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Order Now Free Trial. In anticipation of the centennial in , a different bell was produced from four melted-down Revolutionary and Civil War cannons. The Centennial Bell was part of the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, later recast to improve the tone, and hung in the bell tower of Independence Hall, where it remains today.

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Fact: Benjamin Franklin experimented with bifocals. Franklin is credited with inventing bifocal glasses, and you can see a sketch in this letter to George Whatley, along with this description : "I imagine it will be found pretty generally true, that the same Convexity of Glass through which a Man sees clearest and best at the Distance proper for Reading, is not the best for greater Distances. I therefore had formerly two Pair of Spectacles, which I shifted occasionally, as in travelling I sometimes read and often wanted to regard the Prospects.

Finding this Change troublesome and not always sufficiently ready, I had the Glasses cut, and half of each kind associated in the same Circle, thus By this means, as I wear my Spectacles constantly, I have only to move my Eyes up or down as I want to see distincly far or near, the proper glasses being always ready.

Fiction: "The last time this was here, it was being signed.

Though it makes for a dramatic moment, Ben, Abigail, and Riley's unfurling of the Declaration of Independence in the Assembly Room does not mark the document's first return to Independence Hall since the signing. In fact, the engrossed parchment was brought from Washington, D. Abigail and Riley go for 6th and Chestnut, run up 6th, and suddenly find themselves in Reading Terminal Market before running to City Hall coincidentally, passing the Masonic Temple.

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Both runs are approximately one mile. Even assuming the most direct route from City Hall, that means that Abigail and Riley travelled at least two and a half miles in total! Ben Abigail and Riley.

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Fact: Broadway was called de Heere Street by the Dutch. Originally the Wickquasgeck Trail, Dutch settlers renamed the route traversing Manhattan Island from south to north de Heere Straat, which means the Gentlemen's Street. Much of modern day Broadway follows these original roads.

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The letters, fourteen in total, were published in Sign In Don't have an account? Email icon An envelope. Black d'hide gold-trimmed armour. If this is the case, the player must do the quest, up to where access to the area is granted, if they wish to complete their trail. More difficult trails provide more valuable rewards, for example easy clues can have black trimmed armour as a reward whereas hard clues would have a chance of giving rune trimmed armour instead. At least three people have died in the search.

Patrick tells Ian that "the lantern is the clue," because one lantern was hung in the steeple of Old North Church, and that's where the next clue must be located. This misdirection works, and Ian is eventually arrested in Boston. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem " Paul Revere's Ride " popularized the saying, though you have to continue reading the poem to know that "A second lamp in the belfry burns". Ben: "Of all the ideas that became the United States, there's a line here that's at the heart of all the others.

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Skip to main content. Main Menu Utility Menu Search. To get this out of the way, we'll start with the most obvious piece of fiction. Fact: Iron gall ink was the "primary writing medium of the time" After centuries of use, by the late 18th century, iron gall ink was still the most popular ink in use, especially for an official document like the Declaration of Independence. Fiction: Abigail is missing the Inaugural button Most of the buttons in Abigail's collection could be referred to as "the Inaugural".

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Fact: "The only thing there is a notation that reads Original Declaration of Independence dated 4th July " After Ben begins to describe his theory, Abigail makes this claim, which Ben joins halfway through. Fiction: years of searching When Ben and Riley stand "three feet away" from the Declaration of Independence, Ben claims that his family has been searching for the treasure for years, but it's actually closer to years or , to be precise. Historic Main Street - Historical Walk. Swannington, Swannington.

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A Green Chemicals Beacon event. A Green Chemicals Beacon e Community RePaint - Beeston Collection slot - 6. Community RePaint - Beeston Collection slot - 5. Community RePaint - Beeston Collection slot - 7. Showing results in Derby.