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Poems of Yotsumoto Yasuhiro, Minashita Kiryu and Soh Sakon
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I don't think there's anything wrong with that I think it well I mean if you're asking me in terms of what people's he has a problem I think because it looks as though other groups are not getting a fair chance it doesn't look make it doesn't make people feel good because it means that you're at some level that some people are doing better than other people and that makes some people uncomfortable racing Trophy World the equality of outcome world yeah that's exactly what it is right but it's gone to a place where it becomes indefensible so instead of trying to raise up people who scores are lower and give them an equal opportunity or take people from impoverished areas with poor education and give them more of a chance which affirmative action was supposed to be about instead of that you doing it from the top down do you want to go to I was too many of these people they're doing good we just squash it with a limit their ability.

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The things that people are saying there's some truth to it it's not just crazy loop Eid but for some reason we still can't say it and why is that I don't know what that is but the problem with denial of any facts is it the people that are opposing you now have evidence that you're alone right like the one of the problems with the left and this really radical Progressive Behavior that's in denial of science is now the right gets to look at the lab to go look these people are there fucking my why you trust him about abortion why do you trust him about this why you trust him about climate change clearly there loons and this this is me and this is just weird toxic.

These issues are all super taboo and all these people have been mobbed and in the case of gender dysphoria you see the parents who are being called transphobic for questioning is my daughter really trans you know we're just trying to get at the truth really we're trying to understand you know why is it we can't talk about these things why. Ocean or any changes in the laws of gun control they aggressively go after it they did they do whatever they can to keep things the way they are now and show how much positive benefits guns have and how were saved by guns but it's his thing besides the gun take the gun out of it and it's the it's the defense of the idea it's very committed yeah they are the identify with being a person who is a gun nut or a gun supporter Second Amendment you know Freedom love and I got a fucking Eagle on my back you know that kind of shit and this is same thing with trans people like anything against anything what you're saying this is impossible he had his thing that you're talking about this rapid onset gender dysphoria being autistic people that is transphobic the ending to get Super Hyper aggressive about it instead of saying oh well whoever this person is what we if there are trans person says single I am legitimately trans but his entire pot entirely possible that there's a broad.

I would have is not not with your appointment with my point with the tokenization of people so to say okay this is a trans roll we need to find a trans person you know same as with racial tokenization but we need to have a certain quota so we need to have this number of people that fit this that's why I'm an issue because then people look at and see if you only pick this person because of their identity not because of what they brought to the table true that if you go back and look at like John Wayne when he played Genghis Khan like what in the fuck was that is a bunch of Charlie Chan movies think so I think it's fucking ridiculous I mean they'd even try to make John Wayne look like he was Chinese you know me there was a lot of that going on you may see that ad where you see the Native American yeah there's there's a guy.

Sonic offencive I mean that's what he does he said I'm his character is an awful person that's the character and so they just gave up you just can't say things.

A Soh Wi Do It

They're looking for people to back down and it looking for people to get scared and they let me in this is it's fun it's fun to find a Target and find out let's get them fired get her fired tiger off at Movies it's fun for them because as you know hashtag are quotes activist what they're doing is there just attacking and it and it's probably some good out of it but there's got to be some good for sure out of real monsters getting arrested right there's some good out of like the Harvey Weinstein's the Bill Cosby's the world getting arrested and getting busted and shut down and we would hope that other monsters in waiting would not act out on their instincts be.

Let's fucking human beings and as soon as we stop looking at human beings as individuals and we just agree that one group is good and one group is bad you got some real discrimination problems in their side with believe all victims or I believe what is that I believe women something like that women lie and you know that side of the equation I think even both sides are equally bad because you're not getting at the truth or also when it comes to human beings.

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And he was just reinstated Yesterday by AMC and yeah that's a weird one because she wrote that it was an ex-girlfriend that wrote something about him yet I arrive at that clearly didn't tell the truth about some aspects of the relationship. Everyone tells me how amazing this show is I think it is amazing but I was saw one episode that really freaked me out so I can watch them blackmailed creeped me out but there's one called crocodile and it is easily the most disturbing episode of a television show. This one's dark I mean is why I mean I can't I can't I will give too much away if I talk about it but the concept is that you can they have a machine and they said this machine up and threw this machine they can literally read your memories until that happens we really don't know and you know there's been things in my life where I look back on it and I had a perception and then I went to the place where I grew up and was like I remember it looking like this I don't know this being so close all the streets right here this is where the house is and then you have to kind of like remap your memories like okay we got to clean these memories up and try to figure out what's a current what's not but then I'm just talking about like this the neighborhood.

Do you think it's if you think it's the industries job or when they do that there was a recent CEO of some large high-profile company who had to step down because he was involved in a consensual sexual relationship with somebody remember who that was real big something super recent but it was it was no problem but it was consensual sexual relationship with someone who work for him was it until yeah that surround each other if you go home if you work 8 hours a day and it takes you an hour drive to work takes an hour drive home that's fucking 10 hours and nobody works eight hours a day if you really want to make it right you weren't 9 and 10 so it's like half the day is gone you get home you're exhausted you know your husband's exhaust you stare at each other at you.

He looks like a good guy but when you start dating that means a fucking sprechen Force when you your you're not just friends friends is fine but when you start having sex with each other that's when things get crazy you know very few people are able to separate sacs in emotions with friendship very very very few people that's cool probably that's one of the things that's admirable but these people are willing to have these open relationships like what but you can I know guys like hang out with other guys who fuck their girlfriend Jesus or better man than me.

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I like the idea of their woman being having sex with another guy cock is compromised word though isn't it early I thought it always meant that it is always meant by cuckold like you want to watch men have sex with your wife but then it got to wear but there's so many different versions of it now it's it's become really freely tossed around like a beach ball at a concert was throwing cock around these days. I think some guys put it on because it's a way of overcompensating for their own guilt and very few of my good unless their idea of what it means is different than mine did what it means my DM means is that little sneaky fuck that's my idea you know what it cuz I've just seen so many of them it's like I'm sure some bank robbers are really romantic interesting poets you just decide this is a great way to make money you know but most of them are fucking criminal right and this is like how I feel about male feminists like I'm sure there's a bunch of them out there that are really good guys and maybe through the influence of the people have been around they've chosen to identify as a male feminist in this seems to be a good way to show their support women and even if they have to support women over men look women have been fucked over for so long I'm more than willing to do that and they do.

Wicked intentions that's entirely possible but a lot of it or creepy little dudes that are trying to get laid and they they're not attractive to women so they try to figure out a way to become attractive to women and they don't have the confidence to just go well aren't we all equal. We all just humans are all different saying I'm not going to describe myself as a feminist and two women tell me that I'm doing feminism correctly he's like he's like so feminist he can't yeah I can't be a feminist to women tell me all the feminist.

I had a friend of mine who is dating a girl like that and she got all she had was male friends I was like dude I'm I get out now like this is not going to work to tell me what is that mean girls don't like her or girls don't trust her you can't find any girls that's crazy that's crazy I'm not saying you shouldn't have some guy friends but all your friends are guys that's a red flag and any guy it was straight guy and all his friends are girls Happening Here Right guys guys are assholes all of them hanging out dude.

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Tori way because in her mind her team had been fucked over so many times that it's time to fuck over that other team if we lose a couple of people hey we shoot some drones in the same apartment buildings in a few civilians died at least we got the terrorist but I think women in particular who are the most militant about this movement I think they really just have been hurt badly by then and it's a way for them to express that you can't say that that they've been hurt by men so now they discriminate against the large groups of men because of that pain that you if you do that like your yourself hate or your eyes misogyny which is sad mean but you can actually argue with it.

That is a real problem going to take one of the more unique things about Twitter is that it limited you characters and then people complained so they gave it to 80 and now. I can't read all that sorry as a comic was great because it made you really made you really invest in the economy of words you don't have to make sure that you got your point out as possible it's great for joke writing till like really trim down the fat and you and your jokes but it's not a good way to express ideas and that's what a good things about Twitter as they have this thing where you can reply to your your Tweet and then reply to that reply to that and they all and they all fit in together I like that but I don't like it sometimes cuz sometimes people just fucking drone on and on and on.

A Soh Wi Do It

lirodisa.tk: A Soh It Goh! (A Soh Wi Do It) eBook: Joelle Cohen Wright: Kindle Store. "A Soh Wi Do It!" is a hilarious collection of character - driven sketches that represent expressions and mannerisms intrinsic to the culture of Jamaica.

And this you know this is a first draft to you know. I did it! Format: Paperback.

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Joelle captures the essence the Jamaican people and the Jamaican language in this book. As a Jamaican you can relate to many of these sketches. They are a part of the experience growing up in Jamaica. If you are a non-Jamaican the books give a real life insight on the psyche of Jamaicans for better understanding of the Jamaican culture.

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I can see a non-Jamaican spouse or a child of Jamaican decent reading this book and recognizing expressions and traits. It is a fun easy read with each chapter contain short scripts. Did I mention this book is funny A Great Read. Great read,!!!!!!!!!! Great Author, met her in person too and she is even funnier See all 5 reviews.

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A Soh It Goh! A Soh it Goh! While narrated in English, the book's characters speak in rich Jamaica patois A Soh Life Goh! Cadena Del Delito. La historia, que conduce al lector por una serie de impactantes acontecimientos, muestra la forma It's Illegal, But It's Okay.

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There are stories that could only happen in New York City. Where else would all Where else would all those people get along: a Brazilian, an Iranian, two Mexican brothers, an old Korean lady and an American couple? In this anarchic comedy about clash