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One thing that kind of seemed odd to me was that the story was told in alternating 1st person POV and it would sometimes change several times in one chapter. Which isn't that big of a deal, but sometimes it would only be for a couple paragraphs at a time before switching back. I just didn't really see the purpose in it. And since both voices sounded exactly the same, maybe this would have been A cute, summertime read. And since both voices sounded exactly the same, maybe this would have been better told in 3rd person?

Anyways, it was still an enjoyable read, but the last quarter or so of the book could have been a little better for me. The ending felt really abrupt and I felt there could have been a little more detail and that's why I'm dropping my rating down to 3 stars instead of 4.

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I'm really glad I was reading this when we had some rare sunshine because it made it feel like summer. It was a cute romance and would make for a great summer read. I absolutely loved this. Such a wonderful story of family, friendship, love, and new beginnings Jessica Pennington is officially an auto buy author for me!

Full review to come! Apr 04, Kahea rated it really liked it Shelves: books-read , fiction , arc , 4-stars , contemporary , crazy-family-goodness , netgalley-arc , reviewed , romance , young-adult. It was hard not to like these two. Both are really good kids who fate, fickle biyatch that she is, has decided to toss a couple of curve balls at and now have to figure out new paths to follow which ends up leading them to each other.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching as their relationship evolved throughout the story and how it helped them to gain more insight on who they wanted to be as individuals.

Their bantering was all kinds of fun and sweet and I just really liked how well they flowed together throughout the story. This is my first read by the author and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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It was sweet, funny and quite low on angst, which was a welcome change of pace. While this is YA, it does lean towards the more mature end of the spectrum, but not so much that they had crossed the line into NA side of the coin too much. The supporting cast of characters were all well written, from the adults to the teenagers, but my favs were Ellis and Emma hands down. Feb 24, Mireille Chartier rated it it was amazing Shelves: Aiden has always played baseball but when his eyesight starts to lessen it becomes clear to him that the future he thought all writte I was so delighted to be able to get an arc of When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington.

Aiden has always played baseball but when his eyesight starts to lessen it becomes clear to him that the future he thought all written out must change. Olivia had it all figured out but when her aunt and guardian tells her they will be moving to the other side of the country and her boyfriend decides to call it quits, everything she planned out goes to pieces. For the first time in her life Olivia lets chance decide one coin flip at a time.

Though Aiden and Olivia know each other from school, they actually know nothing about one another.

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Definitely one to add to your beach bag this year. Tap into your poetic side with these reflective end of summer sayings that are bound to make you carry your summer spirit into fall. Continue to 5 of 23 below. This is a summer romance book. I really enjoyed reading this book. After 30 minutes, Banner will log out of the grading session.

That is until both start to work at River Depot for the summer and are paired together. As they get to know one another, they both start to see how wrong their opinion of the other was. Olivia and Aiden are just the cutest thing, I swear this relationship had me squealing like a school girl LOL.

Aiden is the guy that you assume is a jock through-and-through but as we get to know him you definitely start to see that sports and joshing around with the guys isn't really what he's about. Olivia is the typical quirky girl but the way that her character is written still seemed fresh and relevant to me. Right from the start you can see that these two are just perfect for each other even if they don't know it yet. I do quite enjoy this balance in YA contemporary as it gives you a deeper perspective in the relationship.

It made me sometimes scream at one of them to go talk to the other or give them advice on what to do next, it's clear to say that I was way too invested in this relationship. I won't tell you what happens but I'm hoping that she continues to do this since I find it very unique and now identify it with her style. After reading it only thing I can think of is visiting that state, hopping in a canoe and having a bonfire on a secluded beach somewhere.

If you are looking for a good summer book to bring on vacation or the beach, I really recommend that you pick this one up. Jessica Pennington is definitely on my auto buy author list. I gave it a 5 out of 5 stars. Thank you to Jessica Pennington and Tor Teen for an arc, in exchange for my honest review. This went from being a summer of woe to a summer of OH for both Olivia and Aiden, and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to accompany them on this journey as they embraced their new beginnings.

They were dealing with some big changes, and I was glad they had each other for support. I did think the stakes were a little higher for Aiden, but I also thought he wa This went from being a summer of woe to a summer of OH for both Olivia and Aiden, and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to accompany them on this journey as they embraced their new beginnings. I did think the stakes were a little higher for Aiden, but I also thought he was less resistant to embracing the changes than Olivia.

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She did come around, slowly but surely, and I was really happy with the growth she experienced. First, we got to attend ArtPrize, but we also were treated to Aiden's grand-scale artistic endeavors, and it was all really wonderful! I was sort of glad Aiden and Olivia worked outdoors, because I had a great time exploring the lake, river, and beaches with them.

I just loved them together, and Pennington really had me feeling those first romantic stirrings right along with them. I had my fingers and toes crossed for these two, because they were such a great pairing, but facing quite a few obstacles. This was a complicated mother-daughter dynamic, and I liked the way Pennington let it play out.

Pennington knew the way to my heart, when she not only gave me a jump-ahead ending, but a good one at that. Overall: This was a such a wonderful and enjoyable story about friendship, family, love, embracing change, and taking chances, and I adored every second of it. A cute book that has me ready for summer. I liked the premise. It was a nice, fluffy book without too much emotion or heaviness attached. However, in the same breath, I could say there wasn't enough emotion attached.

I didn't really care that much about whether Olivia moved or not, or whether she ended up with Aiden or Zander. I mean, it kept my attention and kept me turning the page, but not with an avid desperation to find out what happened. The story is told from two perspectives, that of Oliv A cute book that has me ready for summer. The story is told from two perspectives, that of Olivia and that of Aiden. I really like when books do this, adn the author does a great job of keeping the voices easy to differentiate.

But sometimes the jump between characters lost timing for me. Let me explain. Sometimes when the point of view went back and forth between Olivia and Aiden, it was from one moment to the next, continuing in the same scene. Other times, when the point of view changed, it would be in a completely different scene, setting or even day, but without any notice or explanation. One moment Aiden and Olivia are talking. Then the next point of view change, Olivia is with her mom or aunt or friend.

I'd have to go back and read the last paragraph of the scene before to see if I missed something, but no, it just jumped. Those times were a little confusing and perhaps should have been flushed out more in editing. But overall, the story was cute. Apr 11, Alison Morquecho rated it it was amazing Shelves: I received this e-book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I have so much love for this book I can't contain it. Honestly, I really just want to talk about how much I love this book in a million different ways, but I'm sure you would get totally tired of it by the 20th reason.

Seriously though, this book was amazing. It blew me away. I read it in 2 sittings, and it was really hard for me to not just stay up all night and read it. This book had everything you need for a perfect contem I received this e-book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This book had everything you need for a perfect contemporary. Olivia lives with her aunt and has the perfect boyfriend. She has been best friends with him since they were kids, and of course, was in love with him then.

In high school, she finally becomes the girlfriend. Oliva feels like she has a perfect life until she finds out her Aunt is moving them away her senior year for a better job, and her "perfect" relationship falls apart. She decides to make her summer full of fun and let her coin tossing guide her. Aiden is the all-star pitcher for his high school team. He is super popular in school and is an all-around nice guy.

When he finds out he is starting to lose his vision, everything he thought he wanted to do changes. He has to quit the team but doesn't want to tell them why. The rumor mill starts, but he doesn't really care. He decides over the summer to find out who he is without baseball. But of course, he ends up working all summer with Olivia, which he thinks is going to ruin his whole summer.

Once Oliva and Aiden's story intertwines you will fall in love with these 2 so quickly if you already haven't. I pretty much fell in love with these characters from the beginning. If you are a fan of any of Kasie West's books you will most definitely love this book. Jessica, like Kasie, has a way of writing this super predictable book with so many little surprises sprinkled in.

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She writes characters that you can't help but love and can easily connect with them. I laughed so much in this book, but I also cried my eyes out a few times. I highly recommend this book! There is no way you won't love it as much as I do. I cannot wait to read Jessica's other book, and I am so excited for more to come.

She will definitely be on my auto-buy list! For my spoiler part of the review check out my blog! After a good beginning this book was a deception. I really liked the premises, liked the ideas, liked what the characters were about to be. But the more and more I read, the more baffled I was. The story, if a bit slow, was interesting — or should have been.

What was happening? To be sure I was rather annoyed by the very rapid changes of point of view not every chapter but every few pages, every paragraph sometimes After a good beginning this book was a deception. To be sure I was rather annoyed by the very rapid changes of point of view not every chapter but every few pages, every paragraph sometimes even. If you always know what each character is thinking at every moment of the story, the result is rather flat. A bit boring and lacking in emotions. But still the story was promising and I decided that I could carry on regardless this in my opinion narrative flaw.

But the more as read, the more annoyed and bored I became. Aiden and Olivia had exactly the same voice. And sadly I never heard a teenager voice, but only the author voice. As if I was reading her notes but not the polished final book. Aiden is just an awesome hero, not at all the stereotypical star pitcher, as the author gradually shows us. Olivia is a great heroine, too. The slow build up of their relationship feels authentic and their HEA is well deserved. Since heat tends to kill my brain cells, anything easy to read and understand are good summer books for me, and this one fit the bill.

Unfortunately, I also never felt really invested into the book.

I did like the main characters for the most part. They are thrown into a whirlwind of change and are trying to figure out what that will mean, while also trying to figure out who they are. Add to that their building attraction to each other and there is definitely some drama. Yet, none of the drama really seemed huge or drastic because it was overcome well.

There is one that I thought would be a huge issue and it annoyed me that it wasn't brought up because hiding things from someone you are in a relationship with annoys the heck out of me. With Olivia's mom coming back into the picture too, I thought there would be some drama or more scenes about their reconciliation or I would recommend this to someone needing a beach read or something easy and not too emotional-- a cute romance and some good coming of age scenes.

Feb 23, Lourdes rated it really liked it. Loved, Loved, Loved! This was such a sweet treat from characters to all the summer vibes. Review to follow. Thank you so much Jessica for sending me an arc! I adored the story, it gave me all the feels. In the end I was balling my eyes out but I was also smiling from ear to ear.

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This was such a fun, summer read and made me really want to go visit Michigan! Dec 03, Kimberly Sabatini rated it it was amazing Shelves: mg-ya. This story was adorable and sweet, but still a page-turner. I loved Olivia and Aiden from the start, but together they fit like puzzle pieces. The setting was rich and the characters had depth. If you like Sarah Dessen and Kasie West--you're going to want to read this one as soon as you can--I can't wait for the next Pennington novel.

This precious book absolutely warmed my heart and left such a big smile on my face! When Summer Ends by Jessica Pennington was the perfect cozy beach read and I was smitten with writing, the adorable characters, and the beautiful sceneries. I never expected to get approved for so many and then This precious book absolutely warmed my heart and left such a big smile on my face!

I never expected to get approved for so many and then BAM!! Okay, so now back to my review. You already know I loved the writing which was also really easy to read and had a lovely effortless flow. I thought the imagery, setting, and all the descriptions of the places were amazingly detailed and very fascinating. I felt like I was going on an adventure and exploring with Aiden and Olivia. The plot was a bit slow at times, but definitely not dull and never uninteresting. It was filled with fun lighthearted drama, adorably funny scenes, and sweet tender moments.

I liked and did not like the ending. Something happened that just made me feel like it was too convenient and I was hoping for a different, but still a HEA conclusion. Overall, I did think it wrapped up nicely and I was happy for the characters. I really enjoyed their friendship and romance. I loved seeing them do new things and take chances.

It was really nice to see how their relationship grew into something more. They were so wonderful, intriguing, and likable. I loved their chemistry, their bantering, their playful flirtations, their swoony scenes, and all their adorable moments together. I thought they were so cute together and it was positively endearing to watch them not only learn from each other but also challenge each other to be better.

I love books that can make me feel connected to the characters and experience all their emotions. It was a beautiful story about moving on, taking chances, chasing new dreams, and falling in love. When you think everything seems to be falling apart, just remember that there might be something better -- an unexpected new beginning or a wonderful surprise waiting for you. I really loved this book and Jessica Pennington is without a doubt an amazing storyteller that needs to be added on your TBR list! This was a fun and sweet summer romance story with plenty of swoons that I think many contemporary romance fans will enjoy.

It was heartfelt, absolutely charming, and a delightfully affecting read. I received an advance reader copy of this book from the author and publisher via Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. Jun 20, Jayati rated it really liked it Shelves: gorgeous-cover , standalone , otp , swoon-worthy-boys , reads , arc , kick-ass-girls. The characters felt really relatable and as the book progressed I ended up falling completely in love with them! I really shipped them together and anticipated what would happen next.

I loved how I was waiting for them to make a move and to finally get to together. The characters are the most essential component of the book for me and they can make it or break it and I am glad to say that in this book, they made it a x better! The relationships amongst the characters were also complex but they could have been developed more- especially between Olivia and her mom - but they came together nicely and felt very realistic. The writing was overall amazing as well!

It sucked you in and I was unable to get up and do anything while I was reading this novel! It felt as if the words were flowing and I was enraptured by it all. The plot was interesting as well. The suspense of how it was all going to end was always hanging above our heads and the fact that there was a definite deadline for everything made the book so much more interesting! Overall, it turned into something I did not expect and I am really glad I read this book. The 'art adventures' that I went on with this book are something I will always remember.

This book was exactly what I needed to get out of a slump. It was a cute, fluffy, fast read. Thank you so much to Macmillan-Tor and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Summer's End

I tried really really hard to like this book. It sounded like the perfect summer read with some parental problems and health problems thrown in to the mix. But it honestly fell short for me. Aiden has just quit the baseball team due to his ailing eye sight and is at a loss since baseball has been in his life forever. Once the two of them start working together they realize how much they enjoy spending time together but what will happen when summer ends?

It felt like every time there was a problem in the book it was immediately solved and then you moved onto another problem, which was immediately solved as well. There was no drama to it and honestly at times I forgot what this whole book was about because it felt like it was a lot longer than it needed to be. It seemed like the two main characters came together only because one was hurting from a breakup and the other was freaking out about their health.

Notes When Summer Ends

Do you ever just read a book, and it just totally works and makes sense.. This novel was that for me. It was equal parts, heartbreak and learning to love yourself, letting go of past hurts, leaping into the future and just living day by day. Liv is such a likeable main character. She is very much in her head and worries about things she can't co Do you ever just read a book, and it just totally works and makes sense.. She is very much in her head and worries about things she can't control.

This is her Summer to let go and let fate decide, but in the process she also learns so much about herself. Aiden the other main character point of view in this story is my favourite. He is the golden boy of the town, he is sweet and sarcastic. He is also going through a lot and for me his character was the best part of this novel. I relate a lot to Liv and her struggles. She is always over-thinking everything and wanted to know everything, instead of just living.

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