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7 Ways Changemakers Can Sell An Idea About Change (and a product)
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Come and learn from initiatives with extensive experience in offering training in practical tools for building trust. Our Training Tracks are run by experts in trustbuilding, peacebuilding and dialogue facilitation.

The five roles

You will commit to one training track over three afternoons. At the completion of the training you will receive a certificate of completion.

Author Profiles:

Search our site. Senior leaders must visibly model these new behaviors themselves, right from the start, because employees will believe real change is occurring only when they see it happening at the top of the company. My answer was that they have a great mix of proclivities across the five roles, and they need to work out how to best work together on that basis. Tina Fey is often credited by others with turning around the reportedly hyper-competitive, backbiting culture at SNL to a collaborative and supportive one, ushering in a new wave of commercial and artistic success for the legendary show. A global publisher undertook a major initiative to become more digital, putting in place far-reaching structural changes. But the need for major change initiatives is only going to become more urgent. Critical thinking and problem solving 4.

In the following overview, you can find information about the different Tracks that are diverse in character and methodology. All of them are interactive and your experience, skills and voice will be integrated. If this is true, what can we possibly learn together in the 10 short hours we will share, that can resource us throughout our lives?

In IofC, we believe that changing the world starts within. So, we will start with Ourselves. But whether you believe in God or not, how well do you attend to you? The you that is the most sensitive, potentially sophisticated and potent instrument for change on the planet? How do you attend to the self-hatred, accusations and shame you generate within yourself, about yourself? How do you deal with the labels, judgments and acts of hatred that others direct towards you or others around you, if you do not know how to deal with your own inner aggressor?

YOU are where we begin.

The five roles

We will open your eyes, minds, bodies and hearts to a new approach — Presence in Action - that will help you begin the process of healing and resourcing yourself from within. This is our crucial first step to tackling the growing ripples of hatred, anger and violence spilling out across the world. Join us, if you believe this is the crucial first step for you. Different versions of this training have been delivered over the last 5 years in Switzerland and UK.

Each time it is different — orientated to focus on the particular issues and context of the situation and the people in the room.

This leads to internal shifts and change that have more impact, clarity and stickability than anything I have tried before. Louie Gardiner is the creator of the P6 Constellation — the framework that enables people to access the praxis of Presence in Action. This powerful approach equips people to engage in deep personal change, transforming their relationships with themselves, others and the wider world.

Su Riddell is the local coordinator for Initiatives of Change in Oxford, helping to coordinate a range of activities, such as mentoring, discussions, spiritual reflection, conference planning, project management, painting and craft. She is a daughter, mother, soon-to-be-grandmother, and friend to a web of diverse people who inspire her and who she aspires to support. She has been working with IofC for the best part of 40 years, practicing inner reflection daily, which enables her to engage with hervalues and support others in their own practice.

For 10 years she was a member of a training team inspiring and equipping people across all diversities to embed change in their lives, and enable individual outreach. Su runs workshops in art and craft combined with mindfulness. Increasingly at war with ourselves and with the world, we end up losing trust in ourselves.

10 Principles of Leading Change Management

We fear losing our ability to care. These struggles are a silent and costly epidemic. This response comes more naturally to us with e. As neuroscience now shows - on the back of insights developed over millennia - it can be strengthened and expanded like a muscle. This approach unpacks what trust in ourselves and connection with those perceived as other means on a physiological basis. Trust, physiologically, is a nervous system modus where the body can rest and digest, as opposed to a state of threat — fight, flight, freeze.

In the former, we are able to engage, connect, empathise, learn, reflect — all the things we want to be able to do in the role of a change maker. The training, without going into arduous details on these neuroscientific aspects, teaches techniques that expand our ability to work from this safe, connected place of trust even under trying circumstances which would normally tip us into threat mode. This has given me a new clarity about the goal of my personal practice plus inspiration that there is potential for positive change.

Sub Programs

And I have practical strategies I can use. From a young age, she knew she wanted to be involved in tackling injustice and inequality in the world. This includes various techniques for group process, working with the mind and body, and interpersonal communication, working with individuals, groups and teams. Hosted by : Creators of Peace. In an increasingly fragile and divided world stories can heal, stories can harm. We will explore an invitation to take responsibility for the stories we tell and to transform them for the future benefit of our communities and in the cause of peace.

Over the course of the sessions, each participant will have the chance to investigate their own sense of identity, and to prepare and tell an aspect of their own story as a tool for peace advocacy. Skills in listening deeply to ourselves and others as a means for healing 3.

The role of storysharing as a tool for deepening connections and advocating for peace. In the Netherlands, she worked for the City of Amsterdam as an interim project manager and also facilitated many large group conversations around the city on many different topics. She currently works in international education on the east coast of the USA.

This project connects her degree in History to her passion for peace building. History to her is not about finding the truth, but understanding different perspectives and understanding that narratives about events can change. Jean is the designer of the Creators of Peace Circles which have spread to 50 countries over the last fifteen years. She authored the CoP facilitation and training manuals and most recently was the convenor for CoP's 25th anniversary conference.

She lives in Australia where, together with her family, she is actively involved with community initiatives and regularly mentors women around the world. Do I believe that change starts with me? How can I be that change when I am just a person standing in front of a big world? Can I make a difference? Does the change really start with me? Against a backdrop of migrant crises, honour violence and other conflicts, we can foster civil courage and build bridges of inner and outer peace by using art as a tool for changemaking and social impact. Course trainers use various artistic methods such as triangle drama, emotional transmitting, multi-voice dialogue and creative art to help participants get practical experience of using art as a tool for changemaking.

The training is intended to help people of all ages express their creative needs in a democratic way. Participants will be encouraged to explore solutions not only to the challenges they face in their society but also internally as individuals. The different artistic methods will enable participants to share their needs and the needs of their community.

We've done this by building close partnerships and listening carefully to the problems and opportunities surrounding charitable giving and event organization. We are a small agile team dedicated to connecting the people that want to change the world, with the people that are changing the world. We only get paid when you succeed, so your success is our success.

16 Books Every Future Change Maker Should Read

Setting up your event is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Turn your idea into a customized fundraising campaign in as little as 5 minutes. A lot of books have impacted my life, but this is one that I think about a lot. Self-awareness, and more specifically, understanding the way you think is key if you are going to make change in any realm.

This book continues to help me be a little more analytical in my thought process. Even after a few years, the anecdotes from this book constantly remind me to stop and recognize when a decision is emotional, rather than rational, and to check my assumptions before I dive into something.

A lot of that advice comes in the form of sharing articles and books. I was on vacation recently with a group of current and former Rustic Pathways colleagues and we passed this short but impactful book around amongst us, each devouring it quicker than the last so we could participate in the impromptu book club we were creating on the beach.

For me, this book is a great reminder of the humanity we all share, how important it is to listen to the perspectives of others, and the need to continue fighting for basic rights like gender equality. This is one of the only books in my life that I truly wish I had read sooner! I am more proactive, organized and goal-focused because I have followed the guidance in these pages. As well as offering excellent tips for streamlining my internal processes, the author gives suggestions for working through difficult external relationships like becoming a better listener and team player.

I found the book to simply be a practical, user-friendly guide for how to be a better human being. One of the foundational books about social entrepreneurship, this book is a must read for anyone interested in making a positive impact in the world. Jacqueline Novogratz is the founder of Acumen and a leader in the social impact sector. Hearing the stories and experiences that shaped her career is truly inspiring.

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The book is basically an investigation into how globalization with consequences across the whole socioeconomic spectrum: politics, finance, health care, economics, etc. This book showed me how the world really works and how to think critically about the big picture. A fascinating look from someone who has developed a highly-intentional leadership style.

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Tina Fey is often credited by others with turning around the reportedly hyper-competitive, backbiting culture at SNL to a collaborative and supportive one, ushering in a new wave of commercial and artistic success for the legendary show. Her lessons from improv and her ability to balance employee needs and strengths with a clear team vision serves as a masterclass in effective leadership.