nicholas Briggs narrates his story superbly, relaying a real sense of depth to the main players this can especially be said of his narrated portrayal of the Doctor himself , and as you would expect his Daleks via his voice box sound as effectively menacing as his Daleks do in the current TV show.

I personally liked the use of the minimal ambient music that is played occasionally, and felt it was an effective tool to highlight the contrasting atmospheres presented throughout the story without distracting you from Briggs' heart felt narration. I would recommend this book to fans of Doctor Who classic and new alike , especially the unabridged audio book version, where Briggs' familiarity of the TV show that he's worked on really shines through in his story and his narration of it.

Apr 03, Michael Otway rated it did not like it. This is just I don't even know where to begin with this mess of a novel. Firstly, the Doctor's dialogue is extremely hard to read in Matt Smiths voice and tone. It's really as if it was written by someone who had never actually watched an Eleventh Doctor episode. The things he would say and characterisation was all completely wrong. Secondly, the whole book involves The Doctor babysitting children the entire time and honestly, it's just cringe-worthy and the children are written as if the This is just Secondly, the whole book involves The Doctor babysitting children the entire time and honestly, it's just cringe-worthy and the children are written as if the author has never actually spoken or been one himself.

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Thirdly, The Daleks are just weak as anything in this book. Their plan is about as ridiculous as anything we've ever seen in Doctor Who and really in the end this book is just one of those times the author is trying so hard to come across as clever, but falls flat on it's face. It's around page that anything actually starts to happen but even then, it's not good enough.

Doctor Who - Dalek Generation

Save yourself time and sanity and please don't bother with this junk. Shelves: first-reads , science-fiction , reads. These miscues are essentially story details that hurt Briggs narrative because they open up obvious alternative ways the Doctor could have attempted to stop the Daleks then how Briggs wrote the conclusion.

Doctor who the dalek generation book review

Putting aside the miscues, as a first time reader of a Doctor Who book this was a treat and recommended to anyone else looking to read a Doctor Who book for the first time. Nov 15, Paul McNamee rated it liked it. Briggs has a good handle on describing the 11th Doctor in prose. That was a strong point.

The weak point was the Daleks' villainous plot, which was a bit vague and finger-waggling-hand-wavy. Fun and quick to pass the time as long as you don't analyze it too much. Better than the last Doctor Who book I read. I struggled a bit to make sense of all of it as I was nearing the end, but that might be just because I didn't read the whole book in one go. It was a nice story though, I liked it :.

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Apr 16, Gabriel Mero rated it liked it. I really, really wanted to like this book, however I found it to be I can't exactly put my finger on it, but it barely felt like DW to me. Apr 03, Matthew Kresal rated it liked it. For almost as long as Doctor Who has been on television screens, his adventures in space and time have seen him facing, time and again, his enemies from Skaro: the Daleks. How does his tale stand up then? For those who might be in the dark as to who Briggs is, he is far more than just the voice of the Daleks on TV.

Through his work on the Doctor Who audio adventures produced by Big Finish Productions, Briggs is also a writer, producer and director with many Who stories under his belt as well as voicing the Daleks, Cybermen, Ice Warriors and other aliens both for Big Finish and on TV. Briggs obviously knows his Daleks well and he puts them to effective use. Fans are used to seeing the Daleks as an invading and destructive force, exterminating all those who stand in their path.

Briggs also brings some new elements for the Daleks, including a Dalek type originally introduced for the Big Finish audios that becomes pivotal to the plot here. The novel then features both classic Who monsters and a classic Who premise put to excellent use.

Doctor Who: The Dalek Generation

The Dalek Generation also captures a lot of the feel of the new series as well. The novel features the Doctor traveling on his own judging from both the cover art and his attitude at various moments, it would appear to be set in the gap between the recent episode The Angels Take Manhattan and The Snowmen and Briggs does an effective job of capturing the various, often contradictory, character traits of this Doctor. That it captures the feel of the show has a downside though.

Briggs pacing keeps it moving and it is certainly never dull. For that matter, neither are most of the characters for that matter with the exceptions of the Doctor and the children, many seem like caricatures rather than fleshed out. The result is the Daleks plan ends up feeling more abstract that concrete. The book might well capture the spirit of the new series a bit too well then. The Dalek Generation then is a good Doctor Who adventure, if a flawed one. It puts the Daleks to good use in a new way, captures the feel of the televised series quite well and features a strong characterization of the eleventh Doctor that could easily come straight out off of the TV.

View all 3 comments. Mar 10, Richard rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction , time-travel. In full disclosure I won three Doctor Who books in a giveaway on Facebook. He lacks energy and excitement; he is also lot less caring. While it seems likely this is set during one of his darker periods, prior to the TV episode "the Snowmen" before his revelation abut Clara and at a time when he had decided to do no more meddling.

While his personality may be correct for the period it is really trying to see him like this for the entire In full disclosure I won three Doctor Who books in a giveaway on Facebook. He is also very passive and pretty much useless, it is left to the other characters to solve the problems. First he causes a train to crash, then later puts himself of television and broadcasts himself over the world.

The Doctor even as the best of times hides away from the public and putting his image out like this seemed really wrong. The pacing was slow and the story really dragged. There were times when things took too long to resolve or repeated too much. I did enjoy the ending and it did do something to save the book. The slow pacing reflected the Doctors lathergic attitude and made the story less enjoyable. May 15, Sabrina rated it it was ok Shelves: afantasy. This is the second book in the Doctor Who series that i have read, the first being touched by an angel.

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I enjoyed the first, but this one seemed anticlimactic. Caution Spoilers Ahead. Leading me to believe that the doctor would have highjacked that show and shown the images in his memory of all the wrong the Dalek This is the second book in the Doctor Who series that i have read, the first being touched by an angel. Leading me to believe that the doctor would have highjacked that show and shown the images in his memory of all the wrong the Daleks have done.

It is ever referenced when he tries to air a speech on holo-tv that the people are more interested in watching the other show. It makes no sense to me that this idea be referenced so many times and never used as a tool against the Daleks. Also at the end they just let the doctor walk away, he says goodbye to the children and they let him get into his TARDIS and go, after spending the entire first part of the book trying to keep him away from the TARDIS, just to draw him back into the trap years and years later with a fake funeral.

Little disappointed in this one, hopefully the next one I pick up will bring back my faith. Sep 08, Jessica rated it liked it Shelves: tv-show-or-movie-based , own , time-travel , series. This caught my attention because of the author. I mean how can a Doctor Who book written by Nicholas Briggs fail?! The book started off well with some fun action and an interesting plot that kept me guessing. However, the middle lulled and, frankly, I got bored.

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I set it aside for a while and read some other books that seemed much more interesting to me at the time. But I decided to come back to this before I lost all of my memories of what had happened in the first half. I was happily surprised This caught my attention because of the author.

I was happily surprised to find that the end picked up again and kept my attention.

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The Dalek Generation was the fifty-second novel in the BBC New Series Adventures series. It was written by Nicholas Briggs and featured the Eleventh Doctor. Sunlight is one of countless Dalek Foundation worlds, planets created to house billions suffering from economic hardship. The Dalek Generation is a BBC Books original novel written by Nicholas Briggs and based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor.

The ending had a twist that I did not see coming and I ended up being pretty pleased with it. There were some characters introduced who were ultimately pointless I thought. The woman who gets the introduction all to herself is not seen again for the majority of the book and when she does show up again it is for a very short time and she does not do much. The writing style seemed a bit rough which is understandable as this his first novel attempt. Hopefully he will be able to clean up his style and produce some great books in the future! Jun 11, Jim C rated it liked it. This book is based on the television series and has Matt Smith's Doctor as the main character.

He has no companion along for the ride. In this one, the Daleks have rescued humans and created a living society for them to dwell. The Doctor knows there must be more to it than meets the eye. I enjoyed the premise of this story. I liked the idea of one person knowing the truth while the rest of society respects and reveres these false saviors.

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How do you get people to realize the truth? The execution This book is based on the television series and has Matt Smith's Doctor as the main character. The execution of the story wasn't the best though.

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The Doctor knows they have a far more sinister plan — but how can he convince those who have lived under the benevolence of the Daleks for a generation? But convince them he must, and soon. For on another Foundation planet, archaeologists have unearthed the most dangerous technology in the universe …. Name for dedication.

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