Drive Me Wild

Drive Me Wild
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He thumbs at the home button of his phone. Taehyung is an avid snapchatter, and Jeongguk learns this the sinful way. In truth, Jeongguk is as good at dealing with his feelings as much he is with bench-warming, which equates to not being able to deal at all , so in a selfish sigh of defeat, he resorts to leaving it up to Taehyung to decide if and when he wanted to confront him about the text. But against all expectations, Jeongguk gets neither a confession nor a confrontation the next time they meet up in the bustling student cafeteria, Taehyung sneaking up from behind to tackle-hug him into a light headlock and just narrowly knocking the basketball out from under his arm.

Jeongguk had since forgotten about the newly added application on his phone until his phone was buzzing with a notification one late night, somewhere around two in the morning when Jeongguk was busy studying for exams. Jeongguk taps the notification and waits with heavy eyelids while the app loads, displaying a list of unseen snaps that he never bothered to open from almost a year ago, back when he actually used his account and was so swept up in the hype of college life that even having a killer snapchat story packed full of videos from wild parties and snapshots of alcohol became a mission for him to gain cool points.

And this is how Jeongguk sinfully discovers that Taehyung is an avid snapchatter. Jeongguk valued dressing comfortably over anything else, so formal wear always kicked him in the ass whenever fridays rolled along. Just to take a photo.

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But he does have the hots for Taehyung, so instead, Jeongguk angles his phone on Yoongi and films a short snapchat video of him scoring a two-pointer. Winter-sem finals crash by like a shit storm, and Jeongguk barely survives it with enough Red Bull expresso shots to save him.

The last friday before break is an arduous one with his last final predominating a majority of the afternoon, followed by a home game to wrap-up the semester and thoroughly kick his ass into the next three weeks. Jeongguk knocks his marketing final out of the way with enough confidence to skate down to the gym in high spirits and buzzing with energy as he crashes into the locker room to change into his jersey.

Jeongguk tugs the corners of his lips down. If there was anything aside from losing that Jeongguk was more afraid of, it was succumbing to his emotions. It was always unpredictable and ambiguous to say for sure what time a game could end, ranging anywhere between eight to ten p. Jeongguk grins and collapses on the bench to properly stuff his feet into his sneakers.

Jeongguk gently raps his knuckles on the wooden bench beneath him, just to be safe.

Vanity 6 Drive Me Wild

He types a quick reply before sliding his phone into his pocket, sneakers squeaking on the polished tile as he jogs out of the locker room. But Taehyung was the perfect medicine for a taxing day, like a fever to be sweated out, and Jeongguk lets himself fall with closed eyes into the void.

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UOS wins their home game that night, and the crowd goes wild. In the last few seconds of the game, Jeongguk scores a tricky three-pointer that puts them in the lead. A wave of loud cheers explodes throughout the stadium and drowns out the sound of the buzzer, securing the scoreboard at Jeongguk leaps in the air with a proud fist pump, tossing his head back in satisfaction and basks in the feeling of his sated muscles as victory washes over him.

Back in the locker room, Hoseok, Namjoon, Seokjin, and Jimin surprise both him and Yoongi with a container full of bulgogi that Seokjin had specifically prepared for the game, victory or not.

Drive Me Wild

Hoseok is in the middle of feeding him when Jimin snatches the phone from his back pocket, opening up snapchat to the camera. Somewhere off to the side, Hoseok collapses to the floor as everyone is swept up in a fit of laughter. But with his recent activities with Taehyung frequenting the days, it was only a matter of time for the rest of them to find out about that they were indeed fucking. He hands the phone back to Jeongguk. Dude, can we not talk about this right now?


And we already told Taehyung that we would meet him at Bruins. Jeongguk has no idea how Jimin managed to convince Yoongi on getting complementary Christmas-colored hairstyles for the holidays, but Jeongguk decides Yoongi must have a soft spot for Jimin the size of a crater.

Taehyung snapchats him when he gets out of the shower. He glances in the mirror to adjust the antlers on his ears. When they reach elevator, Yoongi punches the button with his thumb, and they wait in relative silence for the familiar ding.

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I felt that the characters were given depth and personality. Description Medium lilac or pinkish lilac standards. Chase Hammond Stephen Collins About Julie Kriss. Showing When she returns to town the last person she expects to see is the man who made her feel everything.

Jeongguk pulls his phone back out in the meantime. Namjoon side steps just as he takes the photo, which, he notices, Yoongi had actually smiled in. He downloads the photo into his gallery and sends it to Taehyung. But Yoongi scoffs nonetheless and steps out of the elevator behind Namjoon once it hits ground level.

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Falls are marbled and washed with darker lavender and have a delicate white edging and veining, typical of the 'luminata'. Heart and beards are creamy white. Ruffled, very full flowers. Entirely new: large flowers with pale blue standards and greenish yellow falls. Orange beards. A very unusual contrast similar in style to the standard dwarf "Real Coquette". Very attractive and easy to place in mixed borders. Late and prolific flowering. The chorus is delivered by Lily Allen.

After listening to some of Dj Saints rhythmically based beat making style both Common and West began collaboration between the artists.. Common then quoted.. I like artists who don't care and can be themselves. It was a real good combination for all involved,and it fit just right. The narrative video contain scenes which illustrate lyrics of the song that Allen insisted be involved.

This included a pair of combat boots, a gas mask and an exploding vehicle in the background done via green screen in respect to her warrior hero's and inspirations. Lauren London is also featured as the glamour obsessed female in the first verse. Information taken from Finding Forever liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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