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I am placing this on the list because it gives us hope. Hope for the future if we embrace reciprocity with nature. Happiness in learning from nature. Kimmerer is an Indigenous writer and botanist who brings art to science.

Solnit is interested in the stories we use to navigate our way through the world, and the places we traverse, from wilderness to cities, in finding ourselves, or losing ourselves. While deeply personal, her own stories link up to larger stories, from captivity narratives of early Americans to the use of the color blue in Renaissance painting, not to mention encounters with tortoises, monks, punk rockers, mountains, deserts, and the movie Vertigo.

The result is a distinctive, stimulating voyage of discovery. It is less a book than a living, breathing angel.

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A memoir about mothers. A memoir about women. For those who find themselves in grief, in hope, and in search for happiness. His views, however, extend to a wide realm of human emotions and relationships—passion, desire, idealized love, justice, friendship, and the challenges of dealing with strangers, neighbors, and enemies. Told with suspense and style, sparkling with warmth and humor, Wild powerfully captures the terrors and pleasures of one young woman forging ahead against all odds on a journey that maddened, strengthened, and ultimately healed her.

As a book that has never been out of print, this story will uplift up and help you through this holiday season by helping you see the true meaning of life.

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Resilience, Grief, Happiness and Love. This book is perfect for winter reading. Listen Shop Insiders. When she and her equally weird co-worker, Raymond, save an elderly man who had fallen on a sidewalk, she suddenly finds company. When newly widowed Pival hears her son, Rahi cast out of the family for being gay , has died, she refuses to believe it. Hoping to locate him, she books a tour of the U. Pival sets out with struggling actress Rebecca and first-time guide Satya, a Bangladeshi immigrant, on a cross-country trip that will change them all.

In The Strange Case of Dr. Couney , journalist Dawn Raffel explores the career of Martin Couney, a so-called doctor who saved thousands of preemies through his baby incubator sideshow at Coney Island in the first half of the 20th century. With fantastic detail, Raffel brings to life this complicated pioneer. Khakpour has been sick for as long as she can remember. Having run away from home years ago, Amar is estranged from his conservative Indian parents when his sister announces her engagement— and her hope that the family can reunite for the wedding in California.

Amar's homecoming will reopen old wounds for all. In A Place for Us , Fatima Farheen Mirza speaks to the roles religion and expectation play in a family and the clash of values between generations. The stories of these three women will give readers a look into the tumultuous time during which they lived. Zac Hutchinson has grown up without a father, and his mother and grandfather keep stories about his dad mostly to themselves. This delightful debut novel follows the drama between the staff members at a DC-area Chinese restaurant.

Through their complicated relationships and lifetime of love, Li explores the families we choose. In her latest novel, Providence , Caroline Kepnes You puts a supernatural spin on suspense.

Imagination Exploration - A Relaxing, Peaceful Story To Remove Stress

When Jon Bronson is freed four years after being kidnapped, he has no memory of captivity. All he wants to do is reconnect with his soulmate, Chloe, and move on. But he soon discovers he has the power to kill people in an instant, putting everyone he knows in danger. This detective novel, love story, and thriller rolled into one explores the choices we make to protect the ones we love. What's the secret to happiness? In Katie Williams's Tell the Machine Goodnight , the answer lies in the Apricity , a device that analyzes a person's saliva and makes recommendations find religion, adopt a dog.

Apricity employee Pearl is baffled when her son refuses to use the machine, and she must reckon with his choice. This timely novel delves into the desire to optimize our messy lives. In a society that increasingly values connectivity, moments of solitude are hard to come by. But social scientists have found that time to oneself is essential to happiness and health. In Alone Time , Stephanie Rosenbloom reflects on her solo trips to Paris, Florence, Istanbul, and New York and offers even the most social of social butterflies strategies to reap the benefits of being alone.

In her tender novel, The Dependents , Katharine Dion addresses the inevitable hurt that follows the loss of a loved one. While Gene Ashe prepares for his wife Maida's funeral, he thinks back on their loving marriage. But as his children and old friends share stories about Maida that shock him, he realizes how little he really knew about his lifelong partner. Dion's debut is a heartbreaking meditation on the long process that is healing from grief. Aja Gabel's The Ensemble follows Brit, Daniel, Henry, and Jana—four string players who form the Van Ness Quartet— as they navigate breakups, marriages, deaths, failures, and successes over two decades.

Gabel's rich characters and melodic prose fitting for a story about professional chamber musicians make the novel a satisfying read.

Comparisons to Meg Wolitzer's The Interestings are apt. Every summer, Ruthie Beamish rents out her seaside home, uprooting her daughter and ex-husband he and Ruthie are separated but living together. When her new renter, the wealthy widow Adeline, moves in, Ruthie's life is suddenly in chaos. The High Season , National Book Award winner Judy Blundell's first novel for adults, is a wry, often hilarious story of a woman trying to keep it together when everything is going so, so wrong.

But it also seamlessly shifts to the experiences of other characters inside and outside the prison system to paint a powerful, damning portrait of America's criminal justice system and its winners and losers. When Rebecca Stone, the white wife of a D. Jess hopes that a summer together will tighten the bond between father and son, but Adam seems unwilling to make room for William in his life.

Throughout the summer, Jess is determined to bring her unconventional family together again, while simultaneously keeping a crushing secret from them both. Isaac's novel is a satisfying family drama for the beach, the pool, or a castle in France. There are plenty of unreliable female narrators in the pages of psychological thrillers. Mike Hayes has a high-paying job, a beautiful new house, and a soulmate, Verity— only she's about to marry another man.

To Mike, the fact that she's dodging his calls is just an elaborate tease. Hall's novel is a page-turner with a timely message.


McLain's engrossing novel dives into their relationship but also spotlights a woman ahead of her time— a fearless reporter who covered the major conflicts of the 20th century. Her father quickly finds a new girlfriend, and her brothers are absorbed in careers and relationships of their own.

At only 22, Olivia tries to navigate life in Manhattan without a college degree or a mother to lean on. Desperate for a path to follow, she travels to an ashram in rural India that her mother wanted to visit, but never a chance to visit before her death. In his collection of new and previously published essays, Calypso , David Sedaris Theft by Finding , Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls discusses middle age, sibling bonding, and buying a beach house he later nicknames Sea Section. Sedaris is as funny as ever but also delves into serious topics—including his sister's suicide and his relationship with his year-old father—with sensitivity.

Part memoir and part reportage, this fascinating book from Leslie Jamison dives deep into the world of addiction and the long road of recovery. Tying together memories of her own alcohol abuse and attempts at recovery, with the stories of famous figures that struggled with addiction, including Billie Holiday, David Foster Wallace, and Raymond Carver, Jamison breaks down how society has long romanticized both addiction and sobriety.

This gorgeous novel from Madeline Miller The Song of Achilles tells the little-known Greek myth of Circe, the daughter of Helios, the god of the sun and mightiest of the Titans. I think no more of mundane things, Like common pleasures that living brings. Love poetry can describe how the loved one fulfills long-held dreams. This free rhyming love poem does that.

A truth filled with blessing and wonder, A truth filled with love and with caring, A truth with a voice loud as thunder, A truth with a message worth sharing. For you, my love, filled all my dreams, Of a life I thought never could be. For all you men whose women tell you that you never say what they want to hear, this free verse love poem is for you. My mind realizes your wonderfulness, but my tongue might fail to tell you. In case there is any doubt about what I am thinking and feeling, I am writing it down for you: I always think you are the prettiest, smartest, most wonderful, kindest, most loveable girl in all the world.

I want to hug, kiss, love and adore you forever. Please try to have patience with the negligence of my tongue. I am working to keep it in the loop better. By Karl and Joanna Fuchs. Love poetry can use the beauty of nature to convey tender feelings as this free online love poem does. Beautiful My thoughts of you are like raindrops on flowers My thoughts of you are like a rainbow at a splashing waterfall My thoughts of you are like a full moon shining through a cloudy night sky No matter what wonders my eyes have seen, Nothing compares to the beauty I see when I look at you.

My love for you is beautiful. Love poetry can include love messages that talk about the search for Mr. Right, as this sweet love poem does. Lucky We all are explorers on the great sea of life; We search and we hunt for our pleasure. Some adventures are fruitful, and some disappoint, But few find a gem they can treasure.

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I searched with the rest and discovered the best; Finding you was my luckiest day. Love poetry can acknowledge how strong the bonds of love can be. This love rhyme makes that clear. The Prisoner What is it about you that makes me feel weak, And gives me the goose bumps whenever you speak? Why does the sight of you fill me with pleasure, Like a spotlight that shines on a glorious treasure? What qualities do you have that are yours alone? What can it be that fills up my heart? And makes me feel lost whenever we part? It must be the power of love that I feel, That ties me in bonds that seem strong as steel.

Love messages can appreciate a specific quality of the loved one, as this free love poem appreciates unconditional love. It also qualifies as a relationship poem. My pesky quirks you only find endearing; Your perfect mate is what you choose to see; I love you for a multitude of reasons; And most of all 'cause you let me be me. Love messages can be custom tailored to the recipient. Joanna has strawberry blonde hair, so Karl wrote it this way, but this romantic love poem will fit any woman.

Change "reddish" to "golden" or "raven" black or "chestnut" brown. My Girl with the Reddish Hair Pirates bold in days of old Searched the world for treasure rare, But none they found as bright and sound, As my girl with the reddish hair. Precious gold and sparkling jewels Were fortunes to make men care, But none were worth a penny Next to my girl with the reddish hair.

Love messages can convey a "before you" and "after you" state of mind.

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This love poem in free verse it doesn't rhyme describes a person whose self knowledge may have been faulty. Because of You I was self sufficient, gratified by my independence, alone, but not lonely, I thought. But I was restless, searching blindly for something to fill an empty place I didn't even know I had, dimly aware that I was somehow unfinished. Then you came, and filled everything, every space, every need, even secret dreams I had concealed from myself.

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I was self sufficient, and restless; Now I am profoundly peaceful and complete, because of you. Love messages can contain detailed description, metaphors, even stories. This cute love poem includes fantasy as well. The Wizard There's a story told of a wizard Who, for money, would cast a spell, And I'm sure that you met this wizard, And you, his wares he did sell. What else can explain how your smile Can make my heartbeat roar, Or how your look slows my breathing, While causing my spirits to soar. I'm sure that you and this wizard Conspired to control my brain, For I'm always thinking about you-- Feeling happy and slightly insane.

Now I hope I meet that same wizard, For I'd give him all of my gold, To make you want to stay with me, And share happiness as we grow old. Love poetry can tell a story. Here's a love message from someone who's had some rough relationships, but finally found his dream partner. I dreamed of a life that was filled with bliss; I dreamed of love and sharing.

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I dreamed, imagined and creatively planned An adventure for two who were caring. The road to today was paved with the dreams That slowly got ground to dust. And I've trudged that road and carried my load And tried very hard to adjust. Each step made me stronger; each test made me wiser, So on my long walk, I grew, Till the time was right, one magical night, For the road to make room for two. Now my brain shouts your name, and your loving reply Makes a place for you in my heart.

Name , it cries--so tender, so wise-- Let's make the adventure start! Together we're blessed with a perfect match, Something that's bright and new. It's not too late, so let's create A life that makes dreams come true. Love poetry expresses the all-encompassing nature of love. This free romantic love poem describes how the loved on is always on your mind. No matter what I see or when, It brings you back to mind again.

Each day is filled with dreams of you; I hope that all these dreams come true. Love poetry can describe some of the craziness that love brings with it, as this free romantic love poem does. Beware When love strikes us hard and makes mush of our brain, When love sneaks in and makes us insane, All sense can depart and leave the brain blank, When love like that strikes it can drain our whole tank. I can hardly believe the good fortune I've had Through the years since you married me.