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Truths are revealed, sacrifices are made, nothing is easy—there are no cure-alls magic has its price or deus ex machina endings. The wraith-boy she created to do so is now a constant problem she has to deal with, along with catching Patrick, her former friend who keeps killing in her name, and trying to save Prince Tobiah and tamping down her feelings towards the Black Knife side of him.


Wil will have to decide where her heart lies and figure out how to become queen, before there is nothing left to be queen of. Every part of this book is great. Jodi Meadows knows how to write engrossing fantasy worlds with layered characters and the perfect amount of romantic intrigue. I have both of the books already just sitting on my shelf. I'm glad you enjoyed this. I'm happy you liked it!

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Great review :. Svetlana wrote: "Great review!

But for me it is like a delicious chocolate chip cookie xD" Thank you, Svetlana! Mikee Andrea wrote: "I want to read this!

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I hope you like it, Mikee! Fafa's Book Corner wrote: "I'm happy you liked it! Great review : " Thank you Fatima!

May 12, AM. Wonderful review!!!

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I'm sure, you can't wait to read the second book after reading The Orphan Queen's ending :D I was so frustrated when I knew the ending was like that. Reynita wrote: "Wonderful review!!! I'm going to dive into it next week. Especially when I have a signed personalized hardcover and two custom quote cards written by Jodi herself in beautiful gold calligraphy that say view spoiler [The Prince's blood was on my hands.


Oh, what awaits you in The Mirror King I cried so much You must be ready for anything, Luke! Svetlana wrote: "Oh, what awaits you in The Mirror King I will start it Monday!! Add a reference: Book Author.

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One part of our brain registers, analyzes, and processes that. Monday, February 26, Death Knight: Hell Reborn. And then the last character I wanted to mention was Patrick for the sole reason that I hate him because he was one of those characters that ALWAYS has a scheme going on and his schemes never seemed to go wrong. Continue Cancel Send email OK. Just stare.

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Ghost with open mouth screams. Mysterious phantom texture Cemetary ghosts in infrared photo Ghost seamless pattern. Mysterious phantom texture 'Ghost' seated in living room Terrible howling wraith background.

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Mysterious phantom texture Spirit of an angel walks on top of the clouds. Mysterious phantom texture Ghost in a cathedral Ghost seamless pattern. Mysterious phantom texture Ghost in a cathedral Terrible howling wraith background. Mysterious phantom texture 'Ghost' at murder scene Spook set.